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  1. The article I based the above on was speculation about Nash, I thought it was inside info.
  2. Rick Nash is tending to his wounds which must be extensive but he hasn't retired, yet, and the rumor is that after Xmas he's planning to practice and play with the Marlies until he's ready to resume his career. He will then sign with TO for the rest of the year. TO's top 2 lines seem to have enough to win, now, but their scoring pace is bound to slow down at some point so having a 3rd line scoring option would be great. Kadri is a superior 3rd line player but it's hard for him to be productive without capable linemates. How about a new 3rd line eventually of Nash/Kadri/Nylander, that would be another scoring option, another possession option and Nash is viewed as a defensively responsible player so a defensive option. In the dark days not too long ago players like Nash wouldn't have ever seriously thought of TO as a team they'd want to sign with, play with, how the times have changed.
  3. The last 20 years Niedermayer/Pronger, Lidstrom/Rafalski, Niedermayer/Stevens were very effective duos, not as offensively dominant but dominant none the less.
  4. JVR greatest strength is he goes to the opposition's net and will score, unfortunately he doesn't have other strengths. When he starts thinking he can do more he becomes an even greater liability.
  5. Thru most of JVR's time with the Leafs he played with Kessel and Bozak, he was even used to PK probably part of the reason TO was so bad. You'll notice that as TO improved JVR's icetime decreased. As his predominately OZ% increased so did his scoring, he's a very productive 3rd liner when he plays sheltered minutes as your charts attest. Is a 3rd liner worthy of 7 mil. per no matter how much they score. Considering how productive JVR has been, he was probably worth his previous contract, 4 mil. per even as a 3rd liner.
  6. JVR As a Leaf fan, I thought that having JVR was like having a designated hitter, he's valuable because he goes to the opposition's net, he will score goals but he has little value beyond these niches. On TO he was on the 3rd line, Hymen and Leo Komarov got more icetime than him, he played extremely sheltered minutes and towards the end of last year he rarely received more than 12 minutes in icetime per game. I noticed that some of you were inserting JVR in the top 6 which may be possible if the other 2 linemates are prepared to do all of the grunt work beyond scoring like defending, being creative, being physical or any other such chores. So if Philly's coach(s) have the players to shield JVR from the hum drum going ons of a hockey game then he might prove valuable but a 15 goal scorer with a better head/heart for the game would probably be more useful. Was JVR's results from the last 2 years an aberration or something that can be held as a given constant? The bulk of JVR's offense happens on the PP and his new found productivity coincided with the introduction of Marner onto his PP unit. I give it a year before it becomes painfully obvious that JVR is now going to be overpaid and overtermed.
  7. Is this a case of poor development, rushing a player into the NHL simply because he was a #1 choice rather than having him earn his way?
  8. The veiled comments were there, yes, but I figured it was a culture improvement or I want out. With O'Rielly this should be a very promising team, without?
  9. I can't figure out why Buffalo traded O'Rielly who I thought was the perfect 2nd line center, defensively conscious and offensively capable, the modern day Fred Stanfield. Eichel, O'Rielly and now Mittlestadt looked to be a formidable center brigade. Buffalo has lots of Cap space so the trade made little sense. I've heard that O'Rielly commented that a lot of Buffalo players were more concerned about cashing their checks than actually playing but that is what I'd expect from a proud, invested NHLer who plays for a perennial loser.
  10. I'm thinking that Tavares will go a ling way to providing the mental toughness that TO lacked last year. I believe he might be the true leader TO has been missing however it's hard to be sure because of the teams he's played for in the past.
  11. The constantly repeated defense as TO's biggest issue. TB is constantly viewed as a viable Cup contender with little mention that their GA last year was worse than TO's. The 2 teams that played in the finals for the Cup, Wash. had more GA than TO and LV 's GA was 4 better than TO's, during the regular season. Defense is important but I thought Pitts very convincingly showed last year that a great offense can trump superior d or even make up for none ideal defenders. Pitts' d in last year's playoffs was similar to LV's this year, a team affair that didn't need high end defenders to win with. What is needed is that the forwards will willingly participate in defense. TO rid itself of 3 players whose ability to defend was questionable at best, Polak, JVR and Bozak, and that in itself will make TO a more accomplished defensive team. JT should make TO into a better possession team and that's the best component of superior d. TO's d-men might not be ideal, but then what team's is, so a group of forwards that can get and keep the puck will go a long way to improving TO's defense.
  12. Yes he did hit on Dermott however by trading down he missed on some other equally capable players or even possible better players like Konecny. By trading out of the 23rd choice in 2015 TO has so far only graduated Dermott and it seems foolish to trade away a high quality player in the 1st round for possibles in later rounds. 2015 was a great draft with quality all over the 1st round and that to me screams trading up to get the best possible quality rather than risking a very possible sure thing to get lots of choices with questionable futures. How good will Dermott be, we shall see but Konecny is top 6 forward quality as most people felt he would be when he was drafted.
  13. I have no doubt that Dubie knew Sandin and if he wanted him, valued him so much, why trade down and risk the chance of not being able to draft him? Why must he always trade down, for a 3rd that will likely never play in the NHL?
  14. Dubie has been a part of 2 of TO's last 4 drafts and in those 2 TO has traded down.In 2015 Dubie and Shanny had a trade in place where TO would have traded down from the 4th choice(Marner) for CBJ's #8, #34, #38 and #58. CBJ actually backed out of that trade and they did alright picking Werenski but those other picks ultimately became Travis Dermott, Paul Bittner and Kevin Stenlund. Would coming out of a draft with Werenski and Dermott be worth not getting Marner? The other players haven't played a single NHL game.Do we know for sure that TO would've selected Werenski with the 8th pick, Crouse and Meier were also highly thought of. It seems to me that in most drafts the higher a team can pick the better their chance of picking quality.3 years later and only 2 players from the 2015 NHL draft 2nd round have played 100 games.What Dubie did now or then seems like a compulsion or a I'm one of the smartest men in the room rational but is it a good thing?I understand that the NHL draft is not an exact science, especially in the latter regions of the 1st round but I would hope that TO with it's large scouting dept. and resources can make it less non science than many teams. Dubie's roots come from Junior hockey and in Junior it's probably even harder to make scientific draft choices so lessening the risk of failure with volume probably makes sense.I think Dubie is still operating with a Junior team's GM's mentality when it comes to the draft. The 2015 draft was a superior draft with many quality NHLers coming from the 1st round but as of now the best 3rd rounder from that draft has played 18 games.

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