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  1. Greetings: My "fear" is that the Canadiens will have confidence to take us out. You can argue they've taken four of six periods from us. Hart stole Game 1. When your top scorers aren't scoring, and your third D pair is really suspect, the bleep can and will hit the fan. Yes, I hope they right the ship on Sunday.
  2. Just saw the tube....top 5 scorers in regular season have goose eggs in playoffs.
  3. AV will dissect this. We have given the Habs hope! A tough loss is one thing. This is systems failure. Our first line isn't contributing when they should.
  4. Their may be some wisdom in that. Braun is a lot more costly than Hagg or Friedman. A bad playoff means he goes unsigned.
  5. I guess the TV Gods must have agreed with us. Will they switch back after the end of the Av game?
  6. When you can't score on a two-man advantage of a minute thirty it is bad!
  7. Yeah...the Brits like that term. They like made redundant instead of fired. I will keep it short and sweet in future. And they looked dazed to boot!
  8. A time out might have meant something. They look like superannuated turds with leg weights. This is the speed-skill set we have tough times with.
  9. I will probably miss a chunk of the game. How the Habs react to Julien's situation is hard to predict--suspect, like Occ, they will be fighting like hell. On a separate note, will AV run with Hart until hell freezes over or do we see Moose, especially if we take the first two?
  10. Greetings: This was a messy performance. MTL outplayed us in the second. Niskanen looked a bit discombobulated. Agreed with Occ that our first line needs to up their game. Hart was great, and at least we had a PP goal. That said, the PP does not seem to be clicking. I don't care how you slice it, JVR on the fourth line is not so good. On the plus side, Grant earns his keep, and Thompson works hard. We need to slow these folks up. We have the depth. We need to wear them out.
  11. Hi Pods: I was thinking the same thing...he could truly retire to FL. They will need someone with a lot of experience. Having Q on board might not be such a great thing if he is perceived to be a roadblock. They also have some serious cap problems--Hexy might do a good job with that.
  12. Well, after 10 years and another disappointing season, Dale is gone, despite Bobo and Q. My affinity is for the Flyers...always has been and always will be. But on occasion, it would be OK to attend a team that plays a few miles from where I live. Sadly, I've tried being a fan..and going, and end up feeling that I've wasted my time and money. NHL Center Ice and the Flyers make a lot more sense. The new ownership team was supposed to make a difference. Well, based on what I've read, it appears this ship was as rudderless as ever, with intense bickering over its future. Tallon brought in some good young players (Ekblad, Huberdeau, Barkov) but other drafts and signings have been questionable. This team has had a quarter century to build a quality franchise. It hasn't happened. And, I do think there are folks here who might support a good team. I wonder if Hextall is a possible candidate?
  13. Greetings: I remember playing them the year before we won our first Cup. We lost in six but knew our squad was on the way up and no longer an expansion doormat. I hope our power play gets untracked. Meanwhile, Farabee is growing up very quickly. We really can roll four lines!
  14. Hello: Big game on Saturday; one of the biggest in many seasons. Hayes was inspired and Laughton is maturing into another Coots, and in some ways, more flexible given his ability to play wing or center. TB has been a thorn in our side for many years. I still remember the 7 game series loss to them in '03-'04. What we don't know at this point is the advantages of the 1 vs. 2 seed but a win will be an achievement for this squad. We are already ahead of the game--entered at four and will do no worse than two. JVR's benching is a good thing in terms of accountability. But it stinks in terms of cap waste and what it may mean long term. I doubt he is trade bait or Kraken material. CB may be no better but he is a bleep load more cost-effective, and at least he plays his size. I am not even sure if JVR is a PP force. Yikes.

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