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  1. I have never had to collect unemployment in my life(knock on wood) and hope to maintain that record. That said, If a company in the US terminates you instead of laying off, you will not be eligible to draw.
  2. If you are "fired" from a job , you are ineligible to collect unemployment compensation. If they were laid off, they are. There is a huge difference in the terminology. I hope they have all been laid off thus making them eligible for at least the unemployment. I still think they could take a page out of Mark Cuban's approach and continue to pay his people irregardless . (added specifically for radoran his favorite misuse of a term)
  3. Flyers owned everything but the scoreboard tonight. Rask had the game I expected him to have after his last stinker.
  4. I was at that game. Halak made more than 6 10 bell saves. The Flyers played very well that game just could not buy a lucky bounce. Looking forward to tonight's game and can't wait for the chirping match between Giroux/Konecny and the rat. That alone will be worth the price of admission.
  5. It really is because you live below the Merck Plant on the Susquehanna River...……..not a real healthy place to fish.
  6. Thanks for letting me not feel alone in having hope. I don't know that I would ever call Thompson and Grant Game changers but they definitely add experience and depth to help in the drawn out marathon that is a push to/for the cup. Definitely need to protect and not over play Hart through the rest of the season. I don't want to see him playing back to backs even though it gives them the best chance of winning. Elliott is due for a decent game again after his last couple of gaffes anyhow.
  7. Maybe they want to see Hayes with more PP time and need someone that can pick up his PK time. His numbers would seem to say he will be a good fit there.
  8. I swear that Elliott had on his Jedi training helmet for the first 4 goals...…...
  9. I won't be surprised if AV puts Vorachek making popcorn for a couple of games. He has been abysmal with his turnovers and skating like he is in an afternoon open skate. There is absolutely no try in his game right now. You have to think that Therrien is reading him the riot act every time he comes off the ice and no response.
  10. That is not "phrasing" for sheep now is it...…...
  11. Just absolute WOW on Carter Hart's performance. What a difference it makes when you have a goalie who actually stops the puck. Kudos to the PP too. They had a lot of attack zone time and it looks like they are going to be dangerous. NJ goalie kept this a game with some amazing stops himself. I almost forgot what it was like to watch an exciting hockey game. Welcome back Flyers!!!
  12. WOOOHOOO!!!!! I will now change my sig line.
  13. Funny....He is now playing for the coach that banished him from Philly in the first place. It could be that he finally grew up(mentally).
  14. I would trade MacDud for Subban but that is about it. Subban is a petulant puck hog and a team cancer.
  15. I am going to guess they will be better on the shoulders of goaltending alone. I will bet we don't go through EIGHT goalies next season......

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