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  1. Bummed the lost. But did anybody do the right thing and flatten Marchand at least once during the series? I saw only bits and pieces for this year's finals.
  2. So the Canes sweep two teams en route to the Eastern Conference Finals, including the regular season's best team, but then get swept themselves on arrival. Tres strange. Irrespective who wins the West--double irrespective if the Sharks do --and regardless Marchand's penchant for jackassery, I'll be rooting for the Bruins to win it all, while smiling should someone legally deck Marchand. Seems to me Rask's performing above his average and Bruin chances look good for sippin soda from Stanley style goblets if that continues.
  3. Been searching for the whole game since foreverish ago! Can't wait to watch it: ! Hope you dig it if you watch it or have already done so. I remember seeing its final highlight on late-night sports reporting, but I've yet to see this classic matchup in its entirety. Let us know what you think about this game!
  4. How would you rank them 1 through 4 in such games against one another? For me it'd be: 04. Wayne Gretzky 03. Mario Lemieux 02. Gordie Howe 01. Bobby Orr I've heard people broach this topic in terms such as 5 Orrs vs. 5 Gretz. I give a prime Bobby all-time greatest status in any such Five on Five against anyone ever. Methinks he emerges even clearer as the greatest in 6 v. 6 versus his three competitors here. I say this because I've watched a ton of his highlights including complete games, as I've done with all four legendary blokes here, and he to me would be the best goalie among these four folks. He actually made some great goal stops in both occupied- and empty-net situations that you can find online! Now what's YOUR 1-2-3-4 in this Six on Six mix? And because I'm a semi-swinging liberal--please note: I said "semi-swinging" --I'm down to hear people also share whom they think's best ever in Fives against Fives and why, share whom they think's best ever when judged as individuals on their own in their respective innovations, accomplishments, influence, eras, competition, etc. So who wins among six Lightning Bobbys, six Le Magnifiques, six Great Ones, six Mr. Hockeys? [and if ya like:] who wins among five on five with Roy, Brodeur, or Hanlon as goalie? who's best on his own? I pick Bobby in all three scenarios despite Mario being my favorite ever, despite Lemieux's legitimate arguments for greatest hockey player so far. #4 could do everything at the highest levels like the other three but was the only one who did so while also being a Hall of Fame defenseman--THE HOF defenseman against whom all other defensemen are still measured despite Bobby's tragically truncated career. So: what say you?! Let's rap! Non-gangster rap preferred.
  5. Refs best bow to decency and my demands or I will cast a royal wizard spell upon them which will likely beset their fields with locusts: No partial LA King pun intended. But I'm copasetic if such punning was inferred. P. S. Have you, has anyone, ever seen such a sequence in which one guy scores a shorthanded goal at Power Play start, then another one at Power Play finish? Eye-popping/eye-catching stuff! [<--closest (EP/EC) emoticon I could find]
  6. Let Shark goals one and two for Game 2 be warnings and reminders for refs not to call weak or nonexistent penalties at any time. That goes double for the Playoffs. Couture goes beast mode to bookend that nonsense called on Sorensen.
  7. Since before game one for this series began, I've been thinking there must be a great "We beat the Bolts; we can beat anybody!" vibe permeating the Carolina locker room. Fun time to be Hurricane staff or fan! If the Canes make the Stanley Cup Finals, forget what I said about trading all the for all the Lightning! We will take Carolina instead. I'll call Luc and with all my totally nonexistent LA front office power, we'll get something worked out. May I also add how much I like to see peeps rocking Whaler jerseys at games! Mercy I miss watching the Whalers and the Bruins knock the unholy Hades out each other. I must, however, wonder about the Canes' current home jerseys: What's going on there with the two cherry Life Savers motif? Not exactly the way to get the opposition shaking in skates when considering the Canes or Mother Nature's fury. But given how much playoff backside the postseason-undefeated Hurricanes are currently kicking, perhaps it's better for opponents that their jerseys look good only half the time.
  8. Cheering for the Isles. Don't know nearly enough about either team to wager an educated prognostication. Amazing breakaway save from Mrazek just now!
  9. Not only did I enjoy watching the deciding game-- but I can practically guarantee there won't be a rematch of last year's Cup Finals.
  10. I would have LOVED to watch Game 6 and 7 thrillers for any series! But when I tried to for this one, NBCSN instead provided car shows! Anybody else experience that, wanna help me with a class-action lawsuit?
  11. What's up with the Coach leaving Smith in after five goals went in: trying to mess with his psyche? sabotage his playoff GAA? backup goalie refused to engage the game's weird mojo in which it seemed even Refs and players were about to exchange punches?
  12. In case Tampa Bay doesn't become one of only a few teams to ever overcome a 0 - 3 playoff deficit, does this Columbus series win become the biggest first-round upset since Isles over Pens in '93? or since ________________?
  13. The one I'm referring to was shoulder-to-shoulder and nobody was boarded. I've got no problem with refs calling Boarding; but if Charging's gonna get called, there'd better be a bayonet or jousting-stick involved.
  14. What's this rot with refs calling Charging? Guy lines up an opponent with a shoulder hit and a calls "Charging"? There some plot underway to make the NHL softer than the NFL...?
  15. I have to hate Vegas: I'm a Kings fan. But if it helps any, I hate the Flames more.

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