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  1. Seems to be a great lockerroom guy, which has benefits off the ice. Thought he was one of the most consistent players at both ends of the rink. Agree about future years...especially with the cap remaining steady for the foreseeable future. LeClair was a Canadien...
  2. I never would have guessed that stat. One of the cases where the eye test doesn't marry up with the stats. Well, there were parts of the season where he was playing pretty well. But I don't think of him as a player who drives play. I think we might be trading our boat anchors for another team's.
  3. I don't know. I imagine several coaches now have tried to "coach him up" and the same mistakes still rear their ugly heads. Moreover, he seems to have forgotten how to be a dynamic, game changing player. When he came on the scene, he was a bit of a breath of fresh air. Now, guys like him are fairly common around the league - and they are younger and better at what he does. Still, there is a premium market for "puck-moving" d-men so maybe he does have more value than I give him credit for. He can score when applying himself, but he's a one dimensional player who lacks spee
  4. Yep. He said he would be looking at the trade market primarily. But I don't think they'd get helpful players back via trade for the likes of JVR and Ghost. They would have to trade more than that to get a helpful player, I think. That said, could see them trading JVR and Ghost to free up cap to go after UFAs. Tough market to become a UFA given the flat cap. I would have experimented with sitting Thompson or Grant and maybe shuffling lines on top of it to get more scoring punch across the lineup. Myers was more physical than I thought he'd be in the POs. Thin
  5. Agree. Cheaper in the aggregate and hungrier in the bottom 6. Top 6 needs another scorer. They need another solid dman because I’d let Braun walk.
  6. I really, really hope he's not blaming the goaltender...
  7. Adding to the post-mortem of a season I ended up following closely, but not posting much about. Overall, a very good first year for AV/Fletcher. It's nice to see what an excellent coaching staff can accomplish. That said, he had some down moments in the POs. He had no answer for Trotz, but I wonder if that was more of a player execution thing. I know he's not responsible directly for the PP, but it's poor PO performance reflects on AV. Also, no one should allow him to challenge a play. Hayes and Pitlick, two signings for which Fletcher received some
  8. It ain’t pretty, but it’s a win. I know it’s been said, but finding a way to score on the PP would go a long way toward a win in game 7. And someone please stop AV from challenging goals. I saw a quote that said he didn’t see the second angle until after he challenged. WTF? Is that our replay guy’s fault? Can’t wait for Saturday night.
  9. I feel like Nate Thompson gets more ice time than any of our other forwards.
  10. Think they are both PO-type players. This team needed some grit on the lower lines. I feel like Bunnaman/Frost etc. would not be able to handle PO hockey.
  11. Probably not a major issue for the regular season, but would prefer Thompson to Bunnaman in the POs. Sounds like he should be back by then. Didn't see the game, but by most accounts it seems Rask was the difference maker. Really interested to see how they respond against TB. Also, just as this team is generating more fan interest than it has had in the recent past and the building is starting to come alive, fans are being told by the Philly government to avoid going to games due to COVID-19. I know there are much more serious concerns about the virus, but it's a sh
  12. Agree. Myers, and the defense as configured with Myers in (and with Ghost out of) the lineup, seems to have been playing very well. Nothing against Ghost, but I don't think he's been missed much -- defensively, at least. It's also a tough spot for Ghost to be thrown into a game. AV will have his work cut out for him to limit Ghost's exposure to the Bergeron line and to limit his d-zone starts.
  13. Yeah, wish I was around more to post, especially this last half. Hoping to be around more, especially for the POs.
  14. Been a while since last posting. Work and life have been very busy for a while. Watching games (or parts of) when I can. All in all, really have enjoyed this season and am looking forward to tonight's game and the TB game. I won't be able to watch live tonight (work), but expect this to have a PO-like atmosphere especially with a shot at first place on the line. Plus, I think the Flyers actually match-up pretty well against Boston. Really like the confidence and resilience this team has at the moment.
  15. They kind of do, but no one is among the top 40. I think Konecny is barely in the top 50 and Giroux is barely in the top 100 in terms of points. Couturier and Voracek are a little higher than Giroux. I am concerned that Giroux and Voracek don’t seem to be producing as they have in years past. Honestly, I feel like Giroux has been a bit MIA this year. He seems to have regressed. Same with Voracek. The hope was that those guys would remain at or above the same level in recent years past and for the younger guys and Hayes to rise up. Instead, Konecny and Lindblom rose, but the vets have sli
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