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  1. I loved Rick Tocchet as a player but I would prefer Brindamour a coach. They actually played like a team last night. Was nice to see Wellman score too. Hart played the type of game he is going to have to for this team to win with any kind of consistency. Even Ristolainen and his body double (Connaughton)made some great plays.
  2. Well the Flyers are more likely to score shorthanded goals so Giroux on the pk makes sense…….
  3. I think the shield he is wearing from taking the shot in his face the other night really exasperated his play last night. That said, he has still been off most of the season. Looking forward to them actually attacking the zone instead of waiting for the entire defense to get set up before entering.
  4. Been waiting for this to happen for the last month. Can we please stop dropping the puck back for 6 or 8 passes before even attempting to enter the zone? Silly little things like that drove me insane…..probably why we have more short handed goals than pp. At least it feels this way.
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