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  1. Honestly I didn't see the sharks giving him another contract, it'll be interesting to see how they utilise him over at Toronto. To be fair in regards to the Swiss team he was playing for free.
  2. This is what happens when you post on no sleep
  3. Pens have signed Dell to a one year 800k contract
  4. The next day he was signed to a four year contract, total value $25m. They're still below the floor, though
  5. One thing I can't unsee: on Facebook a person pointed out the 2D logo looks like it's in front of the Flyers logo
  6. ... and here are the new jerseys. The design is unsurprising as it's been known what they were going to do for a while. Going all black is a nice change, though it's a little plain IMO
  7. This is a playoff series full of teams hanging on for a few games, huh
  8. Game two was closer, thankfully. The Islanders put up a much better fight this time, only to lose in the closing seconds. I hope there'll be more games like this
  9. And the Islanders almost get a goal with that one shot that *somehow* didn't go in. They didn't seem to take advantage of rebounds as much as they could have during the pp.
  10. Well that was an odd goal, what with it being called a bit later
  11. I voted Stars in seven but deep down I know Vegas will win
  12. Oy, a penalty with two minutes left and a tied game, not good
  13. Mm yeah, both teams exchanging brief moments of applying intense pressure
  14. And Pastanaut evens up in some good play, pushing back against TB
  15. 0 all at the end of the first, this will turn out to be an interesting one
  16. Fleury's demotion was not taken well by his manager, who posted this
  17. Rask has decided to opt out of being part of the playoff bubble, citing a need to be with his family. This will have a big effect on how Boston performs from here on
  18. Whatever team loses the series will point to this game and say "it's because we were tired from all that overtime"
  19. I voted Tampa Bay in six, though it does seem fitting they're facing CBJ again
  20. I watched the end of that game just now to see it and that was quite the finish. Columbus messed up two opportunities to score on the empty net, while the leafs put enough pressure to get the goals just in time. Some good play right there

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