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  1. Nah, there is a bottleneck with at least the Werenski deal, and possibly McAvoy deal, needing to get done first. Just seems like the Provorov deal is hostage to at least one of those deals needing to get done. Trouba getting done helps, I think. Hell, even Marner may be holding things up for the d-men.
  2. He's also been a "name" for a while. I agree that it sounds like an overpayment as well. Agree. I think they can do both on longer term deals, but they will have to move a least a little bit of money to make TK work and have some flexibility under the cap. Capfriendly has them with $13.4m in cap space. Assuming Provorov gets $7.5-$8m max (more money for more term), that leaves $5-$6m for Konecny, which should be enough for a relatively longer team deal (i.e., more than 2 years; not sure if more than 5 years). But that leaves them with no flexibility this year. Even trading Hagg would help things.
  3. So are we thinking the Trouba deal is the ceiling for what Provorov would get? I get that the dynamics are different, e.g., Trouba had leverage in that he was arbitration eligible and one year removed from UFA. Provorov doesn't have that leverage (and neither do Werenski or McAvoy). Honestly, but for last year, I think Provorov has better argument stats-wise than Trouba. Certainly Werenski has better stats. In any event, I'm not sure Trouba sets the market, per se, but his deal is a data point. Still need to see what Werenski and McAvoy do. I think Werenski and CBJ are probably arguing over term, with CBJ wanting a longer deal and Werenski wanting a shorter deal that brings him to UFA. McAvoy's deal probably gets a bridge, but the $$$ probably depends on what Werenski gets. Provorov probably slots somewhere between Werenski and McAvoy. I really think Provorov's deal is a hostage of the other two deals. All that said, I'd be comfortable giving Provorov Trouba's deal. The only issue is what does that leave for Konency and how much cap space will they have after signing him? Rather not see him get a bridge. I still think a d-man gets moved at some point, which could free up some cash, assuming they don't take back salary.
  4. Is he a good player? He's a 28 yo guy who posted his career best goal total last year. He was fifth on his team with 31 points (team leader was Linus Omark with 49 points - who couldn't cut it in the NHL). I'm not worried about missing out on this guy. The Rangers can have him. Btw, anyone look at the Rags roster? It's not that good. Their centers are dreadful and they have no depth.
  5. Totally with you. I want him to take care of his own house first. I'm not interested in a 28 year old Russian guy who reached his highest goal output last year, never crested 20PIMs in a season until last year and was a team-worst -15 last year. Hope Fletcher is in it solely to drive up the price on the Rangers. Rather see that 3RW go to a player hungry for it and in the organization.
  6. Dave Portnoy is the douchebag that runs Barstool.
  7. Stupid websense at work! Can't even see that OR posted a video. All I see is a bunch of whitespace in his post.
  8. Ha!! Video is blocked at work. Can't see what you posted...
  9. He was rating pizza slices at Tacconelli's with Bryce Harper and the guy from Barstool the other day. No lie. At least he was in Philly.
  10. Generally, I agree (though, I also agree that Snider was probably pretty direct about signing Bryzgalov, trading Carter and Richards and possibly signing VLC and sheeting Weber). But, Snider established the agenda/strategy/philosophy for the team, e.g., "do what you must to win now," which in turn lead to Holmgren decimating the prospect pool and making some dubious signings and trades and hiring/firing coaches. I think Holmgren, in many instances, was reacting to Snider's edicts.
  11. And his trades, too. Always slightly overpays. It’s death by a thousand paper cuts.
  12. That’s what I was think would be ideal. Thought $2.1m max. This is another slight overpayment. Seems to me the org was at $1.8 and the player at $2.8 and split the difference. Slight overpayment, so not a big deal. But the pattern continues...
  13. Another bit of an overpayment. I think Laughton is an OK player, but that’s not the kind of cap hit I want on my 4th line. And I’m not sure he’s talented enough to deserve the 3RW position full time. He does things this team needs, but not sure at a level that merits that salary. Has Fletcher made any moves where he didn’t at least slightly overpay? Honestly, don’t think I have said “good value” for any of his moves. How much is left to sign Provorov and Konecny? Really worried Columbus is going to give Werenski a ridiculous contract.
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