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  1. Experience, I believe pretty well every player on the Leafs has playoff experience up the ying yang. NHL experience maybe not but playoff experience nonetheless. Moore has been returned to the A to play in the playoffs and I assume it's so he can gain even more playoff experience. When Chicago won their first Cup of the 3 recent Cups they had lots of players without a boat load of experience, experience is a cop out. Babs made a lot of unexplainable coaching decisions and it seemed that he was the person most in need of playoff experience.
  2. Babs played Hy on the top line with Mitch and JT, Hy had been injured in the 4th game so he was essentially playing on one leg for the last 3 games. Babs said he'd ask Hy how he felt and Hy would always say better, Babs couldn't tell that a player he coached for 3 years wasn't that player? Gardiner played at about 70% due to his back, Babs wouldn't play Marin, Holl or Rosen who we need to assume were at 100%. Babs wouldn't shorten the bench in the 7th game even tho TO was down 2 goals? I think the phrase "full of himself" might have been coined for people like Babs, he believes in himself so totally that mundane matters like playing injured players or the score doesn't sway his game plan.
  3. Ya, I think TO needs to upgrade the d to TB standards? Or Philly?
  4. TO's major talents are in the 24 to 21 years of age area, a lot of teams wouldn't or shouldn't win cups with such a young core. Upgrading anything on TO will be impossible without seriously weakening current strengths because of the Cap. It all comes down to the right mix of players and the right coach and there's no easy to follow guide to build a cup winner or TB would be winning it all, now.
  5. He had that fantastic game in Buffalo and vestiges of that game are still in evidence especially the d game but his domination game isn't there as much.
  6. What does TO need to do, to do well in the playoffs, first I think an understanding of what constitutes doing well needs to be understood. I think a bare minimum of winning at least 1 series has to be considered acceptable. For the talent that TO has I don't think we should be expecting a 1 series win to be satisfying but the reality of how poorly the team has played since the new year a 1 series win should be considered monumental. TO will be facing the 3rd best team in the NHL in the 1st round so beating them will be a considerable test.How to win?Matthews, is an absolute key, TO will need the Matthews that was in evidence against Buffalo March 20, he was a dominate force both offensively and defensively. He needs to bring his linemates with him rather than expecting them to set him up. He can do it, will he.Nylander, needs to stop looking pretty and get dirty. He needs to spend more time finishing plays rather than his normal shoot or pass then watching/admiring himself.Johnsson needs to play like he did against Ottawa.Hy/JT/Marner, more of the same should be enough to handle the Bergeron line.Kappy, needs to figure out how to finish, enough with the high shots, use his speed to get to the opposition's net, be a distraction. The knock on him was he was a periphery player and that's what he's reverting to.Kadri, maybe what he was against Ottawa helps but it didn't help TO to win against Ottawa, the worse team in the NHL. He needs to be his feisty best where it matters in front of the opposition's net.Marleau, needs to be demoted, maybe playing 8 minutes a game will give him the rest he so obviously needs.Ennis needs to be elevated either to the Matthews or Kadri lines, he wants an opportunity to earn a better contract for next year and he has the ability to do so.Brown, Goat, Petan, needs to be better defensively by out playing the other team's 4th line.Rielly/Gardiner need to lead and join the rush more, contribute more to a possession game rather than playing defense. Their strength is offense moving the puck, leading rushes, supporting O zone pressure, their strength isn't defending.Muzzin/Zait be physical, move the puck,Dermott/Rosen/? need to be mobile, always moving.Andersen needs to pretend it's December.I have no idea what brand of d TO is using but I'd like to see more of a proximity man on man, extremely aggressive so that whenever the opposition has the puck TO is directly pressing. that causes TO to lose.I like the stretch pass but I'd prefer it happen from outside of TO's d zone by using Rielly's, Gardiner's, Dermott's and Rosen's mobility.I don't care what the playoff format is, TO will have to play against quality opposition somewhere in the playoffs so why not from the onset.
  7. Words, did you watch the game last night. It was the best game I've ever seen him play. It was against Buffalo but it was also awesome. He played pretty well against Nashville and and even better against Buffalo, is he becoming the player we hoped for when he was drafted, I'm pretty excited to watch him in the next game.
  8. After the last game of the playoffs last year Gardiner said he sucked, he was talking about the 7th game where he was -5. I didn't like that he was -5 or that he sucked but I did like that he took responsibility for his game. Matthews this week acknowledged that TO wasn't playing well, he said basically we have to play better. Now it's true the Leafs need to play better but I always think that players who say we rather than me or I are really thinking everyone except themselves. We saw Matthews take 9 Kadri like shots tonite but we never saw him in front of Ottawa's net and he was pretty well a no show in TO's end all night. What's next, player's meeting I'll bet. Are we getting a preview of life without Gardiner for next year?
  9. I understand what you're thinking but totally out of the blue expecting Matthews to be a good option in a role that is never expected from him isn't the best idea in my mind. I don't know if you've noticed that Babs rarely puts the AM line on when the faceoff is in the d zone. I do think Auston needs to learn to defend but it should be a gradual process. I'd love to see AM and Willie PK occasionally, in time I expect they'd be awesome at it like Marner is. Love to see AM used in defensive situations just not in the situation where TO could lose because of his lack of exposure.
  10. It was a good move because he got away with it.
  11. Maybe, but normally Babs will only use players he trusts in those types of situations.
  12. TSN had 2 polls on the go on Friday. One was are you satisfied/dissatisfied with Matthews this year, the last results I saw 58% were dissatisfied. The other was who has the most to prove in the upcoming playoffs, Babs, Matthews, others, Matthews had the most to prove by the results of this poll but it was very close between him and Babs.
  13. That was a curious move by Babs putting the Matthews line on late in the game, Matthews tries to stick handle out of TO's end, loses the puck and then it's in the Leaf's net.
  14. I heard about it but haven't read it. Marner has been TO's best forward this year by a considerable margin so he's due a significant raise. Marchand would be simply trolling.
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