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  1. Turnovers are brutal. Hart has bailed them out 3 times already. Halak has made some ten bell saves himself. Power play looked anemic, at least by the 1st pp unit.
  2. Nah...they are going to go on a winning streak and suck you back in.....just to barely miss the playoffs and ruin their drafting chances......
  3. They considered Hagg's touching Staal a "push". Staal totally sold that and found some Buyers in Hebert and Kovalchik. I was really happy to see the Flyers NOT fold and keep playing. I still can't for the life of me see what MacDud has over Folin.....
  4. Why....he already got paid. Him and Vorachek seem to be taking turns skating for a couple of shifts a game. The rest as often as not they just float around hoping somebody else on their line feeds them.
  5. This team and their current Devil like trap is about as fun to watch as paint drying. They have sucked all the enjoyment out of the game. Patrick/Vorachek/Weise/Weal and even Simmonds just seem to be absolutely disinterested in the game more often than not. I really like Simmer and don't like adding his name to this crew but it is honestly belongs there. I do like seeing Folin on the ice instead of MacDud.
  6. I have been trying to figure out for weeks why they have kept Folin off the ice....his stats have him as +7 .....what the hell have the Flyers been waiting for.....
  7. Nuevirth kept the Flyers in this game. Vasilesky just outright stole 3 goals with his Hasek-esque stops. Once again, MacDud and his horrid play is front and center for this loss. WTF with the free PP for the Bolts at the end of the 3rd on the non-offsides call?!? The puck was only about 4 inches past the blue line....... Also, Giroux's turnover in the OT was positively Jake-like. Horrible turnover. Tampa seemed to be well rested after the 3rd and was ready for the OT. Overall, getting a point against the hottest team in the league is a plus and even if they did not score on the PP, they certainly got some real good chances. I can't stress enough how bad MacDud is for this team. If he is so good in the locker room, then please for the love of all that is holy LEAVE HIM THERE.
  8. It looks like it might be the beginning of the Carter Hart era.....
  9. Vorachek has worth for a trade due to the numbers he consistently puts up. The thing is when you see him on the ice, 90 percent of the time the "Sabre Dance" theme goes through your head...... Was trying to link the Spike Jones version of the song but I seem to have gummed up my innerwebs......
  10. Simmonds I would not move but Vorachek could sure use a change of scenery. He will be the next "Carter" the Flyers trade away...Book.It.
  11. This is how the Flyers brass try to get Hakstol to quit out of frustration so he invalidates his contract. Hakstol is going to cry all the way to the bank when he gets "fired" officially.
  12. This is what he(Hakstol) gets for continuing to put MacDud on the ice.........
  13. Wilson should have been called for interference on that .......
  14. Amazing the difference a competent goalie makes. Team still had some major defensive gaffes and poor turnovers but Stolie bailed them out. Jesus that is refreshing to see. Also, as much as I despise him, MacDud played well tonight. I would welcome that play from him for the rest of his contract as we are stuck with him one way or the other.......

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