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  1. Is Aube-Kubel the guy who got suspended in the POs? I've read that he isn't the smartest, most disciplined player, which usually means Hakstol won't play him.
  2. Probably, based on the stats you provided. Not sure I agree with that. Normally you try to match your top PK unit against the top PP unit. Not sure coaching alone would get them that far, but probably close. Think they would still be in the bottom half, which isn't good. This is great stuff. And it's totally buried by looking at the season-long stats. Did you compile this yourself, or is there a site you are using? The Lehtera usage is mindboggling and frustrating.
  3. Over Couturier? Disagree with that. Also doesn't take into consideration strength of competition. Agree, but I am not advocating him to play. And he was used less than those guys anyway. I didn't realize you were using PK stats. That's why I questioned the methodology. As noted above, the metrics don't take into consideration strength of competition, which I imagine would be a pretty heavy influencer. I also wonder a little how the stats skew depending on when they are deployed during the PK. Yes, after those guys. I'm not 100% positive about your second statement, though. No, nor am I saying that Couturier should be replaced. I agree that coaching needs to improve. But I also think, once you get past Couturier, the personnel gets a bit dicey.
  4. So, those stats would seem to tell you that Laughton is a better defensive player than Couturier, a Selke finalist. Do you agree with that? Also, despite what seems to be perception, Lehtera barely played the PK. So, it's not like they would be swapping him out for Laughton or Raffl. And I am certainly not taking the position that Lehtera is better than Laughton in any way. Are you extrapolating Laughton's and Raffl's prowess as PKers from comparing even strength stats compared against their teammates? If so, I disagree with that methodology (aside from my comment above). First, players have different roles and face different competition. Laughton's focus as a fourth liner at even strength is to avoid risk, play simple and focus on defensive aspects of the game. Plus, as a fourth liner, he's facing inferior competition compared to other lines. So, in my view, it stands to reason that he would have a better GA/60 compared to teammates who have a more offensive role or play against better competition. Second, comparisons against teammates yields a "tallest midget in the circus" result. In any event, I'm not really debating that Laughton and Raffl shouldn't be PKers given the current roster. I just don't think they represent an upgrade over last year, given that they played on the PK last year. Laughton and Raffl received the second and third highest PK minutes per GP, respectively, among regular PKers. So, despite the GA/60 or SC/60 stats you cite above, Laughton and Raffl were significant contributors to a dreadful PK. I'm not sure giving them an increased role helps in that regard. I wonder if there are any resources that breakdown PK success (or failure rates) on an individual basis? Again, that should be adjusted for strength of competition. Well, the goalie isn't helping. But, I agree, it's a bigger problem than just the goalie. My point, in all of this, is that I think the Flyers needed outside help to improve the personnel on the PK. I think Raffl and Laughton are "status quo." I don't know about the Phantoms kids (I do see the Phantoms were middle of the pack on the PK last year - not that impressive). Maybe they will invite a veteran to camp on a tryout basis for that role. I just think we are going into another season with no improvement on the PK. And that bothers me.
  5. Generally, agree but not so sure about tenacious. That's the problem. He has no hockey sense, which is problematic for a PKer. Raffl got PK time last year. Probably will again. I don't see this as an improvement, but more of a lateral move. He played the most PK minutes last year. Again, lateral move. Not saying he's not good, just saying Couturier is maintain the status quo from last year. My comment about Simmonds was directed at him taking on more minutes, especially at his age and the injuries he's had. Would prefer that the avoid using him in PK situations for that reason. All of those guys killed penalties last year, some more than others. The only change to PK personnel from last year is that Filppula is no longer on the team. Is Laughton an upgrade? Vorobyev or Vecchione? I know Filppula was slow and all, but he was a vet and had some savvy. Not sure what to think about the d-pairings. However, again, there is no change there unless you think Morin and/or Folin are going to get time on the PK. If Folin is the 7th d-man (which seems to be the case), then he will have no impact. Morin won't have an impact until later in the season. I guess Morin is the only hope for improving the PK back-end. Does that move the needle enough? Oh, and we still have the same goaltenders.
  6. Any ideas on how the Flyers improve the PK unit? Clearly Lappy isn't going anywhere. Maybe they shift responsibility for PK to someone else. Doubtful, though. Filppula is gone, but who fills his role as center on Unit 2? Laughton? Even if someone like Vorobyev or Vecchione make the team, how likely is it that one of them will supplant a more "seasoned" player? And if they do, how much of an improvement will it be? I really hope they don't use Giroux and/or Simmonds on the PK on a routine basis. Think the PK is going to be comically bad again next season.
  7. God he signed. Arbitration wasn’t good for he or the team.
  8. I think that's right. At some point you either go out and get better forwards (I think the defense and goaltending is what it is) or you change the coach. Instead, we got Weise and Lehterrible, neither of which is helpful on the PK.
  9. @ruxpin scary that someone wants Mason back. The other thing that that bothers me about the Hextall tenure is the failure to address the PK. Whether it’s personnel or going in another coaching direction, something should be done. Maybe one guy they could have targeted this summer would have been Grabner.
  10. yeah, i think we could find someone on their roster worth taking...
  11. Wow. I even screwed up the edit.
  12. @brelic Honestly, I didn't read that laundry list of trades or the entire post. I don't think there's anything shocking about saying Hextall has done an excellent job at building the farm (helps when 2OA falls into your lap) and a good job at jettisoning some bad contracts (some of which I give him less credit for than others). I still think his usage of UFA is a little questionable, but he did address a clear need this year in signing JVR (though I'm not a huge JVR fan, he is an upgrade). I don't know what else was available to him, but I don't think there were any signings where I said, "I wish the Flyers signed that guy to that contract." I do think the goaltender situation is a mess and wish he hadn't re-signed Neuvirth. I think that was a mistake. But overall, hard to find fault in Hextall - assuming you're OK with continuing to look more to the future than the present. I still don't think they are a team that can make a dent in the post-season, which is slightly disappointing.
  13. I get the concept. I'm just trying to extrapolate more from it and/or think of ways to challenge it. Can't at the moment. Work has my brain fried. I guess my takeaway is that all things even out during the course of a shift.

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