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  1. I'm half expecting to read: Flyers traded Filppula to Pittsburgh for Streit.
  2. I'd actually do Voracek and Morin for Stamkos
  3. Dear Penguins, Thank you for continuing the misery of the dirty Washington Capitals. I'll admit, I do find it ironic that I turned to Sidney & Co as a means to defeat a whining sniveling group of entitled-to-the-Cup team and it's prepubescent band of Ovechkin jersey wearing fans. It's hard to believe because in the grand comparison between Ovi and Sid, I'd always preferred the way Ovi played. Maybe because it was more hard nosed hockey, like the Flyers style of play. But it was also because despite his immense talent, Sid did nothing but whine and complain. Seems to me the kid grew up. Maybe it was the new coach, or maybe it's just getting older. Either way, I am certain of one thing: I will once again despise him and the rest of his black and gold clad teammates and completely forget what I saw in these past few weeks. That's right, I'll completely wipe out of my memory banks the notion that the Pens were fun to watch. So again, thank you. You suck. Sincerely, A Philadelphia Flyers fan.
  4. I hear that clip and I just miss hearing Gene Hart. That guy taught me, and I assume all of us in the Philly area, the NHL game.
  5. It all starts with Trotz. From there the whining about the officiating trickles to the players, and many of the fans. JUST in these playoffs there have been 5 suspensions. All of them are connected to the Capitals. First it was Bellemare & Schenn. Then Orpik, Wilson, and Letang. Trotz took every opportunity with the media to voice his displeasure over "potential career ending" injuries. Sent video to the DOPS for review on many occasions. He worked it. Talked about it. Lobbied for it. As we heard with both Oshie and Ovechkin, had his players also suggesting Letang should get 3 games like Orpik. Meanwhile, Voracek took a glancing elbow similar to the one Orpik laid Maantta out with. DOPS didn't even review it. Voracek then took a hit from behind and was sent head first into the boards by Chimera. DOPS didn't even review it. Why is that? For one, Ron Hextall (Flyers GM) was asked if he was sending video of these incidents to DOPS. He said no. No lobbying. No working it. This is playoff hockey. This intensity is expected. Trotz thinks otherwise & the things he says in the media are just out of bounds. Want to get past the 2nd round, then put your head down and shut up. Play the game, not the refs.
  6. Because Maatta took far more of a shot than Voracek did. Both hits were similar, and honestly I don't see the intent to injure on either. Both players are looking to hit with the shoulder and start with the arm/elbow tucked to the body. It's another "in the moment" play, and during a playoff game the intensity of hitting also picks up. What the NHL needs to stop doing is penalizing the outcome of a hit, because that is where the ambiguity comes in. IF they want to take out the dangerous hits - i.e. hits from behind into the boards, shoulder/elbow/arm to the head/chin, etc then establish that as the suspendible offense. It shouldn't matter if a player gets up or stays down afterward to determine the on-ice penalty and/or supplementary discipline. If suspensions are dished out for hits where players WERE NOT injured, but rather for the act of a potential hit that could injure, then it's easy to assume players will stop attempting such hits. As it is now, players are delivering the devastating hits because they NEVER think that it's going to leave a player injured on the ice. But if the act itself were suspendible, and as easily defined as say a hooking penalty, then I'm sure players will stop attempting them. As for this instance, I think Jake just got a glancing blow. Maatta got a full force, full body behind that shot. One went down, the other didn't. One garnered a suspension, the other didn't.
  7. If this were the "Most Valuable Rookie to his team" award, then hands down Ghost wins it. Unfortunately, I think Panarin & McDavid are fighting for 1/2 with Ghost as 3rd. I would hope though that those voting do look at the impact each player has had on his team and vote accordingly. IMO, Panarin benefitted by having "other Pro" experience plus his point totals a bit inflated due to his line mates. Consider the point production Ghost put up on a sub-par offensive team in comparison. McDavid's PPG was certainly impressive, but his return to the lineup didn't exactly have an impact on the team's overall success. I am hoping my opinion here isn't just biased because he's a Flyer and I got to see him play every game, but WHEN does a 23 year old kid step in and make such an impact as Ghost made this year? ESPECIALLY while playing D. If anything, the fact that he played D while putting up a PPG in the ballpark with Panarin and McDavid should gain him some votes. Enough to win the award? Probably not, but perhaps???
  8. Perhaps the Flyers didn't send video of the Chimera hit on Voracek because having Chimera on the ice was a benefit to the Flyers more than it was the Capitals.
  9. So the moderator has to have a meeting with DOFuS?
  10. Haha... Go Pens Go. Really, how great is the storyline of this year. Caps run away with the President's Trophy. Add playoff grit in Mike Richards and Justin Williams, and still can't get past the 2nd round. Come on. Join me on the Penguins bandwagon. It's only a 2 week trip.
  11. I still laugh at the memory of Al Conroy, all 5 feet of him, waving at Mario's head in the corner and Mario flopping backwards like he was shot, then laying on the ice feigning injury. Or Crosby, the strongest player I've ever seen on skates yet somehow goes down at a slight lean if there is no scoring chance. Or how Pens fans rail on Flyers fans all the time, yet not a word when it was Philadelphia who gave him a standing ovation the night he returned from Hodgkins. Yeah, I know. We've had a love/hate relationship. Or hate/hate sometimes. Despite that, I think I respect you guys a bit more now after having a dose of the Washington Capitals. It's their Friday night truck and tractor pull Verizon Center announcer. Or the "Rock the Red" mentality of it's fanbase who have no idea who guys like Dale Hunter or Mike Gartner are. Maybe it's their eye twitching complain to the ref at every whistle coach, or the front office always sending clips of misjustice to the DOPS. Whatever it is, I'm asking you a favor. Beat the Washington Capitals. Don't let them past the second round of the playoffs, again. Do it for hockey's sake. You see, I know this kind of thing can get me kicked out of Flyerdom, but the Capitals don't deserve it. Nor do their fans. They're full of themselves right now thinking they dominated a series against the 8th seed Flyers, yet fail to understand that despite our lack of offense we were ONE bounce away from a game 7. And we have ZERO offense. They're ripe for the picking. In the words of Herb Brooks, I'm sick and tired of hearing what a good team they are. Screw them. This is your time. Now go out there and take it. Sincerely, A Flyers fan PS. Of course, next year you will all still suck. But until then....
  12. I really find this hard to believe, but I want Pittsburgh to knock the Caps out. Even if that means the Pens win the Cup, I'm ok with it.
  13. Also, Hextall probably thought "Hey, we want Chimera on the ice"
  14. All I kept thinking in the series is that if the Flyers had any amount of firepower the Caps would lose the series. Everyone likes talking about the Flyers getting outshot in game 4 by a count of 44-11, but nobody (media) cared to mentioned that the FLYERS had outshot the Caps in the series up to that point. Game 2 saw the Flyers double up the Caps in SOG 42-23. If I recall it was something like 19-6 in the first period. I do agree though, the Caps are solid down the middle in terms of team defense. They keep everything to the outside from the neutral to the defensive zone. I still think though that a team with some bona fide snipers, like the Pens, could put the Caps out of the playoffs. If the Flyers were one bounce away from a game 7, despite the lack of offense they had in the series, what happens when a team that can score faces them? So I guess the "not being impressed" by the Caps is more me comparing what I saw to what I thought should've happened. The Caps let the Flyers hang around in the series and didn't have that killer instinct. Great teams have that. The Caps are a great regular season team. Great team on paper. They just need to prove it. If anything I think they proved in the 1st round that they're not everything they think they are... yet.
  15. ... on the Flyers/Caps series Alex Ovechkin is everything a Flyers fan would love. Tough, physical, immensely talented. Leading scorer in the NHL who is just as feared for his hitting as he is his shot... hate to say it, but I love watching the guy play. Well, other than when he's on the PP and just standing there with arms down at his sides. The Caps don't impress me as much as they should. Let's be honest here, on paper the Flyers had no business even competing with the Caps. Yet there we were one little bounce away from a game 7. The Caps don't have that killer instinct. I can't see them getting past Pittsburgh, and if they do they're not beating a team from the West. There has to be something wrong with Voracek. Forget not scoring, his decision making and just balance on his skates was horrendous in not only this series, but the season in general. Ditto with Giroux. Wouldn't be surprised to hear he has some sort of lower body injury as well. Either that or he was just exhausted. He had no motor at all this series. Proud of the way this team showed resolve in the face of insurmountable odds. Pushing it to 6 games, regardless of shot differentials, is something that I'm sure would've made Ed Snider smile. ... on the Flyers going forward Obviously, can't wait for guys like Provorov to play alongside Ghost. Speaking of Ghost, hoping the Flyers get him on a strength training program. It was evident in the playoffs that as slick and shifty as he may be, one good hit and he's done. There were even times where it was obvious that he pulled up or got rid of the puck out of fear of getting hit hard. Streit has hit the same wall that Desjardins and Timonen before him had hit. The game quickly passed him by. Schultz was a workhorse in the playoffs. Totally didn't expect that one. Manning actually showed something too. Offense. Enough said. Making the playoffs will have done more for the team,it's coach and it's future than missing and getting a higher draft pick. Was it simply because there was no other offense, or did Gagner look like a keeper during the playoffs? Colin MacDonald > Ryan White
  16. If I'm going by which fanbase I'd want to see get a Cup, then I never want a team from a "non-hockey" market like Florida, Dallas or Arizona to win a Cup. Tough with California teams too (something about coming to a January game in board shorts irks me). I like the teams that have that long time passionate fan base. The ones that aren't going to games sipping lattes and talking about everything but hockey. The fans who understand the nuances of the game - like boo'ing when a face-off is moved outside the zone because they believe it shouldn't be. I don't like fanbases of teams which have a large majority of fans who don't know, and don't care to know a thing about the team's history. On that logic, as much as I may despise them I think I do so because they are rivals, and knowledgeable fans. Rangers, Islanders, Red Wings, Hawks, Penguins, Wild. All solid fan bases. If I had to pick one of those, it's probably the Islanders or Wild. If I'm going by players on the team, then I'd like to see Jagr win in Florida & close out his career.
  17. All one has to do is look at the right hand. Slow motion or not, the right hand thrusts forward and it does so after he has already completed the follow through on the clearing attempt. On top of that, the slash occurs after Letang picks his head up and identifies the oncoming player as a Rangers player. Clears puck, picks head up, makes aggressive move with stick, looks back at ref. No doubt. Should be a game or two. Unless there was a 2nd gunman.
  18. My point wasn't that Giroux wasn't producing. I get that the entire team is overmatched, it's very clear to see. Yet despite being overmatched the Flyers are outshooting the Caps in this series by, I think, about 10 shots. So it's not like they're not spending time in the Washington zone, but all of the shots are perimeter shots with little to no chance of going in. Meanwhile, Washington is scoring because their skill players are picking corners. With all of those shots on goal, if one of Giroux, Simmonds or Voracek score a goal to tie either of the last two games at 2-2 we could be sitting here, as crazy as it sounds, with the Flyers up in the series despite being completely outmatched. Just as a bad goal deflates a team, having one of your skill players put a puck in the net at a crucial time CAN elevate an entire team. Especially one what relies on emotion to overcome their lack of talent.
  19. First off, your username would've been more apropos for a hockey knowledgeable person such as yourself if it was JagrMeister. Just saying. Second, they have scored 2 goals in 3 games. Perhaps you should watch the games first. Third, I didn't suggest Giroux is not good enough. He's a terrific hockey player, BUT he's one who has disappeared in a time when this team needs him most. 2 goals in 3 games and your top 3 offensive guys - Giroux, Voracek and Simmonds all have as many points as the opposing teams goaltender... then yes, criticisms are warranted. Wearing that "C" on your jersey means you need to lift those guys up, but instead G is doing the opposite. So, if that causes irritation with you, then my advice is to stop scratching. It can get infected that way.
  20. Knew it would be a bad night when I was walking in and the parking lot was filled with tailgaters. A lot of pot smoking going on too. 2 min before game started 30% of upper level was still empty. People came in late bc tailgating was more fun to them
  21. My son is 14, also plays hockey. We were at a game about a month ago and he outgrew the jersey he had (Giroux) so I said I'd get him a new one. I assumed it would be Gostisbehere, since my son plays D and during practices has been trying to emulate some of Ghost's moves. So there we were looking at jerseys and he turns to me and says "I guess they don't have past Flyers jerseys here". I tell him he can customize one and he says "I want 16. Clarke. And it has to have the C on the front. And it has to be one of the current jerseys, you know the ones that look like the ones they wore back then". Immediate Pride. But I digress... I can't imagine Gostisbehere would change his jersey number, especially with how many #53's there are now in the crowd. As for the #12, I'd go with Tim Kerr. Dorny and Gagne got recognition in their day, and even to an extent after their playing days were done. Kerr is just as symbolic of the mid 80's teams, which I think were every bit as good as the bullies teams. Only reason they didn't win a Cup was because they had to play the greatest team of all time in the Oilers. You could also mess with everyones head and get #12 - GAGNER
  22. The cheerleaders have probably scored more than the Flyers
  23. Just wondering, is Giroux playing in this series? Not only is he not scoring (Braden Holtby currently has more points in the series than G) but he's flat out invisible. I can't even recall ONE moment in these playoffs where he did something memorable. Pretty telling when your captain isn't scoring and a complete non-factor.
  24. Honestly, I'm tired of Flyers fans constantly complaining about the officiating. I was at the game last night and the group of guys behind me were saying Orpik was faking the injury to draw a penalty. Even after seeing the replay. Even after seeing him carried off the ice by 2 people. Even after seeing him go down the tunnel. I even couldn't escape it in the bathroom when after the 1st period the guy at the sink next to me turns and says "This officiating is killing the Flyers, always does". Seriously? What games are everyone watching? The fact is the series has been called even. Prior to the Flyers meltdown in the 2nd half of the 3rd period last night the PP's were even in the series. The difference maker is that the Caps have scored on EIGHT of their 17 power plays. The Flyers have scored on ZERO of their 13. EIGHT. ZERO. The officiating isn't killing the Flyers, the Flyers offense is killing the Flyers. They could have 20 PP's right now, it wouldn't matter. They can't score on them. Let's put it another way. Holtby has as many points in this series as Giroux, Simmonds and Voracek COMBINED. Through 3 games Giroux has just 6 shots on goal. Manning has 9. Gudas has 8. As for throwing the bracelets, it was disgusting. So was the "moment of silence" for Ed Snider. I love the Flyers, but games like last night make me despise some of my fellow Flyers fans. The Flyers and their fans need to stop blaming the officials for every loss and start accepting that their team is just not good enough to compete with the Caps.
  25. The best game for the Flyers to win in this series would have been game 3. I think they win this one. One because of the home ice advantage, and two because the Caps still haven't really been tested. They still haven't had a must win game all season. I'm hoping the Flyers win tonight just so I can see what happens to the Caps in a game 4 must win situation. Will they tighten up? Will the young Flyers players regain some of that confidence they had a month ago? Still don't see the Flyers pushing this to 6 games... but... BUT... never underestimate the psychological part of the game an the pressure on a team to win it all. For once that pressure isn't on a Flyers team in round 1 of the playoffs.

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