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  1. The break from the past is probably a good thing. Whether we are too harsh looking at Smith's output through "modern eyes" might be a discussion worth having. Meanwhile, I agree that "America the Beautiful," or maybe Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man," would be wonderful alternatives to the "Star Spangled Banner."
  2. In reflecting on this team, don't forget our poor overtime and shoot-out performance. [Hidden Content] If memory serves, only the Panthers have a worse percentage in the shootout. I do not think that is strictly a goaltending issue. I believe it reflects our drafting/trading--we haven't gotten enough Cam Atkinsons or Teuvo Terravianens. I'd say this team thinks it is in the Golden Era when scoring a goal or two and having Bernie backstopping would win games and a Cup. Sadly, it's almost as if they forget Reggie Leach's presence.
  3. Your team was amazing to watch. They attacked Tampa and counterpunched when they needed to. I am glad you hex is broken and hope you have a long playoff run.
  4. Agreed on scouting. I've taken flak for it on the board, but I think Pryor's canning may have been more important than Hakstol's. AV deserves a year to prove himself, maybe two. Sadly, I worry about the clay he has to mold.
  5. The sweeps should make us angry. They remind us of how incompetently managed this team has been for 15 years. In a few seasons, Jarmo Kekalainen and Lou Lemoriello have reshaped their squads to compete with best-of-breed. They hired top-tier coaches. They've made courageous trades. They've built teams that are fun to watch, CBJ in particular. I reflect on it and think of the last line of "The Sand Pebbles," when Steve McQueen asks "What the hell happened" just before being shot dead. Why do I have my doubts about Fletcher and AV?
  6. I view this as a safe bet. We might have had more "structure" under Tippett but Dave might have been happier as "Founder" in Seattle with far fewer headaches than Philly. I don't see coaching as the problem; our talent is lacking and it's unclear our prospects are as good as we believe. When i watch the warfare between Tampa Bay and Columbus, I see just how behind we are in terms of talent and execution. I wish AV well. He has his hands full.
  7. I don't think this has been a coach problem. It has been a talent problem. We've been having lousy starts under four coaches. Our recruits aren't as good as we've been led to believe.
  8. It will be interesting to see length of contract. My gut says no longer than three years--no repeat of Hakstol's gig. I also suspect failure to win a playoff series next season will result in dismissal.
  9. I think Stevens will eventually get hired again. He is cerebral guy who, as you noted, like development. His "problem" was dealing with a squad that was not cut out for "The New NHL." He inherited an over-the-hill gang in LA.
  10. I agree that Laughton does what he is asked to do. He also sticks up for his teammates. Karlsson has a certain swagger that we haven't had for awhile. That has some value. Fletcher is damned by action or inaction. If he chooses wrong--fallout. If he stands pat and says free agency hurts the team given a certain price (salary or trade), he is damned. This is where Hakstol's patience becomes a roadblock, particularly for a team that hasn't won a playoff series in seven years.
  11. Agreed on all counts, Sir Bre: My fear with Patrick is injury-proneness. The skills are there and hopefully there's more consistency with time. Laughton improved this year. But I worry about his upside--we may think of him as a mild disappointment for a first rounder. Free agency connotes overpayment. I just don't what you do about it unless you grow your own. On the D-front, we are confronted with a big question about upside of the current gang. Is this group as good as we've come to believe? If so, an older stopgap D might work. Otherwise...yes, we pay a bundle.
  12. I posted another thread on who's next if not Q. My choice: Tippett. High on the agenda for the coming summer--finding a decent backup/partner to Mr. Hart. That way he isn't run into the ground. Next priority--a solid D-man to bolster the young folks we have now. Lastly....get us a sniper. Discussion of the center position is tough. Do you think Patrick pans out? I would flip a coin on that.
  13. Apparently Q was never a serious candidate. Here is a piece that speaks favorably of Tippett's experience. Not many coaches have had back-to-back 50 win seasons: [Hidden Content]
  14. It appears Quenneville is heading to the Panthers. [Hidden Content] The Miami Herald reported the same thing this morning. If push came to shove with the folks on this roster, I would probably go with Tippett. Fixing this team's D is imperative.
  15. Well, as you would expect, Carolina is the favorite: [Hidden Content] If you had asked me six or seven months ago about who would be ahead in the standings on the final day of the season....I would have said the Flyers, acknowledging the speed of the Carolina squad. Boy, Carolina looks like a Cup contender in the next few years...and I fear that we might have another stinker next year. What the hell happened?
  16. I am appalled at how this season is ending. That said, it confirms we have a terrible set of players...we can have Coach A, B, C, or Q-Prime-Squared. We had a relief rally, to use a stock market term, after Hakstol was canned. Now we are back to our wicked, wicked ways...and it is bad!
  17. Here is Carchidi's take: [Hidden Content] I stand corrected. 31 games we start behind 2-0. Will it 32 on Saturday. I'd bet on it.
  18. Alex Steen gets two for the night. Carter Hart can only do so much.
  19. Greetings: This year has reminded me of 2006-07. it's like a recurring nightmare. They got rid of Hitch and Clarke was allowed to get kicked upstairs. This year Hack and Hex go...same crap on the ice. The sub-.900 goaltending...schlocky D...like 2006-07. Watching this team getting out-hustled is becoming routine...almost acceptable. If Fletcher traded (or could trade, come to think of it) have this group, including our vaunted young defensive corps, I'd say fine. The level of pride and professionalism must be near zero for many on this roster.
  20. I barely finished my salad and we were down 2-0. That is probably the 35th time (or something like that) since the start of the year. I feel badly for Elliott. Yes, Hart will need a psychiatrist. But I think Fletcher will need one too. He will be sleep deprived and depressed. His predecessor may have relieved a cap burden. But he has bequeathed a very poor squad that is dispirited and lazy.
  21. Greetings: I will watch out of a sense of loyalty. That is strange to say, but true. There is something strange about watching "one of the greatest minds in hockey" coaching an opponent...and apparently doing a pretty good job. That should be a warning to us about the kinds of players we have been drafting and playing the past 5-10 years.
  22. The O and B have not played well against .500+ teams and in St. Louis: [Hidden Content] St. Louis is 12-2 during the last 14 at home: [Hidden Content] Hopefully, the team doesn't check out as they did against Dallas.
  23. Normally, I would say, "yes, let's position us well for the draft" and agree with you 120 percent. My fear is that the Flyers' brass will squander picks.
  24. Turnovers have given the game away but Talbot's performance is abysmal. Where is Stolie when we need him?
  25. I may lose dinner when Talbot touches the puck. He makes me nervous. Radulov's goal was slick but jeepers, Talbot was slow to react. I really hope this guy isn't our backup next year.
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