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  1. Ok. I was confused with the tough customer thing. He isn't. L schenn is a better fighter.
  2. Tough customer ? He hasn't even come close to making a fight a draw. He gets killed. All three I watched he got destroyed.
  3. You forgot l schenn as a stand up for teamates player. Way better fighter then gudas. Don't even think gudas fights.
  4. They will move Laughton down even if it's just a paper transaction to finalize a move. Streit is gone as soon as he comes back. There were rumors a streit trade was is the works before he went down.
  5. Flag football just with a puck and with a velocity decreaser built into it so it doesn't hurt anybody.
  6. Rumor has it that holmgren is involved with pushing for a trade of simmonds and vinny and retaining max amount for vinny and simmonds for a player to be named later. Said it's an amazing deal and we only needed to add the next five 2nd rounders.
  7. Backing in way too much against this team
  8. People who wouldn't mind signing luke think that maybe he doesn't want to come back ? I wouldn't.
  9. I believe next year we will see konecky as 2c. I think and I'll Get blasted for this but I can see coots and b schenn being moved for fire power on wings and picks. We have Laughton who to be honest has impressed me with limited ice time with not so great wingers.
  10. I almost fell over when I saw manning on the pp . I said this can't end well. Him and Shultz need to go. I think ghost should be best served in the ahl to develop more but watching him and then the two others listed here I'm like f it. He's better then most of our d anyways. None can play d to begin with. At least he can skate it out and make good passes.
  11. Just tired of the wtf roster moves. Coots is not a 2c. Wtf is manning doing on the ice and wtf is b schenn scratched. And manning isn't ? I mean manning is playing and b schenn isn't. I'm just completely lost !!!!
  12. Fire the coach to start with..... His scratching of players are now more confusing then berube. It's like he's lost and grasping at straws. B schenn will be centering the second line with simmonds and gagner. Coots back to the 3c with read and umberger when healthy. Look to upgrade the third line in offseason. Coots isn't a 2c. He's a great 3c just give him more talent on the wings. 4c Laughton and white and maybe a young player . Vinny never sees the light of day and he's told to go away from the team. Ghost even though he's young and needs more work he's stays up and I'm trying to move streit when he returns. Manning gets waived and if he's lost oh well.

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