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  1. The Minnesota Wild have made some big trades so far in the offseason. One in particular I didn't like. 1st: Minnesota trades a 2021 Conditional 7th Round Pick to the Penguins in exchange for Nick Bjugstad. 2nd: Minnesota trades Eric Staal for Marcus Johansson 3rd: Minnesota trades Devan Dubnyk and a 2022 7th Round Pick for a 2022 5th Round Pick 4th: Minnesota Wild trade Luke Kunin and a 2020 3rd Round Pick for Nick Bonino, 2020 2nd round pick, and 2020 4th round pick https://www.theupdawg.com/post/taking-a-look-at-the-minnesota-wild-s-lat
  2. You think he's doing good until he signs 2 players for 13 yrs
  3. I have a few other articles on that site, this one I think is one of my best.
  4. The Minnesota Wild have had their share of good and bad over the last 20 seasons. The team went the furthest into the playoffs in the 2002-03 season when they went as far as the Western Conference Finals and got ultimately defeated by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. They drafted the longest tenured captain in franchise history, also the longest tenured player in franchise history with Mikko Koivu in 2001. Ok lets look at the first decade of the team's existence. They went to the playoffs 3 times with 1 ending up in the Conference Finals. The Wild went through 2 coaches (Jacques Lemaire
  5. So...I've been thinking that we could pull Kahkonen up permanently. Any thoughts on this? He has done really well when being pulled up before, just stating my opinion.
  6. Hi haven't been on because of school and welcome lynx. Been busy with school so i wasn't on so much. Now that the virus is keeping me home i will have more time to check the site.
  7. Heard something on the NHL Round Table this AM. Of course the big news is BB getting fired however...and I didn't know this (maybe others on here do or maybe Russo talked about it..I don't listen to him), that BB was NOT going to renew his contract this summer as a coach. He was going to stay on as a consultant. Apparently that is in his contract. They were talking about it and wondering if he was going to be part of the Wild next year as a consultant? They also thought there could have easily have been a blow out between him and Bill which was one of their questions and a point of t
  8. I heard Blakeslee Stadium, an outdoor football field. I live about an hour South from Mankato, on the MN/IA border.
  9. Definitely high stick. Crap call by the refs. Just like Torts said a few weeks back the calls are s***. The refs need to get their acts together and ref like they should and call stuff that should be called and not call that a goal because it was truly a high stick. The Wild fought hard. This loss wasn't on the wild it was on the stupid refs.
  10. They will most likely have us play a team within the division.
  11. Sounds like Hockey Day MN is going to be held in Mankato, MN. It is the closest its ever been to where I live. What are your thoughts on this everyone?
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