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  1. I only expect the Flyers to be even better than last season. (that’s for all the many Flyers fans here) But I’m ready for some Penguins hockey on AT&T Sports Net!
  2. Ok, I understand, I pretty we’ll summed it up above with the friends, relatives comment and the fact that now I am no longer in the eastern part of the state and can only get Penguins and an occasional Capitals game. I do not get the NHL network. But to be fair to you, I have always been a very changeable individual, except for the lovely woman to whom I been married to for 50 years.
  3. Thank you, I joined quite a while ago however, then disappeared for a while. Never hesitate to ask.
  4. Ducks, cause they aren’t in the same division as the Pens. Like the uniforms, name and logo.
  5. Neffs, graduated from Parkland in 1963.
  6. I lived in the Lehigh Valley from 1961. I rooted for the Flyers for many years starting around 1975. Then, sometime around 2005, and I cannot really say why, I lost interest, gave away my Starter Flyers jacket and started rooting for the Rangers a few years later. And now since I moved to Franklin County, I have been slowly getting back into hockey again and figured I should root for a team in this tv market area. There are more Penguins fans here, from what I have seen, than any other. And a friend of my wife is a big fan and goes to many of their games in Pittsburgh. Also, my grandaughter’s
  7. Corky Molloy

    Anaheim Ducks

    Coolest logo and uniforms
  8. Since I moved, I am a few hours from Pittsburgh, Washington and Philadelphia. Actually, I am the closest driving distance to Washington. But the only games I can get on my Comcast network are the Pens and the Caps. I can get most all of the Penguins games on that AT&T nework that used to be ROOT. The Capitals are definitely out, even though I get some of their games on Comcast Mid-Atlantic. So, I bought me a Penguins hat and I will be rooting for the Penguins this season. Hope they go all the way to the final.
  9. Oh, that's ok, nothing really bothers me. Except when the Cowboys beat the Eagles. But I get over that rather quickly also. And I love a great Philly cheesesteak too.
  10. Congratulations to the Penguins. Now I hope they win the next series and go on to win the Stanley Cup.
  11. I would like to see the Capitals win, but won't be all that upset if the Penguins win tonight.
  12. Actually, I picked them because I can see most of their games on tv because I live in their viewing area. I also get the Penguin's games too but I just like the Caps better. As far as teams go I really don't have any animosity toward any team. Just the way I am as far as Hockey goes. And with Sidney Crosby, I would really hate to see his career hampered by concussions, or any player for that matter. Now, when it comes to Pro Football, I am a diehard Eagles fan and usually get to a couple of games each year.
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