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  1. The Flyers should send him back to the OHL where he'll get lots of playing time on the Colts. I'm sure the Colts and Sudbury Wolves will be battling for 1st in the division.
  2. It's going to help Provorov greatly playing with Ellis, looking forward to see his progress.
  3. Veteran influences is only going to help Provie become a better defenseman and not feel like he has to do it all by himself.
  4. I like the Coots signing and the Flyers should take the "C" off of Giroux and give it to Coots. As for resigning Giroux, if the Flyers aren't in the playoffs at the deadline try trading Claude to a contender. And if he wants to resign in Philly then offer him a 3 year deal at $6 million per year.
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