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  1. And 2021 continues to give 2020 a run for it's money!.... Can we please wrap Ellis, Coots, Prov, Hart, etc in bubble wrap and just place them GENTLY in the corner until game 1?!? Poor Morin. UGH.
  2. Seriously bro...Can you just try posting ONE negative comment? I mean, I know it's sunny and warm sometimes, but man.... Every once and a while it rains too! I mean, how do you even sleep so well every night so cozy and optimistic (aside from the bourbon intake)!!.....
  3. Playing along side Ryan Ellis ain't gonna hurt either!!!
  4. Sorry, thought Yandle won a cup early on....
  5. Great Point! Is Lappy still in charge of that mess? I hope we get a little more creative on the ol PP too!...I remember a lot of "pass the puck" last year and very few quality chances/shots. At least Jake won't be out there stinking it up!!
  6. Dammit! Knew I was forgetting someone! Atkinson! (JVR would of never made the "depth" conversation had I simply remembered Atkinson!) I agree, get what you can for JVR if he plays well early! I'm interested in your distaste for Yandle. He's an Ironman. Never misses a game. Veteran with a cup. I would think his presence alone might inspire? Is he an asshole or something?! Thanks for playing along!
  7. Too soon? I'm just really excited to see how this all plays out this year. When does camp even start? I know I have a pre-season game in Boston on the 30th so gotta be soonish. I must say, even though I go into every season with a "glass half full" mind frame (and it usually only takes weeks for said glass to be knocked over by the Flyers), My glass is like 3/4 full this year! Here's why! (for what's its worth...I'm no expert!) 1) Carter Hart: Yup, this is the year! BIG upgrade in defense in front of him and a fresh new contract and sheet of ice in front of
  8. LOVE this signing! My son took to Farabee IMMEDIATELY when he made the team few years back! Even took his number 49 for soccer. One of the few players worth watching last year! Good signing by chuckles and glad to have this kid on our roster moving forward! I'll be in Boston on Sept 30th when the boys come to town for a preseason tilt. Interested in seeing some of the young talent maybe?....(Friend has season tix and throws me the flyers when they come.) GOOD SIGNING!
  9. Good Players?! The whole "miracle" part of the "MIRACLE on ice" is that a bunch of beer league players (non professionals AKA no good!) beat a bunch of professional (aka REALLY good) soviet players.... SO.... I'd say you missed QUIET a bit from that story. Now, if you were asking what you missed regarding Derek Brassard, I'd say nothing. Your spot on. (Now, I came here to see how everyone felt about the Farabee signing and got distracted by the little bell up in the corner!)
  10. Hard to argue with this..... You truly NEVER know what a team can do when playing as a team with the right parts and chemistry in place! I mean look at what the Canadians did last year in the playoffs!! Did the Miracle on ice teach you people NOTHING?!?....
  11. Yeah, the guys on NHL radio the other day were in the same boat... not sure we did enough to improve. Lateral moves I believe was the term they used?..... Scratching heads on Jones and What they gave up for Risto.... But we all knew that already. As many have said. Media is media.... lets see what this team can do in a VERY challenging division! I think this year is all about Carter Hart and our D....their play will decide games.
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