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  1. Off to a Flying Start!

    If this is for me, I have no idea how to do any of this?
  2. Leafs back to reality

    I'm totally encouraged by TO's start and I hope they can outscore their problems. They don't have to win every game just win enough to make the playoffs. Then who knows!!! TO might have a problem defending as any team that's scored upon but ultimately the team that scores the most, wins. The culprits for TO appearing to be so bad defensively are the usual suspects JVR, Bozak, Marner, Rielly and Bozak's line is together again, why, ask Babs. TO wins in spite of those guys and, why, because Matthews, Marleau, Nylander, Zaitsev and Gardiner can outscore TO's problems. Pitts lost 10-1, Wash lost 8-2 and I don't think anyone's willing to write them off just yet, not willing to consign them to being poor d teams and ultimately losers. TO lost to NJ even when outshooting them 50 to 31 and I also thought TO outplayed them with sustained chances while NJ's goals pretty well all came from deflections not sustained opportunities. TO faced the perfect storm and lost but not from lack of effort. Games are won by possession, both having it and wanting it and that's what TO is all about, wanting it all is logical but is being LA good defensively any kind of answer, I think not because they can't score enough to support their excellent d, outscoring the opposition is what it's all about and TO is very capable of that.
  3. Off to a Flying Start!

    I think TSN had a stat comparison of TO's top 3 lines from the goals the players scored last year, Marleau was the only new addition to this top nine so his goals he scored with SJ were included. Our perception of the top 3 lines had the Matthews line scoring 51 goals, the Bozak line 49 goals and the Kadri line 49 goals and these are all 5v5 goals. The prime movers on 2 or 3 of those lines were rookies. I would think that this suggests TO has true quality depth with basically only 2 lines needing to be on, on any given night and TO should have the ability to win on a consistent basis. Right now all 3 lines are firing in the 1st 3 games, at least offensively. I don't think any team can operate at TO's current pace thru the entire year but TO does have the talent and depth to be very successful.
  4. Off to a Flying Start!

    Funny, probably not but for Provorov he probably would.
  5. Off to a Flying Start!

    The "A". Babs thinks he's an NHL player just not good enough to dislodge what's there.
  6. The Leafs young defense

    A poor forward group could easily expose TO's d brigade for what it is as yet. A more involved Rielly is very encouraging, a Gardiner who appears to be given the green light is proper, they're all mobile and I love it. Defensively polished, no, possession demons who support the forwards, yes!
  7. Off to a Flying Start!

    Lock down d, we saw TO's lockdown d against Chicago, possession is lockdown d. Forwards owning the puck with d that's able to get them the puck and help keep the puck is lockdown d. Rosen and Borgman will very quickly be far superior to the lockdown d of Hunwick, Polak and Marincin even tho the vets were primarily d oriented. Andersen will do fine stopping 20 to 25 shots per game instead of the 30 to 40 shots he faced behind the vets.
  8. Off to a Flying Start!

    Hope you're right, loving the goals, the entertainment!
  9. Mason Raymond trashed my friend

    Maybe the 'Nucks need him.
  10. 4th Line

    Maybe Hyman as well?
  11. 4th Line

    The 4th line has been traditionally an energy line comprised of marginal offensive talents who eat time while the better players rest. For some teams this is a necessary arrangement but it is wise for teams that might have the depth to have 4 dangerous lines. I'm expecting TO's 4th line might be Martin/Moore/Sosh which could be a decent to fill a 4th line role but is it the best line TO could ice. Is it imperative that PKers should come from this line even tho these 3 players seriously have little value beyond wasting time, facing other team's 4th lines. I would think TO's better players would be superior PKers. From what I've seen Aaltonen, Grundstrom, Johnsson, Kapanen and Leivo might be a more effective group of players than the 4th line TO will settle on. I get excited about the concept of watching Grundstrom/Aaltonen/Kapanen and I think this line is or will very soon become top 3 worthy. Forget who makes what, TO should ice the best lineup possible.
  12. Maple Leafs Prospects

    I'm liking what I'm seeing from Rosen and Borgman, Dermott as well. I wouldn't mind TO starting the season with 2 of them rather than Hainsey and Marincin.
  13. I don't think it's essential TO be better but I was looking forward to/expecting TO to continue to rebuild while hopefully maintaining what was accomplished last year. Changing out Polak, Hunwick, Leo and introducing quality youth in their place was the way I expected TO to go, making the playoffs last year was a treat but was it premature. This caused TO to trade a 2nd for Boyle and also keeping Polak/Hunwick instead of trading them for more draft choices. Patience and pain as a building model has flown out the window pretty quick on the flimsiest reason, making the playoffs once. It might take regression for TO to return to the p & p approach and this will probably have more enduring results.
  14. Toronto off-season signings

    I think that Kapanen might be able to provide as much value as Marleau both offensively and defensively and paying Marleau 6 mil. per for 3 years has the potential of screwing up TO's future on many different levels. Is Marleau TO's Hossa, I doubt it and is he going to be an irreplaceable cog in TO's Cup winning future, again debatable. For me TO should be growing it's youth and looking for cheap short term stop gaps until it's youth is properly ready to contribute/thrive. Marleau's signing probably means TO won't be able to resign JVR and or Bozak who both are more productive than Marleau right now. Over 9 mil. tied up in Marleau and Hainsey at this time is a head scratcher for me and more a case of spending the money cause it's there than an example of proper management. I sure hope I'm wrong.
  15. Defence

    From this article the results are: Gardiner and Carrick: 677 minutes together, 54.31% CF Gardiner and Zaitsev 314 minutes together, 48.01% CF Hunwick and Polak 712 minutes together, 48.65% CF Zaitsev and Rielly 810 minutes together, 49.39% CF Zaitsev and Gardiner 314 minutes together, 48.01% CF We can see that the only effective d pairing of last year was Gardiner and Carrick when they were together. I'd like to see Rielly and Gardiner together as Rielly would be an upgrade from Carrick and Gardiner would be an upgrade for Rielly over Zaitsev. I never understood why Babs didn't pair them together. I don't think it's important who is the better d-man is, but rather who gets the best results, the pairings above didn't produce good results, mostly. TO needs to find more effective pairings either from what's available or via trade. Polak isn't the answer.

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