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  1. Does anyone think the Tampa Bay area will repeat the feat that happened last year? That is Bucs, Rays and Lightning making it to the championship series of their sport?!
  2. He'll choke! His dmen does his job better than he does!
  3. He has a hard time handle the puck. 99pet cent of shots that hit the post or crossbar the opponent would score on the next shot. FC check out Giroux goal on what is known as the shift in Philly, that is typical Marc Andre Fleury. He does that with every team!
  4. Should have been gone long before the expansion draft. He should thank his dmem for doing is job! Don't know how anybody could be "fonda" him!
  5. I just hope the Pens could get past the Islanders. They defeated the Pens 4 of the 5 playoff series. Should they beat that team they may have a chance to go to the Finals.
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