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  1. Wow, has Voracek been that bad in camp? However, with Patrick hurt at the moment, it seems there are three open spots. I'd rank the chances as follows: Rubtsov has the best chance, imo. All quotes from management indicate he's done a lot to merit a spot. If Patrick is hurt, it makes sense to keep him up. Once Patrick is back, I think Rubtsov may go to the AHL unless he looks real good and forces Laughton to wing. Alternatively, I suppose they can try him at RW. Think Vorobyev could land a spot, but, unless he picks it up or Rubtsov falters, I think Rubtsov has him beat. I don't see Farabee or Frost making the roster. I don't think either of them has played in a way that makes it hard to send them to the AHL. Plus, I don't think bottom six minutes helps them much. Rather see them get top time in the AHL. Here's where things get interesting. -- Pitlick was a FA signing. It would be odd if they parted ways with him. -- Stewart seems to have done some good stuff in camp. Maybe he gets a spot on merit? -- NAK's waiver status makes me think they keep him. -- Andreoff is probably ticketed for the Phantoms. With Patrick hurt, I think Rubtsov, NAK, Pitlick and Stewart are on the roster. They will have a hard choice, and may lose a player to waivers, once Patrick comes back. I suppose they could send Rubtsov back to the AHL. More interesting to me is the logjam on defense...
  2. Smart move by AV. I'm going to guess it's not just the game that troubles him, but maybe practice/camp in general. In earlier quotes, he said Boston was playing its system whereas our guys were thinking their system. They clearly need more time/work. Hard to install a system when there are 50 guys in camp. Pare it down and work with the veterans and the few players that have a chance at an open spot.
  3. Good signing. Who thinks he’s here for the duration of the contract?
  4. I have no insight at all, other than that a rational player - not solely focused on $$ - would cut the crap. Marner did. Konecny ain’t Marner.
  5. I hear you on the first part, but I think he’d probably be injured wherever he’s playing (or not playing, as it were).
  6. Thanks. Tweet I saw earlier suggested it was a surprise. Still ridiculous that he can’t get through an offseason without injury. Must have caught Neuvirthitis.
  7. What is the injury? Any detail, other than UBI? How do you come to camp injured an no one knowing about it? Did he get hurt getting off the plane? I just don’t understand how this wasn’t known in advance. Was he hiding whatever it is? I’m so frustrated with this kid.
  8. Not a good way to start the season. granted, he's not the only kid in this situation. Tons of RFAs out there. In some ways, I don't blame him for wanting to see how the market shakes out. But he's not Marner, Tkachuk or Laine. He can't afford to miss camp. He needs to learn a new system and, frankly, needs to learn how to play any system. Honestly, I kind of expect him to sign soon. Lot of pressure brought to bear above.
  9. Gotcha. I just edited my post above to further explain my thinking, but disregard. I think Konecny is eligible for UFA one year before Meier because he played 40+ games in his first year, whereas Meier did not. If that's correct, then wouldn't the equivalent be to give Konency a three year deal with a big salary in year three? I kind of proposed that above as well: $13.5m/3yr for a $4.5AAV at $3.4m in year 1, $4.3m in year 2, and $5.8m in year 3. I was working on the assumption that salary couldn't vary by more than 35%, but maybe that wouldn't apply in that structure since salary increases over the life. Haven't looked at the CBA on that front in a while.
  10. I hear you. I mentioned young guys coming up because the Flyers can always waive that around as a threat. Do I think they'd mov on from Konecny? Not unless he became a problem child. But I don't think Konecny can blow off the fact they they got some talented kids coming up. Happy to help, but I'm mostly talking out of my ass. So take it for what it's worth.
  11. Not sure what you mean. Because he'd have to be qualified at $10m (actually $11m)? I think I see what you're saying. If you assume Meier gets qualified at $11m and he accepts, he ends up with a 5 year deal with an AAV of $7m. Why doesn't Meier's deal violate the salary variation rule? See above:
  12. I don't know. @OccamsRazor raised a good point about Timo Meier's deal. He got $24m/4 years and he's still RFA at the end. Didn't buy a single UFA year. Seems like a decent comp for Konecny production-wise, but Meier is a better all-around player.
  13. Term is an issue. The Flyers have a few talented forwards in the system that could be vying for top 6 spots in the next 2-3 years, if not sooner. Konecny is likely to be eligible for UFA status in four more seasons. The CBA expires in three years, so the possibility of a stoppage looms. Part of me thinks a three year deal makes sense at, say, $13.5m for a $4.5AAV. You're not buying any UFA years in that deal, so the cap hit should be lower. However, not sure how I'd structure if from the player's side. On one hand, I can see front-loading it so he gets a bunch of $$ up front so that he's got some security in case of a stoppage in the third year (maybe $6m, $4.5m, $3m). I could also see him wanting it structured like Werenski's deal at $3.4m, $4.3m, $5.8m. If the CBA remains in place with current rules, the Flyers would have to qualify him at $6.38m. If you want to buy UFA years, I think somewhere around $20-22m/4 years, $28-30m/5 years or $36-40m/6 years might make sense. I just don't know if they are willing to commit to him long term.
  14. Wtf is up with this? ****** Patrick.... Is he stressed because his buttbuddy Konecny isn't signed?
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