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  1. Greetings: The Flyers are significant favorites, despite playing a poor first period on Tuesday: https://sportschatplace.com/nhl-picks/2021/01/28/new-jersey-devils-vs-philadelphia-flyers-nhl-picks-odds-predictions It looks like Hart versus Blackwood between the pipes; we hope Hart has gotten his last start out of the system.
  2. I really hope the team establishes a competent first line. I am not even saying dominant (Mc Kinnon, Bergeron).
  3. I'm glad JVR had his Wheaties. Elliott kept us in when we were being overrun. Ghost > Gus. Hayes does a lot of little things well. Patrick is showing signs of growth. All of that said, we really seem to have a tough time getting the puck out of our zone at times. We are OK, not great. Two points count, even ugly.
  4. Our 5 x 5 is subpar. Glad JVR can still collect garbage. Re-signing Moose may be Fletcher's best move. Might make up for Gus.
  5. Mojo and Gang: Maybe I was too strong in my language. But I really think the team has some structural problems. We can win with a superb goaltending effort and team D. If we don't get either, it's a bad night. I hope we stabilize quickly. BTW, I don't blame AV. He commands respect and holds folks accountable. I have a feeling his troops can't wear the big boys pants against speedy opponents. They get skated through. And it is hard to watch.
  6. I hope our latest first rounders show some promise. We need a talented first line. Right now we have a two second lines. The D may or may not round out. Gus may not have been a wise acquisition but he will gone after the year. The current cast may not be all that we hoped. Hart can only do so much.
  7. Hello: The Flyers are a surprisingly heavy favorite: https://www.broadstreethockey.com/2021/1/24/22246500/nhl-philadelphia-six-stats-from-the-flyers-pair-of-losses-to-the-boston-bruins-carter-hart-analysis This is a matchup of our offense versus their defense. Our PP is better than NJ, but their penalty kill tops ours. It looks like Moose versus Wedgewood. Ghost may be available; Coots isn't. Let's hope they shake off the Boston debacle.
  8. I agree! The 9-1 end to the regular season coupled with 3-0 in the round robin led to delusional thinking. Our defense is suspect and I don't see a first line that competes with others in the league, which probably explains our inability to control play. The other factor is our first rounders over the last decade. I can't say what Farabee, O'Brien, and Frost will amount to. Meanwhile, we seem to have a superb two-way center, a great D-man, a bottom-six fixture....and then it blurs. I suspect the last half of this season may reveal what we have on our hands with folks like NAK but I am not
  9. This is a pretty somber assessment of the O and B.: https://www.broadstreethockey.com/2021/1/24/22246500/nhl-philadelphia-six-stats-from-the-flyers-pair-of-losses-to-the-boston-bruins-carter-hart-analysis Niskanen's departure is only a part of the problem. This team is dysfunctional 5x5 and our ability to drive play is lousy. Hopefully, our walking wounded get back on track. That said, there will be questions about our team's ability to handle the opponent's top line, and whether our first line is really on par with others? I hate to say it, but we saw
  10. Hart's performance is a bit scary. I had the NESN feed. They said he smashed his stick at game's end. These last two games must have shocked him. I hope he doesn't lose his cool. HIs GAA should be over 4. The team's 5 x 5 play has been weak since game 1. Let's hope the wounded come back sooner than later. Equally important, I wonder if Fletcher is quietly worried about the D.
  11. Boy, this is a tough watch. I don't think this simply the absence of Coots. Our offense isn't threatening. And Hart has looked very, very human. Open fly hole, not covering the rebounds; I hope this isn't a delayed sophomore jinx. Going into the season, I feared this squad would be exploited by opponents with team speed that get into high percentage areas with little challenge. That's what we saw in the playoffs last year, and it may be continuing. Tonight, the Bruins make us look flatfooted. It's not a function of "compete level." They just don't look very skilled.
  12. They need to get the pairings settled in a few weeks. The season is too short for shuffling.
  13. I didn't realize that USA has a much bigger viewer base than the sports channel. So, Comcast lowers costs and gains revenue. Another piece says the NHL might also be on Peacock. Fox coverage of the Panthers has never impressed me, but neither has the team as a chronic underperformer.
  14. It appears national NHL broadcasts are going elsewhere by next year: https://sports.yahoo.com/report-nbc-to-shut-down-cable-channel-nbcsn-by-end-of-2021-200634303.html Comcast and the Flyers are Philly-based. If the NHL insists on a second network provider, I have to think we'll see fewer games on a national broadcast. I liked the fact that Keith Jones and others were closely affiliated with the O&B on NBC. The pandemic has decimated sports coverage. I guess Comcast and the NHL are adjusting to the new normal.
  15. We are the underdog, yet this bookie likes us as anyhow: https://sportschatplace.com/nhl-picks/2021/01/23/boston-bruins-vs-philadelphia-flyers-nhl-picks-odds-predictions The Ghost is nearly through the COVID protocol. Meanwhile, we are giving up huge shot totals, which is a reversal from last year. The D is a work in progress: https://sports.yahoo.com/shayne-gostisbehere-nears-return-flyers-182652565.html This should be interesting. Hopefully, the team doesn't allow so many high percentage shots and returns to its usual competence at faceoffs.
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