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  1. So, to summarize..........firing the Coach every 3-4 years is no way to try to win. Patience is required. Not knee-jerk reactions. We have been building something here, and Babcock is a big part of that. Now enjoy watching the kids play. And............WAIT.
  2. Was that harsh? It's so........hard for me to tell.
  3. LOL. Wrong! You need to wait for the core guys to mature!! Other than maybe Tavares, the "old guys" you mentioned are NOT our best players.......far from it. Marner and Matthews and Rielly ARE, and your lack of patience is typical of much of a very pathetic portion of Leaf Nation. WAIT for the rebuild to bear it's fruit and stop moaning about firing the coach........it's DUMB. And no, they should NOT listen to you. There is a reason they are professional hockey people, making loads of money and with loads of experience, and you are an anonymous poster on a hockey forum with 12 members.
  4. Well, Matthews is 21. Marner is 22. Nylander is 23. Rielly just turned 25. Kapanen is 22. Johnsson is 24. Dermott is 22. So even though you want to fire the Coach and your "patience is gone"(largely because of Leaf teams from before this group was even around)........sorry, but that's just silly. They are KIDS still. It takes time. You will have to wait. Thankfully, the team realizes that, and are keeping the ship pointed in the right direction and are NOT listening to you.
  5. Looks like Dubas doesn't plan on firing the Coach that was hired just 4 years ago. Imagine that.
  6. Uh........but it IS a lack of playoff experience. Y'know how many times Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Johnsson, Kapanen, Rielly, Hyman, Brown, Dermott, Gauthier, Moore, Zaitsev have each made it the post-season in their careers? Two for some, and three times for some. Even Tavares and Kadri have only done it four times each. That's 12-14 guys with hardly any playoff experience, on this team. Thankfully, they all now have at least these past three seasons under their belts. Relax, and show some patience. Jesus.
  7. LOL. We were dead last in the league just THREE years ago, and just had back-to-back 100+ point seasons with a bunch of 21 and 22 year olds. Babcock is not going anywhere.
  8. Clearly, no one should listen to you.
  9. LOL. Wow. What a complete joke. No other opinions are worthy, huh? Even if they happen to be right? Instead of the possibility that you might be wrong, it's someone else who's "abrasive and refuses to face facts". No sweat. I get it.
  10. Well.......you're basing your whole argument on what MIGHT happen, or if you'll ever be honest, what you HOPE will happen, rather than on the facts to date. Not surprising at all.
  11. No, he's 27. Annoying facts. And that is NOT old, by anyone's standards, anywhere. Except yours. He's good to perform at a high level for 5, 6, or maybe even 7 years. If he trails a bit when he's 34, he'll STILL be a deal at 8 million, in the year 2021. See the Sedins, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Thornton, Parise, Sharp, Carter, Spezza, Ribeiro, St. Louis, Hossa, Iginla..............for MANY examples of guys who play well and perform, into their 30's.
  12. LOL. I don't know, Man. I've showed you his actual achievements, and like always, you throw out a bunch of personal opinions, based on.......not much, other than your personal opinion. Do you ever argue your points with an unbiased view? Kessel is obviously not perfect, but has led the Leafs in scoring the last SIX seasons, and led most of the NHL in goals the last FIVE seasons . And he makes the same or less than most of the guys he's on my list, who he outscores. Now go ahead.........tell me how fat and useless he is, and how no one wants him. It's hilarious.
  13. Might have a little something to do with the TEAM he's currently on, huh?
  14. LOL. You guys are the ones with "slanted" views, regarding Kessel, and it's slanted BADLY. Sure, he's a bit of a one dimensional forward, but that dimension he has is ELITE. Ovechkin = 206 goals Stamkos = 202 goals Perry = 178 goals Kessel = 151 goalsNash = 151 goalsTavares = 150 goalsKane = 129 goalsMalkin = 125 goals Crosby = 119 goals Only three guys in the entire NHL have scored more goals than Kessel in the last 5 years. He also has 339 points over that time, which is good enough for top-10......over the last 5 years. Not just last year's performance is noted......FIVE YEARS. He may be what you call "fat" but he's dominated most scorers as that "fatty". Some teams are out there with cap space, or plans for cap space, and will be jumping at the chance to add a scorer like him. 7 years isn't that bad when you'll only be 35 when it's all over. Guys play until they're 40 all the time these days. And in a few years, 8 million is CHEAP for a consistent top-4 goal scorer, and top-8 point getter in the NHL.
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