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  1. Opening day next season (whenever that is), will seem more significant and exciting than before. FYI, I read one proposal that had our current season reboot in the summer, end in October after award of Cup, with the '20-'21 season starting in November. That would end in the usual time frame, but there would be many back-to-backs and no bye weeks. Candidly, I don't see a reboot. Starting the season around American Thanksgiving seems a tad strange. It worry for the players--Recycling after a month. Yikes.
  2. The Carona Crisis (or whatever) took hockey and just about everything else by storm. This will be a strange season with an asterisk...no strike, but disease shortened. It will make every GM's assessment of future personnel calls a lot harder to make. But relative to sickness, death, and economic chaos...the NHL and its product seem a bit trivial. Hopefully, next fall brings back hockey...and no 2nd wave of the Carona. I hope the gang here is OK. These are stressful times. Sincerely, Howie
  3. As I've said about hurricanes in Florida, sometimes Mother Nature sends signals about who's the boss.
  4. Greetings: My boss is about 70 with Type II Diabetes. He is scared poopless.
  5. Greetings: I have a feeling we will be shut down sooner than later. My university has gone online. Thesis and dissertation defenses will only have the major professor and graduate--no other committee members, family members, or students/friends. Interestingly, employees are still reporting for duty...strange given how abandoned it has become. Social distancing buys time. We don't want potential overload of the health system. Italy is apparently using a military-style triage on care...that is pretty scary. The only thing I could see on the NHL Front....if things improve my late April, perhaps they consider a playoff. Who knows?
  6. Greetings: While we have been playing better than TB of late, the home team is favored: [Hidden Content] We are winless against TB over the last seven; 2-12 at Amalie over the last 14. Mark Friedman and Connor Bunnaman are called up. The latter is due to Thompson's injury. I am not sure if Friedman plays or is a Ghost backup. I am wondering if this will be played in light of the NBA's suspension. It sounds like Bettman is considering a shutdown. [Hidden Content]
  7. Here are more up-to-date odds: We are a mild favorite: [Hidden Content] I agree with Vis--this will be playoff-style hockey.
  8. Greetings: We are mild underdogs; the bookies may recognize the Bruins overall rather than our current hot streak: [Hidden Content] This is a big test against one of the league's best. Howie
  9. Agreed! I think the questions may be how much more he expects and potential roster slot takeaway? Do we have a bottom six prospect with more upside? Don't know. Meanwhile, Grant seems to work well with the gang.
  10. Based on our small sample of games, Fletcher will have a tough decision to make in whether or not to resign Grant. He seems like a good add. How and in what ways this continues down the road--can't say.
  11. Greetings: Historically, the Sabres perform worse against the Flyers than any other team. They are awful at Wells Fargo: [Hidden Content] Hopefully tomorrow night brings no regression to the mean.
  12. Greetings: This is a matchup of the 23rd ranked (Power) versus the first. Buffalo is not a good road club and has not done well against us at WFC: We are heavy favorites. [Hidden Content] We can't take them lightly.
  13. JVR broke his hand blocking a shot tonight. There's no word on how long he will be out. Farabee comes up to take his place. [Hidden Content]
  14. I was a bit surprised Anaheim let him go so cheaply. We really don't know if he is a late bloomer or a Glen Metropolit-type having an out-of-nowhere year.
  15. Greetings: The O and B are favorites: [Hidden Content] Are we going to show fatigue after a tough game? Will Hart be at the top of his game? The Hurricanes have played well against the Flyers (five of last seven) recently. It will be interesting.

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