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  1. A general question... Is the shoutbox access limited to a certain set of people who make a minimum of "n" number of posts? Thanks
  2. Awesome news indeed. The one player who hooked me onto the Flyers and who almost carried them to the Holy Grail.
  3. I personally feel that the Flyers would be better going forward. Their standings aren't truly representative of what they are capable of. When they announced the series of hall-of-fame event, I had a sinking feeling they won't play better until all this hoopla is done. Just a gut feeling. Go Flyers.
  4. Is it really possible to raise your shoulder with your elbow?
  5. Wasn't it Yul Brynner from the movie Ten Commandments?
  6. Bravo. *Very* eloquently stated. There's a part of me which would sell my soul (my liver is living testament) for a Cup next season, future seasons be damned. Then, there's the other part that speaks exactly what you and quite a few of our members do. I'm the choir and am *selectively* deaf.
  7. I've missed out on a lot of hockey news, so pardon my ignorance. Did the leafs sign him Bernier to a new contract after the trade? Or, is he still an RFA and can we still offer sheet him?
  8. I think the Canucks still had the man power, but an unwillingness to play tough and dirty dug them a big hole early on. Luongo played very good in the first 2 games and Vigneault should have gone with the hot goalie hoping the remaining cast would get their act together. But then Schneider, played pedestrian and should have been replaced by Lu. In fact, IMO the Canucks played decent at least in the 4th game and would have at least prolonged the series if Luongo had played. Methinks that Vigneault should go.
  9. But the whole Lockout and the new CBA was intended to cheat the system that was actively used right until the last day by greedy owners.
  10. I believe the game is now on 3:35 PM on NBC. Don't know why it got pushed back
  11. Illflyaway


    Even if the Players Union capitulates and signs up for what the NHL is pushing for, its just a matter of time (end of the next CBA), before its back to the same situation. There is nothing that can stop bad management from ruining anything. I know that the following analysis about Hostess is typically viewed as coming from a leftist point of view, but I feel that it would apply broadly to the path that Bettman is leading. [Hidden Content],0,966735.column
  12. Yes indeed. I was a lifer at philly.com and although it took me some time, I'm thrilled I can come here. Amen, and hope to god that radoran comes back. I would much rather see much of the political lunatics spewing their crap go, but they're probably oblivious and they usually stick around just like the kuatos.
  13. This image had me pumped for 2008. I hope this is the year we take it all.

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