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  1. I won't be surprised if AV puts Vorachek making popcorn for a couple of games. He has been abysmal with his turnovers and skating like he is in an afternoon open skate. There is absolutely no try in his game right now. You have to think that Therrien is reading him the riot act every time he comes off the ice and no response.
  2. That is not "phrasing" for sheep now is it...…...
  3. Just absolute WOW on Carter Hart's performance. What a difference it makes when you have a goalie who actually stops the puck. Kudos to the PP too. They had a lot of attack zone time and it looks like they are going to be dangerous. NJ goalie kept this a game with some amazing stops himself. I almost forgot what it was like to watch an exciting hockey game. Welcome back Flyers!!!
  4. WOOOHOOO!!!!! I will now change my sig line.
  5. Funny....He is now playing for the coach that banished him from Philly in the first place. It could be that he finally grew up(mentally).
  6. I would trade MacDud for Subban but that is about it. Subban is a petulant puck hog and a team cancer.
  7. I am going to guess they will be better on the shoulders of goaltending alone. I will bet we don't go through EIGHT goalies next season......
  8. The color of someone's skin says exactly zero about who the person is. If you are judging a person by their color before you have even met them, you are doing them a great disservice. That is the point that was trying to be conveyed. I have family members today that I do not speak to because of their "beliefs" (racism) and frankly it is embarrassing and I choose not to be seen or associate with them because you can't convince them they are wrong. By the way I do agree that the retirement of that song was overdo as I said in my first entry but mostly because the Flyers have overplayed it more than (insert NickelBack song here). I thank you for keeping this discussion going and inserting a different point of view. Most of the time I tend to agree with you anyhow.
  9. The statue removal thing ( or Christmas tree with a head) as you so aptly put, because of songs that were sang in a musical/play written/performed over 80 years ago seems to be much ado about nothing. She supported armed service members her entire career. I am going to give more credence to that than something dug up from her past. Why not go after the record company for putting out the songs? Or for that matter go after some of the record companies today for some of the racist songs they market today. P.S. Diversity training is as painful for us poor white folk too just so you know.......The problem is that everybody has to suffer through it because of the attitudes of a few and not the many. It really is too bad you are not allow to single people out for being imbeciles.........Unless it happens to be about something that happened almost 100 years ago...... added from an article from one of Kate's family members... Suzy Andron, who helped take care of Smith in North Carolina prior to her death in 1986, said she never had conversations with her aunt about those particular songs, nor the ad. But she strongly objected to the characterization of Smith as racist and said she was "saddened that a woman who has been dead for almost 35 years would be attacked in this way." "Aunt Kathryn really did not see color," Suzy Andron said. "She didn't see a person's color. She was very in tune with a person's character. I've always thought that was a model, to not see a person's color but to see their character. And this is why I'm incredibly sad." Bob and Suzy Andron both described Smith as a patriot who sought to use her talent to benefit her country. According to "Kate Smith: A Bio-Bibliography," the late singer is credited with helping sell $600 million in war bonds during World War II and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor by Ronald Reagan in 1982, when her health was in decline.
  10. Very well put. Too bad that all too often people kowtow to the loudest complainer in the room just to keep the peace instead of standing by what is right. People who want to change history because they do not like it are doomed to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors. It is a trap set by today's political correctness that infects all of society today.
  11. Was the music she did back in the day being played by currently by the Flyers Org? I am gonna take a no on that. I am not going to miss the piece because it was overplayed/overused for the last 30 years and that should have been the real reason for retiring it, not because Ed Snider's grand parents used to own slaves or something........I would challenge anyone in todays media to the fact that they have made poor decisions in their pasts that they are not proud of. They learned from their mistakes and I am sure they are not the only ones. Was my Halloween costume where I dressed as a priest and strapped a cabbage patch doll face down in my crotch done in poor taste? Yes, but it seemed funny at the time.........
  12. Pittsburgh was thoroughly out coached by Trotz. I never saw a sweep coming but the Islanders earned every win with their determined play. Changes are just around the corner in Pittsburgh, the question is will it be players or coaches.....
  13. If he dumps MacDud, I will give him some leeway. If he does not, I am on the FIRE HIM NOW!!!! bandwagon..........
  14. I pick the Pens to miss out....just because they are the effin' Pens.... P.S. Flyers are not sneaking anywhere but I will still happily watch Hart play better and better every game.

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