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  1. And then you have Pittsburgh who tanked in the mid-80's to get Lemieux. Then Jagr and garnered two Cups. Then became irrelevant, threatened to move (again) and tanked for a couple seasons to get Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury. I hate to give them any credit but their management must be brilliant because they continually trade away draft picks to get trade deadline pieces yet continually find a way to keep WBS a viable feeder system. The cast of the Baby Pens continually changes but they not only keep sending good replacements up to the parent team, but they remain a pretty decent AHL squad as well. The Flyers should steal some of their scouting staff, promote them and replace the alumni club that's here now.
  2. Nice game for Farabee. One of the few guys on the ice willing to hit anyone. Frost was invisible. Interesting to see Ratcliffe on PK2. I thought he looked slow or just bad at reading the flow of play at even strength but he came out smelling like a rose. It's still an adjustment period for these AHL rookies. Rubtsov and Sushko had strong defensive games. And I still can't believe Myers didn't make the big team. He looks way too good for the AHL. Let's see if they can maintain this level of play against a much better Hershey Bears lineup.
  3. I don't think he's Hal Gill slow but he isn't a fluid skater either. He seems to lack hockey sense in recognizing where the opposition is headed in the defensive zone. Having a long reach helps him cover up his being in the wrong position. To me he is a tweener: a good AHLer and a mediocre NHLer. He won't be a top four guy.
  4. I've watched Morin in Allentown the past three years. He is nothing more than Ollie Lauridsen 2.0. He's slow and not particularly belligerent like everyone wants to believe. He isn't the kind of guy to try to ignite a spark by gooning it up and I never saw him come to the aid of a teammate. He certainly can fight (or at least wrassle a guy to the ground) but he isn't ornery and is often out of position. His size helps a lot but he is not the second coming of Chris Pronger or even Chris Therrien. Let him play for a few games then trade him. They have much much better prospects waiting in the wings.
  5. Giroux has a NMC so he can't be exposed.
  6. Has Eklund EVER guessed right?
  7. The Flyers and Yankees will also ban the 101st Airborne from future events due to wearing blackface prior to D-Day.
  8. I watched Morin for 3 seasons in LV. He's nothing special. Just because he's big you guys wanna believe he's some big tough bruiser. He's slow as molasses, lacks hockey sense, is often out of position and simply isn't all that mean. Not once did I see him try to stir things up to wake up the team nor do I ever remember seeing him come to the aid of a teammate. Yes, he's had a couple of fights and done well but he's slow to anger. Bardreau and NAK are better agitators. He's does take a lot of dumb penalties though.
  9. Attention Fellow Phantoms Season Ticket Holders: Don't go ordering any #24 Twarynski jerseys. This kid will be back up with the Flyers in no time. He was one of the best players on the ice both weekend games against Charlotte. Not only was he scoring but he played well defensively and didn't back down from Checkers players trying to rough up the rookie. I wasn't expecting much from him but he was easily the most impressive new face in LV. And he more than held his own in Flyers' camp. Bunnaman looked good too. Kase not so great. Rubtsov kind of meh but he only played Saturday. All got PK minutes and didn't allow any PP goals so that's a big plus for now. The two no name tryout goalies both looked pretty good as well. Then again, Charlotte didn't play their big guns. The Phantoms defense is gonna be interesting with so many gone from last year's team. Coach Gordon is gonna have a chore deciding who to sit with eight of their top 10 scorers from last year coming back.
  10. I'm continually amused by the boneheads that complain that Giroux "only gets his points on the power play". Like those goals don't count in the final score. I also doubt he gets over 100 again but hopefully the rest of te cast can chip in to make up the deficit. That Dale Weise is due for a goal explosion. Seriously, I do think Weal, Laughton, Leier and Lindblom almost have to put up more points.
  11. Wow! No respect for Tom Wilson at all. I know if he were a Flyer he'd be a fan favorite. I think he's one of those guys whose value isn't reflected in stats. He's a spark for them. "Goon" might be the right term by today's standards, but he brings much more than the old definition of the word. He can score on occasion and he protects the Caps top assets. The kind of guy we've been screaming for for a decade.
  12. And I think you're all nuts. You don't want a Hall of Fame defenseman? A guy that controls the game every minute he's on the ice? And mentioning Ghost in the same sentence? Wow! Talk about being homers. No wonder Flyers' management keeps their jobs year after year after year. You guys buy into everything they tell you.

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