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  1. Another year, another Pens' run..... I grudgingly wish Jason Zucker luck because he was one of the Wild players I really liked and he should absolutely thrive playing with players like Sid or Evgeni, but under the Penguins' system in general. An ECF between the Pens and Lightning would be very exciting!
  2. Errrr, because the Bolts are trying to win a Cup, realize they need sandpaper and grit to get it done along with their talent, and most, importantly, have an embarrassment of riches in their organization that they can afford to part with high picks to get just the players they deem necessary to win a title this year, possibly next. Hey, I agree TB is paying some pretty high prices for grinder types (see: Coleman), but at this stage, it is the one thing that seems to be lacking......that type of personnel and the mindset to 'get down n dirty' in a 7-game set if need be. Coleman, Goodrow, Maroon, hell, even Bogosian, provided he leaves his stupids in Buffalo, in addition to guys TB developed themselves like Ceddy Paquette, Alex Killorn, and agitators like Yanni Gourde all contribute to that cause.
  3. Thompson, at 35, is far from the beast he used to be in his younger days, but he still plays a pretty good brand of physical hockey. I kept seeing many Flyers fans complain that the team was "too soft", and they they don't get "dirty enough" in the trenches, etc, etc... Well....here ya go. Thompson, along with Grant, will go a ways to address some of that, without being big liabilities on the ice. More importantly for Flyers fans, Thompson comes with a very reasonable price tag for the remainder of the season, Philly doesn't have to keep him beyond that if they don't want to, he does a good job of not only winning faceoffs (still a 55% guy...give or take), but taking care of the puck with minimal turnovers, adds leadership from the perspective of a guy who really has seen it all (even off the ice demons he dealt with), and serves as the PERFECT rental, if that is to be the case, for a Flyers team that really shouldn't be getting into the playoffs, but just may well do that, and he will be helpful in keeping Philly from being an easy toss out once there. All this for a 5th rounder for 2021's draft. What's not to like here? Flyers aren't quite ready to make any sort of trading "splashes", and moves such as this and Grant are perfect for where this team is on the development curve.
  4. Tampa Bay has picked things up in the win-loss department that last month and a half. Seems like they have figured out their game, added some more grit to their lineup along the way, and have been winning games in various ways, as opposed to just outscoring everyone and look good doing it like they did last season. At this point, it really doesn't even matter if they can catch Boston for the Atlantic or not. Bolts seem to be in their own little bubble where they are just concerned how well, how tough, and how committed THEY are to winning games, night in, night out...and come playoff time, THAT will serve them best regardless whether they finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the Conference. Barclay Goodrow, Blake Coleman, Zach Bogosian....all added at or around the trade deadline. All have varying degrees of usefulness (though I am leary of Bogosian) in terms of being nasty and tough to play against. Coleman in particular seems to be the most useful...the Swiss Army knife of top 9 players if you will, but I can see Goodrow taking a role of lock down center or wing, particularly in the defensive zone, sharing that workload with guys like Carter Verhaeghe and/or Cedric Paquette who already do that sort of thing on the team. TB needs the return of Ryan McDonagh however. His injury, as well as that of Erik Cernak is forcing the Bolts to play Luke Schenn more than they likely want to, as well as having to move other guys like Shattenkirk and Coburn up the defensive depth chart....and of course, probably necessitated the signing of a guy like Zach Bogosian in the first place. McDonagh, like the rest of the team earlier on, has had a slow start......looking more n more to me like he must have had some nagging injury holding him back. Hopefully this time off for him is a good thing, and he can return in much better physical game condition for TB down the stretch and into the playoffs. If the Bolts are going to win this year, even with the talent up n down their lineup, McDonagh will HAVE to be a big part of that as well. As for other players, Captain Steven Stamkos continues to lead by example....far removed it seems, from the guy who just looked like he was putting up personal stats....he truly has taken his role as captain to heart, and does anything and everything on the ice, needed to get his team a win. No more grumbling about "I want to just play center"....no more talk or concerns by the media, or anyone else really, about "b-b-but Stamkos won't score 50 or 60 goals anymore!"..... No, he won't...but I will take 35-40 annually from him, along with maybe 70-80 points if he continues to hit, take faceoffs, play defnense, and move around the lineup (successfully too!), as he has been doing. I think it is safe to say he is over the personal stats and awards thing, and now is focused on a Stanley Cup, and during interviews, it is clear to see and hear, he expects the same of his teammates. Kucherov, Point, Hedman....as expected, they got their games going. Palat, Sergachev, Anthony Cirelli, and yes, even Kevin Shattenkirk have all seemingly upped their games and are doing what they need to do to keep their team winning. Vasilevskiy is being Vasilevskiy...and Curtis McBackup is doing a decent job spelling Vasy when he needs it. Bolts next game will be against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Oh boy. Trap game? A Leafs team that was beaten by a retired minor league, current Zamboni driver? Hopefully TB just sees another contender for their spot in the playoffs and not a team that was on the wrong side of history against Carolina. Boots to throats should be the mantra for TB against Tor...take NOTHING for granted. Stamkos....let your leadership shine here and practice what you preach! Go Bolts!
  5. As much as I liked the Nick Ritchie to Boston for the Bruins, I think the Ducks got a pretty sweet player in Danton Heinen going their way. Not as defensively responsible as the B's usually like their players, he likely fits Anaheim's more wide open style better...and he did put up some decent seasons under a mostly defensive Bruins system, and should do well playing with the likes of a Rakell, Silfverberg, Troy Terry, or Sam Steel. Ducks even picked up Sonny Milano as well, so while their defense still could use work...LOTS of work....and some vets likely need to be phased out still, their young forwards group, with Heinen in it, look like they may have some good potential. More offensive upside with Heinen vs Ritchie....although Ritchie could turn out to be a vicious 25-30 point beast that the Bruins LOVE to have on their squads.
  6. Bottom line here is, the Wild now don't have to play hot potatoe against the clock and use the summer to really sort things out. Rest of the season, they can use to see who really belongs out there, and if some vets really are done, they can further "hang themselves", so to speak, by continuing lackluster play. I can think of a few teams who could use the services of some of the Wild defensemen, and while interest in Minnesota players may not be at a feverish pace (at least not that GMs are letting on), I think we all know this is a game where execs always try to downplay players and situations, while secretly plotting to try fleecing the other guy. Pittsburgh GMs in the past have shown themselves to be a master at this, and I'd like to see if Guerin has picked any of that up while he was over there and use it in St. Paul. A good GM not only overvalues his guys, but makes the OTHER guy think he is getting a great deal in potential with the guy he wants to trade. A down season for Dumba shouldn't completely destroy his value and I think other GMs do see value in adding him to their blueline if they can....and as for Brodin, he had an up year, and frankly, I think this is about as good as Brodin gets, so if Guerin can find a taker for a decent return this summer for him based on what he's done this year, I'd say take the picks/prospects and run as Brodin may revert to just average once again next season. A couple guys with UFA status and some others with just one year left, so Guerin has other decisions to make. Seems to me he has, at least somewhat, convinced Leipold to start a teardown of the current team in order to make things better sooner. Hopefully that continues....and eventually, that should force even the most stubborn vet to either want out, or get with the program.
  7. Ok, Vancouver Canucks update time. It's been awhile. Good news / bad news. Good news. The Canucks have NOT fallen out of the race like they have the past couple seasons, still within a very real shot at the top seeing as how the Pacific seems wide open this season. Also good news, they got themselves a good player in Tyler Toffoli, who should help the young Canucks stablize their lines. Toffoli has always been a good, do a bit of everything player who mostly played checking roles with the Kings (what Kings DIDN'T play checking roles, eh?), has seemingly been a 30-35'ish type producer on a mostly defensive team, and even though he is a rental for now, he could like the direction the Canucks are going enough to sign a new contract in the off season. Players throughout the team seem to be developing quite well (Quinn Hughes and Bo Horvat for instance), while other acquired vets have been off the charts in terms of leadership and production (JT Miller anyone?). Bad news. Injuries. It is what is currently keeping Vancouver from probably taking over the Pacific....well, that and a now renewed Edmonton team, though that still remains to be seen. Brock Boeser, Josh Leivo, Michael Ferland, and the biggest blow just yesterday, Jacob Markstrom. Antoine Roussel and Alex Edler have missed time this season at various points as well. More bad news....like I said, a renewed Edmonton (and possibly Calgary and Vegas teams) team look to challenge and maybe supersede what the Canucks are doing with the acquisitions they made to add to the talent they had already. The Cali teams may be down n out, but those teams mentioned still have teeth, and yea, even the Yotes may have something to say about what playoff spot, if any, the Canucks will get. Still a process in Vancouver, and I believe they are a bit ahead of where most people thought they'd be at this point. Thatcher Demko, as long as Markstrom is out, will likely see the lion's share of starts moving onward. The Canucks have traded for backup Louis Domingue from the Devils in the event that Markstrom is out longer than they believe. Looking at that situation, one can clearly see that the crease is now Demko's to lose. Canucks have 20-yr old Mike DiPietro in the minors, but apparently have refused to call him up as he is doing well down there and would like him to continue to get regular starts instead of being a backup at the NHL level before he is ready for the big time.
  8. Yea, the Zucker trade was the kind we should have been seeing for other players they dealt away (albeit that was the former GM's doing), but what's done is done. I'd like to think Bill Guerin is taking the more cerebral approach here and will probably now use the off season to gauge interest on his players, and possibly play other GM's against each other in bidding wars for either Dumba or Brodin, and maybe use that same time frame to see if Suter and/or Dubnyk would also waive to go to a contender that would have them. If they have a good summer, then you can truly say they didn't "lose" deadline day per se. Better to sit and really think things over, and maybe come up with better options rather than hurry just to make a deal "today". I guess I was just expecting them to have already made up their minds about what they want to do and use the deadline to further whatever the plan was regarding personnel.
  9. Winners... Edmonton for the reasons stated by the OP. Oilers look like they finally decided to get serious, and much like TB, added players that are tougher to play against, add to their already speedy team, and this is all still without some players still on the mend for them. Their goaltending situation is still a question mark, but given what was available, I think they did very well. Lightning.....if they win a Cup. Looked like even with a deep playoff run, they may still enjoy quite a number of draft picks...well, they used many of their prime ones for acquiring playoff caliber players....now they gotta get it done. Also stated by the OP, Bolts made themselves look more the part of a playoff, Cup winning team, as opposed to a team that just "looks good" during the regular season. Another winner, the Ottawa Senators....even in their massive rebuild. They maximized their tradable players, picked a direction, and look like they are sticking to it. And good gawd, the amount of picks they have in the upcoming draft...unless they trade off some of those to get almost NHL ready talent that will accelerate things for them. Calgary are winners today as well. Filled in needs with nice players on defense, still are going to get Gio back before season's end. As long as Rittich continues playing well, and the stars perform for them, they should be set to be a tough out in the post season. Losers....... Buffalo....what in the blue hell are they doing over there anyways???? Simmonds? Really??? Nothing against Simmonds, despite his declining skills, he still plays with a ton of heart, but he in no way shape or form, seems to fit what Buffalo is trying to build over there. And then they go and trade Rodrigues and Sheary, two very good, very underappreciated depth guys who can play in anyone's bottom six. Minnesota......Putting aside the Parise fall through (that should go into the off season anyways), no takers on Dumba or Brodin? What about all the teams that allegedly wanted those guys? Not sure if the right deal wasn't there, or the Wild got cold feet thinking about parting with those two. I would have thought, seeing other deals for defensemen, that there should have been a market for either out there. I like what Minnesota got back for Zucker, but scratching my head on Dumba and/or Brodin. Winnipeg..... Yes, they got Eakin and Demelo, but really, that's it? The same Jets that were supposed to have a shot at the division and make a good playoff run? I think they probably should have done more, but we will see. I am underwhelmed by their inactivity. And I will be leaving Toronto alone.....people are bashing them enough already....
  10. I had posted earlier that Malcolm Subban may find himself out of the Knights org... Well, details filtered in via NHL Network.... Subban is in fact, part of the deal that sent Lehner to Vegas. Subban will get a chance with the Blackhawks behind Corey Crawford. Craw has been known to falter, so Subban will once again get the chance to show he belongs in the NHL.
  11. @yave1964 Seems Barclay Goodrow really is headed to TB.....according to NHL Network, but even they still don't have the details on who goes to the Sharks. Crossing fingers it isn't defenseman Foote or big forward Raddysh.....I would LOVE to see those two on the big club in the next season or two.
  12. Some very good under the radar moves... The Canes acquisitions of both Brady Skjei from the NYR and Sami Vatanen from the NJD. As if the Canes didn't like shooting the puck enough, they get two blueliners who can definitely do that as well. Also, I know the Canes' defense is depleted (and these moves were almost necessary), but still, looking long term, especially in the case of Skjei, he should fit in as a do a bit of everything, large mobile, 2nd pair type defender for them even when they get healthy defensemen back.
  13. Honestly, I think if it is possible for the Wild to move NTC players, it may likely have to happen in the off season. The return Minnesota gets is too important to just go with the first thing that comes along. Contrary to some misguided beliefs, guys like Parise, Suter, and Dubnyk can still represent some value to the right team.... GM Bill Guerin just needs to try and maximize any and all he can get for them, if indeed, they are movable and the Wild really have decided to start over. Off season would allow better thinking things over as opposed to knee jerk moves at the deadline.
  14. I'd be ok with this move as long as the Bolts don't give up Callan Foote...... or Taylor Raddysh....
  15. Evander Kane to either Winnipeg or Buffalo...............wait for it...............
  16. Poor Malcolm Subban.....given chance after chance to establish himself, can never quite do it....now with Lehner, a UFA arriving, the goalie duo of MarcMan and Robin will see to it Malcolm gets sent back to the minors...and if Lehner re-signs and stays in Vegas, Malcolm could see himself out of the Knights' org.... Then again, with Lehner's previous demons....is Vegas REALLY a good idea for him!? We will see....
  17. As an aside, after witnessing the greatest victory since "The Miracle" in 1980, I am surprised more teams didn't dangle their minor league Zamboni drivers as trade bait to goalie hungry teams...
  18. Exactly!! Of course, they still have to pick the right players, but even bumbling a few, quantity is definitely in their favor!
  19. Nick Ritchie to Boston makes the B's not only tougher to play against, but Ritchie, still a young guy, is a classic power forward, who for whatever reason, really hadn't found his stride with the Ducks. Maybe a cross country trade to Boston, a yearly contender and a team that knows how to develop big bodied players, will serve as a wake up call for him. Ritchie is already an excellent hitter, now he needs to show he can contribute on offense on a regular basis. He fits perfectly with Boston's style of play.
  20. Hmmm....well, unless Botteril has some super secret master plan none of us are privy to, seems to me more like he is playing Naked Twister.....
  21. Nice adds for them as well. I always felt, even when the Flames did really well a couple seasons ago, that they STILL were a bit soft defensively (as in allowing chances, not physically...they can still hit!), and these two adds may help in that area. Especially the underrated Derek Forbort. He is your classic, stay at home, big bodied, no frills defender whose main issue in the NHL seems to be staying healthy. Kings may also have mis-slotted him as they were always searching for offense from, well, ANYWHERE, and in Calgary, they have enough offense from both the forwards and defense, where he just needs to be a solid tower of power at the blue line, don't do stupid things, and not much else....that lone will help Calgary. Gustafsson can basically replace what Giordano was doing while he mends, and will double that once Gio gets back.
  22. Was just thinking that... I really don't understand Simmonds to BUF....made it look like Buffalo hasn't given up on the season, but then they go and trade pretty good depth players. Botteril is either a cement head, or a damned brilliant strategist who plans 15 moves ahead of everyone else.....
  23. So far, and understanding that there could be more to come, I like Deadline Day for both the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators. The Oilers have seemingly gone from a one line not consistently much else type team, to one that actually looks like could transform them a bit more to one where they can do a bit more of everything needed to really contend for the playoffs and play well once there. AA and Green added from Detroit seem brilliant. AA in particular, who showed bursts here and there playing on a low scoring Wings team, should really have no excuse playing on a team (and I understand, possible linemate of McD) that features three of the league's best offensive players. His numbers may take giant steps forward. Mike Green, smart veteran, not the most solid defensively, though he isn't terrible there, allows Edmonton to slot their other "D" a bit better and he can move the puck with the best of them. Green feeding dangerous Oilers' forward lines pucks (much like he was rumored to be able to do for TB a couple seasons ago when the Lightning were interested in him) should produce LOTS of scoring chances for EDM. The Yzerman-Holland connection continues............ As for the Senators, wow.... Sure, they aren't going anywhere (which is kinda the idea I suppose), but have you seen their draft board!? They have done a good job so far trading off players who simply were not going to be in their long term plans and converted them into tons of picks and prospects. Just looking at picks for his summer...they currently have THREE 1st rounders, FOUR 2nd rounders, TWO 3rd rounders....very, very nice for them. They still have a contract or two that are an albatross (Bobby Ryan for sure....Nikita Zaitsev possibly...I am just not sold on him) but overall, the Sens are doing exactly what they need to do to improve and have acquired more tools to do so.
  24. Agree. And great for the Leafs' organization as well! It was, after all, THEIR minor league Zamboni driver that took center stage, beat them, and put Toronto in the history books! Win-win-win for everyone!!

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