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  1. MacDud and his constant retreat/never challenge and skate backwards like the wind and give up the blue line, EVERY FREAKIN'TIME, is and will always be a problem as long as AM is on the ice. He would not even rate as a seventh d-man on any other team in the league. I have not been critical of Hakstol and trying to give him some leeway but if he played MacDud over a healthy Folin, he should be fired. Period.
  2. No..Andrew freakin' McDud was the reason they lost....he is always the reason they lost..... I know the stats say he was only -1 but he was on the ice for at least 3 of the goals that were scored. He sucks the life out of this team every time he steps onto the ice.
  3. Weise is going nowhere. He was kept on this team when he was a total nonfactor and this season has been a very serviceable 4th liner. This is probably his best performance to date...at least with his stint with the Flyers. He is one of Hak's go to guys (for what reason I could not have guessed until his play this season). Weal is my pick for Popcorn boy at this point. He continues to show flashes but is too often out muscled and loses the puck.
  4. I would keep him on the Phantoms playing more minutes at least for now. Weal is soon going to be replaced by a healthy JVR. Weal can join MacDud as popcorn boy until the injury bug returns to the Flyers. Serving popcorn will not help Rubstov .....
  5. Great 3rd by the Flyers. Luongo continues to show what a top tier goalie is supposed to look like. Elliott was not bad and this loss is not on him. Flyers seemed to wait until the 3rd period to start skating like this was a game and not a practice. Where was that push for the first two periods? If I am the coach, we all watch the game video and I question each and every one of them as to what took them so long to wake the eff up.....
  6. One of the reasons the PK is so bad has been the goal tending. It totally skews the percentages. Elliott seems to be improving. Pickard seems to be Steve Mason V2.0. It is hard to get your head around some of the stops he should have made..Elliott too but to a lesser degree.
  7. Boy you are not kidding. A couple of those turnovers he made were absolutely soul wrenching. I hope that he gets whatever bug that is confusing him in those situations worked out.
  8. Good comeback win. The first shorthanded goal was on the linesman for kicking the puck away from Ghost then keeping him from being able to even get to the puck handler. Weird totally crapfest goal on that one. The second shorty was directly on Jake for a lazy, sloppy useless poke check....Laughton is quickly becoming one of my favorite Flyers. His hustle all night won this game. Pretty good for a 4th liner.
  9. "What punk this guy is I hope no one ever wants to ride with him/her again. " I wonder how he will like it when his name is smeared all over the papers for his involvement. He will certainly gain a bit of infamy at least for a short time.
  10. Folin's first couple of games were pretty rough but he is definitely showing a marked improvement. I really like his skate right in and not let the opponent harass his forwards mentality.
  11. For that infraction, the game misconduct and his subsequent tossing are fair. That said, I could show you an untold amount of cheap shots he has thrown and not even got a penalty for. I live for the day when that window licking mouth breather has to actually man up and answer for his cheap shots.....Even though I voted Penguins don't get suspended unless someone loses a limb I would have voted no on suspension worthy this time if you could have chose more than 1 option.
  12. There is no salary cap on coaches. Make the man a very well compensated "assistant" coach who is behind Hakstol. He gets a chance to come in, work with Hakstol on changes that should be made, and take the helm should the team keep having issues. He could actually help Hakstol to be a better coach. Silly idea, huh?
  13. I don't think you can waive him if he is on IR. But on the other hand, he should be off the books too. As soon as he is cleared to play, they would be wise to waive him and send him down before he injures himself again. I have nothing against his play but he is about as reliable as DUI driver....who is on his 10th DUI.....

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