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  1. 2020/21 season. POSSIBLE LINE-UP : konecny, coots, giroux (this will be the last year of current contract) frost, patrick, voracek farabee, o'brien, simmons (if re-signed) ratcliffe, vorobyov, lindblom others in pipeline : rubtsov, strome, fazleev, vecchione, laberge, twarynski, martel, aube-kubel, bunnaman, laczynski, allison
  2. the ro0kie goalminder gets a shut out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! low scoring but exciting non the less. great goal by schenn in OT.
  3. i agree. manning and mcdud are the actual ones that will stick around until that other youngster is ready. mcdud because we have no choice because of his contract and manning because he actually is playing some good hockey. hopefully the vegas team helps us out and picks up that mcdonald contract.
  4. morin is a big cat. he was throwing that poor sap around like a rag doll. future looking good for our defense. morin, sanheim, provy, gudas, ghost and maybe MDZ sticks around until another youngster is ready to come up in 2 or 3 years.
  5. great win today to keep the streak going. if we would have gotten any kind of goaltending to start the season we would be at the top of our division and the whole NHL for that matter. oh well no sense in looking back, we have another big one at 5 tomorrow vs the redwings. crazy schedule for our flyers, we have played as many as 5 more games than 1/2 the other NHL teams.
  6. most frustrating loss of the season, so far. what a total meltdown that was. oh well. rangers friday afternoon 1:00pm
  7. was hoping to see provy with mdz and why do they keep putting raffle on the first line.what a waste. GO FLYERS!!!!!!
  8. i'm more of a reader to this site than a writer but i have to say our defensive pairings looked much stronger tonight with mcdud outta the lineup. maybe it was just the islanders but i will be watching this defense over the next handful of games to see if their play picks up with him out and shultz in. provy will be fine. he needs to keep working on his craft and i think will be paired with MDZ when he comes back. anyways, great two comeback wins over the last two nights. i look forward to reading all your flyer insights in the future.
  9. i agree. does anyone have any ideas on who gets the short end of the stick when gudas and then MDZ comes back.
  10. manning is playing some very good hockey. loved the energy tonight. this team will get stronger and stronger as the season moves along

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