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  1. CDC.gov.....(if you "trust" the government that is (this is a HUGE problem in our society right now. People's inability to find sound scientific or medical information from trained professionals...like doctors and pH.D scientists and such. STOP GETTING YOUR INFORMATION FROM FACEBOOK PEOPLE!!!!) (That was not "aimed" at you fly4ever! good luck making your decisions.)
  2. We can now add Thompson to this list.....Sprained Knee. Out 2 weeks. (Worthy of own thread??)
  3. I forgot about Jack Straw!! My fellow Dead Head Flyers Fan!! Come back home to Witchita Jack! (lyrics from the song).... Also, I promised my 7 YO son if we won the cup, that he and I would get in the Kia and drive down to Philly. School day and all! He is now DOUBLE excited for the playoffs!!.....:)
  4. This is fun!....:) I was watching the Rags game (along with the flyers of course) and texting with a friend from NY and after Mika's 1st goal I texted him, "Maybe He'll get a hatty for you guys tonight".....That guy is in BEAST mode lately. But man this team right now. 4th line FOR THE WIN!!! **** it! I'm ordering a Pitlick Jersey!!! And how about Raffle....how long has that guy been "quietly" helping this team! What a year he's having! SO looking forward ot the POs!!!
  5. WOW....Thank you for that addition to my word bank. Love it!
  6. I'm a believer!!!! If this team shows up to the playoffs, we hang with ANYONE. Really nice win tonight all around.
  7. Only if your a "Dubber"..... that's what REAL fisherman call those weekend warriors who know NOTHING about fishing lobster efficiently and only fish during the summer cuz that's the only time they can catch them and make a profit!.... my buddy fishes April-Jan....they usually take Feb/March off but used to fish year round. true story. ANYONE (even Coach X) could throw traps with rotten fish in them and catch lobsters in Maine in Jun, Jul, Aug......ANYONE!
  8. you mean the thing that turns your lights on when you clap?!..... (Wish i was techno savy enough to insert a youtube video of that commercial...I mean, the look of satisfaction on that old ladies face when she realizes she forgot to turn off the light....AGAIN, but then realizes she doesn't have to get back out of bed anymore!.......Priceless)
  9. Smart man. Tourist Always want these big 3+ lb lobsters....and they eat like ****. RUBBER. chicks are where it's at!...nice pound to pound and a quarter please....and yes, I'll eat 5 in a sitting!
  10. Fair enough. I was kinda being a smart ass....BUT, for the sake of "argument" (cuz we're all getting along WAY to well during this win streak).... 20-25 minutes of physical exhaustion (skating HARD (unless your JVR), hitting (unless your JVR), shooting, blocking shots (unless your JVR) back checking (unless your JVR) etc Vs. 50 minutes of standing around/crouching? I'll take the later! I mean, "I get it", but at the same time I don't. Kid's what 20?...are we talking fatigue here? Heck, my friend is a lobsterman here in Maine. 40 YO. Boat leaves dock at 4-5am....comes in round 2-3pm....EVERYDAY. Last week it was like 8 degrees here (F)...SUPER physical labor in some damn harsh conditions. EVERY DAY....back to back. So is it a "mental" thing? Cuz if it's "fatigue"...I'm kinda lost on that theory? I know my logic is flawed and not "complete"....but ya know...its the interwebs! Can a goalie chime in here?! Why is it so "taboo" to have a young goalie play back to back games? Perhaps the position (and those damn splits and awkward movements) are a lot more taxing than I realize?
  11. No....no I wouldn't. But then again I wouldn't start him at home either. I'm not sure why goalies can't play 2 games in a row from time to time.....I mean, EVERYONE ELSE on the team does!!! REALLY awesome to see this team turn around like this and I do think a lot has to do with confidence AND golatending. I've been away/busy so unable to post but figured I'd chime in and join the love fest! GO FLYERS!! **** is clicking for sure.... Remember that time we won 10 games i a row!!.....(Sorry. had to.)
  12. Caps, Bruins, Vegas, ......GULP.....Penguins.....(god help me.....) I believe all those teams are "better" than us.... Toronto is better than us on paper....:) EDIT: this was not taking into account upcoming schedule....but I assume we play most of those teams at least ONE more time....
  13. Hell Yeah! SO HAPPY to see this team winning the games THEY SHOULD! HUGE step in the right direction.... NOW, pull off some more wins against those teams we have NO BUSINESS beating and we're in!! LETS GO FLYERS! I'm back on the band wagon! (Now, where is Elliott and that deflating 3rd period breakdown to bring us all back to reality..... (prove me wrong against the Rangers Moose!)

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