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  1. HA! May I freshen up your HALF EMPTY cup of coffee??..... My dad always said, "half of life is knowing who you are and being okay with it".....I guess the other half is....Math?
  2. Nice story OC! Regardless of what the TV and Interweb try to tell us, there are FAR more EXCELLENT people in the world then there are Sh*tty people. We as humans just seem to have a bad habit of putting said "Sh*tty people" into positions of GREAT power.... But I digress....
  3. "Hello IT, Did you try turning it off and back on again?"..... (If only the Flyers had such a "switch".....I would definitely try a "re-boot" at this point!!!
  4. Oh good god....The tandem of Elliot and Lyons sends SHIVERS up my spine. Please god....You've taken Patrik, Lindblom, Braun, and Ghost away.....Just leave us our Goalie please!
  5. BAFFLING! I fast forwarded the whole game.....Can't believe this is happening.....AGAIN!
  6. Not sure where to post this so why not here!.... "Konecny, the Flyers’ lone All-Star selection, is goal-less in his last seven games, all since returning from a concussion. … Michael Raffl has not scored a goal in 21 straight games, and Joel Farabee has just one goal in his last 23 games. … Jake Voracek has points in six of his last seven games, collecting nine points (two goals, seven assists) in that span." GOD! Why does Voracheck have to Suck so GOOD!!!....I SO want to hate him more than I should....
  7. Ah right...This west coast swing has been a blur! Fair enough....Just following the team I guess....Play EXCELLENT one game them utterly TERRIBLE the next...Jeckly and freaking hyde.
  8. So Elliot lets in 4 in the 1st and is replaced by Hart?.....Right? Hate to say it but without having seen the game, I would say some of those need to be stopped no? This has always been my "issue" with Eliiot.....has he ever won us a game like 2-1 or 1-0?!..... I've seen Hart do it like 5-6 times this season alone!... Ah, humbug. I HATE this holiday road trip!!
  9. Oh Come on! JVR just found his scoring touch!!.... he's elite now....for a week or so....till he disappears again for a month. Jake?!....I 'd trade him for Kolvachuck at this point!! There is a guy named "Braun" on this team?!?!.....
  10. yeah....Carter Hart is NOT the problem. Sure he had a bad game but he is NOT the problem with this club...."The Problem" has been around for YEARS now. The vets/leaders on this team really need to take a long hard look in the mirror.... Unacceptable way to lose. AV said in the presser he could not find a single good thing to say about a single player from last night's game....that's sad. Put this one over with the ugly loss to the Pens earlier this season and MOVE ON. (and of course Canes and Penguins win last night.....UGH!!!!)
  11. Well rested, confident Flyers Vs. a tired, struggling team??... In years past this would be the EXACT scenario for this team to do their whole "not show up, slow start, playing down to competition" thing.... Lets see if AV and Co. (plus a bunch of young hungry players) have FINALLY changed that! LETS GO FLYERS!!! Keep winning.....It's a lot funner to watch than loosing!
  12. Figures, the ONE game I don't watch this season...:)

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