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  1. Anyone else picture this guy rummaging through trash cans outside Rutherford's home to gather information?
  2. CNN is fake news. I keep it real. If the Flyers are looking for an elite game breaker of a guy, the Leafs have those players. But the price for someone the calibre of a Marner, Matthews, or Tavares would be a Norris trophy winning defenceman, not an unproven rookie like Myers. Myers isn't even remotely close to any of Toronto's big 3 (or big 4 if you include Nylander) in value. Honestly and truly, if I were GM..... the return on Myers would be one of our established third line wingers (depth basically) or one of our unproven, recently drafted defencemen. Take your
  3. The thing is, for all the game breakers the Leafs have, they never "break" anybody per say. The Leafs are the 4th best team offensively -- in their own division. Can you remember the last time the Leafs blew a team out? Neither can I. Every game is 3-2, 4-3, or whatever. It's always a close game when the Leafs play, and it always comes down to an empty net goal at the end or high pressure last second scoring opportunities until the buzzer.
  4. Actually Simmonds has been a good addition to the Leafs (toughness wise). He doesn't do anything else, but he is a physical presence.
  5. To address the need for more toughness, more size, and more defence on the Leafs, Phil Myers of the Flyers would be a nice addition. He hasn't done much this season (yet) but last season was appealing. 16 pts, +17, in 50 GP. Just over 17 minutes ATOI. He was a contributor on a very good Flyers team last year. He's young, so he can grow with the existing core group of Leafs star players. Hopefully, he could learn from Muzzin and Rielly and become a future star defenceman. Maybe the Flyers could be reunited with Wayne Simmonds as part of the deal. Thoughts?
  6. I dunno. I think it was a backwards trade. They gave up a 1st liner for a 2nd liner. Laine used to burn the Leafs frequently. I guess we'll see what happens. The Jets always seem to be in a state of flux/turmoil.
  7. lol It's nice if the environment allows you the opportunity to do it. But if it doesn't, at least come close enough that we can say mathematically (with confidence reliable enough to bet your life or your business on) using probability theory that you did. Imagine running a casino. They don't know FOR SURE that someone isn't going to win their slot machine games every time they play, but they're willing to bet their entire business on the fact that the probability says that they won't. Probability can be as iron-clad as something that actually happened, if
  8. So to be more like Toronto you would have to give up one or more of those guys on the back end to put more into your forward lines.
  9. Leafs are going to clean up the North division this season. It's going to be so much fun.
  10. But for all the game breakers the Leafs have, the Flyers have the SAME amount of overall offence. In other words, what's the difference? If you don't have any game breakers, why are you scoring the same number of goals that the Leafs are? If anything, the Flyers problems so far are on "D".
  11. The confidence interval on the projected output needs to be at least 95% to make it true. There's way too much fluctuation after only 7 games to accurately project that far out. My point is that the vaunted Leafs offence is scoring at the SAME PACE as the Flyers (who allegedly have no game breakers). If you were scoring like the Islanders then maybe it's a problem. When you score like a 1st place team, you don't have any problems offensively.
  12. The Leafs paltry offence sits at 22 GF, only 2 goals ahead of the Flyers with an extra game played. We're 7 goals behind Montreal! What is going on? Look at the Leafs roster: Not one 50-goal scorer this season! (Sorry this is just too much fun. Flyers fans are too close to see/get it.) WoWFlyers fans
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