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  1. Eeli Tolvanen is about an inch shorter than Marner and maybe 20 pounds heavier, he's also an inch taller than Johnny Hockey and more than 20 pounds heavier. Size has been a huge concern in the past but in the NHL now with enforced rules size isn't as much an issue.
  2. I screwed up here, TO's on the road.
  3. I remember a different past than you Words, Ron Francis, Brian Leetch, Glen Wesley plus others were acquired by the Leafs at trade deadlines because management felt TO had the core to compete. At the same time TO's previous ownership was a frugal group, Ballard and the Pension group, but I don't think the current ownership should be saddled with the mindset reputation of previous regimes. If I was Philly I'd make the Lindros trade even in hindsight, a Karlsson trade for Marner or Nylander might be worthwhile, only time can tell. By the way I think it would cost more than just either Marner or Nylander.
  4. Pitts won the Cup last year without a #1 and probably even without a #2. Las Vegas is the 2nd best team in the NHL this year, an expansion team, so anything is possible. Nashville with one of the premium defenses in hockey barely scraped into the playoffs last year, finished 8th in the west then went on to play Pitts for the Cup. I don't think what happens in the playoffs is easily understandable or explainable, Washington dominates all year, upgrades the team before the playoffs and doesn't even make the finals. I think attempting to upgrade your team at the TDL is a fool's game, teams should go to the dance with those that got them there.
  5. TSN is speculating that JVR might be traded, his icetime the last 3 games 12:50, 11:44 and 10:10. He's approaching 3rd line minutes which seems the opposite of what a team would do if it was trying to maximize his trade value. I can remember RC using JVR to kill penalties, Babs will only use him late in games if TO is trying to catch up but never in any defensive situation. I'd be shocked if TO tried to resign him and I'd be even more shocked if he would resign with TO.
  6. This will be TO's 60th game and with TO at 75 points, 100 points should be easily within reach. TO is 6 points from being the co-best team in the NHL, 5 points behind the 2nd best LasVegas, an expansion team. Kessel is tied with Crosby and Malkin for the points lead of Pitts. I still lament this trade but part(s) were used to acquire Anderson so ultimately it was worth while. Pitts is 5 points behind TO and of late is showing it's pedigree, it'll be a stiff test. Will Gardner play, I hope so, will Polak, I hope not. We've seen the Kadri line have a great game then we've seen the Matthews line have their way but to beat Pitts I think we'll need the best from both.
  7. I assumed that a player like JVR would be someone that Ottawa would then trade for more assets, Ottawa is looking to go cheap. I would put Karlsson on Lindros' degree of value, Philly traded enough to Quebec/Colorado to make that team into a Cup winner. Philly traded for a young Lindros because their team wasn't ready to compete, TO would/should trade for Karlsson because the time to win might be now. I don't think Karlsson should be viewed as a late 20 year old because his skating and talent is elite so I doubt he wouldn't be far above average even into his mid 30s.
  8. I seen many Leaf teams that didn't have someone who would go to the front of the opposition's net, JVR does consistently, this does show drive just a different kind. Nobody scores 25 to 30 goals without some sort of internal fortitude. I assumed that JVR and Simmonds were just a piece from each team and each team would need to sweeten these deals with picks and prospects, I thought all would understand that.
  9. I expected this and I would willingly trade JVR for Simmonds but the difference in offensive stats probably has more to do with who Simmonds has played with, JVR's center Bozak for the last 5 years. Circumstances can mitigate results. I think for Ottawa it's going to be about the prospects and and picks where JVR or Simmonds would be traded for more. I think it would cost TO Marner or Nylander plus and Philly Provorov plus because Ottawa is into cost cutting.
  10. The same thoughts were held about Coffey with Edmonton during the '80s, supposedly he needed to learn to defend before Edmonton would become a viable Cup contender. Gardiner and Rielly aren't Coffey, never will be but I think if Babs gave them more freedom TO might benefit. Babs only sees teams being successful via defense, Edmonton won because of their offense. You think so, how many teams have that many assets in roster players that they could trade away and not result in a worse team after getting Karlsson. TO would have a hard time replacing JVR's perennial 30 goals and I'm sure that Ottawa's take from TO wouldn't be confined to JVR only. Trading for Karlsson is going to decimate any team's depth. I would think that Philly would probably have to start with Provorov to top JVR as the marquee trade chip. Would Philly trade a youthful foundation piece in Provorov at 21 for Karlsson at 27. I don't think they would and tho Provorov is going to be a quality top pairing d-man he'll probably never become a Karlsson and Karlsson probably has another 8 quality years left in him.
  11. Babs was asked after the game last night basically why it took him so long to unite them, his answer was 2 fold, last year they didn't click together and basically Marner for some reason woke up and started playing. I didn't miss a game last year and I can't remember Marner playing with Kadri except on the very occasional shift. Marner has been bad, I do agree.
  12. I've always loved Gardiner, Rielly not so much however Rielly and Gardiner have been co-number one d-men for TO this year. There is such a thing as a #1 d-man not being in Karlsson's class of player. Kopitar is a #1 center for LA but he's no Crosby. Can Rielly become another Karlsson, I doubt it, Karlsson is a superstar, a near generational talent. I personally feel that Gardiner is TO's #1 d-man or at least TO's best d-man. Rielly is still young so who knows, there's still time to grow. What frustrates me about Rielly is his maddening inconsistency, dominant for awhile then nearly invisible. Gardiner is as inconsistent sort of but I think the source of their inconsistency is the coaching, let them play, TO and they will flourish. It might not be Babs pretty but pretty is only skin deep. Gardiner is still getting the most TOI, Rielly is 4th for TOI from the d. I thought the article was an interesting read but that doesn't mean I agree with it.
  13. Karlsson for JVR, I wouldn't do it if I was Ottawa.
  14. TO was outshot 57-28 yet won 2/3s of the face offs, so is winning faceoffs as significant as we've heard, I don't think so. Kadri 5 points tonite, Mitch 2 points, those two together remind me of Kadri and Lupul during Kadri's 1st year, magic. Kadri got 5 points but Anderson put on another clinic, 54 saves, Anderson should have been the 1st star, not that it matters. Gardiner was injured, not good. Babs did some more line experimenting tonite, he demoted Bozak and moved Moore up. I can't say it made much difference but it sure does appear to me that Bozak's talent, ability to keep up or what have you has totally disappeared and visually Moore looks like a better 3rd line center. I'd love it if Babs would try JVR/Moore/Kapanen as a 3rd line. Tonite was a night where Columbus fans would/should have been gratified by the tremendous display their team put on, it was a great game for them except for losing, of course. early in the 3rd the announcers said that Columbus had out chanced TO(golden scoring opportunities) 20 to 10 yet TO was leading 4-3. Babs will bring everyone's attention to how well Leo plays after every game but TO faced an entire team of Leos tonite, mostly, yet won. There's no substitute for talent, hard work can only get you so far.
  15. I think JVR might welcome a trade especially because of how TO is using him this year and because TO hasn't made any attempt to resign him. Quotes are from [Hidden Content] I get that Babs wants to use the right players for the right tasks but I had also hoped that Babs might be able to work with JVR to make him more vital in most situations. It is being said that JVR isn't prepared to give TO a hometown discount on his next contract and I understand this because he doesn't feel warm and fuzzy about TO. I hope TO can trade him to address another need that will ultimately make TO no worse or even better at the trade deadline.

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