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  1. Now that the dust has settled for this off season, what happened to Hextall's plans for the Flyers to get "Bigger and Faster" ? The Caps are probably overjoyed,they get use "The Little Flyers" for a punching bag another season.
  2. Has anybody considered the possibility of the Snider family selling Ed's 25% interest in the Flyers?
  3. While I've got your attention,why aren't more you of supporters of this site ?
  4. Neither Voracek or Giroux are game changing players.I personally think they will have a problem conforming to Hack's/Keenan's system. The Flyers already have enough enough money problems,Vinny,MacTurd,etc.. Superstar money should be for superstars,not Jake and "G". Wayne Simmonds is a great example of hard working player who deserves what he makes. The Flyers need some big(6'/200lbs.minimum),confident forwards,along the lines of LA and the Hawks. Jake and "G" would be super trade bait,along with saving a lot of money.
  5. If any body doesn't care for the announcers try Closed Captioning.
  6. Saw apiece about Simon Borque, Rimouski partner of Morin. First I've heard of him,anybody here have an opinion they would like to share?
  7. This would be a great opportunity to unload a large amount of the Flyer's dead wood starting with Vinny. I wonder if Maloney would like Giroux and the seventh pick for the third?
  8. Has anybody figured out why the Flyers were so anxious to get rid of Harts?
  9. Old school hockey is out and the NHL new world order is in! Clarkie is probably havin' a fit?
  10. Speaking of "Haaxk",what happen to him? Why isn't this guy out there getting acquainted?
  11. MDZ had one decent year(along with a stretch in the pizza bin) out of three,not exactly star specs. I'd like to see him with another season under his Flyer's uniform to be convinced he has accepted the cure.
  12. I wonder how Clarkie feels about this whole coaching situation ? Does this mean his management days are over ?
  13. I was just reading an article on the new coach wanting "Speed" on his team. Good luck with that. Has anybody heard if Vinny is OK with the new coach?

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