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  1. I don’t see show Toronto doesn’t see this as a head shot. Tkachuk knew what he was doing. ZK’s head was down, battling for the puck and went for the shot. For doing that, he should of been prepared the throw the gloves and not turtle. Ultimately, Tkachuk got the laugh that drew the PP that lead the the GW. Tkachuk is a good player but hovers around bush league player for plays like that.
  2. I wouldn’t put it past Poile for possibly trading Arvy or Turris. Arvy’s contract is running 4.25 and Turris is at 6/ yr. For a 3rd line center, it’s a bit high and Arvys is a bit lengthy but I could see Poile finding away. I don’t see him dumping Smith. He has been a consistent player and guy the locker room needs right now. I think it’ll be something the fans aren’t expecting.
  3. Great coach. Unfortunately coaches usually are taking the fall. I blame some of the players for this one. Now let us see who Poile unleashes before deadline day. Any candidates?
  4. I think Poile pulled the trigger too quick there.
  5. Disappointing the Jets couldn't put together a good second half of the season. Laine's frustration of his play showed more and more as the season came to a end. Hellboy wasn't the wall he was in the previous year. Going forward I would hope to see the Jets ink Connor for sure. I would love to see Meyers and Tanev back. Tanev is still a sparkplug the Jets need. I can care less for Trouba. I was hoping the Jets could of got something a little more for Hayes but I guess something is better than nothing. Going to be a interesting off season.
  6. If Jets can find themselves after a horrid last month of the season, i think they still have a shot. Series going 7.
  7. Maybe invisible was a little harsh. Inconsistent is a better word. Maybe scoring 60 is a bit much for him but for a #2 center, it shouldn't I expect a little more. Not sure about him doing the little things. He has 39 points but has been consistently not showing up for for a 3-4 game stretch during the season. That also could be Laines unproductivity is looking bad on Littles part. I do agree that Hayes will take some of the pressure off.
  8. Little has been invisible a lot of the year. He is a good player but having a off year. Jets needed to do something to make a run. Good pick up but chances are, Hayes signs elsewhere next year. I like the piece but not happy about giving up a 1st rd'er for the second year in a row.
  9. Hoping he gets a hometown discount in the PEG.
  10. So which organization is leaving first? Ottawa or Florida? Both teams have been a struggle for years. Ottawa can’t get financial backing for new arena and Florida can’t bring in the fans. Melnyk is trying everything to keep them in the Capital. S. Florida just isn’t a hockey market. Too bad because the Cats have some talent.
  11. Preds couldn’t get a deal with Matty D. on resigning next year. Huge piece on playoff run.
  12. Well I think that was the case for a lot of the Wild players. The Wild fans expectations were really high for Dumba coming in. The kid is only 24. He is now putting more pucks on net and has been pinching in more on the o-zone. He is starting to find his game. The talent is there.
  13. Man I hope your prediction is accurate. Although I can’t see the Jets holding off the Bolts if they make to SCF. Central is going to be a meat grinder this year. Jets will have their hands full just in the regular season. Hopefully the guys get it and now know what it takes to ride out a season and endure another run at the Cup.
  14. Little disappointed in what the Jets did and didn’t do. I know they have some young guns in their system. Wasn’t expecting anything big but keeping Stastny would of been nice. I don’t think there will be any good to come out of Ottawa until Melnyk is gone. Bad situation there. Possibly good for Quebec City.
  15. Nashville is playing out of their mind. Trade deadline pick ups made them front runner for The Cup. If they can stay healthy, it will be tough to beat them 4 games in a series.

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