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  1. OH MY..... (I should of stopped watching) Well, See ya folks in September! It's almost Summertime in Maine baby! Best 2 1/2 months of the year coming up! (what a horrifying season....I truly hope for some SERIOUS change with this team/franchise).
  2. Okay....I'm watching a replay on my DVR from last night RIGHT NOW and its 3-2 Flyers in the 3rd with 4 minutes left.... What Happens?!.....Don't tell me they blow this?!?!
  3. Whoa! You guys remember Hockey?!?... That used to be fun....
  4. GOD.... I hate April 1st. My 8 year old son got me 1st thing this morning with the plastic wrap on my door casing and now this. Why not just call it " lying day"....
  5. Ahhh....got it! Risky move. Guess the salary kept him from being claimed cuz NO WAY he doesn't make SOME team better (IF Paired/played correctly) for the right price.... So, move coming?....we gonna get a Vet D-man? Another overpaid/underachieving "star"? Asking for myself.
  6. WOW.... SO, now what?! Weird move all around. Love the speculation and all but I'm anxious to see the eventual "why" behind this. I also can't believe no one claimed him.....YIKES.
  7. That can't be right?!?.... my god. And HOW much do we pay him a year!?
  8. Thanks for sharing this!! (I was wondering if anything worthwhile was said....)
  9. Interesting, cuz I feel like I NEVER know what to expect from this team as far as compete level goes!! I fully expect a win tonight actually! This is what the Flyers do. They play down to "bad teams".... show up some nights an not the next, no consistency whatsoever in my humble opinion. I fully expect a win tonight.... and then we'll all forget about this. UNTIL IT HAPPENS AGAIN. which it will.
  10. Interesting observation! I guess wins doesn't always equal "good play"?? Again, there are "ways" to loose. You can go down fighting or see what we saw last night. I don't expect a win every game. I do however expect a competitive team on the ice.
  11. Perhaps that is exactly it. Perhaps their recent (and past) success is not a result of skill/desire/good play, but blind luck, and having some "hot nights" strung together by guys like "Laughton"..... I don't know. I simply find it hard to believe that a roster with Patrick, TK, G, Jake, coots, farabee, and even JVR (for now) is THIS bad..... just doesn't make sense. Never mind Cart hart and Provo and Ghost. Yes, I guess we "overestimated" how good these players actually are????
  12. Holy Crap!! WE ALL KNOW WE'RE IN TROUBLE WHEN MOJO GIVES UP ON THIS TEAM!!!! :);) I see your starting to turn to the dark side! Yup....WE SUCK. hard pill to swallow ain't it?! (seriously though, no offense meant as I value ALL people who contribute to this forum and always found you to be a "glass half full" guy DESPITE what was happening....NOW I'm truly scared.)
  13. NO!...no it's not. This is akin to the bully at school finally feeling bad for you as you lay sobbing fetal position and he/she stops beating the **** out of you! Mercy 3rd. They should be ASHAMED.
  14. My biggest fear. Along with Farabee! ALSO, I seriously cannot get over how "Jecklye and Hyde" this team is! Does anyone remember the 1st like 10-12 games of the season?!!? Some without Coots!!! We were like 8-2-1!!!! And were looking damn good doing it too!.....then WEEKS later, this. YEARS this has been going on. 10 game win streak followed by 7-8 straight losses were they look utterly LOST !!!.... blows my mind. I actually thought this team looked really good early on. Again.....WTF happened?!
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