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  1. Joel Quennville was fired by the Blackhawks, could he replace Hakstol?
  2. Wow how things have changed in Flyersland, I can't remember the last time Flyers fans were able to talk about homegrown defensemen and not which defenseman we need from another team. Hagg has been underrated, but he doesn't cost much and can be effective on this team.
  3. Do you think Stolie will clear waivers?
  4. How true, Hartnell was a true Flyer. It was actually one of the best moves Paul Holmgren made in his time as GM, making the trade with Nashville to obtain Hartnell and Timonen's rights before free agency and sign both guys. It's too bad his contract forced his way out of Philly, it would have been good to see him finish his career in Philly. He was a character!
  5. Whoever thought up this mascot must have been using crack! Wow I can't believe the Flyers organization authorized to allow this.
  6. Maybe Hextall should keep Stolie up with the Flyers to start the year and rotate with Elliot and Neuvy since it will probably only take a couple of weeks before Neuvy gets hurt again.
  7. I would be ok if Hextall signed Simmonds to the same contract as Pac got with Vegas
  8. See how this is unchartered territory for the Flyers organization to have a top-rated goalie prospect, I think the best thing is for Hextall to be patient with Hart. Let him play a year in the AHL to get use to the pro game and go from there. If there are injuries to Neuvrith (which is a given) or Elliot then Hextall can bring Hart up for a game or two otherwise keep him in the AHL. Hart is probably the best goalie prospect the Flyers have drafted since Lindbergh so they can't screw this up. It would be nice to have a top-notch goalie in the Flyers net for the next 10 years with all of the other young players.
  9. Eventhough that type of deal would be great for the Flyers I don't see Simmonds doing it. I think Hextall has to deal with resigning Provorov, Koencny and Sanheim first before resigning Simmonds. As much as I would like to see Simmonds resign with the Flyers I think Hextall has to have a number for the cap hit and number of years he'd be willing to resign Simmonds to and if that isn't reached then move on. And whether the Flyers are in the playoff hunt or not, if Simmonds isn't resigned before the trading deadline then I look to deal him. The Flyers aren't going to win anything with Elliot/Neuvrith combo in net.
  10. I remember reading that but I thought the player had to play at least 400 games to qualify, I might be wrong. I believe Hextall has an amount in mind when it comes to resigning Simmonds. Once that contract is presented to Simmonds, it will be up to him whether to sign it or look elsewhere. I think Hextall will try to resign Simmonds to a 4 year deal if possible, I don't see him going more years than that.
  11. Lol, too soon but funny. Razor was a competitor and loved to mix it up especially being a goalie. I remember watching him play for the Soo Greyhounds. R.I.P. Razor
  12. As a Lightning fan you must be happy about the Kucherov signing, I was surprised Yzerman signed him this quick. I guess now Yzerman can concentrate on trading for Karlsson knowing what he has going forward with the cap for next year and beyond. Maybe by signing Kucherov it might end up helping the Bolts get Karlsson.
  13. That's the thing if Karlsson truly wants to go to Tampa this year or next summer than he can play "chicken" with Dorian. As for Kucherov, Ottawa could get him as part of a package for Karlsson then flip him to another team for prospects and draft picks. When you look at Tampa Bay's cap situation, I think it will come down to either keeping Kucherov or Point going forward and I think Yzerman likes Point better. Kucherov is an elite player but he's going to want a large contract next summer.
  14. Thanks for your response. If the sticking point now is Melnyk's insistence of including Bobby Ryan in the trade then the only team being able to do that is Vegas. But if Karlsson has his heart on joining the Bolts then I can't see McPhee making that trade. Melnyk's interference might end costing the Sens big time in terms of what they get back in a trade for Karlsson. The one thing going for the Bolts is how Yzerman has built the farm system so if they did trade Kucherov for Karlsson that they could probably withstand the loss of Kucherov with another player within the organization. A part of me hopes the Bolts end up with Karlsson because it would cause a big road block in the Leafs ever getting out of the division for the next five years at least and that would piss off all the Leafs fans I know since they signed Tavares.
  15. As a Bolts fan, would you give up Kucherov if it meant getting Karlsson. Brayden Point played well in the playoffs this past season and Kucherov is probably looking for a big payday.

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