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  1. Man, Svechnikov leaves with an ankle injury that looked BAD.
  2. Apparently he'd always been ambivalent about the whole thing. The other day he said it didn't feel like the playoffs to him. It just seems like he doesn't have the mentality for the bubble. And that's perfectly fine.
  3. I find it hard to blame Rask. If anything, he tried to put his concerns aside to help his teammates, and it just got to be too much. Not everyone is built for the life the players are leading right now. 100% ok with this choice.
  4. Well, the Leafs series should give some idea of how the Jackets approach things. That game 4 collapse would have killed a lot of teams. Jackets only came out and pitched a shutout. It wasn't what you would call an exclamation point win, but it was still a pretty impressive effort. I expected them to bounce back well in this one.
  5. Jake to the 3rd line with Grant and NAK, Farabee stays on L1. Ghost stays in. As optimal as you can make the lineup without moving Laughton off the wing IMO.
  6. What about if you pro-rate Mathews' season?
  7. Will he score 60 goals though?
  8. Let me rephrase: There's no way the Leafs can make a trade that makes sense. There are three teams that can absorb Marner's hit next year: New Jersey, LA, and Ottawa. None of those have pieces that should interest the Leafs in exchange for Marner. That means that they're going to have to take back salary, and that makes their life much more difficult.
  9. Nobody is picking up Marner at his cap hit in a flat cap world.
  10. Propp was the radio color guy when the Flyers tried to trade for Chelios at the deadline. Detroit ended up getting him instead. Propp said he never would have forgiven the organization if they had acquired Chelios.
  11. Canes in 5. They already had the best defensive corps in the league, and they're getting Hamilton back. Unless Mrazek implodes, I don't see Boston being able to match the speed of the Canes. Bruins just have no jump, I don't think they're going to be able to turn it on.
  12. How soon we forget the Chicago game in Provorov's rookie year. My bad. you said "among the worst," not, "the worst." See what an 8th grade education gets you?
  13. Just saying, remember what happened the last time the Flyers played a Habs team that had upset the Pens.
  14. I'm writing my final paper for my 8th grad class while drinking and watching this game. This is not going to end well.

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