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  1. Both the Flyers and Pens have played 62 games. They are separated by just 3 points. The Pens record in the last 10 games is 5-4-1. The Flyers record in their last 2 is 6-2-2. The Pens chances of making the playoffs are at 76.4%. The Flyers are at 34.3%. The Flyers also have an easier schedule the rest of the way, and play the Pens 3 more times, 2 of those games at the Wells Fargo Center. The discrepancy between the percentages of making the playoffs, in my opinion should be closer to 55/45 for Pens/Flyers.
  2. McDavid, a forward, had 17 points in 14 games. Gostisbehere, a defenseman, had 13 points in 15 games, and set a record with his 15-game point streak. Yet the NHL gives the Rookie of the Month award to McDavid. No transparency here, NHL. Shove McDavid down the throats of fans everywhere, just like you did with Crosby. Even at the expense of a more deserving player for the monthly recognition in Gostisbehere. Forget the post I started a month ago regarding Ghost as ROY. I'm calling it now. McDavid will win rookie of the year.
  3. "The FBI Guide to unlocking the iPhone" by Tim Cook
  4. @Poulin20 2 moments burned in my head forever from the 85 & 87 teams. Poulin's 2-man SHG vs Quebec. JJ Daigneault's go ahead game 6 goal vs Edmonton, preceded by Propp's tying goal from the slot. So many what if's... Lindbergh... injuries in 87... Those teams still the best ever, as far as I'm concerned
  5. @radoran I agree completely, I guess my perspective is if they get into the playoffs, great. More games to watch. I'm just not, as I've been in the past, obsessing over the standings. Maybe it's just that as a Flyers fan this is the first time I ever remember an actual rebuilding process where the GM actually said they're not focusing on the playoffs, rather they're focused on the future. I also can't remember, as a Flyers fan, the last time we got to talk about home grown talent working their way up to the NHL and having an impact.
  6. @murraycraven I'm not rooting for the Flyers to lose, but rather I'm more interested in how well they may have played over what the outcome is. For example, the Carolina game was a great game. They played well, but lost. Put it this way. The 1984 Flyers has guys like Craven, Tocchet, the Sutters, and Pelle Eklund all under 21 years old. Mike Keenan was a rookie, and relatively unknown coach. In 2016 the Flyers have a ton of young talent on the way and a very good, yet relatively unknown coach. I'm excited at 2 years from now. Until then, it is just fun watching the kids develop.
  7. I realized something when watching Neuvirth make that incredible save last night. I wanted Minnesota to tie the game. I didn't want the hockey game to end. I wanted 3v3 OT. I wanted to watch Ghost with that open ice. After all of the talk about how great the "potential" is of the Flyers young blue line prospects - we are finally seeing it first hand. Ghost is, for all intents and purposes, the symbol of the Flyers future. His play has breathed life into the entire Flyers organization, and at the same time has validated Hextall's patient approach to building the team. And I love it. I don't want the Flyers to ever make the playoffs so they can be a 1st round punching bag. I don't want the Flyers to make the playoffs so they can play another 4-5 games and then be done. They can't compete with Washington, at least not right now. They're not ready... but it's coming. Ghost is just the first. A better draft pick is more important than making the playoffs this year. So when I saw Neuvirth make that save, I was a little deflated. I wanted 3v3. I wanted to see Ghost out there doing his thing. Why? Because I finally realized that the reason I love watching Ghost play, and the reason the playoffs are insignificant this year is because Ghost represents the Flyers future. A very promising future. He is just the first of several pieces who will renew our hope, our legitimate hope for a Stanley Cup. Until then, I am loving watching Flyers hockey again. Not for the wins and losses. Not for the points in the standings. But for knowing what is to come.
  8. I don't know how it can be said that he embellished AND suffered a concussion. In the Kerry Fraser article he does make a good point about how players will spin away to take a hit. That can look like a "dive" in many instances. As for the drawing penalties, I really don't mind if a player goes down to draw one. Late in a game, down by one or tie game... damn sure I'd want players I coach to stay down that extra second or two. Refs at all levels will most always react to the outcome more than the act. What I don't want to see is a player doing it all the time. However, when a player isn't known as a diver, or hasn't been "flopping" all game goes down - even as a dive - then it's part of the game. Has been since the origin of officiated games. The one thing that always bothers me though... in no way can there be both players if a dive is called. If it's a dive, then there is no obstruction. Just call the dive or the obstruction call. One of the other. Calling both is like getting a speeding ticket for going the speed limit.
  9. Anyone else find it ironic that this post started with being upset at G for embellishing and has moved to being upset with the NHL for not punishing Subban for the hit to the head?
  10. You know, I look at the replay and clearly Komarov's intent is just a physical "separate player from puck" play. Problem is that McDonagh shifts position and lowers a bit just as Komarov has already engaged. As is often the case in any hit, the elbow always comes up due to the impact. I think about when I'm playing if I hit someone with the shoulder. After contact the arm almost always will come up as means to regain balance, and or push off of the guy you just hit. I think that may be a bit of the case here, but because McDonagh is really susceptible to concussions it seems, he goes down. I think the question here is IF McDonagh goes down and then pops right back up... is anyone even having this discussion? IF Komarov delivers the same check to any player without sensitivity to concussion does that player go down and stay down? My opinion is that it was a solid hit with an elbow that came up after impact. In other words, a hockey play. I can see both sides of the argument here, but wouldn't be surprised either way on a suspension. Personally, I'd say the whining Vigneault did when Simmonds didn't get a suspension almost guarantees that Komarov gets one. Even if it may not have been warranted.
  11. MacDonald is 30 years old. I don't think a coach who is a year removed would still have an impact on his play. I think it's just two different styles of D. MacD is playing the more traditional defense. Keep the opposing player to the outside, ride him into the wall. Ghost cannot play that way because he's not big enough to ride someone out. He has to engage quickly, use his speed, and strip the puck. I think the difference here isn't the definition of one style being better than the other, rather one player being better than the other.
  12. If he reaches 2nd in rooking scoring, he's a lock for at least a nomination for ROY. The simple fact that he's putting up these points on such a horrible offensive team like the Flyers makes it even that much more remarkable.
  13. Watching the replay it appears to me Komarov's intent was shoulder to shoulder, when McDonagh lowered a bit more and took the shoulder, and then the elbow to the head. It's a hockey play that happens quite often, and quite often has a player in the box for 2 minutes. Yet McDonagh is clearly now susceptible to a concussion from a hit that most players would just shake off. Should players like Simmonds and Komarov be tagged with a match penalty and possible suspension because the player they hit has, for lack of a better term, a glass jaw? I still think that McDonagh must have been hit hard earlier in the game, or maybe even before the Flyers game as the glancing blow from Simmonds certainly should not have put the guy down and out for a few games. Whatever the case, I find it hard to believe the Simmonds jab will be McDonagh's Darius Kasparitus on Eric Lindros hit. Regardless, the Rangers should shut McDonagh down for the rest of the year. Before he runs into a Scott Stevens.
  14. One is not thinking "hey the refs are biased when it comes to the Flyers, I'm going to dive tonight and draw a penalty". The game moves too fast. A diver is a diver is a diver. Will always do it, against every team. As for Briere, he's the only player I know of who has ever come out and said he thought the Flyers had more penalties called against them than other teams he had played for. But let's consider that. He played for Phoenix and Montreal Buffalo before coming here. Not exactly teams known for physical type play.
  15. Ok, for as long as I can remember Flyers fans have claimed the refs are against them. For as long as I can remember my teammates on any given team that I've ever played for, at one point or another, have said the refs are against them. For as long as I can remember the EVERY parent of the kids I've coached under the age of 16 have said the refs are against us For as long as I can remember EVERY player I've ever coached at one point or another has said the refs are against us. See the pattern? The grass isn't always greener. The refs aren't picking sides. Perception of the officials will always differ between two sides.
  16. There's a difference between a pitcher and a hockey player. In baseball scouting can and does have an impact on a pitcher or batters performance because the game is slower. There is time to think about the scouting report between pitches. Time to think about what pitch a pitcher will throw in a count. Time to recognize the arm motion and identify the pitch as it's coming in. That's much harder to do in hockey. I'm sure the scouting report on Ghost reads something like "anticipates the play well. excellent acceleration and lateral movement. due to his physical size he can be muscled off the puck. Very quick release and hard shot from the point." So what can a player do? Ok he releases the puck quick and has a hard shot. Play closer to him and take away that shot. Play the body on him, take advantage of size mismatches. Sure, that all works.... BUT... and I'm going to quote a line from Youngblood here "Why doesn't somebody hit the hot dog?" "They can't catch him"
  17. Strictly from a hockey perspective, and removing my orange & black colored glasses, Gostisbehere has that "it" factor. He is confident in himself without being cocky. The way he reads the play and instantly reacts with no hesitation. Confident in his read. Doesn't second guess. Defensively, like the 3rd goal the Devils scored last night, you can see where his lack of size/bulk sometimes costs him. But the decision making and instinct is still often always right. That's rare to see in any player, let alone a rookie just a few months into his NHL career. The surprise is, nobody really saw this coming. Sure, people thought Ghost was a good player. But he was behind a handful of blueline prospects in terms of potential. Yes, this is a lameass season with not much to be happy about. But Ghost... damn. All I keep thinking is that I hope he is STILL behind the handful of prospects who were ahead of him in regards to potential. If that's the case, then a Cup will certainly be headed down Broad St within a few years.
  18. If John Scott can captain an NHL All Star team then Shayne Gostisbehere can win ROY
  19. Since I started this ROY post, just thought I'd put out some other numbers... In games where Gostisbehere hasn't played the Flyers PP is 12.5%. In games with Ghost in the lineup, 21.2%. For comparison, the Caps lead the league at 23.7%.
  20. ahh, the player who is outperforming his contract. Imagine that. Guess that happens when you don't trade away your youth for older veteran players who are under-performing their contract. I agree though, I find myself trying to catch the line changes in hopes that Ghost is coming back out. Haven't had that feeling since #88
  21. I'm sure most, if not all has seen hockeysfuture.com's analysis on Gostisbehere... I know it's early, really early, but a ceiling of Carlson / Shattenkirk for Gostisbehere? Yes, these ratings were given before Ghost even played a pro game, but I think he could end up more on the lines of a Subban than a Shattenkirk.
  22. Honestly, I don't think it's a 5-min major penalty or suspension worthy. Wasn't a blindside hit as Farnham saw him coming. Gudas just didn't change his path and intentionally ran into him. If Farnham doesn't drop to the ice and stay down, play continues with no penalty called. Having said that, I hope Gudas gets a suspension & it forces the Flyers to call up a Morin, Hagg or Alt. Also hoping losing Gudas would push MacDonald off of Ghost's line.
  23. You know, the other night I was leaving the local ice rink after practice and the game was on the TV in the lobby. A parent of one of the kids I coach glances over and says "Ghost got another point tonight". We then started talking about the kid, and how he has almost singlehandedly become the reason many are watching the Flyers again. Just as we're saying that, Ghost makes a terrific defensive play by anticipating a pass, using his speed, and eliminating the chance the other way - all inside the other team's defensive zone. So while a lot of people keep saying that Ghost is great, but he's not the best defensive player - I ask, what are we using to measure such effectiveness as a defenseman? Is it because he's not the traditional definition of a d-man in being big, strong, and able to clear the front of the net? This was the conversation at the rink in front of that TV. Several others started chiming in, about the incredible anticipation Ghost has. And more specifically, the speed at which he anticipates the play. His read/react time is incredibly quick, and when matched with his physical quickness, his best defensive attribute is often the ability to simply keep the puck in the offensive zone. Perhaps that's why he's a +4 on a team that is an overall -14. He has 16 points on the power play, third on the team behind Giroux, 19; and Voracek, 18. If you include the power play points, he's a +20. By comparison, Giroux is a -8. Include G's PPP and he's a +11. MDZ, -8. Point is, I think all of this talk is nonsense with his defensive weakness. Especially this early into his NHL career. ROY nominee. Has to be.
  24. Maybe Streit just looks slow now in comparison to Gostisbehere.

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