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  1. There is a clear difference... A hockey game is played without music.
  2. I dunno. I went to last night's game and I rather enjoyed the tight stick handling, and intense defensive skilled play. I mentioned after the game how so many won't appreciate the incredible skill it takes to play this type of game. It sure beats the stupid center ice fights that some called hockey.
  3. Wow, I hadn't noticed. I have an upgrade to do soon. maybe it is just a bug. Or maybe releated to a pluggin on the main page. Thanks. Feel free to drop me a PM any time you see something that seems like it isn't working properly.
  4. I can't really say I'll miss Morin. Too bad on his injuries, but I never thought he was all that great.
  5. Welcome. Do you have a video of that play? And if you don't know who the other 4 are.... how do you know Towes is top 5 all time???
  6. The Hockey Guy has come up with a monthly average for the league based on a look at the overall numbers. Do you agree?
  7. That was the 2nd longest shootout in Flyers history. Which for typical Flyers' shootouts is a win. Just not an extra point.
  8. When it goes11 rounds you have to give the goalies some credit.
  9. What's with Sanheim and his lack of balance lately?
  10. Farabee on a line with Giroux and JVR tonight.
  11. It was an auto start players. I didn't even look to see who was starting tonight. lol
  12. Well at least they signed Stewart to get the crowd cheering....
  13. That would be @Hale a co-worker who also joined us in our nhl draft this spring, a rather knowlegeable hockey fan for sure. He won the Conn Smythe last season, just saying... Thank you, and yes my strategy. Come in unprepared and ... wing it. I guess I'm doing something right as no one has yet figured out this onthefly strategy. @J0e Th0rnton we missed you bud, hope you didn't get too many reject players.
  14. Tony who is again planning to play -- Mapleleafs fan -- is going to ask some of his friends from Canada if they want to play in in the Conn Smythe League.

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