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  1. Has anybody heard any news about where this guy may sign?? I have found nothing since late August.
  2. Went to the game last night... it is very early but this is what I saw from the small sample size. - Strome actually looked okay playing with McDavid and Maroon. Banged in a couple garbage goals but he was always in good position and may just fit in fine on the top line. - Puljujarvi looked slow and out of place. To me, he hasn't progressed. He did not have a jump in his step or did he show any desire to go to a corner and fight for a job. I don't think he will make the team honestly...but...very small sample size. - Nurse looks faster and more confident. - Talbot was very solid but against a weak squad. _ Letestu and Kassian looked like a couple of guys working hard to make the team. - McDavid still needs to shoot more.
  3. I thought Marner played well, with purpose and energy. JVR looked slow and out of place on that line. Zaitsev looked solid. He will shine shortly. Andersen....yikes.
  4. I was just leaning towards letting him develop a little first. Far too many times do college kids get unrealistic expectations put on them when all they have done is play well against college students... who go to school and party. They are not Pros and he may need half a season, or more, to grow into his potential.
  5. You also forgot Grabner ! I see this happening. Nash/ Stepan /Zuccarello - this will cause ZERO fear into other top lines. Krieder / Zinbanejad / Miller - again...reaching Grabner / Hayes / Pirri - could be solid against other 3rd lines Vesey / Lindberg / Buchnevich - learning curve here...let them grow into and up the depth chart. I see Fast filling in when ever somebody gets hurt. Jensen, Gerbe, and Glass playing elsewhere. The cupboard is completely bare of forward talent in the minors.
  6. Good points !! I do know that Yak is not liked as a "TEAM GUY".... have heard from the dressing room that he is not a social guy...doesn't join them for dinner often....doesn't hang out beyond the rink... that does matter to young guys and may trickle over to non preferential treatment on the ice if he isn't liked. Maybe he will thrive elsewhere.... I would like to see both him and Eberle moved as I stated above. Good points JR Ewing.
  7. "The Oilers pick this year could be a godsend in a trade. They don't need it." I think they do need that player actually. We talk about all these great picks and young studs but really - Eberle will be moved, hopefully for a good Dman, - Yakapov is really a write off and they are the worst team in the league AGAIN. I would keep him and play him on the third pairing.... we have waited this long...lets wait a another season for our own guys to grow. Add 1 Dman through trade (Eberle) and sign one and they make the playoffs next season.... stick with Sekera, Klefbom, Nurse and Davidson...the last three are all Rookies basically.
  8. My take on the Oilers Goal tending - Talbot wasn't the problem. Like many younger goalies in the past I believe the Oilers do have somebody who could grow into the stud to lead them deep into the playoffs. He didn't have a ton a really bad games like the last few keepers did and put up respectable numbers for a very bad team. Defense - Sekera, Nurse, Klefbom and Davidson will be in the Top 6 for years to come. Davidson was a +7 in 51 games as a rookie (the best on the team). They do need to pick up 2 solid guys... probably a #1 and a #3 guy and let Nurse and Klefbom develop a bit more as #4 and #5 guys. Gryba and Pardy were also good pick ups and could turn out ok in a 5/6/7 role. Fayne, Nakita, and Ference are finished in Edmonton. Offense - Hall, McDavid, Nuge, Dr.Drai, and Maroon are keepers. Eberle will be the one to be traded for a D man. Yak will be moved. Pouliot, Letestu, and Korpikoski are all lower pairing or expendable in a trade as I don't believe they will get them to the promise land. They need a guy like Scott Hartnell !! Hartnell will provide leadership. grit, and still put a few pucks into the net. He will take the attention off of some of the kids and still bleed for them if needed. Eberle, Pouliot, and Yakapov for Hartnell and Savard? Columbus loses a good d man but get younger up front. Free Agents - I have not looked at our cap situation yet...but.... if we can make it work...go out and sign a couple of Top 6 right wingers... I prefer Kyle Okposo, and Juri Hudler. Grab both of them if we can afford it. Also grab Alex Goligoski.... solid Dman with a +21 this year.... Could we look like this next year? Hall McDavid Hudler Hartnell Nuge Okposo Puljujarvi? Draisaitl Maroon Korpikoski Letestu Kassian Sekera Goligoski Klefbom Savard Nurse Davidson Gryba Talbot Broissoit That line up would be greatly improved. If we were to land Puljujarvi he could slide into a third line pairing and let him grow slowly instead of throwing him to the wolves like they did with their other young guys. Chiarelli will have to find ways of moving salary but with many young guys on low cap hits it is possible.
  9. I am assuming you mean AHL player and not American player as he was born in Saskatchewan
  10. I have a pair im selling...cant make it to the game that night as the Olympic Trials are in town for my sport and I will be busy. If you are in EDM and looking for tickets, send me an email at klomas98@yahoo.com.
  11. Winnipeg is playin well...nobody will move from there IMHO
  12. Kopitar, Crosby, Hall, and Kunitz have Zero Goals, Zero Assists between them all. I would say Pittsburg will move....Hornqvist and Bennett for some D help.....maybe for Fowler? (I havent looked at any contarcts or anything...just throwing it out there) Addition: They could bring up Shea Theodore, Korbinion Holzer, or a few others for their 6th Dman and gain the banging of Hornqvist
  13. So right...he can just FLY !!! Already MvDavid does things a light speed that most NHLers cant do slowly.....there are many highlights on the way !
  14. I am not an NHL coach...but I think I would bring him up and play him beside mcD and Hall. at least until Eberle is back. Give you a longer look at his progress, gets lots of minutes and has chemestry already with thse guys. So far (small sample size) Slepyshev would go to 2nd line with RNH and Pouliot. Slep will go in the corners as will Pouliot.) SWitching Slep and Draisaitl may happen as well. Yak with Lander and Korpikoski ( they will stir it up and have some offensive skills as well) Hendricks, Letetstu, Klinkhammer, Gazdic, Purcell. To earn ice time these guys should be getting hurt or at least very sore every night. The 3 healthiest get to play. Purcell may not suit this style so wave him or make him change. He doesnt mind hitting already but his offensive skills have gone away. This was written in the wall of my minor leauge dressing room. 4th Line Creed - You are the GRIT and HEARTof this team, as important as any other player we have, you are the one that softens them up, gets in the face of every player, disrupts their plans, you are the PEST and you NEVER STOP MOVING your feet. Lets get 1 goal, 4 blocked shots, 4 takeaways, 8 hits, and 2 fights per game from this group EVERY GAME. WE NEED YOU. Once Eberle is back we should have a better idea of what we have and what we never will. Draisaitl may earn a spot. They may realize he isnt ready again...worth a shot. It cant get any worse !! Kev
  15. I will try and give a recap of each game I see. You may not agree, because people see different things, but this is what saw. As always...comments are welcome but lets not berate each other Edmonton at St.Louis Final Score - 3 - 1 St.Louis I thought the game was closer than the score shows (1 empty net goal). The youth of the Oilers really showed. St.Louis looked composed as always.... being a Hitchcock team. In general, I feel the Oilers D played much better than I have seen in years. I was a little nervous about Reinhart getting a big assignment (top D pair) but he was fine. Griffin and Gryba played big and strong like they should. Klefbom was very solid and made a few nice plays to get the puck out of harms way. The forwards, for the most part, looked a little confused and unorganized. Not many tape to tape passes. Same as the last few years...many good individual plays but you cant do it alone. They just dont play together a whole bunch. Oilers 3 Stars 1. Cam Talbot - He really kept the Oilers in the game. Played solid the whole game. 2 goals/28 saves 2. Oskar Klefbom - I thought he showed some promise tonight. He could already be their best d-man. 3. Anton Slepyshev - showed heart, was aggresive, skated hard, and really seemed to start to be comfortable by the third period. I think this kid will be pretty good for us. Oilers Bum of the game 1. Teddy Purcell - Somebody has to bite the bullit and sit this guy. They have Gazdic, Hendricks, Korpikoski, Letestu and Purcell. They all cant play on the 4th line. Just waive somebody and bring up Draisaitl. Purcell was -3 and was awful in my eyes. I have never liked him so I could be biased. The St.Louis guys just play the game the correct way. They seem to be in the right spot at all times and if they get beat it was just pure skill. Well coached and well seasoned. Not much spark but they didnt miss many opportunities when it mattered. McDavid watch - Meh, looked nervous at the start and then once he got his feet under him he didnt seem to be in sinc with the others. It will take some time. Next up - in Nashville on Saturday Night... Thanks, Kev The Mountain Man

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