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  1. Why is this so hard for some people to understand..... ANYWAY, is it Sept yet?!......;)
  2. God, I hated that tradition......All part of the "old mentality" that this team needs to shake BAD! Now if they would just remove a few "statues" from the front office!..... Also, Racism sucks really bad and the fact we're still battling it in VERY real ways in 2019 sucks even worse. However, it was pretty WIDE SPREAD and socially accepted in the 30's.....which provides context of course for the offensive material from Smith's catalogue (albeit a VERY small and insignificant portion of her catalogue). ANYWAY, This is more my type of "30's satire music".....
  3. Flyers Offseason Needs: 1) Competent back-up NOT named Elliot or Nuevy 2) A winger with a sniper shot (who shoots on the PP) 3) Veteran Defensman/Leader type Then you let AV come in and do his thing....ya know, an actual bonafide NHL coach! his record should at least get him a fair and open shot year one....THEN we start the "Fire AV" thread sometime around Dec no?.... :)
  4. I picked the islanders in 7....simply cuz it's the Penguins....and I hate them. SURE, the pens are the better team and will probably win,....but I'll be damned if I ever "pick" the penguins to win. Last night was fun to watch. LOVE seeing disappointed Penguins....(because I have seen FAR too many happy ones after they beat the Flyers!) Okay, moving on. GO ISLANDERS! (that felt weird)
  5. We forget how important those guys were....remember Briere in the post-season?!?!......Timonen's warrior like status on and off the ice?!.....jagr showing the kids how to work out and eat right!!? very good point....there have been some "coaching decisions' in the last 5 years that have left me scratching me noggin.....(things like who dresses, player's minutes, timeouts (or lack thereof), handling of injuries, goaltending........ and how bout that Peco Power Play........ I think this team needs new coaching throughout (Gord has done alright for a guy with no NHL experience), a true veteran leader/warrior type, and maybe a sniper forward who can shoot the puck really well and does not look to pass...... Is it Sept yet?........
  6. Season may be "over" but I can always get behind beating the Pens....especially in such dramatic fashion! GREAT play by coots all the way around. GREAT game by Hart....(seriously, good bye Elliott.) GREAT heart shown by #28 playing in that condition
  7. I can hear them now.... "who the **** let him back in the WFC?!".....:)
  8. My dear god.....how did any human being from any "time" think this was "ok" to not only partake in, but then publicly release. I know it was the 80's but that is no excuse for this kind of shamockery (a sham AND a mockery)..... WOW.
  9. Someone must have told elliot that the jackets lost..... Good god can we give up on this guy already!! He plays decent goal......TILL IT MATTERS! UGH! Big 20 save performance....good job Elliot. Keep playing "acceptable" goal until Hart gets back....then go away again.
  10. So I flew to So. Carolina for work today and had a connection in Philly.....so I went to the closest "airport ripoff store" and Immediately bought my 6 year old son a $30 Gritty T-Shirt! BOY was I wrong about that Mascot.....funny as hell and REALLY catching on! I NOW LOVE GRITTY! Who woudda thunk it!
  11. Ah, we all knew this game was coming....Elliott played like Elliott...missing two important forwards.... All I can say is I'm looking forward to a "fresh start" next year. Think where this team could have been right now had they not come out of the gate looking like utter **** and dug themselves a hole before the season even began. I remember back in Nov-Dec I was literally not even watching Flyers games! That's freakin Crazy seeing how I pay $140 something bucks for center ice! The team was an utter disaster. Then this amazing run.....more Jeckly and Hyde from the masters of up and down play. Excpet this year instead of loosing ten straight then winning ten straight then loosing 4 then winning 4 then.....It was just loose EVERYTHING early, then come back like gangbusters in Jan/Feb! So weird....was coaching/system REALLY holding them back THAT much early this season....?! I mean seriously, how does a team go from barely watchable to exciting, skilled and entertaining like that! Man....any kind of consistency with this team would go a LONG way.....starting in Goal. THANK YOU CARTER HART. I really look forward to you fixing a LONG term problem here in Philly....Competent and consistent goal tending! Rant Over....
  12. just bought my Hartman Jersey..... Also, when do we see Talbot?
  13. My 6 year old son's reaction when hearing of the Simmonds trade... Son: "What?!? They traded Simmonds!?! Why?!..... (genuinely upset that one of his favorite flyers was leaving....) FOR WHO!?!" Me: (looking at Computer)...."Ryan Hartman?....." Son: WHO?!.... Me: Exactly. Then I proceeded to try and explain hockey as a "business" and cap space to a 6 year old with a "screen" in his hand.....and you can imagine how that went. Anyway, i was hoping for a little more....
  14. I hear a complete and utter washout is the favorite right now......
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