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  1. Not sure if there's a team in league that relies on one line than the Cats. Really need some others to step up. Looking like yet another long season
  2. You know, it would be real nice if it was a real heated rivalry. Keep hoping for a playoff series against each other, that should really spark it. But that would require us to actually make the playoffs more than once or twice a decade!
  3. so theres been 4 hat tricks already I believe. I cant say i ever remember this many so soon. well they wanted more goals, they getting them at least for now. I know things usually taper off farther into season, but we starting at one heck of a pace
  4. Always been a big fan of Lou but hes not getting any younger. More faith in Reimer for right now than hoping Montembelaut( pretty sure I misspelled that sorry) is ready sooner than later.
  5. No we mostly young. Weeger and McCann are a bit of surprises on roster. Point more towards the damage that was done is going to take time to repair. If I thought we were a playoff team id be fine with Vrbata but I dont feel we are. Not sold on Weeger or McCann, feel were rushing Tippett and hes going to have alot of pressure to score early, and need McCoshen to be our grit on D as Petro only other guy back there with any, and he has tendancy to go to far and take to many bad penalties. Also crossing fingers the Dadanov experiment works out.
  6. Id say a little early in career to my liking, but follows the trend. I think hes a top tier player but lets see, only time will tell. My guess if he stays healthy itll be fair deal
  7. Ho hum on roster to start the season. Going to take time to undo EVERYTHING Rowe did. Not expecting whole lot this season, but just hope to see development of young guys really. Cant say I love Vrbata taking roster spot at this point. Lets play the kids.
  8. Id say the number is small, as most have homes but a few remain. For me the biggest surprise is Jagr. While i know hes not young, and wont put up close to the numbers of his prime, hes still a very useful player, and good with the young players, which kinda surprised me. Hes great with puck possetion and draws attention. maybe hes just asking for to much $.
  9. 40/1 for my Cats, Ill take that. Heck thats usually our odds just to make playoffs!
  10. I know he's 45 and his last team is getting back to form in getting cheap and cutting salary, but hes still a useful player, and hes pretty good with younger guys to. And this is coming from a guy who originally opposed his signing, thinking he was just looking for one more check. Hes not gonna score 30 or even 20 anymore, but he still has something left. he gives dmen fits keeping the pucks, and makes his linemates better. Shocked if the claims that hes gotten 0 calls is true. Wonder if hes using this as a ploy of sort to get better contract, but cant see how, it would seem that it would work in opposite
  11. I have stated since day 1 that Yandle's contract is ridiculosly bad. Dont hate the player but the cap hit at end of contract is way to high. Worse now that there seems to be an unternal cap. While I would have liked to leave him exposed, doesnt look like that was going to matter. From what I've read, looks like we made a deal with Vegas that wed expose Marchessault if they'd deal for Smith. Yeah we pulled Yandle so fast cause he knew he wasnt getting that deal anywhere else, thanks Rowe
  12. have to say, im concerned over what transpired at expansion draft. While up till now, the new owners have shown commitment to the team, however misguided their strategies might have been. But this has the looking of previous owners. We just did a salary dump, plain and simple. They are spinning it of course, but we werent up against the cap, and besides, this isnt quite a banner year for UFAs so even to spend some, how much better going to make us. They definily showed there's an internal cap, for sure. Trying to give benifit of doubt, but as all panther fans, weve seen this story before. Hopefully they prove my worries unneeded
  13. there goes my hope the Panthers rehire him! (Hey, I can dream right) Great choice.
  14. I think Gallant would be an excellent choice. Hes really good with the young players. Hate the fact my Panthers stupidly fired him.
  15. I have had my faith restored in my team finally. Its good just to have a definite person making decisions, but I trust Tallon. We can pretend this season never happened! Maybe convince Gallant to return, well I can wish right!?

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