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  1. Tkachuk suspended for spearing-from the bench

    If we could get both Naz and Leo to hit him simultaneously in the next game that would be perfect! (Leo could nail him from behind just as Naz leaps up and elbows him in the head.) A guy can dream right?
  2. Leafs vs Penguins

    My thoughts on the game: The blown call (non-call) when Rielly's stick was pulled out of his hands nearly cost the Leafs the game. WTF kind of officiating is that? That gave the Pens their first goal and started the fire drill. Totally stank of being an NHL "game management" non-call. The no-ice-time line of JVR/Bozak/Marner was big in this one. Once again Andersen helps carry the team to a win, but just barely. Leafs were badly out-shot by the end. They're still grabbing W's though so we'll take it.
  3. Tired of the pressure

    See my Tor vs Pit thread for details...
  4. Tkachuk suspended for spearing-from the bench

    LOL. So he has the complete spearing package now. Pretty much a "meh" play in my opinion. Nobody really cares in Leafland, but I'm sure he'll be remembered the next time Toronto plays Calgary and I'm sure he's going to answer for that.
  5. Balance

    Usually the top guys are around 18-19 minutes per game (for forwards). I don't want to lean on Matthews too heavily (yet) because he is still a kid and it's his 2nd year in the league. To me, his minutes seem fine. It's the other top guys that we should be seeing more of in my opinion. Why they're not playing 18+ a game is a mystery to me. Perhaps Babs is using the strategy of keeping his top guys rested for a long playoff run in the spring, or maybe he wants to see what he has, so everyone is getting an extended look now and then ice time is going to be divided up based on who Babs likes best later in the season. As long as the wins keep coming, it seems to be working, although being out-shot regularly is going to come back to bite this team sooner or later.
  6. Tired of the pressure

    Thanks. Side story: I actually used to be a member of the HFBoards forum but was banished one day (permanently of course) for telling a moderator "I think you're wrong" in regards to some typical hockey game discussion. I came here and have been happy ever since. This forum is at least 10,000x better than HFBoards forum. It's quality of posts over quantity. Exactly. It's because many of these players choose to play in non-hockey markets (usually in sun belt locations but not always). They win their Stanley Cups and enjoy all sorts of success on the ice, except that nobody cares... because nobody is watching. It's the old "tree falling in the woods" scenario. As an NHL player, you can win all the Cups and trophies you want to but you don't truly "exist" until you've played in front of fans in markets like Toronto, Montreal, New York, etc... Until we've seen you play, and you show us something, then you haven't really shown anyone anything. That's basically how it goes. Players that perform on hockey's biggest stage (which is HNIC) get noticed. Players that don't, get buried. Thus, when a Canadian born player is playing the Leafs in Toronto, they know there are 10x as many eyeballs on them in that game vs their last home game playing in front of 5000 people or whatever. It just matters more. It's like a playoff game when you play Toronto because you're noticed.
  7. Balance

    Good observation. Kadri, JVR, and Nylander could certainly do with a little more ice time. JVR is awfully low at 14:22 ATOI, but that might have to do with his defensive play compared to Marleau. Matthews is the only top level forward that is getting 18+ minutes a game.
  8. Tired of the pressure

    I think that would apply more if the Leafs (like the Yankees in baseball) had the W's to go with the fanbase. We have wins so far this season, but I'm talking about in general. To have the "New York Yankee effect" in visiting arenas means winning some Cups and being a dominant force in the league. Even if the Leafs won the Cup this year, they still wouldn't be a draw down south. It would be seen as a fluke. The Leafs have little to no appeal for fans down south. They are the "Arizona Coyotes of Canada" in the eyes of Americans. I do know what you're trying to say though. The players on those teams get up for those games against Toronto (in Toronto especially) because they're in prime time, the arena at the ACC is sold out, and people are watching at home, but I'd say the effect is the other way around. Playing the Canadian teams shouldn't be an issue. They get plenty of exposure up here. It's playing teams like Arizona, Carolina, etc... that are the issue. Whenever those teams play Toronto, there's always someone on their roster that is a Toronto-born player and they bring their A-game against the Leafs and pile up big numbers because all of their family has tickets to that game.
  9. I don't understand?

    What I'm seeing is reminicent (dang, I knew I was going to spell that word wrong) of the Leafs teams from the early to mid 2000's. They can score, but they lean too heavily on their goaltender to get them wins. I guess you could say the Leafs are efficient offensively. They don't need 40 shots a game to put up big goal numbers (which is good). Ideally that's what you want. Offensive efficiency. More goals on less shots. The problem is most certainly defence. The Leafs are being out-shot because they are a very weak team in their own end. In the games I've been watching, they have been giving the puck away a lot, giving high quality scoring chances to the opposition, and they get hemmed into their own zone for long periods of time. They still don't have a "shutdown" defenceman that simply stops opposing forwards in their tracks. They have guys that can move the puck, but none of them know how to play a strong defensive game. This style of play isn't sustainable. At some point Andersen is going to wear down and the team is going to start giving up ugly goal totals again unless the D gets corrected. My two cents.
  10. Where would the Leafs be without this guy? Looks like Toronto has found their new "Cujo"... after a decade-long revolving door at the position. Now, will we ever find our #1 defenceman? Andersen sees more rubber than the 401.
  11. JVR

    Defencemen are so fickle though lol. You can't tell a blue chip defenceman from a regular guy until they actually go out and prove it. If the Leafs deal JVR it better be for an established top-4 defenceman.
  12. JVR

    JVR is valuable secondary scoring. You need players like JVR to win Stanley Cups because teams will put their best out against the Matthews line and that allows Toronto to do damage with other lines. I'm old enough to remember when teams had a JVR calibre player on line 3 as depth. It's a shame that modern NHL teams are two lines deep at best with 3rd and 4th lines of filler. If the asking price isn't too high, I'd bring him back. Chances are someone will overpay for him and that someone better not be Toronto.
  13. Leafs vs Canucks

    Well they seem to be playing well on days other than Saturday, and I'm watching the Saturday games.
  14. Leafs vs Canucks

    I don't why the Leafs always seem to play bad on Saturday's but here was another wasted opportunity. They actually out-shot the Canucks, but they weren't getting great scoring opportunities like Vancouver was until near the end of the third period. Too little, too late. I'm also noticing Polak when he plays... for all the wrong reasons. I think he screened Andersen on at least one of the two goals.
  15. Defense Upgrade

    I don't like the idea of losing JVR or Komarov. Bozak is "just a guy" as far as I'm concerned. I think anyone can take over that role. Komarov is a useful physical player and defensive specialist. This team can ill afford to lose guys like that. JVR is the perfect 2nd line forward to go behind the Matthews line. The Leafs have plenty of scoring, but that would change quickly if they lost JVR. I would try to keep him provided he isn't seeking "line 1" money. If he expects to be paid like Matthews and co. will be in the coming years, then it's bye bye JVR.

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