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  1. I always liked Hakstol. He was fired as the goat to problems which are embbed in the roster. Congrat's to him for getting another opportunity!!!!
  2. Cap sites to replace Cap Geek: I'll keep adding to this list. General Fanager http://www.generalfanager.com/ Sites to replace General Fanager now too: CapFriendly - https://www.capfriendly.com/ Hockey's CAP https://www.hockeyscap.com/ NHL Numbers http://nhlnumbers.com/ spotrac http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/
  3. Reconstructing Patrick Kane’s Drunken Weekend In Madison, With Eyewitness Testimony On Monday we showed you photos of a soused Patrick Kane in Madison, Wis., and then we asked you if you knew more about what happened while Kane was there. We had heard some bad stories—that Kane supposedly choked a woman, that Kane supposedly said anti-Semitic things—and we wanted to know if other people had, too. But what, after all, is boozy truth? The chronologies in our Kane tale do not perfectly cohere, nor do the narratives of the events. But you ignore them at your own peril. Did Kane choke a girl? Is h
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