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  1. Attention Fellow Phantoms Season Ticket Holders: Don't go ordering any #24 Twarynski jerseys. This kid will be back up with the Flyers in no time. He was one of the best players on the ice both weekend games against Charlotte. Not only was he scoring but he played well defensively and didn't back down from Checkers players trying to rough up the rookie. I wasn't expecting much from him but he was easily the most impressive new face in LV. And he more than held his own in Flyers' camp. Bunnaman looked good too. Kase not so great. Rubtsov kind of meh but he only played Saturday. All got PK minutes and didn't allow any PP goals so that's a big plus for now. The two no name tryout goalies both looked pretty good as well. Then again, Charlotte didn't play their big guns. The Phantoms defense is gonna be interesting with so many gone from last year's team. Coach Gordon is gonna have a chore deciding who to sit with eight of their top 10 scorers from last year coming back.
  2. I'm continually amused by the boneheads that complain that Giroux "only gets his points on the power play". Like those goals don't count in the final score. I also doubt he gets over 100 again but hopefully the rest of te cast can chip in to make up the deficit. That Dale Weise is due for a goal explosion. Seriously, I do think Weal, Laughton, Leier and Lindblom almost have to put up more points.
  3. Wow! No respect for Tom Wilson at all. I know if he were a Flyer he'd be a fan favorite. I think he's one of those guys whose value isn't reflected in stats. He's a spark for them. "Goon" might be the right term by today's standards, but he brings much more than the old definition of the word. He can score on occasion and he protects the Caps top assets. The kind of guy we've been screaming for for a decade.
  4. And I think you're all nuts. You don't want a Hall of Fame defenseman? A guy that controls the game every minute he's on the ice? And mentioning Ghost in the same sentence? Wow! Talk about being homers. No wonder Flyers' management keeps their jobs year after year after year. You guys buy into everything they tell you.
  5. I hear you but Bob McKenzie was saying that this selection really pissed off the Rangers. He was at least on their radar a few picks later. When Homer was shown on the phone just before the pick was made I was hoping Calgary had called and wanted to offer Dougie Hamilton for that 19th selection. They were supposedly quite desperate to get a first rounder according to the media.
  6. Their future is looking better and better by the minute. New management, new coach, probably keeping JT, and with Dobson, Wahlstrom, Kiefer Bellows, Barzal, Ho-Sang and Pulock on their way. If they can get goalie Sorokin in the fold they could be a contender for years.
  7. But...what if the rumors about signing Carlson pan out? Would we really need Ghost anymore? Could we afford him? If people want to give Hextall credit for building the LA Kings remember that they didn't do it solely through the draft. They made a lot of trades. Remember Flyers West?
  8. I wouldn't get too concerned about any of this. I remember last year people worrying that we'd lose a goalie because we could only protect one. I felt pretty sure there would be better goalies than Neuwirth, Stolarz and Lyon available. We ended-up losing an average 4th liner. Probably a young defenseman would go, but by the time that draft rolls around hopefully our brilliant management team will have figured out who is the odd man out. I don't see any franchise cornerstones among the likes of Morin, Sanheim and Myers.
  9. Not so sure about that. They're pretty young too. Phantoms have some pretty seasoned older guys like Conner, McDonald and Carey. Toronto is young and talented and will be a thorn in the Flyers' side for a long time. Just like us they are convinced their prospects are pretty incredible. But so are a lot of other teams. That's why I try not to get too hung up on how bright the Flyers' future is supposed to be. Plenty of other organizations think they have great talent waiting in the wings. Time will tell.
  10. I've heard the Flyers are interested in the Caps' John Carlson from a couple different places. He'd be an interesting addition. Still only 28 and an UFA. That would make some of the younger defensemen expendable who would then be nice assets to exchange for help up front.
  11. Hire Clark Donatelli ("Tommy Boy") away from WBS at the end of the year. That guys gets more out of a pile of crap than any coach I've seen in years. He's keeping the Baby Pens atop their AHL division with a line-up of free agents, castoffs and ECHLers because most of his early season lineup is up in Pittsburgh due to injuries. Steal away talent from your enemy. I was happy when Hexy mostly went outside the Flyer family to build his coaching staff, but the college coach stuff never works. Time to move on. But give him until the end of the season.
  12. Laughton played wing on the Phantoms 50% of the time.
  13. Kjell Samuelsson's son and local product. But they need wingers.

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