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  1. I agree 100%, when I saw that they let Pitlick go I was no doubt annoyed. He played very well, was / is a good serviceable bottom 6 guy and had a good playoffs. I really wish that they would of given him the money and resigned him.
  2. Those are no doubt the main thing's that I have noticed while watching York's highlights. I believe he will be a very, very good two way 200 ft player with how well he can back / poke check, as well as Captain a powerplay with how well he controls the PP from the point.
  3. I LOVE IT! That is some positive jazz right there man. I Pray you are right, no doubt exciting times in Flyer Land with a little slightly scared thrown in as well.
  4. Dude great thank you...like I don't have enough of a problem trying to get sleep and now I went ahead and read that ^ ..... Im screwed...
  5. Man I Hope so, this team needs what Ghost currently brings and most importantly what he will bring to this team as he matures and improves. Any team willing to trade a player like Ghost and the type of player I Pray he will turn out to be is simply out of there mind.
  6. I am sure from the chat room most know I like this pick very much, especially recovering our pick in the second round. Kid looks like a great 200 foot player that could captain the powerplay in the future. I like his clean passing and his shots from the point seem to find there way through much more often than not. I know most are hating on this pick as well as hating on everything Fletch has done but can we stop being freaking typical of how we act anymore as a fan base and give Fletch and his moves some time to....I...I don't know actually get on the ice first?
  7. Forgive me I have not been on this site for some time and I have been keeping track of what has been going on with the team. I know everyone is going nuts over the Hayes contract which I agree makes me extremely nervous but only time will tell and Hayes better be at least a 60-65 point player "dreaming" to make that contract seem fair. My question though is, and I am seeing it everywhere and that is why is everyone so quick on the trigger to trade Ghost? You can never have enough good possibly great dmen and he will only get better in my opinion. So why tra
  8. Sounds good to me but I hope that style of play comes with 20 to 25 goals a year.
  9. YES FINALLY haha its all good bud no biggy boss man I apologize for any inconvenience.
  10. Go re-read the quote you posted and I said "I THINK" and not "we should of" lol jeez dude calm down.
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