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  1. We have potential just need a little more help on the back end.
  2. I think we should look at offering our 2017 1st round pick and a goal scorer Tats or Nyquist to Anaheim for Cam Fowler. We could also offer the same to St. Louis for Shattenkirk provided we get a sign and trade deal.For the later the stars would have to aline to reduce cap for that deal. There are some other dmen out there that we could kick some tires offering the same deal. Remember next year's draft is not all that great there are no franchise players avaliable if we're just counting on new draft picks it will be 5 years down the road before we see any of them show there potential.So go wings go we have talent let's back it up.Remember working from the goal tender out wins games.
  3. I think the last two games were an indication on how well we can actually play if we're healthy. Rather than be sellers in the next 10 days we should be buyers to shore up our D. I believe we will make the playoffs and just not by a wild card but third in our division we are not that far off that spot. I think we can afford to give up our 2017 1st rounder and maybe a Tats or Nik ( or with any luck we could move Howard to a team that needs help) for a top 4 dman. We have some great potential in defenceman and forwards already.If we don't continue to improve others won't want to stay or come over.
  4. yes Mrazek is playing way to far out . How come our goal coach is not noticing this and working to make a change??
  5. Let's shake this team up!! If Hitch is avalable let's grab him he's been know to be hard on players which is what this team needs.I'm really not happy with the lackluster performance by Blashille and his coaching team. Even his post game interviews are drab "we did some good things but didn't compete at a high level." A guy gets tired of hearing that all the time and nothing being done. What is Blashille doing about it????Makes no sense to tank the rest of the season just for a lower draft pick there is no franchise players in this 2017 draft. Even a trade of our third pair for another teams third pair could spark enough of a change to get our guys into the play offs this year.We seriously need a D man now.I say Cam Fowler or Doug Hamilton or Shattenkirk .Bring in Hitch and maybe Shattenkirk comes for the ride. That's my rant anyone agree??
  6. Hey I agree they looked terrible last night.You look at the Oilers Conner McDavid, Buffalo's Jack Eckle and Toronto's Austen Mathews these guys are good and can carry a line and skate like he'll. I'm a firm believer that you build a team out starting with the goaltender defenceman then forwards. Martha can't carry a line or even skate like these other guys he just dosent stand out I mentioned above so let's dump him before the dedline and get get maybe Cam Fowler,Doug Hamilton from Calgarythen Shattenkirk in the off season.We could use another forward Anthony Duclair from Arizona. just a thought.
  7. After the Pittsburg and Montreal games Detroit has finally shown it is a true 2017 playoff contender.We suffered more man hour injuries than any other team in the league this year and struggled but thanks to our depth with young players we have still managed to stay in the race .As soon as we get Helm and Howard and Kronwall back healthy and if we can stay away from further injury I think we have as good a team as any.But let's improve at the deadline provided we are in good position for a playoff run What about a trade with Ducks Mirazek and Nyquist or Larkin for Cam Fowler. Larkin is good but he's not a franchise player reminds me of a Keith Primeau type player Mirazek is struggling but can be real good.We can wait and go after Shattenkirk in the free agent bidding.Any thoughts??
  8. I don't really disagree with a lot that was said everyone has made some very good points.I do think that we have a good core group, as well as some good prospects I still think that we could make a run for the Cup if we make some trades now. The wings should look at moving Mirazek for a second pair D man might have to add Smitty to the deal as well.(Cam Ward) I also think that Larkan could go he's good but reminds me of Keith Primeau good but not going to carry the team in the future so let's put him in a deal for Shattenkirk( I think thats who they want) along with Tats or Nyquist that should secure Shattenkirk. This way we now would have a defence core I think Jensen and Sproul will be real good in a couple years We would still have good scoring power Our goaltenders Howard and Coreau could take care of bussiness. I think Coreau will be very good down the road better than Mirazek. We need Vanek to get to the playoffs gpal scorer. Last but not least is a coaching change Blashille is not getting results on a consistent basis we need for some reason let's make a change.
  9. I also think blats needs to go he's just not motivating the team we need a guy like Marc Crawford.We have a good group but need a top D man shattenkirk/ Trouba and a solid leader behind the bench
  10. I've only missed a couple games this year We have a good group for core players and some good talent in the minors but we need to make a deal or two now #1 we need a top D man so let's make a move Nyquist and Tatar and our 2017 first round pick if we make the playoffs 2nd round pick if we don't for Shattenkirk( also need a long term commitment from Shat) # 2 we need to move Howard even though he was playing well let's get something for him draft pick and Iginla from Colorado or a power forward any thoughts out there??? #3 Trouba would also be a great asset so maybe Nyquist and Sproud and a draft pick.????

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