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  1. I pick the Pens to miss out....just because they are the effin' Pens.... P.S. Flyers are not sneaking anywhere but I will still happily watch Hart play better and better every game.
  2. It is truly going to stink if the allow the 90's style devils hockey to return to the game. Flyers did not help themselves any but the officiating SUCKED.
  3. MacDouche on the ice for a habs goal....who knew?.........................Why in god's name do they keep putting that LOSER ON THE EFFIN' ICE.........My hatred for him grows with every shift he skates.....
  4. You need to put that last one squarely on Crosby for turning the puck over and then failing to even attempt to back check. Murray probably would like to have that last one back but he certainly bailed them out more than he let them down. Hartman was out last game with the illness and he passed it to Giroux who looked painfully slow tonight. Flyers where outplayed for huge stretches of the game but they did keep Crosby off the score board for a change.
  5. For the record, I voted that it would be suspension or fine just for the head contact, unintentional or not. Did he deserve it, not even close. A lot of people on this site do like the Flyers but the lion's share call things as they see them. Also, 90 percent of anybody not wearing an Isles sweater agrees with the sentiment that the punishment was laughable.
  6. If MacDud sees more than 8 minutes of ice time it will 8 minutes too much.....
  7. When I was reading the rules it seemed to say that the suspension had to be 6 games or more to be challenged. They may be filing a grievance against what I don't know......
  8. Ok Sybill.....Get back on your fence and quit jumping back and forth.....
  9. Suspension should not come as a surprise to any Flyer fan. When I saw the head contact(unintentional) , I knew he was going to be made an example of. Absolutely ridiculous. For the record I figured it would have been only a fine since it was not intentional but there I go thinking again. They are called DOPeS for a reason.......
  10. Gordon has a few pluses in my book at this point. Weise, gone. Lehtera, gone. MacDud, HOPEFULLY we have seen the last of him on the ice for the Flyers. He is making changes and some adjustments IN Game. He is not afraid to take a time out. I love watching Myers on the ice. He needs to get a little better at handling the puck but his skating and defensive skills will put him in the top 2 pairings. I am not sure why he keeps putting Elliott on the ice but it could be because his only other option is Talbot with Hart being injured. Talbot has looked abysmal at times but he has been lucky too. I believe like Rux said that Gordon will ultimately go back to LHV and Fletcher will put in HIS choice of coach for this team.
  11. I would not be surprised if he gets a game after the fact because of the head contact you see in slow motion. Do I think he deserves it, no, but he is a Flyer so it will probably happen. Boychuk had been taking liberties with players all night so when Jake saw a chance to return the favor he did. Kind of like the hit Patrick did the other night after he got boarded. I don't think he intended the head shot at all but he certainly meant to tune him up like we have often seen Giroux do during the course of a game.
  12. Veteran move by Patrick waiting until the game is decided then reminding Gabriel what an ass hat shot he did earlier in the game. Gabriel should have been tossed and suspended for his hit and Patrick should have been fined for his return shot. Refs let that game get awfully dangerous with some of their wrong/non calls.
  13. Really loving the Ghost/Myers pairing. I can only hope that my prayers/voodoo dolls/effigy burning continue to work and keep MacDud OFF THE ICE!!!! I will be sacrificing a chicken before the next game just to add a little Santeria to the fold........( I will at the very least eat a dozen hot wings)
  14. Just which MacDonald are you watching? The only reason he has so many blocked shots is that he is always the first guy back( sometimes I wonder if he even leaves the zone). I would have rather resigned Rathje and extended Pronger (both after their career ending injuries) than EVER offer a contract to MacDonald. MacDonald is the Rime of the Ancient Mariner Albatross for Homer............Homer should have to wear a picture of him on a chain on his neck for the rest of his life............
  15. No, He is the rat infested chair you picked up along the side of the road........The celebration I will have when he leaves this team will be HHHHUUUUGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!
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