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  1. Why not protect Ghost? I thought Giroux was paid more? Ghost would be in his 3rd year this coming season I think.
  2. I little surprised that you would protect Giroux! I didn't think he was a favorite among Flyers fans.
  3. I heard ticket sales rose where Phil Kessel was traded by the Pens to the Coyotes! By chance is there a new arena on the horizon for Arizona?
  4. They move to Minnesota in 1968. (ABA team who became the Pittsburgh Condors.)
  5. Always liked the Islanders-Rangers rivalry. I wasn't thrilled when the Colorado Rockies transferred to New Jersey. (Thou I do like the Pens-Devils rivalry). I was hoping to see the Devils transfer to Houston to rival the Stars or back to Kanas City to rival the Blues. Then bring Nashville East to rival Columbus or Carolina. (I believe Nashville is closer to Columbus.) As for the playoffs I would like to see a 12 team playoff with divison winners receiving byes and the next 8 with the most points play it out. (Get rid of the loser point and bring back the tie or do away with the point system like MLB and the NBA.)
  6. He will play fellow countrymen Evngei Malkin!
  7. I'm curious if the Pens could a 3rd, 4th or a 5th round pick for Bjugstad?
  8. Bobrovsky goes back to the Flyers would be funny! Flyers need someone to back up Hart!
  9. Agreed! The 4th rounder to Arizona made it to much!
  10. I like to know why Jim Rutherford is trading draft choices? I'm curious if Kessel's arguments with Sullivan had something to do with wanting to be traded? I wish him well!
  11. Flyers always were a cheat shot team. (Ask the Russians!]
  12. As a player I didn't think he was well liked in Philadelphia!
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