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  1. I met Mr. T when I was 8 years old! (1989) Gave me a little black A-Team van....Dude was SUPER cool. He available?
  2. Have a nice summer everyone! I would argue that This forum, (and the group of "regulars/supporters" who supply it with content), was the bright point of this season, for me. 1st time in my life where I stopped following the team. Sad. I truly hope there is some SERIOUS change to this franchise this off season but I'm afraid we'll see more of the same faces next year in the office...and thus, more of the same product on the ice. I hope I'm wrong! This franchise needs an enima....and Ed Snider back! Cheers!
  3. Nice dog..... Mojo's cat is WAY better.....wears a lei. Welcome to the forum. I enjoy NOT reading your content. About 3,000 characters too long. Carry on and feel free to ignore my content too!
  4. OMG....did Bobby Clarke really say "It's not my fault he got cancer" on a live mic when covering the Nielsen issue??!!...... Oh My. What a freaking idiot. I was -6 years old when they won those cups. Bob Clarke means NOTHING to me....I remember him most for what he did with the most PROLIFIC Flyer player EVER to lace up. #88. #88 (and #10 and #19. and...) is why I'm a Flyers Fan! NOT because bobby clarke hacked and slashed his way to two cups! And he was a D*ck head then.... and appears to be a d*ckhead now! WHat do we say around here??
  5. Hahaha! Sounds about right! This coming from a guy who has grown up taking the subway into Boston with a Flyers Jersey on!! 2011 was especially brutal. Had a guy walk up behind me and shove me on Canal street.... I was with my wife and he was with two other guys. I pretended it didn't happen and walked as fast as I could toward a crowd.... I like my teeth. And Consciousness. God humans suck. As do the Flyers.
  6. Did they do a video tribute for the return of Risto?!?!......
  7. I turned the game off as soon as I found out the flag had been confiscated....;)
  8. Here! Better than nothing!!!......;) Have fun Sami!
  9. DO IT.... DO IT.... (It's a free ticket to the Jumbo-tron and a good chance at landing a spot on the local TV feed!.....;)
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