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  1. Greetings: It is too early for odds but this analyst's prediction puts the Caps on top, 4-3: https://news.sportsinteraction.com/nhl/story/capitals-vs-flyers-odds-prediction-041721-141381 The Caps have manhandled us so far, going 4-1. Hopefully, there's a spillover from our win over Pitt.
  2. Well, miracles never cease to happen. That may be their best game of the season. Allison may be a keeper. Hart misplayed the Crosby goal but very sharp otherwise. And we actually won a shootout. Let's see more of the youngins.
  3. I hope he resolves. Overall, the organ-eye-zhation needs to develop some depth. Who steps in if Hart falters and Moose is incapable?
  4. Hart is between the pipes tonight. Should we take bets on whether he gets past the first period?
  5. Yeah, the stench is too much to cover up. Apparently, Keith Jones' remarks after the last game were hard to swallow for some of the corporate types, but earned kudos from outsiders. I suspect Fletcher can't admit publicly that it's rebuild time. But everyone knows it: https://www.phillyvoice.com/flyers-trade-deadline-draft-picks-news-analysis-scott-laughton-contract-michael-raffl-rebuild-chuck-fletcher/ Voracek, Giroux...it doesn't matter. Say auf wiedersehen and get picks or cap space and move on. My new watch gig: I sit through the firs
  6. Greetings: We come into the game as heavy underdogs: https://www.docsports.com/free-picks/nhl-hockey/2021/philadelphia-flyers-vs-pittsburgh-penguins-prediction-4-15-2021-nhl-pick-tips-and-odds.html Normally, I would say a Flyers-Pens Game defies odds. But, we are playing far below expectations: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/flyers-gm-chuck-fletcher-uncomfortable-spot-because-he-was-too-comfortable Can we avoid losing by five or more goals?
  7. I've often felt the departure of Chris Pryor may have been as important as that of his boss. Now they are a tandem in Pitt. Drafting aside, we haven't made the "fill-in" trades that connect the dots. Niskanen may have been a recent exception. At least CF acknowledged his error with Gus. The draft is the key to success in a cap challenged world. We are seeing up close and personal what a lock-in to high salary and long-term can mean on the downside. I am glad CF adopted Doug Wilson's old philosophy of no contracts longer than five years with Laughton's re-up.
  8. My only concern is that the change adds another wrinkle to assessing how good or bad the talent is. Keeping him in for at least another half season takes out another variable in the puzzle. The special teams coaches--that is another question.
  9. This year's squad has lost 6 games by at least 5 goals. Yikes. I am wondering if this kind of performance puts AV at risk? I doubt it but more blowout losses may leave him vulnerable. I don't think he's the problem. But the squad looks disinterested. It's one thing to lose. It's another to look comatose.
  10. I hope you are inspired. This is third week of neurologist-mandated booze freeze. It makes me sad. Have one on me!
  11. Greetings: The bookies don't give the O and B much of a chance: https://pickdawgz.com/nhl-picks/2021-04-13/philadelphia-flyers-at-washington-capitals-4-13-21-nhl-picks-and-prediction Winning or losing the remainder of this season may not matter as much as effort and growth. Pending a miracle, this isn't a playoff-bound team. The performance of the younger players and Hart may be the most important things in our homestretch.
  12. Agreed with others that our current roster may not offer cost-effective trades, and I suspect CF doesn't want to give up on our youngsters. So, we have cleared roster space for auditions for remaining games. It isn't exciting, but it could be worse. Laughton may be a little long for my liking, but I won't argue the bucks. Fletcher has time to make assessments for the off season. We see what gives. Giving Cam York or other a few games is better than paying Gus to warm the bench. I hope Raffl wins a Cup. He was a good presence but probably declining and replaceable.
  13. We bore witness to what might be the worst loss in this franchise's recent history. Even the broadcasters couldn't sugar coat it. Coots and 28 were on the point of our sleepwalk effort. I do not think AV is the problem. Years of bad drafting and poor trades have a lot to do with what we are. We were supposed to have drafted an elite D-corps, right? Farabee might be as close to a Carter or Leach we've had in ages but others in the stable--not sure. G and V are not the rainmakers we have needed. They are above-average, but not Barkovs or Barzals. G's contract ends
  14. Hello: This is a battle of two goaltending and defensive challenged squads, but the Flyers offense should carry the day: https://statsalt.com/games/nhl/4-11-2021/buffalo-sabres-vs-philadelphia-flyers-prediction-2473/ Skinner, Eichel, and Hall have a combined eight goals. Unbelievable.
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