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  1. I only caught the last half on TV and listened to the first on XM. I agree with TFG that we were getting skated around. We also turned things over too much. I am beginning to think the most important change we have made this year is dismissing Pryor. Seriously--the rest of the league seems to draft Young Guns who barrel around and through us. Sadly, I don't think Sam Morin will do much to change that.
  2. Here is our lineup. It is Hart Versus Price: [Hidden Content]
  3. My biggest worry with the O and B is mental and emotional. Some of the NBC announcers made that about the end of the season in general during the Pitt broadcast. The "win or out of the playoffs" mindset has to take its toll. You won't win every game. This drill has to wear after a while.
  4. The Flyers are a mild favorite. The Habs are on a scoring drought and don't play well in Philly: [Hidden Content]
  5. My gut says this reflects the offense...it is not "creative." It is not uptempo. Lateral movement isn't there; we are not a Vegas-Columbus-Edmonton. We play north-south/grind. I am not saying we are unskilled. We aren't "innovative."
  6. Coots won the game but only due to Hart's performance.
  7. JVR is en fuego. He is earning his $7 million.
  8. Whatever the outcome, I wouldn't fault the team for lack of effort. But watching teams like the Pens, Columbus, or Vegas reminds me of that we don't "swarm attack." We are "uber" grinders. They are SST's. Our D may be slow but I suspect offensive team speed (lack) heightens the D shortcomings.
  9. Dear TFG: Yes, it is a "blessing." But the Flyers seem to be one or two speeds slower than the Pens. Sadly, that has been a problem for the team all season against >.500 teams.
  10. Hart has kept them in the game. He's been stellar. His teammates look fatigued.
  11. Greetings: I am posting this during the start of the game So far, it has been a "run-and-gun" game. It will be interesting to see how the O and B react after the loss in Toronto.
  12. I have to agree with you on the goal side. Perhaps there is "make the playoffs" pressure from down on high that plays a role in his decisionmaking. There are no easy answers. I will start a post-season assessment after our last loss. We can take up the bigger picture question of whether we really make any progress this year?
  13. Greetings: I didn't see the game, but it sounds like a "Systems Failure." I believe we are 9-11-2 in the Metro. If you can't play .500 in your division, you probably shouldn't be in the playoffs.
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