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  1. After a period of deep dormancy we welcome the 2018/19 on our website with three major changes: 1. MoreHockeyStats is now a network of sites: MoreHockeyStats.com - the unusual statistics from the NHL for the league, the teams, the players, the coaches and the draft. HockeyEloRatings.com - the Elo ratings for teams, coaches and players, in general and for particular stats and situations. NHLErrata.com - the errors we discovered while crawling and testing the NHL data. 2. All our data is now available through a sort of API. When a table is displayed, there is a set of links on how you can access the data: JSON - receive the data displayed in the table as a JSON via direct link. CSV - receive the data in a CSV table. Table - display the data as a pure HTML table with a direct link. Link - direct link to the results displayed. These links have a systemic structure and thus can be crawled by a bot. 3. Most of our tables now feature links to personal cards for teams, players, coaches and even the rinks. These cards display the visual changes to the stat displayed in the table for the particular team, player etc. We welcome ideas for the cards in the pages that do not have these cards yet. Here's a sample playercard: Welcome, and have a great 2018/19 hockey season.
  2. It looks like my mock selections weren't far off. Kaut taken five slots above. Kupari taken two slots below, and CBJ took a C anyways. It looks like Kerkelainen is averse to Finnish picks. I am surprised Doug Wilson decided to gamble.
  3. I thought referring to THW was a mauvais ton.
  4. Thanks! Actually I haven't prepared for the mock draft, so both my choices are pretty much improvised, with a quick consideration only. I got back from Florida today at 1AM and have also been working (from home) and babysitting two kids on summer vacation at the same time.
  5. /dream on/ Doug Wilson starts moving to the stage only to find Hasso Plattner already there. 'Ein', says Hasso, 'Doug Wilson and Tim Burke are fired.' 'Zwei', ... /dream off/ So, the Sharks actually would like to draft a ... goalie. Jones is 28, Dell is 29. High time to draft someone who might be ready to step in after 4-5 years. But this draft hasn't a Samsonov in it. So, instead the Sharks will look to fill the void Mikkel Boedker creates on the wing of Tomas Hertl and Logan Couture. With their 21st pick of the 2018 NHL Draft the San Jose Sharks are proud to select Martin Kaut of the Czech Republic. Hopefully Hertl will be able to provide mentorship and inspiration for the young talent.
  6. With the 18th pick the Columbus Blue Jackets are proud to select Rasmus Kapari! CBJ are still weak down the spine. PLD is on the upside, but Foligno is deteriorating, and Wennberg may be stalling.
  7. Do we have a summary of players who've been picked so far somewhere?
  8. Well, at least @thenewestlights managed to breakwreck the board's code.
  9. I'm still vacationing in Florida, but at pace like this I should be able to make both of my picks in comfort after 6/11 when I am back.
  10. And, once again, Couture had 2 points (2 assists, on both goals 3 and 4), 5 assists in total.
  11. First of all, I think everyone is watching whether the Flames will be able to secure the deal for the new stadium. If not, then to Houston, or KC, or elsewhere in the Central they will go. Second, the league may just swap Arizona out into Central. Third, the league may relocate Arizona somewhere, too. I can't believe Bettman will run a 9+7+8+8 league, even the MLB gave up on such a disbalance. In a very long shot, however, I can see an NFL-like setup with 8 divisions: * VAN, EDM, CGY, SEA * SJS, ANA, LAK, VGK * WPG, MIN, CHI, STL * ARI, COL, DAL, NSH (crazy travel) ----------------------------------- * BOS, MTL, OTT, TOR * BUF, NJD, NYR, NYI * PIT, PHI, DET, CBJ * WSH, CAR, TBL, FLA 8 division winners and 2x4 best teams in each conference qualify. Schedule: In your own division: 4x3 = 12 games Outside your division, select division, rotates: 4x4 = 16 games Outside your division: 3x8 = 24 games Outside conference: 2x16 = 32 games Total: 84 games, too.

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