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  1. Well, Coots has bailed them out on some great goals. Hart is sharp. This is a carryover from the last game; slow start, strong follow-on. Lehtera; yikes, stupidity and/or frustration.
  2. The latest odds are still heavily tilted to the Bruins, who are 5-1 in our last six meetings. Note that we are a low scoring team, but so are the Bruins on the road. That tells me Hart needs to have his Wheaties against Halak: [Hidden Content] Of course, maybe the "new and improved" Flyers are scoring somewhere close to expectations.
  3. Weise was semi-respectable this year but no great loss and someone we can live without. I am not sure about trades. Maybe this is audition time for youngin and cap space for next year. I have to wonder if Moose is another possible trade/waiver once he's on the roster? I doubt he is part of next year's roster. Someone might want an experienced backup.
  4. As one would expect, we're significant underdogs in this match-up: [Hidden Content] We have an abysmal record against winning teams. That said, this is the Bruins, and I suspect the gang will be up for this game.
  5. Agreed with Bre that seeing some scoring was welcome relief. It may not matter much at this juncture but at least it makes for watchable hockey. JVR's hat trick was "unusual." It was more being in the right place than show of skill. But as they say, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  6. I agree with Wayne Simmonds' post-game comments--Gordon deserves credit for stopping the clock and getting the guys focused after being down 2-0. Patrick showed some good skills and Hart learned he might win some ugly ones.
  7. Greetings: Here is another take on the game...and the signing of JVR. You won't win many games averaging 1.8 goals. Yikes: [Hidden Content]
  8. I think he goes soon. Folin and Raffl would be more dump. But I agree, he is in the cross-hairs.
  9. The interesting questions might be who gets jettisoned? Weal was first. Who's next? Folin? AMac? Raffl? The rest of the season is audition time, particularly for the youngins. So...who frees up space?
  10. The Wild are a mild favorite: [Hidden Content] Their D is quite good; their O isn't much better than ours. It's interesting to note that some of the betting sites are apparently writing off the Flyers and won't set lines. The Wild play well against the Metro. It has been over a year since we've played them: [Hidden Content] It appear Mr. Hart is the starter.
  11. Well, it looks like I didn't miss anything new. These two goalies will probably meet each other a lot in the future. Apparently our shooting was plentiful but meaningless. On to the Wild.....
  12. I have to believe Weal's departure is an important signal to this team--who's next? I work this PM--LGF!
  13. K-Squared: Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019. I agree that Hakstol may not have done enough with his talent. But I wonder if this gang can really compete in terms of skill. We win faceoffs. And we take plenty of shots. But there is little to show for it, particularly on the PP. Hakstol may have preached a defensive shell game because he knew the horses were standardbreds.
  14. Deer TFG: Happy New Year! I have to agree with John Boruk that this core has been together since the 2011-12 and hasn't delivered much. It may need sizable demolition. And at this juncture, I think most fans won't cry too many tears. Six years without a playoff win is an eternity for a franchise with this history and finances. I "get" my backyard Panthers having performance issues. Not the O and B. I suspect jettisoning Weal is the start of retooling or whatever....
  15. I'd say this is roster clearing. It's a start.

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