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  1. Let's hope the Flyers don't finish dead last but win the lottery to draft 1st overall, that will make up for 2007!
  2. Thanks for the insight, Fletcher sounds a lot like a former Flyers GM and current team president, Paul Holmgren! I hope Fletcher learned from his mistakes in Minnesota and doesn't trade away youth for quick fixes!
  3. Lol, people tell me I have a bad habit of saying the obvious. I agree we need finishers on this team like a Tim Kerr, Brian Propp or John LeClair. Fletcher has to use this time up to the trade deadline to determine who are the Flyers core players going forward and trade off the rest that aren't. Reload in the summer and see what happens but get a goalie who can be the stop gap until Carter Hart is ready to take the reigns (Hextall's choice of Brian Elliot was a head scratcher!)
  4. Provorov reminds me of Mark Howe when he first got to the Flyers, I know he was older than what Provorov is but when he got paired with Brad McCrimmon then he really took off as a defenseman. Fletcher has to trade or sign a veteran defenseman who can play with Provorov. Right now Provorov is trying to put the team on his shoulders and it's affecting his play. I agree that Sanheim is coming into his own so if there is a trade for Ghost that benefits the Flyers then it's something Fletcher should consider. If the Flyers end up last overall in the league I'm hoping that we don't have a repeat of the 2007 draft when we lost out on Patrick Kane.
  5. I'd rather the Flyers **** the bed for the rest of this year, trade pending UFA's for picks and prospects and get the highest pick they can. Hopefully draft someone with great potential with the high pick and sign some free agents that will help the young guys that they have. Unfortunately, I don't see Hughes as a franchise player like McDavid and Matthews but he would help. Being a board line playoff team isn't fun unless your team does a miracle run like the Kings did in 2012. Hart is a couple of years away from taking the reins, at that time Provorov and some of their other young players will be coming into their own. Fletcher was the GM of Minnesota, what did you think of him?
  6. There's part of the problem right there, Hakstol keeps playing MacDonald over 20 minutes a game instead of lowering his minutes and playing the young D like Sanheim more. If the Flyers are going to keep losing they might as well play the young players instead of the vets.
  7. I agree Provy had a chance to win it but the goalie made a nice save then the Flames go down and score the winner. Same old story can't protect a lead, time for a coaching change. Fletcher has to figure out who he considers his core group and then start getting rid of the rest. It's going to be a long season! The Flyers are playing like Hakstol coaches the team, laid back and clueless!
  8. I'd love to see the Flyers get Pieterangelo but what would you have to give up to get the St.Louis captain, Ghost and picks?
  9. Brelic, it wouldn't surprise me that it ends up being Lombardi for the rest of this year. Holmgren and Clarke are going to want someone who thinks along the same line as them.
  10. Only if he get the GM job plus Holmgren's position so he doesn't have to deal with him!
  11. That's who I was thinking, someone who has built a Stanley Cup contending team in Tampa Bay and someone who has no connection to the Flyers organization.
  12. Paul Holmgren has someone in mind, himself! Just kidding but I hope not. On TSN website they were mentioning Chuck Fletcher and Ron Francis as possible replacements. But I do agree upper management told Hextall to get rid of Hakstol and he probably refused, so I won't be surprised in the next couple of days the Flyers will axe him also. I'm sure Clarkie and Holmgren weren't impressed of the 6-0 loss to the Leafs were there wasn't a single penalty in the game. With Clarke and Holmgren in charge, I'm sure an on slot of trades of the young players for veterans will be coming soon!
  13. Joel Quennville was fired by the Blackhawks, could he replace Hakstol?
  14. Wow how things have changed in Flyersland, I can't remember the last time Flyers fans were able to talk about homegrown defensemen and not which defenseman we need from another team. Hagg has been underrated, but he doesn't cost much and can be effective on this team.
  15. Do you think Stolie will clear waivers?

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