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  1. Fletcher will have to be active to free up cap space. It's too bad that AV didn't sit Giroux for a game and bring in Frost just to see how he would do considering Giroux wasn't doing much. Provorov, Sanheim and Myers will get better with experience, it's nice to see that the Flyers finally have a goalie in Hart and hopefully they find him a quality backup (maybe Elliot for another year). Hayes was a pleasant surprise but hopefully lives up to his contract. The playoff experience will be good for the young players. Stay the course, give the younger players more important roles and put Giroux in a secondary role for the remainder of his contract and don't resign him.
  2. I agree with your first point, the young players got a real taste of what playoff hockey is all about which is a good thing. As for Giroux, Jake and JVR, I'd love to see 2 of them gone and replaced by young players. The Flyers have a good young core they just have to grow together. Hopefully the Islanders get bounced by the Lightning!
  3. This is something I thought I'd never be able to say in the last 35 years but the Flyers finally have a goalie! Hart was the difference last night.
  4. Well the Flyers finally get a goalie who keeps them in games to give them a chance to win and now they can't score, go figure. We'll see who shows up for game 2.
  5. Let's hope the Flyers big boys break out tonight and finish off the Habs. It's time they help Hart who has helped them all series. Finish off those ***** Habs and send their fans back into the woods.
  6. That's what I thought regarding his cancer. The 87 Canada Cup goal, it was Hawerchuk who hooked a Soviet player just enough to cause him to lose his balance which allowed Lemieux to slide in on a 3 on 1 and shoot the puck. He was always a classic act when his Colts would play the Sudbury Wolves in Sudbury. He will be solely missed in junior hockey.
  7. I totally agree, Flyers management better make sure that he never drives a Porsche! It's nice to see the Flyers producing a homegrown goalie and has the potential to be like Lindbergh.
  8. I seen on TSN website that former Flyer, Dale Hawerchuk, passed away at the age of 57, he had been dealing with cancer.
  9. I want to see the Flyers win the next 3 games because I hated the habs and their ***** fans!
  10. Yep nothing better then an ass kicking to leave a bad taste in your mouth! We'll see what these Flyers have. On the bright side they could easily be down 2 games to 0.
  11. Well we'll see what they're made of, either they'll come out swinging or cuddle up into a ball and hide in the corner. It's time for a Flyer player to pull a Kreider on Price!
  12. Kirk Muller has always been a classless asshole and hopefully that will be the rally cry for the Flyers.
  13. The only problem with that is the wildcard teams would already be in playoff mode by playing that best of 5 series where as the division winner would be sitting around waiting to see who they'd end up playing. Stick with the 16 team playoffs.
  14. Well the Flyers got their assess handed to them today which isn't a bad thing, the whole team needed to be brought back down to reality. It's time for the coaches to earn their money and it's time for the top players on this team to earn their money also. Everybody knew the Habs would come out with the rally cry to win one for their coach. So now it's time for the Flyers to come out with a chip on their shoulders and take it to the Habs. Price is beatable so he's not a god so the Flyers have to stop treating him like one and get in his face. Also they have to start pounding the Habs!
  15. I think AV will stick with Hart unless one game he's getting blown out then AV will put in Moose to give the kid a chance to regroup. As for the Habs, it's sad regarding Julien but the Flyers have to match the intensity in the 1st period today because you know the Habs will come out. Keep getting in the face of Price because eventually he'll snap and take a stupid penalty and the Flyers have to take advantage of powerplay opportunities and bury the Habs.

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