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  1. 3D printer here I come! (It's actually possible to do that now!) I'm going to start a business 3D printing actual size trophies for sports bars, players, and avid fans. NOTE: There's 2 "T's" in Matthews.... and 55 goals.
  2. Well this one was filled to the top of the trough and spilling over on the floor and down the floor drain. There was basically no point in using the trough other than as a formality/protocol because it was equivalent to just pissing on the floor. According to a Google search (me being bored again and running some numbers)....... a 6x1x1 rectangular urinal trough would hold about 170 litres of urine. The average male pees about 4 to 10 times per day at 800 to 2000 millilitres of urine per day. So if we say (4+10)/2 = 7 pees per day and a total of 1400 mL of pee, it would take 170 / 1.4 ~= 121 "man days of urine" to fill that trough or 850 unique male visitors.
  3. Do you think we'll reach a point where people just move on, with or without the existence of Coronavirus? Trump is already talking about sending people back to work. China is back to work again. They seem to have weathered the CV storm. The number of new cases in Canada per day seems to be holding steady. I'm hoping this passes in a few months and we're back to normal again. If this lingers on for as long as you're suggesting, the NHL won't survive at all..... neither will any other business for that matter. It's hard to pay for tickets when the currency is worth 0 and everyone is unemployed... which is where we're going to be if people aren't back working by June or July. Cure or no cure, I think the choice is eventually going to be made for us.
  4. The "trough" is the worst. Never in my life have I ever seen a public restroom in Canada with the urinal trough, but one time while I was a kid, the family took a road trip through the southern US. We made a pit stop somewhere in Nevada and there it was: a urinal trough about 6 feet long, a foot wide, and a foot deep...... and it was filled to the top (and overflowing) with piss. That washroom was the worst smelling washroom I've ever been to in my life.
  5. All of this assumes Coronavirus goes bye bye by June or July. If not, well that's another story altogether. Yes but then they're back for everyone. Technically, don't you want to beat other teams when they're at their normal strength? The draft picks would sit out I'm guessing. Not sure how to handle that. I dunno. I still think anything is possible.
  6. It may very well be. I'm just floating this as an idea of how they might do the impossible and still find a way to save it. If you delete the "by/bye-week" for teams and the all-star week and just run long at the end of the season, you could do both. Admittedly, it would be a short break for the 2020 Cup winning team, but remember that the players are WELL RESTED right now. They've played 50% of the hockey they normally play. They're fresh and raring to go. They could blow through the playoffs and then turn around and begin the next season with NO fatigue whatsoever. Only the two Cup finalists would be a bit exhausted from the grind. Everyone else is fully rested by then. I think it could work, and it's still hockey during hockey "season". I think the players would LOVE to finish this season and win a Cup.
  7. I just had another idea!!! (Again, all of this assumes that Coronavirus clears up by summer and life returns to normal.) What if the NHL begins with training camps EARLY (say August 1), and then plays the rest of this season beginning late August or September 1 followed by the full playoffs in September, October, and part of November? That way the Stanley Cup gets awarded and we have a winner for 2020... while still in 2020. Then, the NHL could take a short break (emphasis on short... a week) and come back with the beginning of the new season in late November or December 1 at the latest. The all-star game would be cancelled and the season would be an 82-game condensed schedule (no off-weeks for teams like there are now). The season would end by the end of April and go into the playoffs as usual next season. It may run a bit long, but everything would be intact. Thoughts? Under this NEW scenario, we would have: 82 games for this season A 2020 Cup winner 82 games for next season A 2021 Cup winner
  8. The only issue there is what happens if a team with 70 GP faces a team with 72 GP? In trying to bump the lower team up you'll bump the higher team up too. Not sure how they could avoid doing that unless they were selective about the opponents each team would play to get up to 72 GP. ie: Cherry-pick games among teams with fewer than 72. For me personally, I'd rather see them finish the last 10 games of the regular season and play an abbreviated playoffs after. To me, finishing the season is more important than having a full playoffs because it's about the integrity of the standings and the stats. Having best-of-5 or best-of-3 would still be exciting and rewarding. It could very well be. If I were the NHL, I'd try to make it work anyway. Even if it meant playing in empty arenas. Fans could at least watch something on TV. My sneaking suspicion is this Coronavirus crap will go on just long enough to ruin the NHL season and once it's ruined, you can't ever get that back. As other have mentioned, some players (Joe Thornton for example) have probably lost as many games due to lockouts and CV as some players play in the NHL total. It's getting to the point where the game is shut down more than it's in operation.
  9. Do you think the NHL would/could resume as late as June or July and play a reduced playoff? For me, I think May 1 is the drop dead date. The reason I say May 1 is because I firmly believe the NHL won't shorten the playoffs. They'll either do four rounds of best-of-7 hockey or nothing. In order to do that, they need a minimum of two months for the playoffs + they would need a training camp for the players to get back in game shape after the layoff. So if you figure a 2-week training camp + 2 months of playoffs (with no finish to the regular season) that puts us into mid-July..... IF they got the whole thing started on May 1. Given that the next season would begin in October (and training camps in September), along with the draft, etc... that would be the limit on what the NHL could do in my opinion.
  10. How do I make this a poll? Play the final month of the regular season and then have a best-of-3 playoffs with four rounds. Skip the rest of the regular season and go directly to a best-of-7 playoffs with four rounds. Play the rest of the regular season and play a best-of-7 playoffs with four rounds. Skip the rest of the regular season and go directly to a best-of-5 playoffs with four rounds. Cancel everything. All of the above.
  11. I hope the NHL doesn't give in on this season. It's one month left. They could play one month in June and then have four rounds of playoffs that are best-of-3 in July to finish by end of July.
  12. Matthews scored 55 goals. #Leafs50GoalClub
  13. Everyone keeps waiting for a back lash that never comes. After the full season lockout of 2004-05, the fans reaction was........ sold out arenas everywhere. Fans were overjoyed to have hockey back. History has shown that fans (customers) will hold a grudge against the smallest of businesses (hot dog vendor, corner store, neighbourhood kid who cuts your lawn, etc.) but they won't ever walk away from a large business (Wal-Mart, McDonalds, NHL, etc...) no matter how many times that business disappoints them. What can ya do right?
  14. You don't become a billionaire by returning cash to anyone lol. The government is already working on another bailout to give to big businesses specifically so that it doesn't fall into the hands of ordinary, hard working Americans who need it most. The last time the government gave a bailout to help big businesses affected by an economic crash (9/11) they responded by firing people and sending operations to Mexico and over seas.

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