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  1. Maybe “help” isn’t the right word. Think he may get more significant minutes with Phantoms - and thus contribute more. Looks like he’s hurt anyway. May not get a lot of time wherever he lands.
  2. Maybe both? Yes, he's probably more of a help to the Phantoms at this point.
  3. Think he gets in any games before the end of the season or is that a bit of a stretch?
  4. Ah, ****. Was there with my son. Would have tried to meet up had I checked the board. In general, the team looked sluggish and braindead from the beginning. I don't think it was all attributable to the early penalties. The Islanders came ready to play and the Flyers did not. None of the lines could do anything against any of the Islanders' lines. Felt the Isles fourth line dominated any line it played against. By the way, I thought JVR was the best Flyers player. By a long stretch. EVen though he's been playing well of late, that says something. Yeah, it was dead quiet throughout the game. Saturday matinee, boring/poor game, out of the playoffs. Recipe for a quiet building. Loudest the arena got, outside of the goal, was booing them at the end of the second period. Which was well deserved. Team needs to get better first. A little hard to be tough on opposing fans when their teams are better than ours.
  5. Glad they signed him. Don't have to worry about losing him. Better start working out on those arms. However, as one man once said, "'you can't bench press a puck into the net."
  6. It could work. I do think having an “energy” line is important and I’m not sure those types of players would fit that bill. But I am also a fan of being progressive and looking for competitive edges. This would be a unique approach. I think GMs know the Flyers are buyers, regardless of who’s calling the shots. I don’t see a need for him to prove he’s not Holmgren’s guy. Because of his GM skills or because of the player? Honestly, I have been a little nonplussed about Fletcher’s deals. I feel like he has left a tiny bit on the table each time he’s made a deal. Maybe it’s his way of building some capital with other GMs. I really don’t know if there were any big moves that made sense to be made. Actually, I fully expected a move to be made shortly after he was hired, and I’m glad nothing significant was done. Agree 100%. The hasty and clumsy press conference that followed made it even more apparent. The blatant planting of stories painting Hextall as a dictator was so transparent. They just needed some cover for what I believe was a personal conflict between Hextall and Scott. Also, Hextall never, ever saw it coming. I didn’t love everything Hextall did and don’t particularly mind that he’s no longer the GM, but the knee jerk nature of the move and ensuing smear campaign are troubling. Gotcha. Thought you were referring to Couturier’s current contract. Don’t disagree with the above. Re: Laughton - He’s worked hard to establish himself, carve out a role and build trust here. Think he’s well liked in the room. He and the organization seem very comfortable with each other. Feel like going elsewhere would require him to start over. And who knows how that would go. Probably. Which is fine for me. Generally OK with that. I’d prefer a little more thump and jump on that line, but it’s sufficient. Yeah, my concern is more with Pryor being gone. If Fletcher doesn’t lean on scouts as much as Hextall, that could be a problem. Being hurt by an individual player when we play him doesn’t bother me that much. It’s more about how much has improved the Flyers. In other words, I won’t care if Hagg scores a hat trick every time we play him, as long as the player the Flyers get helps them more than keeping Hagg did and the Flyers improve. Not sure how I feel about T. Myers, but he would be an improvement obviously. Outside of Karlsson, not sure there is anyone else out there that I’d want. I also worry that he’s going to end up with a ridiculous deal.
  7. Fair about the slow starts. They need to figure that out with him, which I think can be fixed. I don't know that I'd let it dictate personnel decisions otherwise. I hope not. They cannot afford a slow start.
  8. Probably not, especially after locking up the core RFAs. But at some point they will, hopefully, be ready for full time NHL duty. Assuming they sign Panarin and make no other moves, the Flyers' wings in the top 9 look a little crowded. I'd rather see Farabee in the top 9, much like Frost. Ratcliffe as well, though I don't know where he projects at the NHL level. His 50G suggests top 9 as well. I'd be a bit of a letdown for them both to log "plumber" minutes on the fourth line. Again, though, not a bad problem to have. At first, I thought trading JVR wouldn't be a possibility, mainly because it may hurt the Flyers in terms of attracting future UFAs for fear of being traded. But, JVR was Hextall's guy, not Fletcher's. Fletcher doesn't need to show any loyalty to the guy as he tries to rebuild the team in the way that he wants. If Fletcher wanted to move on, I think he could do so without hurting the Flyers' image for UFAs. I don't think he's afraid of making moves. Pretty sure he will have the backing of his bosses to do so. Like you, I question the wisdom. Not sure how I feel about him. I do think he improves this team in the short run, but I wonder how quickly the bloom comes off the rose. Don't think TK deserves Couturier money yet, but he will probably get close to it based on where the market is today. Provorov should get locked up long term. Can see Sanheim on a bridge deal, but maybe he signs longer. Laughton would probably leave $$ on the table to stay. Hartman should take whatever he's offered. Don't see a lot of leverage for him. Guess the question is: based on his performance in EDM, is someone going to give him a starter role? Probably, but I'd prefer not. No slight to Raffl, but as discussed, the wings are probably going to get pretty crowded. I suppose it's fine if he signs as a fourth liner, but I don't want him creeping up in the lineup. This is actually me big concern with Fletcher. I hope we don't see a drop off in terms of selecting players. Ghost probably nets the biggest return. Hagg's play has flagged a little, and in event we have probably seen him at his best. If they want to bring in a vet, something will have to happen aside from just waiving MacDonald.
  9. Yeah, that's all fair. I should probably qualify my thoughts on 2C: it's not so much about whether Patrick is a 2C or 3C. It's that I don't want Laughton as a 3C. So, signing a legit 2C or 3C would be fine. Looking at the UFA pool, it seems like Duchene, Hayes or maybe Brock Nelson would be targets. Duchene is probably a 2C. Hayes as well. Nelson is probably a 3C. If they miss on Panarin, wouldn't shock me to see them press hard for Duchene. Not sure how I feel about that. He's going to get paid and he's only been good on bad teams.
  10. Unless Frost somehow makes a case for 3C, I agree he's probably ticketed for the wing. But he's a lefty, which might make the adjustment to RW more of a challenge. It's not like he's the first left shooting RW, though. LW seems out of the question if they sign Panarin, unless they move JVR or Giroux over to RW. Frankly, I'm not sure Frost makes the team this year. Also, where does Farabee and/or Ratcliffe slot in a few years? Again, not a bad problem to have and it wouldn't stop me from signing Panarin (assuming a reasonable deal). I could see them moving a kid if they sign Panarin. Think he has the balls. Let's see if he uses them the right way. He's got a real tall task list ahead of him. First off, they need to hire a coach. My concern is that there's a long courting process with Quenneville, who I think is their preordained choice. Maybe they already have a handshake deal in place. Who knows. Whoever they choose, I'd like for it to be finalized ASAP. I think the RFAs should be relatively easy to sign, although I bet Konecny becomes a little drawn out. Provorov having a down year should help in terms of leverage with him. Sanheim, I would think, gets done quickly. Laughton and Hartman are arbitration eligible, but I don't see either ending up there. I think Talbot signs here with no questions. Fletcher has to make a decision on Raffl, but I'm not sad if they don't sign him. I think they tell him he's welcome to test UFA, but they remain interested at the right price. Then, Fletcher has to make the right choices in UFA and/or possibly make a trade. And then there is the draft. In addition to their own pick, I believe they have the Devils' 3d rounder. That pick is likely to be among the first five in that round. Very important summer which could shape this team for years to come.
  11. Definitely. Those two moves would put them in a class with TB and WSH, at least on paper. I'd have no problem with Laughton as 4C. Of course, it would create a bit of a logjam with guys like Frost and Farrabee coming up, but I see that as no real impediment. I wonder if they can make it work long-term cap wise. Torn as well. I'd be shocked if the braintrust (sic) would go for inexperienced. I can see Quenneville benefiting this team by bringing some legitimacy to the coach's room. But wonder a little bit about his feel for the current game. I know he gets characterized as a coach who favors vets, but those Blackhawk teams were really young. And he relied heavily on the kids. I also believe he liked Parnarin, as I believe the trade that sent him to Columbus pissed off Quenneville.
  12. Yes, I think Tampa has more depth among its forwards than the Flyers. They keep coming at you in waves and get scoring from all of their lines. They've got regular guys in their bottom six with nearly 20G and it looks like most have 10+ goals. I would swap 4th lines and probably 3rd lines with them. Not so sure about the Caps. I'm inclined to say they have more depth as well, but it's a closer call.
  13. There are a host of reasons why the Flyers aren't in the same class as TB, TO and WSH. Nobody on this team is in the class of Kucherov, Matthews or Ovechkin. I don't see this "deficiency" getting resolved any time soon, unless they sign Panarin. I don't think it's a fatal flaw, though. Just saying it's a major difference. Plus, those teams are deeper at forward than the Flyers. I know prospects are coming along, but I think it will a few years before they are significantly contributing, if at all, at the NHL level. All those teams have received good goaltending, generally. It looks like our goalie issue has been addressed, so that's good. Aside from TB, I'm not all that impressed with TO's or WSH's defense corps. Think our defense will get stronger as the kids grow and someone un****s Provorov and Ghost. TB and TO arguably have 2 of the top 5, if not top 3, coaches in the league. The Caps had the other top 3 coach last year. Flyers need to grab a great coach this season. Quenneville seems like the choice given the pedigree, but there are some up and comers. I expect the Flyers to make Quenneville their primary target. Query whether Quenneville is the right guy, but you can't argue that his overall track record isn't impressive and on par with the likes of Babcock, Cooper and Trotz. Finally, veteran leadership is key. Honestly, I question the Leafs a little bit in that regard. But certainly think TB and WSH have leadership where necessary. Think the Flyers could improve in that department, particularly on defense. I fully expect the Flyers to push hard after Panarin and Quenneville. Wouldn't shock me for them to miss out on both. Don't think I'll be bothered if they do miss out. But I will be bothered if they miss on both and then fail to improve C and/or depth on the wings. Not quite sure what needs to be done with the defense, if anything, other than jettisoning MacDonald. Still think they could use a solid player. Wonder if EK65 is on their radar? Seems like a longshot to me.
  14. Trick question. The answer is zero because he has no capacity to play a 200' game nor does he care.
  15. Yep. Really odd. Three headed goalie monster is never an easy situation.
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