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  1. I heard Blakeslee Stadium, an outdoor football field. I live about an hour South from Mankato, on the MN/IA border.
  2. Definitely high stick. Crap call by the refs. Just like Torts said a few weeks back the calls are s***. The refs need to get their acts together and ref like they should and call stuff that should be called and not call that a goal because it was truly a high stick. The Wild fought hard. This loss wasn't on the wild it was on the stupid refs.
  3. They will most likely have us play a team within the division.
  4. Sounds like Hockey Day MN is going to be held in Mankato, MN. It is the closest its ever been to where I live. What are your thoughts on this everyone?
  5. Looks like they shut it down...The nucks still have theirs. [Hidden Content]
  6. It was about time, he needed to be fired a long time ago.
  7. I was thinking the same about that wont be able to watch the game.
  8. Where did you hear about the Wild getting a outdoor game in the 20-21 season.
  9. I thought the Wild were going to get a new alternate jersey this season. Turns out they aren´t getting it. Someone lied to me and im p****d
  10. Agree, the Iowa Wild are doing pretty well the playoffs. It is good when you shoot the puck at the net.
  11. This topic has gone off the rails. By the way go Iowa Wild.

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