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  1. So, were Simmons' instigators legit calls, then? I wouldn't consider him a goon, and he was basically sticking up for his teammates on much cheaper hits.
  2. Can anyone explain the instigator penalty to me? After Schenn laid that huge check on a Bruins player, Miller came over to start a fight to stick up for his teammate. Why is that not an instigator penalty? How is that any different than what Simmons has been nailed for, twice?
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    If JVR is slated to come back, and Rinaldo is the one that he will replace, it makes sense for Rinaldo to just destroy some Penguins. Say what you will about Neal and Asham and Adams, but the Flyers need to hurt Crosby. He is the one that escalated the tension every time he was on the ice, and it was all out of frustration. Don't go after their 3rd and 4th liners. Make it hurt with Crosby, who is ultimately responsible for the way his teammates play. Crosby is such a miserable loser, that he can't handle himself when things (and calls) aren't going his way. He caused a lot of the crap that
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