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  1. well... that thought brings back some memories.
  2. But then Shero is a completely different animal imo. Especially when he wants to make a statement.
  3. There are some rumors out there that Shero is seriously considering sending an offer sheet to either the Jets or Leafs in pursuit of Laine or Marner. Which may seem very likely as they may try to go all in this year. Apparently Shero has been given the ok to go for it. Marner makes the most sense to me, but Laine may be the target considering Hall may walk after this season. Either way though Shero has really strengthened this team in the off season and I think if any GM is going to make a statement on offer sheets it will be Shero.
  4. I'm ok with this spot being open for someone in training camp to earn this roster spot. The talent is there, it is just a matter of who will step up and grab the spot. My eyes are on Issac Ratcliff to earn the spot.
  5. Gottcha. Fetcher took a small risk at the deadline to see if Talbot was an option to sign as a backup to Hart. Fletcher didn't fail, Talbot did. I can't blame Fetcher for trying. As for Stolarz, yeah he was playing decent when he traded him, but Stolarz wasn't an answer to having a mentor for Hart in the back-up roll. That leaves zero playoff experience as a Hart / Stolarz tandem. While we all liked Stolaz he wasn't going to last in the Flyers organization. I do think the Flyers would have signed Talbot over Elliot IF he was observed as the better back-up to Hart for this season. That was the intention in the trade. It was Talbot that failed the audition. As far as Simmonds goes, instead of Hartman we now have Pitlick and a fourth round pick in next years draft versus nothing if Simmonds wasn't resigned. Fletcher had to have known how much money and term Simmonds wanted and obviously felt he was not worth that money as a roll player. I'm ok with this decision by Fletcher also as Pitlick is a cheaper and is a better defensive player than Simmonds. As far as derailing the teams comeback. I think everyone knew this team wasn't going to go anywhere in the playoffs and they were gassed just trying to get there. I think Fletcher's moves make us a better constructed team for next season with youth and experience while still allowing some opportunity for some prospects from the AHL to get playing time with the Flyers this season.
  6. Kind of ironic both Pavelski and Perry to Dallas. lol
  7. maybe... and maybe he should have been an assistant coach prior to becoming a head coach in the NHL.
  8. Malkin's instagram post remembering Kessel
  9. More good stuff... Which means likely the... Flyers, Capitals, Rangers, NY Islanders, Blue Jackets, Bruins, Maple Leafs, Lightning and Arizona. Anyone else have other guesses?
  10. Not anymore, They signed Elliot this past week to a one year deal. Bobrovsky clearly wants a lot of money and a long contract. The Flyerss don't need that as they've annointed Carter Hart as their #1 for the long term.
  11. Seems both the Panthers and Islanders are going after signing both Panarin and Bobrovsky.
  12. Fenton is apparently pursuing Mats Zuccarello, and Ryan Harman. Could offer Zuccarello a long and lucerative contract according to Michael Russo. The Blue Jackets also have interest in Zuccarello
  13. Check out this statement posted by Greg Wyshynski, ESPN. lol
  14. Maple Leafs have a tenative trade with the Senators. Leafs trade Nikita Zaitsev for Cody Ceci. Leafs can't finalize the deal till July 1 as they will pay Zaitsev's $3M signing bonus and it is likely the Leafs will add something else to the Senators.
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