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  1. Preds need offence and some replacement on D. I could see B Schenn, Laughton, Ghost , two first rounders and some cash getting it done. Pretty steep. Can't think Poile would accept much less.
  2. You'd never pry Bogosian away from the Jets for Coburn and Read. The kid is starting to show why he was drafted so high. Chevy would ask for Couturier and then some. They need a big 2nd line center pretty badly.
  3. That's Byfuglien you're thinking of.
  4. You guys would love Bogosian. Hard hitting tough Dman who can provide offense with a wicked shot. He's a RFA, so maybe the Jets can't sign him. Coots for Bogo is pretty even IMO.
  5. Bogosian? Yes. Hickey, Hedman and Murray from last year? Who knows? Give them time. All young. Bogosian is definately worth moving up for. I watch most Jet games here in Winnipeg and this guy is going to be great. He's an RFA this year. No way the Jets let him walk.
  6. Pulock. We need a future PP QB and offensive Dman, not another Grossman which is what I think Zadorov and Risto will become. Pulock reminds me of Letang.
  7. I'm rooting for whoever the Pens play in any round...in any year, or decade for that matter.
  8. @merrex That's a lot to give up to move up a couple of spots. I'd rather just win the lottery or have Nurse, Couturier and Coburn thanks. I can show you highlight videos that make Coburn look good. @Flyercanuck It would a lot to give up, but I think Jones would be worth it. Any of Coburn's highlight videos you find are collecting dust. He hasn't been the same since getting that puck in the face. If I'm Homer I'd rather keep Coburn and ship Mez, but Jones isn't going to come cheap.
  9. I'd rather package our first rounder, Coots and either Coburn, Mez or Ghost for the first pick for Jones. Watched highlight vids on youtube of this kid. He'll be the real deal.
  10. @brelic "If you were the other team, would you pass up on Jones/MacKinnon for Read, Ghost and the 8th pick? I wouldn't." No I wouldn't either, but insert Couturier for Read. That just may get it done. The question is: would it worth for us?
  11. Maybe Homer will try to trade up for the first overall to draft Jones. Read, Ghost and our first rounder( maybe 8th overall) would be pretty close to the asking price. Couturier will be asked for as well.
  12. @Polaris922 Neal's hit to Couturier was ONLY a penalty because he's not Kronwall? Watch the entire game without your black and yellow glasses on. Neal and Couturier were hammering each other all game with Couturier getting the best of him. Actually, Couturier laid a borderline headshot to Neal which was not called previous to this incident. Couturier passed the puck and was looking in the other direction when Neal took a run at him with multiple strides seconds after the puck left Couturier's stick. he jumped to have the primary point of contact be Couturier's head. I know my Flyer's can be a dirty bunch at times, but c'mon, THAT was intent to injure.
  13. @Polaris922 Every team in the league would love to have Hartnell. The Pens included. The fact that you and those ridiculous second grade homer announcers of yours, Errey and Staggy (lol) constantly whine about him speaks volumes. I think Malkin and Neal are reckless, dirty , elbow throwing douchebags, but if one of them was a Flyer next year, I probably change my tune pretty quick.
  14. No Doubt Jammer. The Jets crowd is pretty wild. Wouldn't be too much fun in my #88 jersey.
  15. I have a feeling Briere will get bought out. He'd have to really light it up during the playoffs to stay and this team is far from a lock to make the postseason. If the rumors are true about Perry not wanting to sign long term with Anaheim, they'd be smart to deal him at the deadline. As for Ryan, I wouldn't package Schenn or Couturier for him. Possibly Voracek, Laughton and a pick which probably wouldn't get it done anyway. If anything I would try to pry Yandle from Phoenix for Voracek , a pick and one of our young D-men.

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