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  1. Totally agree, another option for Giroux would be to eat 50% of the cap hit next year in a trade, maybe trade him to Ottawa.
  2. This remind me of 2006/07 year where Clarke resigned after 8 games and Holmgren took over. Now we'll get to see what kind of gm Fletcher is, will he get rid of AV. Hope that Giroux and Voracek are traded.
  3. Jake makes $8,250,000.00 per year for the next 3 years where Burns makes $8,000,000.00 for the next 4 years so if they were be traded for each other, then the Sharks would have to add something.
  4. Well then Fletcher better get off his ass and see if Waite wants to come to Philly.
  5. Because we're armchair GM's with no creditability , but Fletcher has to realize in this strange season if they can get rid of some players for picks then go for it. He still has to get a veteran D to play with Provorov and find a sniper to go into next year. I believe Hart will be fine and be the goalie we as fans hope he will be. The bright side is this year may help the Flyers resign Hart to a friendlier contract but we'll see. As fans we just got to hope that Fletcher uses some common sense. After 45 years of cheering for this team I don't get too excited whether the Flyers do well or suck
  6. I don't disagree with what you're saying when it comes to some of the Philly fans but from what I've read regarding Hart, he seems to have a pretty level head on his shoulders. Fletcher does have to make some trades to get veteran D to help out the young D core which will also help Hart. It seems one of the Flyers most consistent problems is finding snipers who can score when setup. Giroux seems to not care anymore so if there is some way to trade him that would be a start.
  7. Well with 26 games left to go and the Flyers are in the midst of their slump, they still have a chance to make the playoffs being that they play head to head with the teams in front of them unlike other years where they would need other teams to help them out to gain ground. The question is with this team right now even if they made the playoffs they'd be one and done.
  8. Waite would be a good mentor. There's no doubt that Hart is struggling this year but I think fans will be surprised how resilient Hart will be and overcome this bad stretch has been for him. From what I've read on Hart, he has a sports psychologist since he was in junior so we'll see how does. It wouldn't hurt to get a veteran defensemen to play along side Provorov to help him like McCrimmon did for Howe.
  9. True enough, I remember Price having one or two of those types of games in his career. Hart will bounce back.
  10. Well it worked for Darryl Sutter with the Flames last week, he bag skated the Flames players and they rattled off 3 victories.
  11. I'd say Boston's top line of Bergeron, Marchand and Pastrnak would give Toronto's top line a good run plus they play 200 foot game, have the speed to match and can play tough when needed to get the pucks out of the corner.
  12. Yep, I don't see how the OHL can have a season unless they're planning to play through most of the summer.
  13. True enough, even though Hart has looked like **** so has the rest of the team. Unfortunately, going on a prolong losing streak in a short season could be the difference in making or not making the playoffs. But the way the Flyers are playing even if they make the playoffs they'll go out in the first round. On a side note, do you see any OHL hockey being played this year?
  14. Well I hope he enjoys his retirement.
  15. Flyerscanuck, what is your scouting report for Foerster! And TropicalFruitGirl26, congrats to your Bolts winning the cup!
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