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  1. I just remembered that Mike Yeo was an assistant with the Pens. I forget who was the coach! It could have been Theirrien or Disco Dan Blysma?!
  2. He got the Pens to the Stanley Cup Finals! Maybe the Flyers will move up to the 9th spot in the Eastern Conference?! LOL
  3. Agreed. Fluery still has to STOP THE PUCK! That is classic Marc Andre Fluery!
  4. Agreed for the most part. Pens need to get more defensive minded. Then a couple of set plays involving Crosby other than from the right face off dot. Same with Malkin. It seem to me the Islanders knew what the Pens were going to do before the Pens were able to set-up! Coaches have to do better in making in game adjustments.
  5. Yes it has to be the best sport going. I'm hoping Pens GM Jim Rutherford begins the rebuild this draft. (I doubt it.) It would shorten the time the time we send the Wings home crying in their Wheaties! The Pens are at the point to where we are happy just to make the playoffs. They showed no interest in playing past the the New York Rangers. The Pens were done in December. I'm hoping for some changes in personnel. I sensed somehow there was some kind of problem in the locker room. The team didn't seem that they were in sync with the game they were playing. They seemed like the communication wasn't there. I'm expecting a few assistant coaches to be let go. I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade or two around draft day to start the rebuild. I'm thinking PHIL Kessel maybe traded. (Tho nothing to my knowledge has been said.) If this done I'm hoping for a draft pick or a prospect or two.
  6. I'm hoping sooner than later. I'm beginning to think that the decline is starting, tho the Pens are still contendersn.
  7. I can't Waite until the Pens defeat the Wings in the Eastern Conference Finals !
  8. I honestly think the Pens need a change of strategies. It looked like the Islanders knew what the Pens were going to do before the Pens did.
  9. To be sweeper by the Islanders without as much as a fight is embarrassing. Someone (maybe more than 1 person) wasn't doing their job! There has to be some major changes this off season!
  10. The Flyers are watching the playoffs on television what do you want the coach to do? The Pens are watching the playoffs at ice level!
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