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  1. I'm pretty sure that was Carter Hart wearing Moose's equipment last night..... Flyers really need to figure out this "playing down" to the competition thing. They looked SO GOOD versus the Pens and "come out flat" VS Buffalo?!....maddening I tell ya. And we've only been talking about it for what? 5 years and 3 coaches?! (Sorry....Don't mean to be a negative Karen, but COME ON! Loosing 6-1 against buffalo? That's not a fluke....it's becoming (or IS) a VERY concerning trend at this point.) LETS GO FLYERS! enough of the Jekyll/Hyde BS!
  2. certainly entertaining games!! Carter Hart (Or Cahtah Hat as they say here in Maine) is the REAL DEAL. Depth is evident in these games. Good to be back! future looks bright!
  3. HaHa! My 40th Birthday non-the-Less!!!! (God, this is MaineFlyFan, (your favorite member over at hockeyforums.net)......Um, Please make this happen. Also, if you have time, wanna lend a hand with this whole "Covid thing"?.......THANKS!!) Also, I had three of the 4 alumni! Actually, I grew up in/near VT and John LeClair used to date my best friends step-sister. Had no idea on Podein though! Good one!
  4. SO...Are they ACTUALLY gonna play hockey in January?! I was starting to think it a long shot, but they seem to be pushing forward.... God, I hope so. Gonna be a long "dark" winter.....hockey makes me smile.
  5. Good lord, That's an ominous figure?!.....I'd immediately ask for a 1,001 dollar reduction just to be safe! Great Posts and welcome to the board! I was just getting into the "new" Maine Mariners and this damn pandemic started! They play 12 miles from my house and the boy LOVES the games!....well, at least used to! ;( Cheers!
  6. Well that does not bode well for the start of the 2020-2021 season..... Gonna be a long, BORING isolated winter here in the Northeast. Enjoy Everyone!
  7. Nope...Didn't even fall off his chair!!! Some "fan".....
  8. Hockey Junkie My Clubs Buffalo Rick Member 349 4,049 posts Location: New York Favorite Team: Sabres 2nd Favorite: Blues Report post #1 Posted 7 hours ago Can you believe this!!!! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this. This is huge. Its just not like our small market team to do this. I am happy to see a guy like him in this world that is willing to come here rather than hold out to
  9. Our troubles are over folks!!.... We signed Pouliot!
  10. Simmonds to leafs Lundvquist to Caps!....
  11. Simmonds to Maple leafs. and GREAT!....now the Caps will have "The King" as a backup!
  12. Great coach. I was sorry wen we lost him to be honest.....ESPECIALLY given who we got to replace him! (Wait, was he the one who called G the "best player in the world" or was that Stevens.....if Lavy, I roll back my previous comment to "good coach").....
  13. I did not realize voting had already closed well before his return..... But yes, I'm going to need a LOT of ketchup.....
  14. That sounds horrible! And there is no "pattern" or "circumstances" that induce them? Yikes! That sucks man, I'm very sorry. I guess I always thought that perhaps he could "play around" the episodes but can't have a guy developing a BLINDING headache in the middle of a dog fight!
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