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  1. Maybe my radar was off on him. Just a year or two ago, he was supposed to be a key asset in Toronto's resurgence. He showed that he was a very dynamic young forward. Maybe hes fallen off since then. I still wouldn't mind having him, but not for gost or provorov and not to sign him for $8M. If it was something closer to sanheim, Simmonds, and a pick, and they could sign him for $6M, I'd think about it.
  2. Yeah...I dont know why everyone is against it. I have a problem giving up Gost though. To me, he is the most untouchable defenseman. Not saying I would give up provorov either, but I think gost has shown to be more dynamic. If he would tighten up the defensive part of his game, he could be a Norris candidate one day.
  3. I'm afraid you are dead on here. Those 7/8 points probably hurt more than it helped. If they got 2/8, I wonder how hard hextall would go after Quinville.
  4. Flyers are ultimate slump busters in the past 5 years. I went to bed when the flyers were up after 2 periods against the sharks. I had a feeling they would lose. Since Karlson was slumping, I thought for sure he would be responsible for a goal to help them win the game. I was wrong...it was Thornton who hasn't scored in forever.
  5. I didnt watch the 3rd but you brought up something that I've been meaning to touch on something that has been bothering me for a while. I dont know how to research this, but is there a team in the league that has had more 1/2 periods of hockey without a shot in the past three years than the flyers? Seems like at least every other game this happens. Do other teams in the league have this problem?
  6. You are dead on. Something has changed with my relationship with the game. It used to be a big part of my life but now I find myself losing interest. My life has changed married and more busy with a 5 year old), but the game has changed also. Is it the sport or is it because our favorite team has taken on the personality of the most uninteresting coach in the NHL. My nights usually go like this. Flyers come out slow. They go down a goal or 2. Sloppy play that has no flow continues through the second period and I start to get sleepy. At the second intermission I go up to see what my wife is watching. I really want to stay up with her but feel it is my duty to finish the game. I'll watch about 5 minutes of more sloppy play in the third, then I wake up in the middle of the post game show. This team needs a spark. I dont care if it's the right move or not, I get excited when I hear rumors of a coaching change. Any trade or firing in the organization is the only thing that gives me hope.
  7. I already dont like this team...again. There's absolutely nothing compelling about them. They aren't great at anything, and they're bad or average at other things. I wouldn't be surprised if they win one/lose one and end up 41-41 at the end of the season. I'm not saying the season is over, but they are just absolutely irrelevant to me right now. If you could compare their personality to someone we all would know, who would it be? I think the perfect personality match is Dave Hakstol. Their personality comes directly from their leader. What has he done in his 4 or 5 years as head coach? I'm not thinking about wins and losses in that time, I'm trying to think what hes actually done to make the team do anything well. Are they faster? Is their defense better? Is he getting the most out of his goalies? Is their PK better? Is their PP any good? Are they a high powered offense? Are they a big, tough team? I can honestly say no to every single one of those questions. Is that because he doesn't have good enough players? I sure hope that's not the case. Hextall was a magician to clear cap space and draft future superstars. I dont know about everyone else, but I was thinking this would be the year they start to gel and take steps forward. Are they just not good or is their coach a stiff?
  8. I'm sorry but I still think the flyers got dominated. Too many turnovers and they were getting peppered the entire game. Neuvirth let in 2 softies but came up huge when he had to. Who missed their assignment on the late chance by Crosby? It's not like it was some bottom 6 player that found an open spot in the slot, it was Sidney Crosby left all by himself standing at the corner of the far post. How does that happen??? As far as the lineup, I do think it helped. Inserting weise was smart but I'd rather see read out. The best move and a move that should have happened 20 games ago is Hagg. I don't know how you can leave him out of the lineup. However, they took the wrong guy out and kept manning. I didn't feel really confident after that win.
  9. He did make ND a perennial contender but I heard an interesting stat the other day. I just looked it up to confirm. They won the championship in 2000 and 2016. Hak was there from 2004-2015. They also won in it 1997. So although he did have success, he never got them a championship, and they won championships not long before him and immediately after him. Does that mean anything? Who knows. His coaching style doesn't do anything for me though.
  10. Get off the ice you sad sacks of schzit!
  11. It's amazing how these games are over half way through. They don't need to play the rest of this.
  12. I agree with your general point. Hak doesn't have a good feel for the timeout. As mentioned in the thread, the challenge could come in handy later in the game. What was the time in the game when the pens went up 3-0? If it's close to 14, 10, or 6 minutes, it's USUALLY, not a bad idea to wait for commercial break to pull the goalie and talk to the team. In this case, I believe goal 4 was five seconds later, so that wouldn't have helped. I think a bigger issue is their play after a goal, either for or against. I bet if you could find a stat for opposing scoring chances against within the first minute after a goal, flyers would be the worst. They had their heads down after the third goal, Giroux lost the faceoff, and the penguins were full steam ahead. They weren't up on their skates at that point and Pittsburgh took advantage.
  13. Stop talking such logic. Hak knows what he's doing. He's going with the same lineup because why fix what ain't broken. Why would he change what's been working against the pens all season? As soon as Hagg went out, the flyers defense has looked very sloppy. He's not the fastest guy but he knows how to neutralize players very well. I'm not saying he's pronger, but his defensive style reminds me of pronger. If anything, isn't he better than manning, gudas, or Macdonald? So Hagg>manning Hagg>gudas Hagg>Macdonald Yet Hagg does not = play? It doesn't make sense! Also Weal>read Weal>lehtera Yet weal does not = play! What players do the pens not play because they put a lehtera, read, gudas and manning out there? They know what works because they play these no-name guys that buy into, and can play a good system.
  14. I've been up and down on certain players this season as well as the past few seasons. One thing I've been consistent with in that time though, has been the coach. I think he's a putts. He didn't lose that game for them last night, but he is the main reason they lost 0-7. The only way I thought it would be possible for them to get back in the series was to come out in the third with the better team and score a goal or two. Instead, they came out with the same lame effort they had in the first 2 periods and Pittsburgh put two more on them. It also seemed like he was double shifting guys like gudas, manning, read, and lehtera. I swear they were out there the entire game. Also, is it me or did the flyers get much worse defensively when Haag disappeared from the lineup? He's injured right? He has to be injured. I mean, there's no way someone that knows the slightest bit about hockey would keep Haag out while manning, gudas, and Macdonald make up half of your defense.
  15. Looking at it objectively, as a neutral fan of hockey, can anyone make the case why Giroux shouldn't win the Hart? I'm sick of all this Hall B.S. hart talk.

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