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  1. Hii the shout box isn't working for me  it says okay i click it doesn't add what i said :(

  2. I like Phil Esposito better but there both great legends .
  3. lol sorry man just my opinion honestly been so long since i watched them playing i haven't seen them since at least 1991 lol
  4. Well I like them both 2 legends I guess I would go with Hull though.
  5. Nope the bruins are going all the way . I see buffalo crashed and burned though this season lolol
  6. none taken just always curious about his opinions.
  7. Boston sports radio mainly Dale arnold says yes it could be on the line I know he better do something cuz this lineup of the bruins is not working right now >.<
  8. They sadly need a lot of help this year it's frustrating but that's the way it goes i guess.
  9. I really enjoy watching Vanek and Parise saw them play when they were in college and they were great then
  10. Sigh I think they need a forward to at this point so frustrating >.<
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