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  1. Well I got to watch tonight's game in Punjabi...... since it wasn't on CBC again. Toronto loses 5-3 to Pittsburgh.
  2. Perhaps. It would be hard to part with any of the forwards. I'd rather give up one of our current defencemen and mix in a few draft picks. Ottawa could have Rielly or Gardiner but I wouldn't part with Marner or Nylander, especially if the team is going to trade JVR. If JVR goes in a trade, no other forwards would go. No way.
  3. Yeah but that's what I mean. You can't trade that many players for one guy. Forsberg turned out to be as good as Lindros by himself. Then you add in the other players you mentioned and the trade becomes a landslide win for the Avs. Ricci was a great defensive center and Simon was the game's ultimate enforcer during the fighting era of hockey. Who could afford both? One player can make a huge difference to a team in a salary cap parity infested league.
  4. No doubt, but they traded something like five 1st round draft picks to get him, and those picks turned into Peter Forsberg, Sandis Ozolinsh (I think), Kamensky, Keane, etc.. I forget who it was now. The Avs practically acquired five core players from that trade that they won a Cup with. Forsberg alone would have been an even trade for Lindros. When you add in the rest, it was overwhelming. The Leafs never take risks... which is why they never get over the hump. Every time the Leafs have been close to a Stanley Cup, they maintain their existing roster rather than making any key acquisitions to improve their weaknesses. If you're the third place team in your division going into the playoffs (with an 82 game sample size), your odds of suddenly becoming a first place team overall (winning the Cup) are slim to none. Leafs have always been content to do enough to make the playoffs, but never to enter the playoffs as the favourite. That's why they never win. The Habs are a perfect example of this level of "playoff coasting". In 25+ years of making the playoffs since 1993, how many Cups has Montreal won? Zero. Being a playoff team in the NHL only means you're an above .500 team. It doesn't mean you're icing a great team by any means. The Leafs have a good but not great team with the potential to be great with the right moves at the trade deadline.
  5. I look at Ottawa's situation as the following: They know they're going to lose Karlsson if they rebuild. (He will demand a trade, won't renew his contract, whatever.) They know the market is going to be somewhat limited because teams only have so much cap space for a player like this. Many would LIKE to have him, but only a few will be able to FIT him into their payroll and be under the cap. They know they're only going to trade with a team that can give them high level prospects or high level young roster players in exchange. They'll be trading him to a playoff team. Toronto is literally the perfect fit for Karlsson. The Leafs should have the cap space for him. They're looking to win now. They need a #1 defenceman that is at the top level in the NHL today.
  6. Philly lost that trade. Badly. I'm trying to think of the last big name defenceman that got traded and I'm drawing blanks. Wasn't Chris Pronger traded for Brendan Shanahan straight up once upon a time?
  7. I've never had any issue with JVR. I like the goals and he's a quiet star that goes about his business and contributes. Obviously he's not a complete enough player for Babcock because he's not getting the ice time he otherwise deserves for someone of his elite scoring level.
  8. JVR wouldn't fit into the Senators long term plans. I imagine they would want draft picks from Toronto and probably a young roster player with upside. I know Karlsson is a great player, but he's still just one player. I think we have to be careful about getting too crazy on his value. Implying that a trade of JVR + Marner + Nylander + a 1st for Karlsson would be a fair trade is not fair to Toronto. I wouldn't trade JVR + Marner + Nylander + a 1st for Crosby in his prime. It's not worth it. Crosby alone is not better than those four players, not by a long shot. Neither is Karlsson. I think a realistic (fair) deal for Karlsson would be: Karlsson for Rielly and a 1st round draft pick (Ottawa hedges their bets that a young Rielly still has another level to his game and you get an asset in a draft pick that will likely become an NHL player on the roster.) Karlsson for Kadri and Gardiner. (Ottawa gets a quality centerman who is having a down year, and they get an established veteran defenceman with some offensive flair and a lot of years left + some minor upside to his game.) No way no how is Toronto moving someone the stature of Marner with anyone else for Karlsson. If we're talking realistic here, then it would be Karlsson for Marner and a 1st round draft pick. Done. No other roster players involved in the deal. Marner is a superstar in the making.
  9. Sens are rebuilding, so Karlsson to Toronto for one of the kids and a draft pick makes perfect sense.
  10. I think Karlsson is definitely up for trade. He's not going to stay in Ottawa for a 5-year rebuild. He's at a point in his career where he wants to win now. The Leafs have draft picks and young rookies they could dangle in a trade for #65. Plus his value is lower because he's having a bad year and probably wants a change of scenery. Ottawa won't get top dollar for him any more. Plus, if he demands a trade (which will probably happen soon) the Senators won't be getting any favourable trade options.
  11. I'm just looking at it purely from the standpoint of enhancing the team's "TOP 6". The top 6 being the team's best LW, C, RW, LD, RD, and G. To win a championship, your best six players have to be better than the competition. Acquiring Karlsson would add one of the game's premier defencemen to the Leafs, maybe the best the Leafs have ever had. JVR is not in Babcock's plans from the looks of things. We need scoring on the back-end, and a guy that is a legit #1. Rielly may/may not be that guy, but Karlsson definitely is, and we need Rielly too. I'd love to see the Leafs add him without giving up Rielly or Gardiner. Give up a rookie and a draft pick to Ottawa if they're rebuilding. This would move the Leafs from fringe playoff team to serious Stanley Cup contender.
  12. So if you had the opportunity to do a deal with the Senators for Karlsson, and one of the pieces going back was Rielly, would you make that trade? What about Gardiner? Do you think Rielly can be just as good?
  13. I think his weak defensive play has him in Babcock's doghouse. How else can you explain the low minutes? I think he has the worst +/- on the team doesn't he? JVR is a player that could fetch a veteran defenceman for this team. How about Erik Karlsson from Ottawa? His stock has never been lower and he wants out of Ottawa. This is an elite defenceman that is "available". Most of them aren't. With all due respect to Rielly and Gardiner, they're not Karlsson nor will they ever be and the Leafs aren't going to win anything if those are our top two guys.

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