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  1. Lol. Sounds like it's up Neuvirth's alley as well.
  2. Really sucks for Morin. Kid should move on to another role in hockey. I bet the Flyers will find something for him.
  3. Kind of noticed that as well, at least in the last couple. Part of it may have to do with his linemates and/or role. Still think Hayes is contributing in other ways. have zero problem with him to daye. Less concerned about Voracek than Ghost. Ghost hasn't responded to anything the past couple of years. And Voracek has largely been the same player over that time as well. We will see. Not so sure about that either. A few teams have demonstrated recently (Carolina, NYI) that success can be achieved by executing a system well and playing as a team. When a player freelances or breaks the system, stuff starts to fall apart. Besides, you'd think one place he'd excel "by being Ghost" is on the PP. But yet he's not been good there either. I wouldn't change my system or gameplan drastically to support Ghost.
  4. Might work for some! The coach/player relationship has changed dramatically. Players have so much power nowadays and are told how great they are that they can probably demand naps and pudding cups and get them.
  5. This is my concern as well. Or maybe they lose confidence when coaches criticize or try to change their games. Or maybe they just don't want to listen.
  6. Next game I watch, I'm going to try to track it. It was very noticeable in the Devils game. Felt guys from both teams were getting tossed regularly, but Hayes was the most frequent offender.
  7. Tend to agree, but different people respond better to different tactics. And some people don't respond at all, regardless of the tactic. I'm not criticizing the staff, as I think this team generally needs the "whip" until it earns the staff's trust. So, at this point, I tend to agree that those that don't respond are probably better off parting ways. Besides, this group has had a variety of coaches and styles over the years and they haven't done much under any of them.
  8. Wonder what the coach/player dynamic is like inside the locker room these days. Vigneault has not been shy about challenging players publicly and adjusting TOI accordingly. I love his approach. You know Therrien is being hard (probably borderline abusive) on some of the players. Not sure what Yeo's style is, but you've seen him be (embarrassingly) passionate at practice. Wonder how all this is sitting with the players, particularly Messrs. Voracek and Gostisbehere. Voracek looks completely lost, moreso than usual. Ghost has been bad, though I thought he started OK. I don't think Voracek or Ghost respond well to the whip. At what point do things get beyond repair between the staff and those two players? Honestly, I can see Jake and Ghost basically shutting down rather than rising up. Their days are likely numbered. On another note, is anyone aware of a site that tracks the number of times a player is tossed from the FO circle? I swear Hayes was tossed from more FOs than he took in the NJ game. Aside from that, I love what Hayes brings to the team.
  9. Well, he's relegated Voracek to fourth line duty at times. Others might find their way there or to press box. I don't think AV will make empty threats. Doesn't strike me as the type and the sense I get is that Fletcher has his back. Except for Hayes, Fletcher has little history with these players.
  10. At least the quotes have become angry. Last year they would have been talking about moral victories and BS. The lip service has improved. Let's see if the game does. Vigneault had some choice words, implying that guys who don't play the right way might lose their spots (it was in Carchidi's column, but I can't access it at work). Would be nice if **** starts hitting the fan. Kind of had it with the BS.
  11. Of the games I saw before the Isles game, I didn't think Ghost was that bad. Better than he was last year. But, that Morin/Ghost pairing was real bad vs. the Isles. Looking for a 4-3 OT win tonight.
  12. Tried to, but cut himself signing his retirement papers. Out 4-6 months with a UBI.
  13. Looked like they went out hard after the CBJ win. Way out of sync and behind the Islanders. Rough game. Toss the tape in the trash. Hart will be fine in the long run. He's going to have rough stretches. I just hope they don't ruin his confidence one way or another. I would not send him to the Phantoms.
  14. Does Stewart play tonight? Wouldn't mind seeing what he can do in place of Bunnaman. No offense to Bunnaman, but I wouldn't replace Raffl or Pitlick. No matter what happens, imagine Elliott will stay in net the entire game with the B2B with EDM tomorrow. Could get real ugly if they don't get on the Flames early. Curious to see what kind of ice time Voracek gets.
  15. Really solid win on all fronts. Nice to see when they get NHL-quality coaching and NHL quality goaltending. Imagine that... However, the Devils did not make it hard on the Flyers at all. Still, they handled the opponent the way good teams do by playing their own game and not sinking to the Devils' level. In the first period, I feared this would be one of those games where we play well but struggle to score, the other team scores on a PP or two and we lose.

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