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  1. Its what you have to do. You got the bargain years out of him for a good price, now let someone else overpay for the decline years. Thats how the game has become now, you stay away from the big last contract of someones career like the JVR signing which pretty much put the nail in the coffin of simmonds leaving after setting the price high. The way I see it is you keep guys like simmonds, schenn while they are in the cheap contract, play them out and let them walk or trade them when the time comes. If you overpay for someone like JVR how do you ever expect to resign simmonds anyway? No long-term deals to anyone pushing 30, especially a physical guy. Let your mid contract guys play out the cheap contracts then cut bait if they want too much for too long, let someone else pay for the decline. Simmonds to me was what a football player would be called a drive killer. His knack for horrible passes messing up odd man rushes, pp and all around lack of any decent possession game or passing at all made him a liability. It's a possession game now and he has become a turnover machine. I was kinda hoping flyers would have parted with some prospects and gotten stone, kept simmonds to play out the year and see what happens. Then sign stone and let simmonds walk.
  2. I should hope they listen to everything. If a deal knocks their socks off I expect them take a serious look at it. The kind of deal is a couple first round picks.......But remember, flyers just had two first round picks and one is still in junior and the other has played two years in nhl and so far nobody really knows what he will amount to(I think he will be a good player). And its a lottery too so unless you get an after the lottery offer for 1st overall its a crap shoot. Even first over all means little a lot of years. Giroux was drafted 22nd, right after rangers took Bobby Sanguinetti who is an AHL player for Charlotte. Crap shoot. And nobody is gonna take giroux off your hands without you taking a piece of crap off their hands for a few years which kinda defeats the purpose. If you get a decent return for giroux but it saddles you with someone lehtera or umberger for 3 or 4 years you wont be winning much. And good luck developing those young players when you stink and no longer have your best player. They got a good return for carter and richards but none of them are equal to Giroux. One is already gone and another is likely soon to be gone while people want rid of the other guy. So you end up with Couts who is a star so long as he centers giroux. Watch couts numbers drop the minute G is moved till people are calling for them to trade couts. I think giroux is good enough and young enough to have a few decent playoff runs. Or the flyers can trade him and they will probably watch him lift the cup elsewhere while we count the prospects on here trying to decide what the flyers can get for the guy they traded giroux for. Right now he has 14 more points than the nearest flyer to him at 30 years old with three more years coming. You can trade that if you want but you might as well play him and fix everything else. 
  3. think either of those teams make it without those players? they lost in the finals. Bergeron, Thomas, Fedorov and Vernon got paid to play too. Giroux is under contract for 3 years after this one. There is no trade return that will help the flyers as much as just playing him for that time will. Draft choices are no guarantees as we can see from frost and patrick who its gonna take time with. You want them to develop with a new crop of young players and draft choices? Frost in in junior still, Patrick has two seasons of NHL almost under his belt but I keep hearing how frost is going to be better. How well would patrick be doing in the OHL right now? One is an NHL player, one is not but might be and that right there is about what you can expect in a giroux trade. A high draft choice, a couple lower ones and a slug or two and the odds any of them are better than just playing giroux for 4 years is slim to none.. I dont like the odds in trading giroux for prospects or draft choices and NOBODY is going to give you a better, younger, cheaper player for him. Flyer fans, or maybe fans of all teams I should say, over value draft choices and prospects and under value what they already have any time they are losing.
  4. Then lets go post salary cap. Washington fans said the same thing about Ovi. Remember, they missed the playoffs in 2014. He was a cap for 13 years before winning a cup. I know caps fans,, they said it, i read the comments, "they wont win so long as they have ovi", "he is no playoff guy", "he disappears when it matters most", "get what you can for him while you can", "he is all about himself", "regular season star, playoff dud" They didnt do that though, because they didnt listen to fans. They knew they had a great player and the best thing they could do was to let him keep playing. And now they have a cup instead of some prospects and being mired in the middle of a rebuild which is what a lot of people called for just 3 years earlier..
  5. so who should they trade him for?
  6. Why not mention 2011-12 when he went head to head vs Sid and ate him alive? was he not a leader that year? is it his fault(injury) they lost in the second round after he scored 17 points in 10 games and 2 short handed goals? That series he had against pittsburg is one of the best series any player has ever had. He had 14 points in SIX games. The best thing they can do with Giroux is to play him until his contract expires and find him a center and winger. All this talk of "moving him to the wing" is not a surprise to people who followed him since he was drafted because he was drafted as a winger. Thats his position, the flyers moved him. Remember what he said when they moved him and everyone talked about it as if it was a stroke of genius “That’s funny because I was pretty much a winger all my life,” Everyone who plays with the guy gets better, even raffl scored 21 goals with him. They move guys up, they do well, they move them away and everyone wonders why they regressed. Giroux has been on the team for 10 years more or less. He is still 30. I can remember everyone saying exactly this same stuff about steve Yzerman. Remember? the wings had to trade him, he was no leader, he couldnt win, they couldnt win with him, get what you can for him while you can, he just doesnt fit with the style etc, every excuse. What did detroit do? they kept him and built a better team around him and 14 years after joining the team he won a conn smythe, a few cups and was suddenly the greatest leader in the game at that time. You just cant give up on guys like giroux because you will be waiting a long time for the next one. Build around him, dont create a hole you cant fill.
  7. Trading giroux would be a mistake. They can get good again fast, teams do it all the time. It wont take five years. Giroux is still only 30 for a few days. When his contract is up he will be 34. Its exactly what you want. He finished second in league scoring last year on essentially the same crap team we are watching now. You are lucky to get a second line player for 7 million these days, 8 million cap hit for a guy like giroux for a few more years is why you sign those contracts, those years are the bargain years. Giroux will still be contributing big to whatever team he is on, costing them 8 million while guys like mcdavid will be in the neighborhood of 15 million. The last few years of a contract like girouxs are the gravy years. The point where his skills decline but you expected it so you have a new number one pp guy, first line guy etc. You trade him at that point and you end up with a worse player and a worse salary cap hit more than likely. Dont believe me, try to replace what giroux has done over the last few years(is there even anyone?) with a free agent that is equal and see if you get it done for 8 mil. So big deal if he slows down a bit in the next few years, you guys have predicted it for five years now and he just keeps on scoring, but it doesnt matter, a guy like him will always make you better.
  8. Cleaning up the Hextall mess. Its gonna take a while.
  9. you could just say "you were right, I was wrong". No reason to get all upset just because I was correct.
  10. Who doesnt get excited everytime Lehtera hits the ice!!
  11. Lets see now, I got called pretty much every troll name in the book for saying this was the problem.........hmmm. You guys sit here in a circle convincing yourself that every bad move Hextall made is just part of some master plan. Hextall ruined this team, I told you, but because I saw it long before you guys did you couldnt accept it. If you actually welcomed different opinions, instead of just calling the person names, you might get actual intelligent comments from knowledgeable hockey fans who have played and coached at high levels, like this guy, ME, Posted October 28 by csummers
  12. ya, trade G. Cant expect to win with the second leading scorer in the league last year on the team. I knew the 102 points or so he got was the problem. If he could just score about 80 points less he would fit right in. Everyone knows to build a winner the first thing you have to do is get rid of your best players. You kids......
  13. Sure change the coach because they are losing. I get it, I would be glad if they did, I am not a fan but I see it for what it is. He is far from the issue and doing that will do exactly nothing, when they are a worse team than they were last year, by far. If they make the playoffs it will be a miracle. I don't care if Scotty Bowman was coaching you can't expect to win when you get worse over the offseason, and once again, that is what they did. Out with the good, in with the bad. Out with the bad, in with the worse. Hextall has ruined the team and if you dont believe me, I guess you will soon enough when talk of "tanking" starts. Of course, maybe a high lottery pick is what they want. Its possible, why else would a gm purposely ruin a team?
  14. But but but...they made all the right moves. Funny checkin in once in a while to see people finally starting to see this mess for what it is. Most flyer fans have seen it for a while, they just dont post on here because this is just a cheering section usually although it is a good sign to see some starting to question the unquestionable.
  15. Just chasing loses now is all. You really cant look at the signing of jvr and what they needed without looking at how they got into that situation and how it could have been handled better and cheaper with what they already had. Nothing to do with pining away for schenn, its a business and they made a horrible business decision. Frost may never play a season, let alone score 70 points. I defended giroux too, does that make me his cousin?(I was also exactly right on that, so it makes me two for two) Are you morgan frosts great grandfather?. I could come on here every day and comment about noise and silly moves or what some draft pick did in a warmup video but I prefer to just look at major deals. You can defend the indefensible all you want, hextall screwed the pooch on this and there is no denying that. Interesting how at the time of the schenn trade it was justified as so many young guys coming up that they need room for them, and one of them will get his ice time and production. Now suddenly its okay to spend 7 mil per year for 5 years for a guy that got ran out of town a few years back who is older and weaker and softer and puts up less points. Takes serious mental gymnastics to justify all this but of course, some can manage it.
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