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  1. vis


    I see that your daughter takes after her dad.
  2. Clearly, Friedman and one of the goalies are gone. Among the forwards, I think Goulbourne, Twarynski, Leier and Lehterable get waived. I think Vorobyev has earned a spot and they seem to like Knight, which means Lehterable is the odd man out. I really want to see more of Twarynski, but not sure where he would fit unless they move Laughton to 4C. I doubt they want to risk losing Weal to a waiver claim, so he stays with the big club. I think they keep Weise because they would rather have him sit in the press box and let the kids have ice time in the AHL. Also, Weise seems to be liked in the locker room.
  3. I didn't see a lot of preseason action, but I thought Myers still needs some work. He may have had a better camp than Hagg, but Hagg isn't waiver exempt. Not sure Myers outplayed Gudas. You know MacDonald isn't losing a spot due to injury. Folin is ticketed as the 7th d-man. They have a crowded defensive corps. Maybe someone gets traded?
  4. vis


    it's an abomination. i still can't believe someone in marketing gave the green light on this. unless that thing runs Crosby into the boards, it will never be accepted by the fanbase.
  5. Good news. Did they give an indication as to what it was? Shoulder injury? Thought it might be a separation they way he looked skating off the ice.
  6. Yes, I believe he was blindsided. And very angry about it. I can take it or leave it, but sometimes you get some good nuggets of info about the back-and-forth between the benches.
  7. I'm "wealing" (ugh, I'll show myself out...) to give him a look at center, though I also share the desire to vomit when I think about it too long. Timing seem weird to anyone re: Therien? Why wait until the eve of the season? Poor guy could have spent the summer trying to find work elsewhere. Truthfully, I liked him much better on the radio because he would be honest and call out bad play. Not so much when he moved to NBC/Comcast. I hope Boruk is not involved with the in-game broadcast. Bad enough he's around between periods and writes about the team. Wouldn't mind Boucher getting a chance, but that's probably a backward step for him. Wonder if they are going to fill the position at all...
  8. Somehow, those tiny dots will cause Neuvirth to get injured.
  9. They need speed and a scoring threat on the PK. Glad to see Konecny get the opportunity. My biggest concern is that he hurts himself blocking shots. That idea of that second line is really starting to grow on me, especially if Patrick takes a leap from where he left off last year.
  10. Good to hear about Lindblom and Vorobyev playing well - which should be the case. These guys are professionals playing against a number of rookies (to be fair, some of the Isles players are professionals as well). It would have been disappointing if they didn't stand out. Although, five points from Lindblom is more than I think anyone could have reasonably anticipated. While their performances are encouraging, the real test comes in camp against other professionals. Would love for these kids to take the next step and secure bigger roles in the NHL, especially after what I thought was a bit of a let down from Lindblom last year (though, maybe expectations were unrealistic).
  11. Makes sense. For some reason, I didn't connect that dots that MacDonald would probably only miss about two weeks of the regular season. Granted, he will miss training camp and may struggle (more than normal) in the early part of the season trying to get himself in game shape, but no need to even think about going outside the org to fill his spot.
  12. John Paddock is coach/GM in Regina. I'm sure the Flyers got some info on this kid from him.
  13. I am happy about this. Adding someone would have exacerbated the already crowded defense once everyone is healthy. And it's not like there were a lot of viable options anyway. In any event, I'd rather see young guys stepping in, even if it means the defense will struggle (at least in the early going). One concern, I guess, is whether Myers can stay healthy assuming he makes the NHL roster. Also, losing MacDonald creates a big hole on the PK. Tough to overcome when they are trying to fix things there.
  14. This is a tough loss. I know MacDonald is maligned quite a bit, but he is clearly a veteran leader and an important player on defense. His metrics aren't the greatest, but it seems he's a steadying influence on the young guys. Does anyone think Hextall makes a move to account for the loss? On one hand, I could see Hextall sign a veteran to a PTO contract for camp, if for no reason than to keep Myers focused and honest. However, the remaining UFAs are brutal. And I'm not sure a trade makes any sense. Hextall does have cap flexibility, so he could take on an overpaid vet for a year. I suppose Folin is here, but not sure he was plan A if a vet were to go down. I kind of think this is a bigger loss than we expect.
  15. I hear you. It's funny, because on one hand Hextall has said that young players will play if they are better than the players in front of them. But, he doesn't want to rush young players along in their development. The only fact pattern where I think Hart could get time is if he's outplaying Lyon and Stolarz - which I think is a fair possibility - and both Elliott and Neuvirth are hurt at the same time - whch I think is also a fair possibility. To be clear, I wouldn't bring up Hart to sit on the bench and backup Elliott or Neuvirth even if Hart has outplayed Lyon and Stolarz. That would make no sense to me. If Hart is called up to start in those circumstances, that doesn't mean he's the starter going forward or heading into the following season. I would view any call up in these circumstances as strictly emergency and not adjusting the plan on a go-forward basis.

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