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  1. Seems foolish and wasteful for organizations to do that, but ok. I was just reacting to your statement that lawyers were probably telling Flyers' management to ride out Weise's contract. If lawyers were involved, seems like they could distinguish Lehtera's situation pretty easily from Richards' and get the Flyers comfortable.
  2. I was referring more to Weal and Weise. You think those moves were part of Hextall's existing scenario (assuming Weise is dealt or doesn't suit up again)?
  3. Agree. He's got a long way to go, imo, but I am hopeful he can fulfill some of his promise.
  4. Could be. Either way, it makes no difference. He gets paid and won't be back anyway. That said, Lehtera's situation is way different than Richards' and the NHL and NHLPA should be able to get comfortable if the Flyers wanted to waive him.
  5. That move doesn't alleviate any pressure. In fact, a move like that might lead to more angst/pressure given how meaningless it is. Maybe Fletcher told Leier he'd move him (for Leier's benefit) if he didn't see a future for him here. GMs do that kind of stuff sometimes to give kids a change of scenery and a shot at making elsewhere. In all, it seems like Fletcher is removing underbrush on the depth chart that, at least optically, appear to be blocking some of the bona fide prospects from moving up. Raffl will be next to go. Lehtera is done after this season. Folin won't be back. I suspect MacDonald may find himself out of town one way or another.
  6. Agree. He should be waived on merit, let alone his legal troubles. Although, I wonder about a team's ability to waive a player if that player is in a substance abuse recovery assistance program. Maybe Lehtera enrolled in an out-patient program after his legal troubles came to light and waiving him might pose some questions about whether he's being punished for substance abuse vs. for his play. Either way, they would have to pay him his salary.
  7. I'd have to think long and hard about that. Would more coming back. How has Kapanen been doing since Nylander returned? Who is he playing with? I thought he was paired with Matthews earlier this year and was doing well offensively back then. Would trade Simmonds for Kapanen. Probably need another pick/roster player as well.
  8. Seems doubtful. These guys live and breathe prospects. His size and speed work against him, though. Maybe not. I thought something was up with Sandstrom? Disappointing year(s)? Or maybe an injury? Yeah, that's kind of interesting. Dude was a second rounder, no? Then again, he's a pretty big guy who is touted as a shutdown dman. Noticing a pattern?
  9. Not sure. Honestly, I feel like guys like Morin don't rate well for guys like Appleyard and O'Connor for a few reasons. First, their positive contributions (i.e., physicality/intimidation/emotion) aren't easily quantifiable, but yet their supposed shortcomings are quantifiable and I feel like quants like Appleyard & Co. don't give them a fair shake. Second, there seems to be a pendulum shift to "big is bad" when it used to be "big is good." Aside from what I perceive as bias against players like Morin, I'm sure uncertainty regarding the injury and his lack of foot speed play a big part in where he falls. However, I will say this: I'm more excited to see what Morin can do than someone like Vorobyev. If Morin can reach his potential, I think he will have a bigger impact on the team than Vorobyev. Maybe they don't rate Morin highly because they have doubts about his ability reach that potential because of the injury (which I think would be a little shortsighted). Yeah, there is definitely consensus about the top 4 prospects. That's not really surprising. Might be hard to judge the Zamula kid at this stage. Again, I think guys like Appleyard and O'Connor love the idea of unearthing an undrafted gem and may be quick to rate him high. That said, he did put up good numbers in junior this year. Rubtsov was taken 22 overall. It shouldn't be a question of "if" they can get something out of him. He better project as a contributing NHL player. He had a rough junior year a season or two ago, IIRC, and the injury isn't helping him obviously. But if he doesn't hit, I think that's a bit of an issue. They're lucky they got Patrick and Frost is looking so good. Otherwise, their first two picks in 2016 (Rubtsov and Laberge) could come back to really haunt them.
  10. Find it interesting that Strome is low on Appleyard's list and doesn't even appear on Silver's or O'Connor's lists. Also, somewhat surprising that Morin is low. No Laberge, which I guess isn't surprising given his injuries. That Zamula kid has put up some real nice numbers in junior this year.
  11. Yeah, he's not out of harm's way just yet. I hate to get all soft and stuff, but being traded, waived, etc. are major life events for these guys. It must be unsettling, especially when family is involved. I know it comes with the territory and they make a lot of money, but sometimes I feel bad about being cavalier about this stuff. It's not like he's a bad guy or anything.
  12. Weise cleared. Wonder if he stays with the Flyers after all. Will be interesting to see if he is assigned to the AHL. If so, I think something may be happening, beyond just players coming off IR.

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