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  1. Depending when the NHL comes back I would think Bettman would have to decide on if it's going to be 70 game or 72 game season and the teams that haven't reached that mark and are on the playoff bubble would have to play the games to get to those game totals. Since teams haven't played the same amount games I assume they'd have to do something like that to make it fair for all teams in playoff contention or just on the outside looking in.
  2. Lol, well if that's the case then I'd qualify to be EBUG for the Leafs since I was born in 1967! Unfortunately for Leafs fans and team they'll be a punch line for jokes going forward.
  3. All kidding aside, do you think the Leafs organization could have a younger emergency backup goalie available to their team and the visiting team, someone who has played professional hockey or has played at the university level recently. I guess Leaf fans will see what kind of heart and pride their players have after being embarrassed by a 42 year old goalie who had played senior hockey 5 years ago and he drives zamboni. As Jammer2 puts it, couldn't happen to a better organization than the Leafs. But it was funny seeing the hi-lites of the Leafs losing to a 42 year old emergency backup goalie.
  4. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but you're right Kapanen is established NHL forward but as you know defensemen are hard to find and if you find one with potential you hold onto him. Kapanen for Ghost I'd be find with but I don't know if Leafs fans would be.
  5. Problem is finding right-handed shooting defenseman with potential is hard to find and if you do find them you don't trade them away, so it would be a no for me when it comes to trading Myers for Kapanen (and I like Kapanen). You build your team from the goalie out and the Flyers seem to have a good one in Hart then you had Provorov, Sanhiem and Myers on D for starters and some decent forwards and go from there. The problem for the Leafs is Dubas is building from the forwards back, he's going to have to trade Nylander to get a top end defenseman.
  6. Wow you're a rarity among Leaf fans that I know and read on other fan forums, you're objective about your Leafs. If you listen or read other Leafs fans comments, Alex Pietrangelo will sign with the Leafs this coming summer and their defense will be great again. Dubas needs to find a quality backup to give Andersen a break, otherwise he'll burn out and not be at his best at playoff time if they get in. Dubas didn't address the defense last summer and it's coming back to bite them in the ass this year. As for the Flyers fans, we're tired of seeing them contend one year and disappear other years. It would be nice to see them reach the goddam summit and win it!
  7. Well said, the game of the 80's which had high scoring, hits, fights and tough hockey is long gone. The game and players are softer, more sensitive and the hockey isn't as exciting. Hell remember goalies with a GAA of 3.00 was the Vezina winner. If the league wants to keep the hitting in but still keep it safe for players then make changes to penalties. Any head shots(intentional or not) it's an automatic 5 minutes and game misconduct, players will learn to keep their elbows down. I miss the old playoff series of the 80's and even the Leafs/Flyers series of the early 2000's.
  8. Well we'll see if he turns into the number 1 defenseman that we hope or maybe Sanhiem ends up being the number 1. Also we have York coming down the pipeline. The landscape of the NHL may change in 6 years time, who knows. The good part is he's signed for the next 6 years at a decent cap hit.
  9. Since the ball dropped on one key RFA defenseman in Werenski who is comparable to Provorov, then hopefully Fletcher can hammer out a deal. What about a 3 year deal/$16.5 million with Provorov at $4.5M/$4.5M/$7.5M as the base? I'm wondering if all of these RFA's are going to sign similar type structure deals like Werenski.
  10. True, this class of RFA will have long-term effects on their teams, either good or bad. Hopefully Provorov is signed to an 8 year deal when it's all said and done.
  11. Definitely Bob Probert, he would have been awesome in Orange and Black!
  12. True, but Colorado just signed Samuel Girard to a 7 year deal worth $35 million so cap hit of $5 million per year. How much better is Provorov to Girard? I think the contract that Ekblad got with Florida would be great for Provorov but I'm not his agent. But if Provorov and his agent are waiting to see what McAvoy gets they might be disappointed when he resigns a deal with the Bruins for less than $7 million per year. It's seems there aren't a lot of players with a larger cap hit than Bergeron.
  13. I think Ivan and his agent are just waiting to see what the other RFA defensemen are getting and then go from there. The Flyers finally have a potential homegrown number 1 defenseman so they better not trade him.
  14. No I'm saying that the Leafs will expect that if they were trading Kapanen, I'm not saying that I'd want the Flyers to do that.
  15. Well from Toronto's side if they're trading Kapanen for Hagg the Flyers would have to add a 2nd rounder. As for Ghost, if you're going to trade him then send him to a Western conference team where you're not going to play against him as much as you would if he was in Montreal or Toronto. I can't see Toronto because of their cap situation.

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