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  1. lol, another disappointing finish! now it's onto resigning Marner before July 1st before offer sheets start happening
  2. You better hope the results aren't the same as 2018!
  3. I'm sure the Leafs didn't give the Flyers permission to speak to Keefe. Since Keefe is Dubas' boy, chances are Keefe will be the next head coach of the Leafs if Babcock can't get the Leafs out of the first round.
  4. For sure, but Fletcher can't sit on his ass like Hextall did last summer, he has to shore up the 2/3C position, a veteran D to play with Provorov, a backup goalie unless he's already decided on Talbot and most of all a head coach who will take this team to the heights fans want.
  5. I think that would be a fair trade.
  6. If you're looking for a right-handed top pairing defenseman, what about going the trade route and talking to Nashville about P.K. Subban. He has 3 years left at $9 million cap hit and Fletcher could offer something around Gostisbehere who has 4 years left at $4.5 million per year and a 2020 1st round pick. This would give Poile $4.5 million in cap space to resign Josi to a new contract. Thoughts?
  7. I'm sure Dubas doesn't want to lose Keefe because that's his guy from his days as a GM with the Soo Greyhounds of the OHL. So, it would be interesting to see if they don't give Keefe permission to talk to other teams and what Dubas' relationship is with Babcock. Babcock is in his 4th season with the Leafs, what happens if the Leafs get knocked out again in the first round, does Dubas do the unthinkable and get rid of Babcock for Keefe.
  8. Wow you called that one! Elliot gives up 4 on 5 shots, maybe you should go to Vegas!
  9. Maybe Fletcher can trade Voracek to his old team, Minnesota, since they're all screwed up and need a shakeup.
  10. Hey Howie, totally agree I've been a fan since '73 so like you watching this team had exciting moments and frustrating moments but at least in the last 3 years watching the young guys gives hope. They've checked out for the rest of this year, so maybe it is time for a change in leadership, Fletcher should keep an open mind when it comes to possibly trading Giroux or Voracek. Fletcher has to hire the right coach for this team.
  11. Hey Howie, yes it's been one of the most disappointing seasons in Flyers history but we did get a real glimpse of the future with Hart in net (something Flyers fans haven't been able to say since Lindbergh? I know Hextall had a great rookie year but he didn't get better after that!). Going into this season most Flyers fans thought the Flyers would be a bubble playoff team at best and that's what they were. Starting 8 different goalies in a season is mind-boggling enough but a lot of players had down years. At least Hextall had a plan which included rebuilding the farm system, clearing cap space and allowing the prospects to grow probably and not force them to play in the NHL before they should. Hextall's downfall was standing by a coach who shouldn't have been there and not bringing up some players that should have been brought up to the big club. Now we get to see what Fletcher's plan is.
  12. I for one am glad that Fletcher didn't trade Simmonds to Toronto or Montreal because I can't stand either team or their fanbases. I wonder if Fletcher was asking too much and Poile just waited before the deadline to make him an offer probably knowing that Fletcher put himself into a corner and needed to make a trade to show the fanbase that he was able to trade Simmonds. If Fletcher has a plan, he hasn't shown it yet so this summer will be interesting. I hope Simmonds ends up winning a cup in Nashville because Poile has built a contending team thru the draft and smart trades and it would be nice to see them win. I'll be surprised to see Simmonds get a 3 year deal this summer let alone a 5 year deal, the GM's aren't handing them out like they use to when it comes to over 30 year old players.
  13. As much as liked Simmonds as a Flyer, if he was asking for a 5 year deal then I'd say thanks but no thanks and move on. It sounds like a deal was in place with Calgary but Simmonds wouldn't waive his no-trade clause.
  14. If Fletcher doesn't trade Simmonds then he's a freakin idiot!
  15. Maybe but as long as Simmonds doesn't get traded to Toronto, I can't stand Toronto!
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