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  1. Jeepers, Creepers, we are being overrun. Hart and the post are keeping us in the game.
  2. Sorry--mixing him up with Rantanen. Crap..really am getting senile.
  3. We haven't played well against this team historically, particularly in the Mile High City: [Hidden Content] AV will have to figure out how to slow them down in the neutral zone, otherwise we face a lot of pressure and get bottled up in our own zone. McDavid is a beast and thorn in our side.
  4. I have to wonder if they see TV revenue or Europe...can't figure it out. Comcast has a lot invested in the O and B. They can't be happy with that chart.
  5. Greetings: Take a gander at this bar chart: [Hidden Content] The management made a booboo by raising tickets significantly after a lousy season. Now they offer $25 SRO for the youngsters who don't have a pot to pee in. This drop off is for real. Earnings are going nowhere for most Americans. I agree with some commentators that with hockey, you either buy a good ticket or don't go--following a puck from nosebleed makes no sense. Personally, I find the up-and-down during first period to be very disturbing at Panthers' games, and it is one of the reasons I don't go. All in, $149 for NHL Center Ice is a true bargain from my vantage. Let me enjoy my own food and wine, stop worrying about getting stepped on...$20+ parking, etc. Peace, Howie
  6. We are showing as heavy favorites: [Hidden Content] I hope the team is angry over last night's loss to Phoenix and scores early. Ottawa is sub.500--we should play better.
  7. Well, the Yotes were a shade hungrier and their goalie was a shade better than ours. There was no lack of effort, but this Phoenix team plays tough, team D. Our captain didn't help with some untimely penalties.
  8. Greetings: We are a fairly heavy favorite, despite similar play over the last 10 games: [Hidden Content] Historically, we've played well against this franchise, particularly at home. They are 2nd in the Pacific--not to be taken lightly. [Hidden Content]
  9. This was an interesting game to watch. Hart held the fort until the reinforcements came. The Leafs must have been deflated after the second goal. On the other hand, no let up on the Flyers' part. They wanted to take care of business.
  10. Greetings: This is a tough call: [Hidden Content] The Leafs are 4-1 under Keefe and Andersson has a 2.47 GAA. We have played well but our last 10 have been a mixed bag. The O and B can't rest on laurels. This will be a good test.
  11. This was an entertaining game. Ups, downs, ties, whatever. Both goalies were good. The teams fought. I'm glad we took OT. Agreed with JJ and Jones that the looks on our coaching staff's faces were priceless. This is a team. They seems to fight for each other and go about their business. Kevin Hayes's post-game remark that it's time to have a record December sums things up nicely.
  12. My brother balled me out for not having more faith in the team after they fell behind. There is some truth to that! I guess the fourth line earned its keep as did G and Moose. They could have caved or given up the lead in the third. Moose earned his keep. Pitlick will never score a bundle but he works and seems to be pretty responsible. He and Raffl were doing a lot to keep CBS bottled up in their zone during the third period. Good win....
  13. Greetings: After a slow start, CBS has won four of five. Both teams rank in the bottom 10 five-on-five; so, special teams may be important. It looks like Moose between the pipes. JVR on the 4th line....OMG. [Hidden Content]
  14. Greetings: The Flyers are heavy underdogs at Nationwide: [Hidden Content] Our historical performance at Columbus is nightmarish: [Hidden Content] This game and the upcoming tilts with Detroit and Montreal mark the end of a busy November. Let's hope for the best.
  15. Greetings: Here is an interesting take: [Hidden Content] The Canucks appear to be on the upswing; we pick up points but have lost six of seven. AV and the Brass have to be concerned with our lack of scoring. Third period swoons don't help.

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