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  1. Yes there should be a good hockey player available at #5 but I don't have as much confidence in Fletcher as you do that he won't **** things up.
  2. You just know that Fletcher will find a way to **** it up.
  3. Well Toronto doesn't want to leave it to a game 7 so they should take care of business in game 6. Otherwise the ghosts of game 7 past may come back to haunt the Leafs.
  4. Doesn't say much for Harvard if he graduated from there.
  5. I'd like to see the Flyers lose their remaining 3 games and Seattle either win 2 of their remaining games or even tie the Flyers in points so the Flyers end up in the bottom 3 teams of the league in order to have a shot at the first overall.
  6. He may cut the cord all together with the Flyers, as much as I liked him as a player, I'd resign him if it was for a max of $5 million per year on a 3 year deal otherwise don't bother.
  7. It was a good game to see live, I hope he gets a chance to win and the Flyers gets a good return for him.
  8. I was at that game in Ottawa back in 2008, a buddy of mine had two tickets so we went to watch the game. Funny thing was my buddy and I were at a sports bar during the day before the game sitting down and having a couple of beers. We were sitting with our Flyers jerseys on and a gentleman in his mid 40's looked over and asked us if we were going to the game. So we started talking to him and found out he was Giroux's dad, so he had a beer with us and you could see how proud that his son (like every hockey dad would be) was playing his first NHL game in his hometown territory. My buddy had two s
  9. Totally agree, this is Fletcher justifying giving up a 1st rounder plus 2 other picks I believe for Rusty. Does any other Flyers fan think that Fletcher will find a way to **** up a Giroux trade. I know right handed defensemen are hard to come by but now Fletcher has $11.35 in cap space tied up with a defensemen who maybe injured the whole time he's here in Philly and the other who has done nothing to warrant being resigned for 5 years. I'm not holding my breathe that Fletcher won't **** up the trade deadline and the high pick the Flyers will receive in the upcoming draft. For the previous GM,
  10. I think Giroux is a good captain but didn't have lots of support over the years. The question now with the Flyers fans that hope that he gets traded so the Flyers can accumulate picks and young players, how will the Philly fans react if he doesn't waive his no-trade clause to be traded. Will they boo him or say it was his choice he earned that right.
  11. This is the 2006/07 season all over again. Figure out the core players and get rid of the rest, starting with Giroux.
  12. Yes when the Flyers could have signed Curtis Joseph he decides to sign Beezer instead. Clarke is probably pissed that the Pens with Hextall are in a playoff spot and the Flyers aren't.
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum, all the best in 2022. Hopefully we can back to some sense of normal.
  14. Of course the Flyers should be sellers but will they that remains to be seen. Most Flyers fans want them to be sellers but knowing Fletcher he'll **** it up like he did in Minnesota.
  15. Well the Flyers Country Club atmosphere is alive and well, it's time to blow this thing up
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