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  1. The four major North America pro sports are: Football Baseball Basketball Hockey Since the NHL is based out of North America, and represents the game of hockey at its highest professional level, they get to set the name, and it's hockey. Just hockey. Field hockey is a high school level game (usually played by girls). The soccer vs football comparison doesn't hold because you have professional football in Europe and you have professional football in the US, and they're completely different games. The term soccer was created to avoid confusion between the
  2. Unless/until the day comes when the game of hockey is played on anything other than ice at its highest level, people (and by people I mean anyone who isn't Canadian) are hereby ordered to stop referring to the game of hockey with the word "ice" in front of it. NOBODY in Canada calls it that. It's just HOCKEY. (End rant.)
  3. But for statistical integrity, you can't label two different events in hockey with the same stat. It would have to be given a separate name because a player who saves 50 goals in a season (by shot blocking) is not an offensive dynamo like Auston Matthews. I think you could realistically call it a "save" (as it is with goalies) and that's all there is to it. Simple.
  4. I just thought it was hilarious that the Leafs played more games in the playoffs by reaching the conference finals than they did when they last won the Cup lol.
  5. Thanks. Hmmm. Since it's based on W-L record, I guess you could do it for goalies. Not sure how it could be done for skaters. If we looked at the "Stanley" rating for a goalie, it would measure which goalies play better in the playoffs than in the regular season. You mean when a skater slides down to block the open net and prevents a goal? Why would it be added to his goals scored? Wouldn't you just want a stat called "SAVES" and credit him with a save for preventing a goal?
  6. Perhaps a new name is in order? Instead of calling it "clutch", how about if I called it "Stanley"? Since the Stanley Cup is the ultimate objective, it only makes sense that a team statistic called "Stanley" would evaluate how each team did towards achieving that goal, based on the expectations placed upon them going in.
  7. For one thing, I don't understand why the NHL wants to be in the Olympics instead of hosting their own World Cup. They literally shot themselves in the foot by destroying their own tournament. (I guess the NHL is acknowledging that nobody wants to watch their league outside of Canada and the US so if they sneak it into the Olympics maybe they can sucker unsuspecting viewers into watching it.) If the NHL thinks they are going to "grow the game" with this, they're stupid. If the NHL thinks the players (or any fans who travel there to watch) are safe in the world's most
  8. So let it be written. So let it be done. --------------------------------------------W--L---T-------------------GP-W 1982–83 1982–83 Wales Patrick 3rd 80 39 25 16 — 94 306 283 4 1 3 — 11 19 Lost Division Semifinals to New York Islanders, 1–3[6] 1983–84 1983–84 Wales Patrick 2nd 80
  9. That's a pretty awesome accomplishment right there. I know the "C" is a throw-away item on many of the newer franchises, or treated like a cheap gimmick, and I know many fans don't "get it", but to be captain of a century old franchise like Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Boston, Chicago, etc.... means something. It's not a throw-away title when you examine the players who had it before you.
  10. My suggestion would be for the NHL to skip the Olympics in China (maybe indefinitely) and just have the World Cup of Hockey. That way the NHL can control the location of the tournament and all the content.
  11. I generally enjoy the NHL teams in the Olympics, but I think it would be an insult to Canadians if we sent our best athletes over to a country to entertain their people when their government held our citizens hostage in jail (solitary confinement) for ~2 years over make-believe crimes as retaliation for arresting a Huawei executive. Meanwhile she stayed on house arrest at her ~$25 million dollar home in Vancouver. Just imagine if the NHL was the FIRST pro sports league to take a stand AGAINST China. There's virtually no risk to the NHL. Nobody watches the NHL in China. They couldn
  12. Well if it were up to me, I'd pull all of Team Canada out of the Olympics citing safety concerns. The fact that China has a track record of holding random Canadians hostage over fictitious crimes, is a security concern. They can't be trusted. China could decide on a whim not to allow the Canadian athletes to return home, and try to use that as leverage to get something from Canada. Nobody else in the international community would come to Canada's aid, just like nobody did anything over the recent cases of hostage taking. It didn't even make the news outside of Canada and Britain. China is cons
  13. You know what? I change my answer. I think the Toronto media is soft on everyone. Nothing but softball questions and politeness. It's the fact that you can never get away from the media attention that drives people crazy. Maybe Torts would be in heaven being in Toronto. He would be outspoken and have the biggest platform in the NHL to shout from. I think this is the last kick at the can for the current administration here in Toronto. There are two people who likely won't be in Toronto next season if the Leafs lose in the first round again this season (or miss the play
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