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  1. After the last game of the playoffs last year Gardiner said he sucked, he was talking about the 7th game where he was -5. I didn't like that he was -5 or that he sucked but I did like that he took responsibility for his game. Matthews this week acknowledged that TO wasn't playing well, he said basically we have to play better. Now it's true the Leafs need to play better but I always think that players who say we rather than me or I are really thinking everyone except themselves. We saw Matthews take 9 Kadri like shots tonite but we never saw him in front of Ottawa's net and he was pretty well a no show in TO's end all night. What's next, player's meeting I'll bet. Are we getting a preview of life without Gardiner for next year?
  2. I understand what you're thinking but totally out of the blue expecting Matthews to be a good option in a role that is never expected from him isn't the best idea in my mind. I don't know if you've noticed that Babs rarely puts the AM line on when the faceoff is in the d zone. I do think Auston needs to learn to defend but it should be a gradual process. I'd love to see AM and Willie PK occasionally, in time I expect they'd be awesome at it like Marner is. Love to see AM used in defensive situations just not in the situation where TO could lose because of his lack of exposure.
  3. It was a good move because he got away with it.
  4. Maybe, but normally Babs will only use players he trusts in those types of situations.
  5. TSN had 2 polls on the go on Friday. One was are you satisfied/dissatisfied with Matthews this year, the last results I saw 58% were dissatisfied. The other was who has the most to prove in the upcoming playoffs, Babs, Matthews, others, Matthews had the most to prove by the results of this poll but it was very close between him and Babs.
  6. That was a curious move by Babs putting the Matthews line on late in the game, Matthews tries to stick handle out of TO's end, loses the puck and then it's in the Leaf's net.
  7. I heard about it but haven't read it. Marner has been TO's best forward this year by a considerable margin so he's due a significant raise. Marchand would be simply trolling.
  8. Who would've thought that Hy/JT/Marner would form the defensive line we've needed for eons. Basically they're shutting down the opposition's top lines while continuing to pile up the points. Many talk about a team forming a top d line using limited players with the intention of them shutting down the opposition's best which of course means having those limited players gobbling up 1st line minutes while the superior players sit, never a decent compromise in my opinion. What TO has is 3 dynamic forwards who are not compromises, who are productive at all times.
  9. He probably didn't, I don't know but is that or should that be the issue, I think the issue should be that players shouldn't be trying to hurt each other, the person delivering the hit should be held accountable for the consequences. As a general rule players understand what can result from their actions but they continue the stupidity because even now they know the consequences, fines or suspentions if any, are minimal. I feel that if a player is injured as a result of an unadvised check and the injured player misses games, players should be suspended for the same length of time as the injured player misses, plus without pay. That check on Andreas Johnsson for instance was a deliberate attempt to injure. Ruining Lindros or any player shouldn't be acceptable and players like Stevens should be held accountable both within the NHL and in front of the courts. There's nothing wrong with hitting but it needs to be civilized.
  10. There's going to be pain and the franchise will probably bottom out but with the right drafting and signings in 3 years it might be worth it. Keeping Granny, Zucker and others would simply mean being mediocre for longer. That is obvious, I guess, but trading those players now instead of in the summer seems bad timing.
  11. Neither did Tavares and he makes 11 mil., this year Matthews makes less than 1 mil. Mathews' current pace for an entire 82 game schedule, 99 points.
  12. Arizona played a really good game, they were on TO every second, great for their fans not so much for us.
  13. hobie


    Mitch is so good he even slows down the pregame skate!!
  14. I'm thinking Matthews' shoulder problems is now out of his mind. We're starting to see the Matthews we saw at the start of the season. He's controlling play, owning the puck more, even doing the Nylander dippsy doodle, in general is TO's best player altho Tavares is close. 2 goals 1 assist +1
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