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  1. Or, if he misses, or his foot skips up, that's a lot of blood and not much chance for Cernak.
  2. Kicks Cernak blade-first in the chest. I left out zero because he was just suspended a few weeks ago, so I can't see any way he gets off without anything.
  3. Which is why the fact that it was in the back this time is so perplexing.
  4. [Hidden Content] Whatever phone. Patrick practicing with the team.
  5. Obviously, things can change between now and tomorrow, but that looks like a mess to me.
  6. Bill's like all the bad parts of Flyers Twitter and Facebook personified - just one ongoing bad hot take. Kelly just seems to get run over by him and Steph. I like Craig from Flyperbole when he comes on, and actually like that podcast from BSH, even if it is rambling and nonsensical 4/5 of the time.
  7. It's cap space. They needed to drop money (they're currently ~$240k under) and the waiver deadline was yesterday. So they demoted Myers and Farabee because they needed space and they were waiver-exempt. They have 20 healthy skaters, though Pitlick might be ready for Friday. I realize there were injuries. But that's why the value that Fletcher gave up at every turn this summer was important. Now, instead of icing an optimized roster, they have to skate down a forward in the first game of the season. They can't carry an extra guy in case someone hurts themselves in warmups. They went from having one of the best cap situations in the league to being trapped into a suboptimal roster on opening night in one offseason.
  8. Opening roster for tomorrow night: Giroux Couturier Konecny Voracek Hayes Lindblom van Riemsdyk Laughton Raffl Bunnaman Twarinsky Provorov Gostisbehere Sanheim Niskanen Braun Hagg Morin Hart Elliott That's right, 11F/7D on opening night because we ran out of cap space.
  9. Someone was advocating trading for Ho-Sang during the offseason. I wouldn't cry if the Flyers wanted to put in a claim. He has one year left on his ELC at less than 900k. I get the questions about his work ethic and smarts, but a calculated risk to see if a waiver claim wakes him up really doesn't hurt the team. And if he wakes up? It's almost the definition of no risk, high reward.
  10. This is what's made sense to me all offseason, too. Jets need defensemen, even moreso now with Buff likely not returning. The Flyers don't have the cap space to take back significant salary. And after their top-end talent, there's not much that Winnipeg has that really makes sense for the Flyers to send salary back in order to acquire - not that the Jets are going to want to move those guys anyway. So moving Hagg, who's cheap, young, and has played in the NHL, makes sense - assuming Winnipeg values Hagg.
  11. "It didn't make sense to play hime as tehe 4th center" Yeah, but you had a 3C spot open.
  12. Thanks. But I was hoping to watch on my TV. Can't stream on my work laptop.
  13. Annoying. I get local blackouts, but when it's not being broadcast locally, WHO AM I HURTING?
  14. Well, that explains why he was able to practice, shoot, etc. I wonder if they'll try Botox.
  15. No, it isn't. Because it gives the coaching staff an opportunity to dress him.
  16. Possible, I guess. Vigneault did say something along the lines of "when this thing leaves him," which could be indicative of an illness, or just him putting the wrong English on what he wanted to say.

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