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  1. My gut says the type of trade we might see is an experienced player going for picks. We don't have much salary cap. A generation of our high picks has health challenges or may not pan out. We are a marginal playoff team. Fletcher and Company know that. So do most fans. While there is noise about making the playoffs, deep down, I don't think there will be a lot of tears shed if that doesn't happen. Fletch has stabilized the patient and reduced scoring. But we are still struggling for a wild card slot. Patrick's continued absence is a bit scary and one that Fletcher needs to factor. We are effectively down a 2-3 Center and sadly, NP's career may be in the balance. Lindlbom's health case is scarier but the wing is different. Bottom line--if we could trade Niskanen (yes), Braun, Elliott, or Jake for a high pick and prospect, I say fine. Our rebuild isn't going as fast as many hoped.
  2. Allowing for the fact this was Pitt's 11th game in 20 days, it's still a good win. The team was just that and Elliott was really solid. Justin Braun is becoming a big-time scorer...did I hear his third in three games. Maybe his trade value will never be higher.
  3. This team has been a thorn in our side for many years. Pitt's performance, along with that of Columbus, makes me think that their respective GM's have done a better job in drafting/trading than ours. Columbus lost Bobo, Panerin, Duchene--but they are running on all cylinders. You'd think that coaching change + development of our youngins would put us in a better position within the division. Apparently not. It's mildly depressing as a long-term fan.
  4. Greetings: I haven't found odds yet, but one math model puts the Penguins at about 0.30 goal over us: [Hidden Content] It's clear the teams aren't that different statistically but we are a much better faceoff squad. What stats mean in this match-up is anyone's guess: It's Flyers-Pens. Both teams need points. This is effectively a four-pointer in the standings and the first of a home-and-home.
  5. We beat a team we should beat. Good. Now comes home and home with Pitt. That's a real test. Standings in the Metropolitan are getting tighter, and Columbus is waking up. I suspect playoff positions will go down to the last days of the season. There isn't much room for error/loss.
  6. The O and B should be putting these guys away. They are farting around. It worries me.
  7. Greetings: We are established as favorites, which makes sense given our record and statistical advantage. That said, we were favorites last night! [Hidden Content] Let's go Flyers!
  8. I feel badly for Lyon. He kept them in the game during the first. His D allowed too many high-risk shots.
  9. Greetings: The bookies install us as mild favorite: [Hidden Content] Both teams are operating on back-to-back. The Canadiens may be angry after a shellacking. We may be emotionally drained after a hard won overtime. Lyon's performance over eight games with the parent team can't be termed inspired. Let's keep our fingers crossed. [Hidden Content]
  10. Well, that was a good win. Elliott was OK. For a team that's played poorly on the road, this was a big step forward.
  11. Pitlick is a plugger. He is cheap at a million. The guy is a good bottom 6 pickup.
  12. I agree with CoachX that moving G might be gut-wrenching/counterproductive. But I don't see anyone else as untouchable. The question is their "movability," even as rentals. They still have a long time left on the contracts. I agree with some of the pundits that JVR may be the biggest albatross. Scoring is about his only calling card. If that dries up, his value is zilch. I hope we aren't seeing LeClair/Umberger/Simmonds Redux. Shelf life of power forwards seems to shorter than others.
  13. Greetings: We are fairly heavy underdogs: [Hidden Content] Playing against the defending Stanley Cup Champion should get the O and B motivated. It will be interesting to see who's in goal on our side.
  14. I hope for the best but expect the worst.

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