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  1. Thought the first was good. Second and what little of third I saw were OK. Once again, I fell asleep during a Flyers game. Either I'm old, or the Flyers are boring. Ok, it's a bit of both but I think more the latter. Just didn't really see much emotion from them last night after hitting those posts. The PP is atrocious. They did absolutely nothing with the one they had at the beginning of the third. Soon after, I fell asleep. If I recall correctly, wasn't the PP kind of good before Knoblauch came along? Wasn't his hiring to coach the PP kind of a surprise? I kind of feel like Hextall said they thought the PP was looking stale, even though it had been pretty successful. Am I imagining this? 'Cause if my memory is correct, this is more on Hextall than it is on Hakstol. Along with the unfathomable failure to address the PK by firing the coach or by upgrading the personnel.
  2. Good questions and observations. A few thoughts: There is so much parity in the league. I think most teams have a good shot to win most nights. Look at the standings in the Eastern Conference: 10 points separate the first and last place teams. That's pretty ridiculous. It's also very early in the season, so a team's record may be skewed by an early season winning or losing streak. Curious to see how things play out over time. More specifically to the teams you mentioned, I think all have experienced some sort of change in culture or mentality. Lou and Trotz bring legitimacy to that franchise. Plus, the players can rally around Tavares rejecting (it also helps that they are getting good goaltending; and, yes, Trotz is a good coach). I don't know what's going on in Montreal since I don't follow closely. But they did get rid of two persistent question marks in Galchenyuk and Pacioretty. Maybe that eased some tension and distraction. Domi has been sensational for them as well. The Rangers have a new coach and approach and have brought in some good, young players. When the organization announced that they would be rebuilding, that probably took some pressure off the players and allowed them to just go out and play. In a league with so much parity, the culture and mentality surrounding a team can be a big difference maker. Look at what Vegas accomplished last year vs. where they are this year.
  3. Define "competitive." I certainly think they are competitive now, meaning that they should be a PO team. But I want them to be a team that people circle before the season even starts and expect them to be a conference finalist. That is what I mean when I say "legit contender." I still think there are 2-3 years away from that. The PP should be something easily addressed. They have the talent to be deadly. They have had good success in the past. But something has gone terribly wrong. Maybe they are too stale/predictable. The PK is an absolute wreck. A top flight goalie would help, but that's not happening soon.
  4. Not sure whee fault lies in EDM, but he did have a good run when he first got there. He seems like a good guy and was an understudy to Hank. I'm not sure how good either would be mentoring their eventual replacement and accepting a backup role. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like a "good ol' Ontario boy" would be better suited for that role. Varlamov may not have a choice to stay in Colorado with Grubauer in the fold as well.
  5. Agree on this. I won't have a problem if one of them ends up an overpriced backup once Hart is ready. Hart should have a manageable deal at that point. I think it's more about finding the right fit in terms and ability and mentorship. Talbot may be the right guy.
  6. @brelic not to be critical of the post, but trying to figure out the link between Florida's and Flyers' respective rosters and the Flyers' "2 years away" loop.
  7. Agree on all points here. If the Flyers want to be legit Cup contenders in the near future, they need to address the goaltending in a big way. If they bring in stop gaps on two year deals while they wait for Hart to develop, they aren't moving the needle much on contender status, imo. Rather, they would just be pushing contention further down the line. Plus, whoever they sign has to be comfortable mentoring Hart and moving aside in a few years. I think it's going to be tough to adequately address goaltending between no and when Hart is expected to take over.
  8. Glad you had a good time and saw a win for your first game. Definitely spend some time in Philly next time. How did you become a Flyers fan from Scotland?
  9. @Scrappyd00 How was your trip?
  10. Panthers are as hot as the Flyers. Their first line is so dangerous and will give G/Couturier/V fits. Their PP is clicking and Luongo has settled the net. They have also beat some pretty good teams, albeit at home. Should be a tough game for the Flyers. I think the Panthers take this one. Just don't see this as a good match up at the moment.
  11. Now, this I agree with. I could do without the BS interviews and fluff stuff. Not compelling at all. I would much rather hear analysis, particularly from ice level where sometimes the guys in the booth don't catch everything. I still don't understand why they got rid of Therien or the concept of an ice level analyst. I guess a lot of teams just don't do it any more.
  12. I don't know if it's anything that serious. Hell, the guy just may have no confidence in himself or his nerves may be shot. I don't know. His injury history is pretty diverse. Maybe that's the case this time, but there have been different things over time that make me think it's not a matter of a particular body part not healing correctly.
  13. Well, she's infinitely nicer to look at than Therien. I hear you about the lack of insight, but I feel that way about most of those types of folks.
  14. This better not be a shot Taryn Hatcher.

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