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  1. Great coach. I was sorry wen we lost him to be honest.....ESPECIALLY given who we got to replace him! (Wait, was he the one who called G the "best player in the world" or was that Stevens.....if Lavy, I roll back my previous comment to "good coach").....
  2. I did not realize voting had already closed well before his return..... But yes, I'm going to need a LOT of ketchup.....
  3. That sounds horrible! And there is no "pattern" or "circumstances" that induce them? Yikes! That sucks man, I'm very sorry. I guess I always thought that perhaps he could "play around" the episodes but can't have a guy developing a BLINDING headache in the middle of a dog fight!
  4. Couple things on my mind as I swallow the end of this season.... 1) Hart was the shining light in all of this. Amazing for a 21 YO.His composure is UNREAL. I'm so excited he is on our team! It's literally a pleasure to watch him play goal! 2) Lindblom was a terrific story and if he doesn't win the Masterson I'll eat my shoe. The whole thing...laces and all. 3) Speaking of Lindblom. I do not mean to come off as a "jerk" here (probably too late), but Lidblom was diagnosed with cancer, went through HELL which is refereed to by doctors as "treatment", and was back n the ice in approx 9 months!!!....... Patrick has been out for like 2 years with a headache. If I were Patrick, I would not be able to look Linblom in the eyes..... I'm Probably HORRIBLY ignorant on the topic so someone (Pilldoc??) wanna educate me on this?!!? It's ****** 2020! We can cure Ewings Sarcoma but can't figure out "Headaches?!"........ (EDIT: just to be clear, I'm not saying Patrick is "faking" or that migraines aren't a real thing....just honestly amazed that we do not have a solution for this "aliment"....)
  5. Although I agree whole heartidly with your statement and "take" on our season.... I still have a VERY hard time swallowing a loss LIKE THAT. Again, there are ways too loose.....That was abysmal. SOMETHING has to change. And as other's are saying....tie to stop blaming the coaches/GMs/etc. Someone get a GIANT mirror for the dressing room....
  6. No...He is "the Dude man!! So that is what you call him....or His Dudness, or El Dudarino, if your not into the whole brevity thing...."
  7. Funny! I will be drinking a barrel aged stout which was aged for 17 months in...... Buffalo Trace Whiskey Barrels! Trust the Bourbon (aged beer)!! LETS GO FLYERS! COMEBACK TIME!
  8. So here is an interesting take (maybe obvious) that I heard on NHL radio yesterday on my drive home. The guy talked about teams playing consistent hockey, win or loose. The Flyers play SUPER DUPER GOOD, but then play SUPER DUPER DUPER BAD....Their highs are HIGH but their lows are L.O.W. The Isles have played the SAME even keeled (albeit boring) hockey ALL SEASON. What you see is what you get. They stick to it....they are patient. Trotz? Personel? who knows. Again, one of the biggest things that gets me about this team....they are either playing LIGHTS OUT hockey or look like utter crap. There is no in between with this team. Plus G having no goals is a serious problem as is the money tied up in JVR. I;ve been saying it for like 5 seasons now. JECKYLE AND HYDE! Can't have that if your gonna win it all.....10 game win streak where they DOMINATE ALL COMPETITION followed by 9 game loosing streaks where they look like the ****** Coyotes!!..... MADDENING!! And in my opinion, the ONLY thing this team has not changed is it's leadership/core.... See ya all in Dec for some more Schizophrenic hockey!!
  9. He also has the FAR superior last name.... Pin the C on him and put him on the top line!!
  10. I actually like the fact we had a few days off in this series!......(DO NOT like the reason of course). I'm hoping the Flyers come out with a fresh "approach" to the Isles and Hart is ready to ROCK! Basically we're playing a 5 game series now.... Clean slate in a way. LETS GO FLYERS! BLACK LIVES MATTER!
  11. Also..... Why is Ghost not back in the line-up?!.....
  12. I'm sorry but I love this mascot. Whoever is running that show is comedy genius. Got to meet (and got "silly stringed" on the jumbo tron) by gritty up here in Maine last year. NOW....Lets go FLYERS! Beat the FishSticks!! (I'm drinking some good aged Rum with just a SPLASH of pineapple to take the burn out.)
  13. You lost me right there.... (GOD I HATE MIKE MILBURY.....) Game 3 was an odd affair to watch. Thank GOD for Carter Hart. ALSO, why the HELL was JVR in the line-up over Farabee?!?!?!
  14. That is a HORRIFYING stat..... I would hate to see those stats for Crosby, Toews, etc....(yeah, not looking them up) Never been a "Giroux hater" but yeah, time is running thin. Voracheck too. I would literally trade JVR for a plastic liter of Mr. Boston Vodka (then dump said poison down drain), Keep Coots, TK, young guns (NAK, Farabee, Etc.) and start a "mini rebuild"? You put G, Vora, and JVR on the table, and a shrewd GM could clean up no??... Bah, One REALLY bad game. Lets see how they react tonight! I'm still on board! LETS GO FLYERS!!

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