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  1. maybe its the Mt. Gay extra old talking....but this is BY FAR my favorite game of the season so far.... WELL EARNED POINT!
  2. It is an absolute PLEASURE to watch Carter Hart play goal....man.
  3. Anyone else see Hak on the Leafs bench.....with that stoic, dead behind the eyes look.....
  4. Моей собаке нужен хороший адвокат (Did I do that right?....I think I did that right....)
  5. Did Michael Neuvirth retire?.....Asking for a friend.....
  6. I like how when the team wins a game, there is like one page to that thread.....when they loose?.... 4-5 pages of opinion on how to fix it. God love this place. I'll be over at the "Islanders game thread" freaking out about Hart if anyone needs me.....
  7. The Boy is going to be thrilled....I'm not gonna lie. I'm kinda excited myself!
  8. Meh.....I still think a well placed, (and baked) cake could do WONDERS for this squad.....
  9. You all should of heard Kevin Weeks on NHL tonight (or on the fly) literally GUSHING about Hart. He called that save, AND I QUOTE, "One of the BEST saves I have EVER SEEN in my life"......says the guy who sat on the bench watching Broduer play night after night....and he said it more than once and "stood by it".... He had a really nice 5 minute piece on why that save was the result of uncanny vision, reading the play, NOT over committing to any of the THREE guys he had to "respect" on that break, and sound positioning.... and MUCH less about luck. When I hear an actual NHL Goaltender, and current hockey analyst, speak like that about a goalie...well, I take a LOT more stock in HIS opinion than any of you "keyboard jockeys".... Yup....I'm a believer. Kid is gonna go on to be a GREAT goalie in this league (barring an injury or gifted sports car)....
  10. Yeah, put me in the "Gritty won me over" club....at first I was appalled and embarrassed.....but then he started serving people hotdogs in the bowl from the balcony with a fishing pole and I said...."Alright, they might have something here"... Good stuff....and the boy LOVES him.
  11. most exciting flyers game I'v watched in YEARS! My son was GLUED to the TV!....he was 100% legit into this game like I have never saw him into a game before!...(warms my heart!) Speaking of Hart....My lord. I'm a believer! That 2-man kill with the save by Hart was BEAUTY.... Good looking start! long season though...but man, glad I did not cancel center ice!
  12. HEY!! I's game night.....lets keep that momentum going from....um...last week.....;)
  13. Wait....the home opener is TOMORROW!?!?!?! Seriously, this schedule is down right stupid.

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