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  1. Rad, If this trade is for a 5th and we retain 25% of his salary, we got the short end of the stick. Why should we be so helpful? Doubt they return the favor in the future. This front office is getting as bad as the Eagles. I swear this city is jinxed with all of the front offices so dysfunctional.
  2. For years the cry concerned the lack of a good goalie, but now we have one. Now we are still crying for a true goal scorer but keep drafting these small fragile players. They seem like plastic toys made in China. Least little bump and they break. Were is the speed and skill we are supposed to have? I swear all Philly teams are cursed by the injury god and the injuries keep coming. Are we not conditioned properly or do we draft players who no nothing about nutrition and building up their bodies to withstand the riggers of the sport? Something is drastically wrong and needs to
  3. I disagree with those who say this is not Ron's fault. Respectfully disagree. Hakstol was his man so he is responsible for that hire. Hak may have been a good college coach but the NHL is another level that he is/was not prepared for. Just look at the number of games the team seemed to be unprepared for and what in-game management faults were obvious. Give the man a chance but this is the forth year and as most have cited, we're still stuck in neutral. Entire staff need a changing of the guard. Why were they not fired in the off season? New GM will not "develop" a
  4. Rux, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner and thanks for the reply. Been mulling this over in my mind regarding the coaching staff. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the LV staff supposed to be teaching and implementing the major league team system? It should make for a seamless transition when they move up to the Flyers. I don't see the seamless part of this but I read how lost they seem on arrival. Begs the question if Gordon would be any better than the present group. Agree with you re bringing back Stevens. There just has to be some hot shot minor league coach who i
  5. I'm on board with a changing of the coaching staff. Would Gordon be any better? Any highly rated suspects form another organization? Don't know if it's wise to make a change without a target in sight.
  6. Players are told to "sack up" and me thinks the GM should do so post haste. It's difficult to admit a mistake for many but Hex needs to admit Hak was a mistake, or at the very least the decision to hire him didn't work out. Keeping Lappy on to run the PK has been monumentally bad. If we have to start over, then by God do it. This team needs a coach like Torts to put some fire in the players gut. Same effort game after game. What is it that other teams have that we don't? Boston, Rangers, Tampa Bay, and even Florida can ice more talent. Why, could it be the front office experts?
  7. To All, It's been awhile since I posted. One of the things I've noticed is there are other teams able to add GOOD talent and remain under the cap. How do the Caps, Bruins, Pens accomplish this and we are not able to? A number of younger teams who have remarkable talent had to spend a number of years melting the ice with their stench in order to draft elite talent. Brings me to the Flyers who always had to be competitive and pay high for low talent. Thinking was they just needed one or two more players to get over the hump. They were never willing to pay the price that other team
  8. Short answer - heck no! We have two good goalies on the way. Hart will probably spend 1 year with LV then join the parent club. Sandstrom is not that far behind. How old is Price and they want 3 players plus these draft picks? What are they smoking? The way this team is built right now, we have too many holes to fill. I could see a trade for Price only if we had other pieces in place and were short a goalie, nut still not at that price. No pun intended.
  9. I was aware that he was sent back to minors but wondered about the contract. Strange that they were so excited about Meyers but not this playmaker. More to it than meets the eye perhaps.
  10. Any info re his status as a Flyer or free agent? I think he showed some good skills but have not read that he was signed. Thanks in advance.
  11. Appreciate your perspective and understand this to be the case. Hard to believe he would turn down a chance to prove his mettle and the hook up with another team. Not a sure thing he'll be drafted again so I guess he becomes a free agent.
  12. Just read the Flyers passed on signing this player. Didn't seem to have great numbers so probably no great loss.
  13. Guess he thinks he is a world beater and worth much more than he's being offered. Guess we should just move on from him. I'm sure there is another winger as good or better.
  14. Any word on the signing of Lonesome Dove-McFalls? Been looking but no info yet.
  15. I guess this is what happens after the big contract. Perhaps more should be written into these inflated deals that get automatically fined/reduced when the player intentionally deceives management. I have never been in favor of all these tourneys. either you play for the team that's footing the bill, or you play for the country that isn't. These players are not kids or college students anymore so what's the point? The goal is to win the cup or so I thought.
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