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  1. It seems that with every passing day a reopening becomes less likely. I also worry about encroachment of next year. But what do I know? BTW, my backyard Miami Dolphins became the first major-league franchise to unveil their plans for a return next year. The Centerpiece: Hard Rock Stadium capacity goes from 60,000 to 15,000. People at risk or those who aren't comfortable with social distancing and other are unwelcome for their own sake. If that is a model for other teams/leagues, think about the impact on concession workers, etc. I think the NHL will be hard hit given their relatively limited TV revenue. Best, Howie
  2. Greetings: I think of the '08 and'10 runs as flukes. Yes, they were great. But neither run reflected a long-term base of players that kept us elite for at least a few years. I hope things have changed but guess it will be some time to find out. Meanwhile--it has been a frustrating decade. This is another reminder of how time flies. Last night I watched the last episode of "Band of Brothers" to celebrate VE Day and the Greatest Generation (my dad was part of that gig). It was hard for me to believe that series was done in 2001. Yeah....that means we are just shy of the 20th anniversary of 9-11. Yikes.
  3. Howdy: I just saw this post about the distribution of games and goals for the 575 skaters in Flyers history. [Hidden Content] I guess a lot of players have their cup of coffee and don't stay or score. On the scoring front, note that in the Metro, we rank only above Columbus. Another take on this is the import of finding gems in low draft picks. That was a big part of the SF 49ers success years ago, and part of the Patriots gig as well. That used to be a Detroit Red Wing thing as well. I also suspect this explains the high to low salary range. Food for thought during the COVID era. I hope all of you are OK. Best, Howie
  4. Well, I will be at least a little charitable.
  5. Greetings: The Patrick and Lindblom cases are sad, but RJ certainly raises a good point. Mario Lemieux made a great recovery from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. We can only hope and pray that Oskar makes it through safe and sound. Nolan Patrick's case is a bit stranger/complicated. He is fragile. My biggest fear with him is the Forsberg Scenario--in sometimes, out for a stretch...etc. I recall reading that Flyers management is likely to offer him a one-year deal as an RFA, knowing full well that he needs to prove skill and health during his next go-round. That strategy makes sense. He has had a prolonged audition and there is a bleep-load of talented forwards in this organization.
  6. From what I understand, an injured player is not draft eligible.
  7. Greetings: I am sorry for not responding. Your points regarding demographics have some value. I suspect South Florida, which is becoming "majority minority," may be an exemplar. But you should try to find Gary Bettman's announcement of Vegas, and rejection of Quebec City. I was driving home when this was announced. The rationale was interesting. Of course, conference balance was important. The 16-14 at the time was a driver. With Seattle, East-West will be equal. But...the bigger kicker was the small market-Canadian Dollar connection. Remember, NHL salaries are paid in U.S. Dollars. Small market Canadian markets (Ottawa is an example) are marginal financially and probably money-losing without playoffs. Bettman had nothing but good things to say about the proposed management. The facility must be top-tier. But the finances were questionable. I read a report several years ago that the big, underserved and very profitable market that isn't serviced is Southern Ontario/Hamilton. However, your Leafs will put the kebosh to a team so close, and there is fear in the league that a franchise so proximate to Buffalo (which went bankrupt years ago) may hurt them, being a small market. I hope you are doing well. Things are OK here. Stay safe and sane! Howie Howie
  8. My understanding is that KC has a beautiful arena that's hockey-ready, owned by the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) which owns the Lakers--it is the Sprint Center. Years ago, there was talk in South Florida of relocating the Panthers to KC, which would have a much lower fee than a new franchise. But the whole East-West team balance came up, and it's unclear to me if there is demand. Gosh, I believe KC picked up Doug Favell from the Flyers in the expansion draft! I hope everyone is safe!
  9. Opening day next season (whenever that is), will seem more significant and exciting than before. FYI, I read one proposal that had our current season reboot in the summer, end in October after award of Cup, with the '20-'21 season starting in November. That would end in the usual time frame, but there would be many back-to-backs and no bye weeks. Candidly, I don't see a reboot. Starting the season around American Thanksgiving seems a tad strange. It worry for the players--Recycling after a month. Yikes.
  10. The Carona Crisis (or whatever) took hockey and just about everything else by storm. This will be a strange season with an asterisk...no strike, but disease shortened. It will make every GM's assessment of future personnel calls a lot harder to make. But relative to sickness, death, and economic chaos...the NHL and its product seem a bit trivial. Hopefully, next fall brings back hockey...and no 2nd wave of the Carona. I hope the gang here is OK. These are stressful times. Sincerely, Howie
  11. As I've said about hurricanes in Florida, sometimes Mother Nature sends signals about who's the boss.
  12. Greetings: My boss is about 70 with Type II Diabetes. He is scared poopless.
  13. Greetings: I have a feeling we will be shut down sooner than later. My university has gone online. Thesis and dissertation defenses will only have the major professor and graduate--no other committee members, family members, or students/friends. Interestingly, employees are still reporting for duty...strange given how abandoned it has become. Social distancing buys time. We don't want potential overload of the health system. Italy is apparently using a military-style triage on care...that is pretty scary. The only thing I could see on the NHL Front....if things improve my late April, perhaps they consider a playoff. Who knows?
  14. Greetings: While we have been playing better than TB of late, the home team is favored: [Hidden Content] We are winless against TB over the last seven; 2-12 at Amalie over the last 14. Mark Friedman and Connor Bunnaman are called up. The latter is due to Thompson's injury. I am not sure if Friedman plays or is a Ghost backup. I am wondering if this will be played in light of the NBA's suspension. It sounds like Bettman is considering a shutdown. [Hidden Content]
  15. Here are more up-to-date odds: We are a mild favorite: [Hidden Content] I agree with Vis--this will be playoff-style hockey.

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