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  1. Toronto off-season signings

    I fail to see the logic of signing a 38 year old to a 3 year contract at 6 mil. per when that player is obviously in decline, Marleau isn't Jagr, isn't Howe and the fact that he can still skate isn't enough justification for me. 27 goals is great but 46 points isn't a 6 mil player on any level. Does Marleau's contract mean that there isn't room for Kappy or Sosh or does it mean TO's cap will be so stressed that Leo, Bozak and or JVR have to go even tho those 3 are far younger and still productive. TO scored enough last year to make the playoffs but the d was less than ideal so will his contract make it nearly impossible to truly upgrade the d where his money should have been spent? At the very least any team that can spend 6 mil. for a player should be getting a 6 mil. value. The Hainsey and Moore signings make sense because TO was filling a need.
  2. Defence

    Love summers and am very hopeful that I will love the upcoming winter.
  3. Regrets

    In the few interviews Phil has endured he has come out looking like a dummy, he's not eloquent and he's never been prepared to walk the political correctness line that all players are expected to adhere to. Rarely do we see a player being candid, most spout the we have to be better garbage rather than saying what they truly feel like if the GM knew what he's doing we'd have a team with players that are capable of winning. Marleau is already going on about how pleased he is to be a Leaf but I can think of 6 mil. plus reasons he's saying that. If S.J. had matched the contract there's no doubt in my mind he'd have resigned with them. I don't pay much attention to interviews and never judge a player by his rhetoric, his actions on the ice is the basis of my appreciation or lack thereof.
  4. I figure Lou might have asked Babs what he thought of Marleau, Babs from previous exposure probably endorsed him which makes sense but did Babs know that signing Marleau might mean that TO couldn't keep JVR, Bozak and/or Brown or maybe someone else. Babs' endorsement is automatic without all the facts his endorsement means nothing. Lou has built a great team in the past but is he still capable. Lou presided over the deconstruction of NJ neither prepping for a rebuild or successfully retooling so is he the right man for the job of positioning TO to become a great team? Lou's MO is spending lots of dough on old players and players like Martin and his MO has followed him to TO. If you looked at Lou's accomplishments with TO so far I think we are hard pressed to see anything that we can say he's done and be awed by. Right now he's thriving on Hunter's and previous regime's exhaust fumes, he hasn't made a jaw dropping signing or trade beyond the questionable variety.
  5. It does look that way but the question is why?
  6. I think that Marleau's signing is only reasonable if he's a 6 mil. value to TO. At 38 I can't see how that's possible. TO has many vets so is it necessary for TO to pay 6 mil. per for the next 3 years to a player that has played on superior but never ultimately successful teams just for his experience/leadership, I doubt it. Could TO have sought more successful leadership for less $s, probably. Marleau was a great player and as a great player he would have been a great leader by doing what made him great on the ice but his accomplishments have been in decline, father time has/is taking it's toll. TO's big 3 rookies are all due raises in the next 3 years and there's only so much cap $s to go around. Marleau's salary will force TO to make some ill advised decisions in the near future along the lines of how Chicago has been dealing with the cap for years. I sure hope I'm wrong but this signing doesn't feel right to me.
  7. Defence

    I'd prefer TO score more, have puck possession more and that should result in improved d. Polaks and Hunwicks are poor possession players, poor offensive support players and are the wrong types of d-men to help TO improve defensively, hounding the puck in all 3 zones is the best type of d. I'm pretty sure that as the forwards get better TO's d will improve, players like JVR and Bozak need to be upgraded as their d results have been commensurate with their effort/ability.
  8. William Nylander

    Don't know how much fun it's going to be if TO continues to sign players like Marleau for 3 years at that kind of money?
  9. Drouin Traded To Montreal

    Ryan Kesler is supposedly a whiny, antisocial so I'd have been happy to see him on the Leafs. One of Anaheim's developmental gurus admitted that Drouin's time was wasted(unnecessary) when he was returned to junior for his draft plus 2 year, basically said that his extra junior time was probably counterproductive and his bad habits became even further entrenched. I can't remember who said that.
  10. HF.net NHL Mock Draft 2017

    I wonder what is the difference between a good draft and a poor draft, is it the quality of the top few players, is it the depth of quality, what is it? For me a great draft is about the quality of the players at least in the 1st round, 2015 was a phenomenal draft but not only because of McDavid and Eichel but because quality choices were available until the 20th choice if not even lower. This is supposedly a poor draft, there's no marquee players and even the quality of the players is less than say 2015 was after McDavid and Eichel. By the stats there seem to be a fair number of d-men who are posting very similar offensive stats, stats that are impressive so why is this a poor draft?
  11. Drouin Traded To Montreal

    I don't care if a player is whiny, bratty, antisocial, whatever so long as he's productive and puts my team in a position to win.
  12. HF.net NHL Mock Draft 2017

    I was tempted to take him with my Leaf selection.
  13. HF.net NHL Mock Draft 2017

    Ottawa has a pretty impressive prospect list with the top 3 being Chabot D, Colin White C and Logan Brown C which are 2 of the 3 cornerstone positions all franchises should cover, goalie is the other. I don't think you can have too many of these types so I think Ottawa would be happy to select Erik Brannstrom a 5'10" 180 lb d-man who plays for HV71 in Sweden. One scout has said "He's the closest thing to Kimmo Timonen. The details in his game are amazing. He can skate, he's got skill-he has no flaws but his size.He's terrific but he'll have to prove himself." He's scored everywhere he's played so he's the type of d-man that's now in fashion. hf101 drafting for Dallas is now on the clock.
  14. Drouin Traded To Montreal

    I've seen people express that TB needed Sergachev but I wonder if Montreal might be needing him more. Petry-29 Markov-38 Weber-31 Emelin-31 is Montreal's top 4 d-men with no clear cut quality prospects in the pipeline.
  15. HF.net NHL Mock Draft 2017

    Edmonton has Lucic, Maroon, Kassian and the on again/off again Pouliot to provide ample physicality which is probably more from their forwards than any team in the NHL. Nurse is probably their only true physical d-man with Larsson being physical but not truculent. Edmonton seemed to be truly cursed in the playoffs and more than anything has to learn to bribe the officials.

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