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  1. Greetings: The O and B are mild underdogs. As this piece notes, the Flyers have not been particularly good on Saturdays the past few seasons. [Hidden Content] Historically, the O and B play well against Vancouver.: [Hidden Content] . We will see if that continues.
  2. Good effort! Hart was remarkable, and Hayes is impressive. The penalty kill actually worked. They worked hard. Will they keep it going? NJ may not be a hard test. But there seems to be an intensity level several notches over prior editions.
  3. Wenches are fine...thinking of "class," outside of social...probably warships.
  4. It will be interesting to see if the Devils get a return on their $5 million Simmonds salary? I suspect that tank is empty but I don't think Ray Shero is a dodo. Scoring aside, Simmonds is what I call a member of the Warrior Class. He will be a good influence on the youngins.
  5. Greetings: We go into the game as mild favorites: [Hidden Content] The youth movement on both squads makes this interesting. I hope our youth is better. I originally posted the game at 7 PM; just saw it is at 7:30. My apologies.
  6. I watched a chunk of the replay last night. 1) The team moved the puck well. 2) Hayes does play a "200 foot game." 3) This fourth line looked good. I wonder what happens when Patrick returns. 4) JVR is fun to watch, even if he doesn't score. They guy assaults the other team's net. 5) Movement on the power play was very good. Let's see what happens against NJ.
  7. Greetings: Well, we start the season as mild underdogs. [Hidden Content] This is a matchup of two squads trying to improve performance with new coaches and players, but retaining a core of players at mid-career or later. Maybe our newcomers make a big difference. Let's go Flyers!
  8. I guess the question is "chronic" or "episodic?" If it's the former, I can't see him staying in a profession with physical contact and high-speed activity. I am not a medico, but as others have said in this thread, it is tough to medicate. My sister-in-law and a co-worker have this issue and find the drugs treatments mildly sedative. I feel for the guy.
  9. Agreed these injuries are impacting the "culling" process. But they will also make for more line shuffling early on. I suspect Pitlick will be given a shot on 3rd or 4th line after recovery. It is messy.
  10. I'll stick with my comments from a few months back--it might be Black Friday before we get a handle on this squad's potential. There are a lot of moving parts--new system, coach, players...etc. That said, AV wants to get some cohesion in the works sooner than later. That makes a lot of sense.
  11. Greetings: I guess last night's underperformance must have prompted AV to speed up the culling process. I like his attitude and think this is a good move: [Hidden Content] Best, Howie
  12. This is a bit high. I hope he earns his keep.
  13. It's funny, we all thought it was a wonderful gift to have this guy handed to us via the lottery. Now I wonder if we'd have been better off 20th or wherever. He is brittle and taking up precious roster space.
  14. I agree with some of BSH stuff; there is good young blood in the system. If his ask is unreasonable, sayonara. His agent is being disrespectful of the need to be around for change of coach...system, and the like. I suspect the brass is not going to have a long leash. At this juncture, bring up another youngin. [Hidden Content] The O and B will face some big-time cost escalation in coming years if recent picks pan out. Overpaying Konecny now could really backfire. Best, Howie
  15. Analytics or not, I believe we are at the start of an eighth season without a playoff win. Hart in goal will not make up for what might be a marginally better defense and offense. I will try to maintain guarded optimism and hope that our young forward corps shows some offensive dynamism.
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