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  1. Haha....i was totally kidding about the heat maps.....but thanks! (i thought i remember some considerable "chirping" about them on here not long back...) They are kinda cool...unlike this team....
  2. Any chance you could translate those into heat maps?..... But honestly....Flyers fan for a solid 20 years now....center ice every year. watch almost every game even if on DVR. 1st time I can ever remember not caring if the flyers were on.....I literally turned the game off last night. And I'm baffled. G, Vorachek, Konecy, Patrick, Ghost, Coots, JVR, Prov.....AND YOU CANT SCORE!? I know our D needs serious overhaul and this is the Flyers so of course our crease is the freakin Bermuda triangle!!.....I'm just speechless. Imagine what Hax and Hex are thinking right now..... Had actual hopes for this squad....even behind Elliott. Only bright spot is Carter Hart....kid is playing solid goal despite the dumpster fire all around him! Is it Sept yet?....
  3. ^^That looks FUN!^^ Now I suddenly want to tank....;)
  4. Sounds like his wife is thrilled to be coming to Philly....should help with his mental preparedness......
  5. Can you cancel NHL Center Ice mid season and get a partial refund?..... Asking for a friend.....
  6. [Hidden Content] Meltzer speaks....good perspective.
  7. Did not want to start an entire thread for this question, and seeing how this is the "hot topic" right now I'll interrupt the "Fletcher beat down" for just a second and ask this.... Why the hell do we 4 days off without a game?!....just seems like forever since we played the Pens....I thought 3 days off was max without some kind of "reason"... Carry On...
  8. wait....how many teams are there in the NHL?.....
  9. seriously...WTF is up with this "team"..... Oh Yeah! We haven't had a legit goalie in YEARS and the coaching staff is utterly useless. Too bad. I actually had some hope for this team. When your icing Giroux, Vorachek, JVR, Simmer, Konecy, Coots, Prov, Ghost, and patrick and can't buy a goal.....that is utterly unacceptable and just strange.
  10. But GRITTY!!!.....What about GRITTY!?!? Seriously though....that's discouraging as hell.....thanks for that. Wash...Rinse....Repeat?
  11. Well...at least it was entertaining!! I "pumped my fist" for the 1st time this year on goal 5....
  12. Given our backup right now is some guy named Pickard....I would go with moose until he looses like 3 straight....until HE looses three straight, as in garage performance. We know he's streaky so let him have his ups and downs. benching him does NOTHING in my opinion in keeping him on track. yes, he'll need some rest but I think hes our best option (hope) in goal. Ghost really needs to clean up his game in his own zone. he's not a rookie anymore.... Voracheck.....ah #93. Really hope this guys shows up this year. We're winning games right now because of guys like Laughton, Weiss, and Moose. That will not last. We get JVR back, Moose stays on track, Voracheck starts playing AND we clean up our special team.....things could improve greatly. Lot of season left.
  13. One of the first games this season I got to sit down and watch with my son (6 years old)....the game starts and he looks at me and says, "wait, Dad, which ones are the Flyers!?".....I had to explain the idea of a "3rd" uniform which was of course lost on him... he thought they were trying to confuse the other team.... Not sure HE loved the new Jerseys but he def loved the 4 unanswered goals! I'm okay with them....I was too focused on trying t figure out who thy dressed up in Elliot's gear!!!

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