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  1. Per earlier posts, I am not so concerned with whom we hire. This team's talent level is the real problem and deep problem. Torts would kick butt. He might reverse a culture of mediocrity. FC is right....that might be good if it is a step on an upward trajectory. An outsider with a fresh view is OK. My only fear on the developmental side is another Hakstol.
  2. Well, I guess we add Pete DeBoer to the mix of potential replacements. His post-season may not inspire, but overall, my impression is favorable.
  3. Greetings: I suspect most of you saw this, but the Flyers had among the worst drops in league viewing this year--not that it was a stellar year overall: https://phillyhockeynow.com/2022/05/08/philadelphia-flyers-crash-landing-tv-ratings-tumble-nbc-sports-philadelphia-sports-business-journal/ I am not arguing against those who think the Philly drop is attributable to poor play, or as others have written, a season that's become too long for its own good. In the case of the Flyers, I wonder if there are generational and demographic issues? On the
  4. I was saddened but not surprised. The knee gods weren't smiling on him. From another perspective, this is another 1st rounder who's bitten the dust in recent months, joining Rubstov and Patrick. I hope they get him started on a coaching career. He has a lot of gumption to impart.
  5. I am already reading rosters of coaching candidates that include Tocchet and Dineen. Both have merits but once again there is an Old Flyers Network tie.
  6. Greetings: I pledged to start a post-mortem (a good descriptor given how bad it was) thread for the season. Here is a take based on percentages derived from my wine-rotted, nearly Medicare-eligible brain: 1. Management (30%) 2. Drafting and Development (20%) 3. Cost-effective Complementary Trades/Signings (20%) 4. Medical Care/Training (15%) 5. Coaching (15%) I was around for 2006-7, and from my vantage, this year was worse relative to expectations and on-paper, the roster. But the rot has been here since 2004-05. This team has never c
  7. Well, we ended with a -87 goal differential. That's almost too much to comprehend. I will start a post-mortem thread after the numbness wears off. Some of the players appeared shell-shocked at the end of the game, particularly Laughton, who looks thin. There was a shot of Fletcher and Holmgren in the box. That was strange. It was classy to see the opposition shake hands with Yandle post-game.
  8. JVR does his thing. Glad we scored the first. Tippett gets an assist. The dude has some energy.
  9. We can't finish. We get good attempts in their crease but can't get it over the goal line.
  10. Well folks, ticket prices have hit a new low...$10: FRIAPR 29, 2022 Ottawa Senators at Philadelphia Flyers Tickets 7:00 PM - Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, US from $10 I am seeing lower bowl seats for $35, club seats for $130. Yep, Comcast is getting another signal about demand for their product. It is richly deserved.
  11. What's strange in my case? I live 20 minutes from Sunrise and the new home of Mr. Giroux. After years of doormat status, the Panthers are winning big-time. But I haven't been to a game since pre-COVID and have little interest in what they do, despite moving to South Florida 40 years ago. So, I watch the O&B...like Mets fans pre Amazin days or the Flyers before the Cup (yeah, I remember those days too).
  12. Dear Mojo: You have been a stalwart for many years. Thank You! And regarding next year, as my late, great mom used to say: "From your lips to God's ears."
  13. Greetings: The bookies may be afraid of handicapping this effort (hard to find odds), but so far I see the O and B as mild favorite (-125) with a 55% win probability. How that is reckoned after last night's schlockfest against Winnipeg is tough to swallow, but we've split our first two against the Sens. Attendance and the presence or absence of boos at the final horn may be the most important things to watch. Thankfully, this will be the last time we see the likes of Thompson, Yandle, and other TBDs. It's been my responsibility (save for last night and Pod's work)
  14. Jordan Hall wrote that we are the only team in the league this year with no win after a two-goal deficit. Wow! Is that talent, gumption, coaching, whatever? Folks, that is astonishing on so many levels. This game was an embarrassment. Scott and Fletch can't ignore the rot.
  15. The team that showed up against Pitt disappeared tonight. It's hard to fathom or watch.
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