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  1. I keep reading about voracek or JVR being possible trade bait. What is their value to another team? I think we (flyers fans) keep talking about it as a possibility because we want it to happen. I dont know if players like that are in demand though. I think the return would be average draft picks, average prospects, or another underachieving player looking for a change of scenery. I never thought I'd say this, but the flyers need to get back to concentrating on the draft. I watched a phantoms game a few weeks ago and it was tough. I didnt know any of the players and they just
  2. You certainly can get a good player at 11. I just pointed out that flub because I'm not happy with this organization right now. It's a crapshoot outside of the first few picks. I actually like Morin and I hoped that he would add a presence and toughness the team was lacking. I watch a little but of phantoms hockey though, and it always looked like not much was going on upstairs. It's almost like the game moves too fast for his brain to process what's going on.
  3. I really hope there is a Sam Morin type available. I hope the flyers draft him and groom him for five years to be a 7th or 6th defenseman in the NHL one day.
  4. Is there any chance that Fletcher has a better feel for Quenville than we do? Quenville has had some health issues and he wasnt chomping at the bit to get a job after he got fired. Maybe he's not fully invested in hockey right now. Maybe his head is on the beach with warm weather and golf. Maybe he can make the Panthers somewhat exciting, enough to keep his job in a low expectation market.
  5. So that's what professional sports has become...good weather, low taxes, and going to a destination with little pressure? What ever happened to being a competitor and challenging yourself and feeding off of pressure? Babcock wasnt too worried about Toronto winters. Canada is expensive too. Matthews was there but Toronto wasnt, and still isnt, a well structured team. There was a lot of intrigue to go there though because its the leafs. I'm just sick of this franchise. They've really done nothing to get fans excited for at least 5 years now (thanks Hexy). Poor Giroux just wasted
  6. Ok, WTF has happened to this franchise? Are we seriously talking about who will be our second choice for coach when we lose our first choice to FLORIDA...seriously??? I also read that the Panthers will be a major player in getting panarin. I'm sick of this BS. The eagles made a major move to get a franchise QB who propels the team to win a superbowl. They are still expected to be a top team in the next few years. The Sixers did what they did to basically have 4 to 5 stars in their starting lineup. Everyone seems to be psyched about that. The Phillies wouldn't be outbid for H
  7. Is Elliot playing tonight? Less than a week ago, Elliot was getting booed out of the PPL center in favor for Lyon, and now he is our guy for the big rivalry notional outdoor game? Like you said, why do we need Talbot?
  8. I cant go but I was seeing if I could find one of those Gritty growth charts. My daughter loves gritty and she loves checking her height. If anyone would be willing to ship one to me in the lehigh valley, I'll throw you a few bucks. Let me know...thanks.
  9. I dont know what your history is with Giroux or what you have against him. To be honest, I'm not totally against triaging him or ANY other player on the team. I'm curious though, do you think Giroux is the best player on the team? If not, who is? If he's the best player on the team, why would you target him first?
  10. I'm not saying he's out of place either. I wanted to send him back to get some winning under his belt and also get a team in front of him that can play for him. I dont know if constant losing and lifeless play are the best thing for a 20 year old to be backing.
  11. This JJ and Jonesy thing is awesome. JJ is annoyingly upbeat sometimes and you wonder if that's him or if he's just being a "company man". It's good to hear some honesty from him. I agree with sending Hart back to LHV. I'm the first guy to want the young kids up to play for the flyers. I feel like they should be able to play for the big team if they are as good as we think they are. This is different though. I think Hart has played pretty well but the team has given up in front of him. I wouldn't mind riding Macenna for the rest of the games....all 40 of them. I'
  12. I'm not saying that Rinaldo adds any value to the preds, but I think it's funny how an elite team in the league will give him playing time, yet the entire flyer fanbase thought hextall was a God for getting rid of him. I guess the fans know better though.
  13. Maybe this has already been covered, but what can I expect to see from Gordon? What is his style of coaching? To be honest, I still dont know Hak's style was. It was like there was no style. He just told the guys to play hockey while he slept with his eyes open.
  14. I listened to all of 0 seconds of the press conference on 97.5. They had great coverage. Apparently Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz. That confused me though because those guys dont even play for the flyers. I thought maybe...just maybe they weren't airing the press conference of a head coach firing in a major sport, but that wouldn't be the case. 97.5 is the radio station of the flyers, and their mid day host/station management is a hockey guy. So for those who didnt hear it, Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz and someone brought up a mafia movie quote. Brian Westb
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