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  1. A certain penguin fan doesnt believe the pens lost 4 times to the islanders.
  2. >Islanders defeated the Penguins in 75,82,93 and 2019.
  3. I would do something like this if I knew how to do it. Plus my looks would destroy anything that it touches.
  4. Series went 7 games. It look like the Pens gave an effort. The Pens didnt really an effort to win game 7! Management might have told the league it would be better if the habs had won the series. It makes for a cute story! Yes it pissed me off. Still does
  5. I still believe the Penguins would have won if Penguin ownership wouldnt have wanted bookend losses to Montreal to close out the Civic Arena. Im guessing it is supposed to be a nice story. My question why not go deep in the playoffs?
  6. Ah, the memories. That was the year the tuxedo birds closed the Civic Arena. They opened it with 2-1 lose to Montreal. They lost game 7 to Montreal I believe 7-4 to close it out. That is what Pens management wanted. They could have and should have the Cup that year.
  7. I dont think the Pens are hungry enough to go deep in the playoffs. They are struggling just to cinch a playoff spot. I really dont think they dont want to win anything. It sounds like they dont care.
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