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  1. Want the Blues to win badly. Want to see people's heads explode when Schenn and Berube hoist the Cup and someone brings it to South Philly to celebrate at that bar. Think Bruins will win, though.
  2. I've certainly had experience with "tough love" folks, but they do it without being personally insulting. And when you do a good job, they let you know that as well. Therrien just sounds like he can be very insulting. Lofty expectations, I fear.
  3. Well, it's interesting that he was fired as soon as Claude Julien, another french-canadian guy, became available. So you may be on to something there.... In his book, Briere said he had a few run-ins with Therrien and related a story about how Therrien singled out Briere in a video session and basically said no one on the team respected him or wanted to play with him. Pretty harsh to treat a veteran player that way. I'm all for a coach that holds players accountable, but I'm not a fan of degrading or insulting players. I wonder how Therrien's personality will play with the youth.
  4. Could also be to remain relevant and keep the resume current in case a head coaching job pops up elsewhere. Neither Therrien nor Yeo was likely to land a HC job this season. Sometimes it's hard for a guy who remains out of the league to get another HC job in the NHL. Being an assistant better enables a coach to remain up to date on league trends, teams, players, etc. so that he can talk authoritatively on those topics when he interviews for a HC job. The foregoing may be less applicable to Yeo given that he was fired this past year, but I think it's applicable in Therrien's case who hasn't been in the NHL since 2017. In Yeo's case, I think his tenure in STL and MIN indicate he's not quite ready to be a HC and has some learning to do. This is a good gig for him in that regard. Another possibility is that Therrien doesn't have a desire to be a HC any longer. Maybe he doesn't want to deal with the players, scrutiny, pressure and other responsibilities at the HC level. Whatever the case, curious how things go with Therrien. Don't think he's a well-liked guy and I have never been very impressed with his teams. I like that he may make some players uncomfortable or challenge them, but I don't like that he can be a pretty mean dude. I don't think that tactic works well with players these days.
  5. I'm not opposed to trading Ghost in a good ol' "hockey trade." Though, part of me does want to see what he can do under some different, experienced coaching. Anyway, the current roster of d-men is crowded, but also in need of an upgrade if the Flyers intend to be Cup contenders in the near term. No offense to Provorov, but he could use a legitimate top pairing partner. They also need a credible, veteran d-man who can steady the ship in the locker room (and on their own zone) when things get dicey. Maybe they can find a single player to be both the legitimate first pairing guy and calming veteran presence. So, based on what I perceive to be the Flyers' needs, one or two players among the current defensive crop have to be moved. Ghost is the likeliest candidate to be dealt. I would probably trade him for Kapanen with no problem. Would the Leafs? I mean, is Ghost really the kind of d-man they need?
  6. AV and the new coaches alone won't get this team to a Conference final, but it should be enough to get them to the POs. But, to be real contenders, I agree they need more talent and veteran leadership.
  7. The story goes that the Blues started to rally as a team around a song called "Gloria" when they heard it in a bar in South Philadelphia, of all places. I'm not sure the success is due to Berube or rather that the team just growing and becoming closer. They play for each other and have no passengers. Good goaltending has helped them as well. Not trying to take anything away from Berube, but it seems like there is more to the team dynamic than coaching. Also helps having a pretty talented roster.
  8. Yeah, this. Maybe as an assistant he won’t be such a ****. Or, possibly that’s just what this team needs. Let him be the bad cop to AV’s good cop.
  9. I wouldn’t be too happy with that. Kind of scares me a little. But, at least Fletcher is trying to address what appears to be too lax of an atmosphere in the locker room. Also, it kind of signals that this team is in dire need of legit coaching. The lack of experience has set them back.
  10. Man, not really sure how I feel about this. First, I have never cared much for Therrien much at all. Always thought he was arrogant and if anyone listens to Spittin’ Chiclets, it’s pretty clear the guy is an asshole and not well liked by at least some of his players. On the other hand, maybe these guys need someone who isn’t going to pat them on the head and say “good try.” Maybe they need a real ball buster. But, I do wonder if any UFAs think a little harder about coming here. I do do worry a little about how Patrick, Konency and other youth might develop. I don’t think it’s great to ride young players early in their development. Really torn rim about this. I also can’t stand Therrien’s face. Not looking forward to seeing his sour mug every game.
  11. Leafs will not let Marner go. I don't know all of the ins and outs of the Leafs' cap position and player needs, but I'm pretty certain they will move whatever assets they need to move to free up cap space to keep him and they will do so before July 1 (probably at or close to the draft). Also, although everyone knows the Leafs need to free up cap space, I don't think Kadri, Nylander or Kapanen will come cheap. There will be multiple teams bidding against each other which will keep the price up. Do I think the Leafs get full value? No. But I don't see them having to take crumbs for these players. Btw, I don't think Nylander gets traded. I think Kadri is gone (although his on-ice antics hurt his value somewhat) and probably Kapanen as well. Again, I think moves are made before July 1. The Leafs are in win-now mode and want NHL Players. Draft picks don't help. Once they figure out who they can live without, they will move that player for NHL players and avoid a potential offer sheet where they have virtually no control. Assuming that's the Leafs' timeline, it makes things very interesting for potential suitors. Do you trade for Kadri or Kapanen or do you wait to see if you can get a center or winger in UFA?
  12. He was exactly what the Flyers needed. I don’t recall the cap situation, but I think they could have signed him. I think the only issue might have been that they were loaded with RW depth.
  13. I’m not. It was a lame joke referencing the fears some have that Fletcher is going to empty the prospect pool to bring in vets, particularly those he has familiarity with. However, Spurgeon is a pretty decent dman. See above. Also, I don’t have interest in trading Farabee or Frost either. I do think some of the lower tier prospects may get moved in a package.
  14. Changing topics, and maybe this was discussed elsewhere, but I saw that Jay O'Brien is going to leave Providence. [Hidden Content] Sounds like he had a rough year. Honestly, I'm a little worried about our offensive prospects at this point. Frost and Farabee hopefully turn into top 6 players. There's no telling what happens with Rubtsov (coming off a lost year) and Laberge (who I think out of the picture). I had hoped that Wade Allison would make the jump, but I thought I read he's returning for his senior year. He had a rough year looking at his stats. Know he was coming off an injury, but doesn't sound like he progressed this season. I know Ratcliffe had a good year. Hopefully he can make an impact, but I don't know if he's got the skating ability to thrive in the NHL. What do we make of Strome and his skating ability? I don't know. Just a little nervous about some of our guys. Maybe my concerns will be alleviated when Fletcher trades some of them this offseason for Jared Spurgeon....
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