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  1. This was written in the 1859. "In 1658 Schout or Sheriff Nicasius D'Sille complains to the court of Burgomasters of the dogs making dangerous attacks upon him in his night rounds, and moreover that there was much "hallooing of the Indians in the streets and cuttings of ' hockies' by the boys, all which, being against good order, should be remedied." Mr. Valentine considers the Dutch term "hockies" untranslatable "although tradition has handed down a similar term among truant boys in some of the villages on the Hudson River." We presume it is our old school boy phrase "playing hookey," which survives to this day in Manhattan." The Literary World
  2. Perhaps the oldest image of Ice-Hockey from the 1700's in Williamsburg Virginia. [Hidden Content]
  3. I think this was recorded in 1777-1778.At the time the British possessed Philadelphia, in the winter of '77 and '78, the woods were so freely taken for the use of the army, that it was deemed most politic in the agent to cut them down and sell them. This was the business of one Adam Poth, a German of much self-consequence, well known to the city lads as a vigilant frustrater of many of their schemes to cut saplings, shinny-clubs, &c., in his woody domains. Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in the olden time
  4. Pittsburgh Duquesne Gardens in January 1900.

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