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  1. Maybe the toilet paper was to wipe up the messy stuff on the right!
  2. I kinda like the Flyer sweater. I like it better than what they had in the past. I would not mind seeing the reverse of this sweater! I'm curious to see what the Pens sweater would look like if it had the yellow from the collar to the top of the black cuff. Or maybe reverse that. Gold cuff with black from the collar to the top of the gold. Both with the white body!
  3. RJ Umberger is from Pittsburgh! The Plum Area of Allegheny County.
  4. To be honest I was expecting this to happen. In a way it's a good thing, he was giving up a lot of soft goals (like Marc Andre Fleury). I'm pleasantly surprised of getting a 2nd round pick and a prospect for him. Here's hoping Rutherford continues this trend
  5. I'm not sure why. I'm guessing they may have seen something that I wasn't looking at. Maybe they didn't have enough depth in the system to let him go?!
  6. I think Marc Andre Fleury should retire. He lost alot of his ability which wasn't much.
  7. I wouldn't want Fleury as a mentor. He's not a good goalie especially in the playoffs. Pens defense had to play goaltender to get to the finals in 2008 and 2009. Murray was showing him how to play in 2016 and 2017. He loses sight of rebounds. I don't think he can see anything that comes from the blue line even when it is a clear shot. (Ask Claude Girouix).
  8. I definitely agree this was well deserved Cup win! Congrats to the Lighting. At the beginning I was expecting the season and playoffs would be cancelled! (We would be in the preseason of the 2020/21 season.)
  9. I think Tampa should take this series in 6! All I games will be to close to call.
  10. I'm curious on how he handles the "older" players that are in their early to mid 30' s.( Ovechkin) there's a few that names escape me. It should be interesting 2020/21. BTW do you know when next season will start? I heard it is to start around the beginning of December! That's supposed to be tentatively speaking tho!
  11. I missed why Nashville let him go? I thought he did well in Music town!
  12. Congrats to the Dallas Stars Western Conference Champion
  13. Here's hoping the pick is in the top 2! I'm getting tired of trading high picks and getting low ones.

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