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  1. When the playoffs begin teams are capless. If a team has an injury say just before the TDL that was long term yet could still make the playoffs, that team might not be in a hurry to bring the broken player back. TO will have 18 games left after the TDL.
  2. Just thought this would be of interest to many on this forum. Toronto has $0 cap space, Philly $579,444 according to CapFriendly. [Hidden Content] If this is confusing, read the article.
  3. I'm finding Mitch's game troubling lately, more and more he seems to be relying on the no look pass, his passes are leading to man advantage breakaways for the opposition teams. I also don't like his PP game lately, he's too slow moving the puck which allows the defending team to set up better, all the Leaf forwards stop to watch and see what he's going to do. He's not drawing defenders to him because he rarely shots and nobody wants to stand in front of the opposition's net to be abused while Mitch stick handles back and forth to himself.
  4. Sandin played his 7th NHL game tonite, picked up 2 assists so he now has 4 points in those games. I saw him use his body 3 times to win or neutralize battles, that's close to 3 more times than Rielly would use his body in any given game. If it's true that the hockey world views Rielly as TO's best d-man and as a perennial potential all-star then I think TO should look for an upgrade on defense by using Rielly. Few teams would trade a legitimate top 2 d-man for a winger such as Nylander.
  5. McDavid is coming at me, I'm the only player that can stop him and there isn't any worry about what's coming behind him, what should I do? Strip the puck off of his stick, of course, stopping him is the 2nd option, really?
  6. Good acquisitions TO could make for the 2nd half of the season Johnsson, Mikey, Moore and Muzzin returning to the lineup and Sandin being promoted. When all of the players become healthy TO is going to return to Cap hell so some of the players who deserve to be Leafs might not be. How will TO look when everyone is healthy? Mikey/AM/MM Hy/JT/Ny Johnsson/Kerfoot/Kappy Engvall/Spezza/Moore Tima Rielly/Barrie Muzzin/Holl Sandin/Ceci Dermott/Marincin Interesting observation about the game last night, the d pairing used against the Islanders last night Marincin and Holl. TO scored with those 2 on so they ended up +3. That's not my observation, it was mentioned on TSN today.
  7. Tonite was emblematic of what TO is, essentially a 2 line team with decent support. Lately the JT line had been carrying the team, mostly, but tonite Austin's line took care of the offense. That's the value of having 2 strong lines. We are seeing something we wouldn't ever have seen with Babs, TO using rookies in important situations like PKing. With Babs TO would be looking for a 3rd line center, an experienced d-man, and God knows what else because Babs has trust issues. Keefe is willing to play new players and we can now see that TO has depth, not just depth but quality depth. Anyway, it's been a great ride, and I think TO only needs 45 points in the last 39 games to make the playoffs.
  8. [Hidden Content] TB has a few games in hand on TO and is the team that's most likely to knock TO out of 2nd in the Atlantic or are they? I saw this posting from HF boards, sorta makes TO status seem a lot more secure and makes TO's quest to make the playoffs pretty well automatic.
  9. I was a fun game to watch with both fans being elated then dejected. Svehnikov what a beaut! I think this was a game of speed intimidating and each team having their way for long periods, the Canes's offensive game is pretty awesome, it's gonna be an interesting playoffs this year.
  10. I'm pretty sure if Babs was coaching tonite TO would've lost. TO was stale from the git go but Keefe was patient waiting till the last 1/4 of the 2nd to start tinkering. Babs would've stuck with the same lines and he would've expected TO to defend it's way to victory. I never understood how Babs figured TO could win when the puck was living in the Leafs end, Babs might've changed up the lines for one shift, maybe. Keefe decreased the icetime of the players who weren't doing anything and upped the icetime of those who were trying. It's so refreshing to see a coach coach rather than have a coach trapped in their own thoughts. We're seeing the team that Dubie wants, exciting winning hockey.
  11. The further into Keefe's tenure the more I'm seeing the team we were being told we have. For years we were told how fast and talented TO's players were but outside of the outright goal scoring my eyes constantly told me TO wasn't that skilled or fast. For me skill isn't just being able to score but it's also getting and maintaining possession. Speed isn't something that can be utilized if the team is constantly told to advance the puck even if that means giving up possession. Babs' stretch passes and dumping the puck in is a practical approach for a team of at best middlin' talents but a truly talented team needs, craves possession and should do it's best to keep the puck. Will this always be a winning formula, not always I'm sure but for this team with these players that's how TO needs to roll. Last night TO played the Rangers and after 2 periods the game was tied. Considering how tenuous TO has looked protecting a lead going into the 3rd period lately there was a foreboding feeling. Surprise, surprise TO played the 3rd like they play the 1st periods lately, the d pressed, the forwards possessed, basically TO dominated. After 4 plus years of Babs wanting them to lock the game down, minimize mistakes, defend essentially TO finally did so by playing the 3rd like they should play the entire game, by pressing not defending. This is also how TO should play the entire game, forget the clock, if the lead is 3 go for 4. I read somewhere that Gretzky would say to his Oiler teamates going into the 3rd period when Edmonton had a serious lead, let's score more! There is a mindset that's firmly ensconced by Babs and it's going to take some time for TO to free itself of this and realize that Babs' way is one way but probably not the best way for this team. Now I'm seeing TO's speed and talent!!!
  12. St.L. traded Statsny to Winterpeg even tho they were in the playoff race 2 years ago, the GM decided that he'd rather get assets for Statsny than just let him walk. Pietra is a UFA after this year and there are doubts that St.L. will be able to afford him so rather than look for a draft choice haul for him like N.J. got for Hall Rielly might be considered a proper return. Rielly is signed for 2 more years and at 5 mil. per he might be considered a bargain for a d-man who's 25, 4 years younger than Pietra, and has more than 120 points in the prior 2 years.
  13. Rielly could be replaced by a similar and potentially cheaper d-man in Barrie, I don't like the idea of TO going all in salary wise on such a limited player like Rielly. Last year was an anomaly for Rielly, Pietrangelo is the real deal and worthy of a 8 mil. deal, probably. Muzzin if resigned can and usually does provide offense, Sandin looks like a PP worthy future addition and all of TO's current d-men are mobile.
  14. I have issues with all performance measurement stats, none of them tell the whole story. How many fans and media types are so happy that Gardiner And Hainsey are gone yet they were TO's best d-men by the +/- metric for their last 2 years, Gardiner was +28 and Hainsey +42. Rielly is absolutely loved yet he was +20 over those 2 years and last year was his first + year ever. During the last 2 years, not this one, TO's +/- story appears to tell two different stories and those stories aren't consistent with TO's results. In 2017/18 TO set a franchise record for points for all time, during that year TO only had 5 players with a +rating above +10, Matthews +25, Hy +22, Ny +20. Dermott +16 and Hainsey +12. Last year tho TO had 100 points it felt like there was an 18 wheeler happening. Last year TO had 10 players above +10, Haisey +30, Rielly +24, Marner +22, JT & Gardiner +19, Hy +16, Johnsson +14, Kappy +12 and Brown & Muzzin at +11. Some teams have had great cores but didn't win Cups like SJ over the last decade. We have a core that can win it all but things have to unfold just right to win it all. TO might just squeak into the playoffs this year but I like the looks of this team and the changes Keefe is making.
  15. It always floors me that a player like Hall gets such a small/meager return in a trade. Many are thinking that TO can trade some of it's forward depth to improve the d, I guess that's possible but to get a proper upgrade it would probably cost AM or Mitch. I wouldn't mind TO using Rielly to upgrade the d like trading Rielly for Pietrangelo.

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