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  1. that about sums it up. Certainly we can add more re: the defense.
  2. Under normal circumstances, I would say yes. But this is not your grandma's Preds. Lavy has changed and adapted.
  3. I really like trotz. its kind of funny to think how perception is that Trotz is a defensive minded coach and Lavy is an offensive minded coach. Last year under Trotz, Nashville was a -26 in goal differential. This year under Lavy, thus far, they are a +15. Go figure.
  4. I know, I am just joking around. I heard Toronto is looking for defencemen.
  5. And Franson was even as well. Pretty remarkable when you think that only one of Nashvilles goals were scored on the PP and that both Franson and Phaneuf played 20 minutes each. What are the odds of that??
  6. They have defensemen in Toronto?? Who knew!!! I wonder if they would be interested in Luke Schenn? :-P
  7. Don't drag me into this! LOL, I am just commenting that we haven't had a good pissing match on here for a while. I am just the gawker looking at the wreckage while driving by. :-P
  8. Its been a long time since we had a good old fashioned pissing match on here. Carry on. :-)
  9. I think I saw that guy. He was missing half of his front teeth and had one of those business in the front and party in the back devo hair styles. and was wearing his sons pens jersey so his half keg of a beer belly was hanging out in all its glory for all to see.
  10. If you don't know who did it, obviously you can't arbitrarilly haul off on anyone (I wish that I could find that "priceless" pricture of 4 flyers fans pounding on a devils fan at a Flyers playoff game in philly, that would say otherwise, ha ha). I would like to think that an innocent bystander would have the gumption to easily point out the culprit either to the kids father or to security, thus no longer making it an "random" selection on retribution.
  11. Thats a stunner isn't it?? Lacrosse is the national sport because it was invented by native north americans (and I am going to suspect native north americans somewhere in Canada. Hockey (at least in is initial inception) is believed to have origins to Ireland and that irish military stationed in Canada exposed their variation of it to Canadian soldiers. At least that is one version or its origins I have heard. If true, because not actutally invented by Canadians, I can see how its not the national sport.
  12. It is frankly embarrasing that europe knows more about the US / Canada than its own residents. That said, Asia, as much as the love "hollywood" would be lucky to find north (let alone) south america to pin it to a map.
  13. the guy with the stick looks allot like me. Where do I go for copywrite infrengment?
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