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  1. Well I said this was the summer for Fletcher to put his stamp on the team and his stamp guarantees that the Flyers will be bottom feeders for the next 5 years. What a ***** idiot. The best thing to happen is if the fans stay away from the arena and it forces the ownership to fire Fletcher's ass. It will be interesting to see what other **** ups Fletcher has for the Flyers fanbase.
  2. Well unless Giroux wants to be making which Coots is making right now, little over $4 million per year that's the only way I see the Flyers resigning Giroux since Coots will probably get $8 million per year and end up being the Flyers next captain. If Giroux agrees to the type of contract then I'd gladly see him back as a Flyer otherwise goodbye. Depending on what happens this coming season, I wouldn't mind seeing Giroux traded at the deadline for a young player and picks.
  3. I hope you're right, I like the trade Ellis will help Provorov improve his game. Now we'll see what else Fletcher has up his sleeve.
  4. True enough, what are the options again for the protection list for teams.
  5. Well the plan you laid out makes sense hopefully Fletcher has a similar plan.
  6. I know it's been talked about on here, but Ryan Ellis of Nashville would be interesting since Nashville has 5 defensemen they would like to hold onto but can't so maybe Ellis and his $6.25 cap hit would be something they'd consider moving in order to protect other D.
  7. This off season will go a long way in Fletcher's tender as of Flyers GM, he has to put his stamp on this team going forward, hopefully he does it the right way.
  8. No if the Habs win the cup then every team will go back to playing the ***** trap system and boring hockey will be back. If there is a hockey god, either Vegas comes back and beats the Habs in 7 or the winner of the Bolts/Islanders series takes the Habs out in 4 games.
  9. Well Patrick did play for the Brandon Wheat Kings which was junior team that Hextall played for. There's a lot of decisions that Hextall made that were head scratchers.
  10. Yes, Giroux and Voracek's time in Philly should be up. The NHL isn't the Broad Street Bullies era, Fletcher has to pick players with skill and speed but you still need bottom end grinders on your 3rd and 4th lines who can chip in with goals, play physical and goalie doesn't hurt either. I believe Hart will come around to be the goalie we as Flyers fans hope he can be. The new NHL is a team like the Bolts.
  11. Well he wasn't totally at fault for the Islanders series but he didn't make adjustments in that series either.
  12. I'm just curious do think AV did a good job last year.
  13. As stated by other posters, Braun, Gus and the Hayes contract. This summer is his chance to put his stamp on the team, AV hopefully is a coach that will be on his way out during this coming year or at the end of the year. Giroux is someone that I hope Fletcher will trade at the deadline depending on where the Flyers are sitting in the standings. He needs to get some veterans D to help the younger ones, a good veteran backup to help Hart so they don't ruin him also. He needs to sit down with AV and tell him to start playing the younger players in bigger roles and move Giroux and Voracek into se
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