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  1. No Matthews tonite.
  2. The new Leafs-Lucky

    I didn't think the Leafs were in control during the 2nd and 3rd periods and I do feel the shot clock is usually a pretty accurate indication of what happened on the ice. For me my eye test saw Pitts. in TO's end for the greatest portion of the game. TO has an enviable collection of offensively capable players that could/has put on a very entertaining games while winning but Babs has admitted that at the beginning of the year he knew/wanted(?) TO to stop winning so he could enforce TO to become more in line with how he envisions a winner to be. He wants low event error free safe hockey definitely not entertaining hockey. Babs feels winning is all that matters.
  3. Leafs vs Penguins

    TO still looks like a disaster when leading but this year they can hang on? TO is tied with LV with the 5th best record in the NHL but LV has a game in hand?
  4. Balance

    In the game tonite Connor Brown played 18+ minutes, Nylander 8+ minutes? Brown might be a more appealing defensive player, willing to defend, Nylander defends thru possession. Watching Pitts. control the puck thru most of the last 2 periods I would think TO was in need of player(s) that can move the puck, aid in possession. I feel that Matthews with Brown and Hymen on his wings is now centering TO's new 3rd line?
  5. Balance

    And I think Matthews is under utilized. I sort of understand Babs' thinking and TO is winning but from what I see it seems the results are a mirage.
  6. Balance

    TO forwards have been more or less been played in a rotation of 3 or 4 lines every game. This would imply that Babs views at least the top 3 lines as balanced, able to produce pretty much equally every game. TO will play a team like Boston and their 1st line pretty much owns the Leafs when they're on the ice. I understand that Babs feels TO needs a Martin to counter physical players the opposition may have but I wonder why he doesn't, IMO, formulate a line that can meet or exceed Boston's 1st line. If TO is playing against a team that also likes to spread out it's talent then the lines TO has now makes sense but watching Boston dominate with their 1st line on doesn't make sense to me. Boston doesn't spread out their 1st line's minutes to match their 2nd and 3rd lines, the 1st line gets far more minutes per game that the 2nd and 3rd lines. I think the chances of your team winning increases by how well your better players play/produce so it should make sense to have those superior players on the ice more than the lesser talented, much more. The superior player's chances/ability to produce increases not only by icetime but also by the quality of players who they play with. Lines I'd like to see: JVR/Matthews/Marner Marleau/Kadri/Nylander Leivo/Bozak/Brown Martin/Leo/Hyman I'd also like to see TO using Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Kadri, any of the top 6 on the PK with an idea that defending isn't the only way to kill a penalty.
  7. The Leafs are supposedly a poor defensive team in need of a better defense and an offensively balanced dynamic team? TO plays Calgary, is outshot 48 to 29 yet wins 2 to 1 in a shotout? In fact TO has only outshot the opposition 6 times for the entire year. I do know of a a rating stat called corsi that evaluates teams based on their number of shot attempts which anoints teams with high numbers of shot attempts as superior but I think teams that can actually get their shots on net are superior. If TO is a superior offensively gifted team then why are the constantly outshot? Are the forwards that I want to believe are superior really not? If they are superior then why isn't TO outshooting the opposition at least the majority of the time? I would think that if a team is constantly being outshot then they are also constantly being out possessed, out played both statistically and visually. To a large degree TO's d is contributing offensively so it appears the d is supporting the offense adequately and even tho the team is being outshot the team keeps winning. If the forwards aren't outshooting the opposition, out possessing the opposition then they aren't doing their job in spite of supposed talent. At the same time TO continues to win, 6th best record in the NHL, tied for 1st in GF, and the defensive record is seemingly improving to about average after the horrendous Oct. stats. The defensive record is constantly improving even tho many of us believe the defense requires a massive upgrade but is that the truth. Decreasing the shots on net is a team accomplishment where the d makes sense out of the chaos in their d zone with the help of the forwards while the forwards with the d support create chaos in the opposition's end. The stats and what I'm seeing don't support what TO is accomplishing so is it sustainable? Are the forwards holding up their end of what is needed for any team to win? This year reminds me of previous renditions of Leaf teams where a hot start that happened in spite of overwhelmingly bad stats eventually fizzled and TO would finish outside of the playoffs. Generally the fizzling happens in earnest in Feb. but the signs were in evidence thru the whole year. It's going to be a wild year, already has been.
  8. JVR

    When he's not scoring he normally doesn't appear to be doing much but he always scores 25 to 30 goals, 50 to 60 points. Next year he becomes a UFA and he might end up priced out of TO and I guess that's alright or is it. Who does TO have to replace him, Kapanen, Johnsson, Rychel? All of the Leaf prospects on the Marlies aren't scoring much so I doubt any of them can now or ever will be able to replace him offensively. I remember the days when TO didn't have a productive net front presence or any net front presence at all. His skillset will be missed. JVR has always had a bad rap as a poor defensive player and deservedly so but does every player on the Leafs have to be a defensive ace. Teams need to defend as well as score but each member of the team doesn't have to be proficient in all aspects of the game. This year JVR has average TOI that is less than only 2 other forwards that play regularly, Bozak, Brown, Nylander and Marner get more icetime yet they aren't as offensively productive and whether they're a better option defensively is open to debate. I don't get it? I think JVR is playing for his next contract and has been more noticeable with even less icetime so I can't understand why Babs isn't using him more?
  9. Defense Upgrade

    I don't think it's necessary that TO move the 3 players you've mentioned and 2 of them probably will not get more money on their next contracts. Leo will probably sign for less and Babs loves to use him on the PK. I doubt Bozak will get a raise and he is a center which TO has very little depth at. Nylander might replace him in the future but only might. If TO lets those 2 go then the $s to sign JVR might be there and 25 to 35 goal scores are a rare commodity that all teams covet. We've watched Calgary trade for 3 quality d-men over the last 3 years and it cost them nothing but draft choices, maybe TO could do that. If TO trades those 3 players away this year I think we are kissing any Cup aspirations away and maybe even simply making the playoffs becomes extremely difficult.
  10. Gudbranson is probably a more physical Polak, withabout the same skill level. If TO wanted a Polak replacement then I don't think Gudbranson would be an upgrade.
  11. Leafs at the Season Quarter Pole

    TO had a hot start, offensively, which was necessary considering how poorly they could defend. Babs obviously felt that TO's winning formula wasn't sustainable and we can see that how TO is playing is far different from how they started. I loved how TO started and whether or not it was sustainable is a matter worthy of debate but I feel that coaches can be accused of over coaching. Stretch passes rather than proper outlet exits seems difficult for TO's d and as a trap reaction doesn't seem to be working. TO was on a 6 game winning streak but appeared to me to being outplayed in all of those games and I don't think that is a winning formula. TO had only outshot the opposition once since Oct. 11 until last night, Corsi, Fenwick pick your poison but good old fashioned scoring opportunities is a winning formula.
  12. Why it's time for Lou (Lamoriello) to go...

    I haven't liked Lou's FA signings the last 2 years, Marleau and Martin were way overpaid, 9 mil. tied up in those 2 players for the next 2 years is nonsense. Those signings will probably cost us JVR, Bozak and/or Leo. I do believe that TO's management is a 3 headed monster and decisions don't rest on Lou, alone. Passing the torch won't make for much difference ultimately. I'm still expecting that Hunter is a superior talent evaluator and anointing him GM will remove him from scouting where he's probably most valuable. GMs spend most of their time watching the team, traveling with the team basically being with the team leaving them little time for scouting. Don't know much about Dubas so it's hard to say if his input would provide any significant changes but I think that since other teams have expressed interest in him and he hasn't jumped at the chance(s), I wonder about his leadership capabilities.
  13. The Leafs young defense

    TO started the year very strong and tho winning of late, I haven't liked their game. I'm not surprised, with so many vets having career numbers last year and so many quality rookies transitioning to their 2nd years things should be tough and they are.
  14. Off to a Flying Start!

    2nd year of a rebuild and things are looking up so long way or some way yet is to be determined.
  15. Off to a Flying Start!

    OK, we're into a different type of situation for Babs since he's been coaching TO. He did well with Detroit for years with a number of superstars as he should have done so now we'll see if his reputation is truly deserved. He'll have a tough time with TO because of the types of players that's here. Expectations are sky high, can he deliver?

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