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  1. Congrats to all you Flyer’s fans on the forum! And I know there are a lot of you. Everyone loves a winner and tonight the better team, by far, won. Flyers looked pretty good. Onward!
  2. Swayman looked really good. A great way to start the season.
  3. Hockey of course when necessary. Just now however, baseball playoffs take presidence
  4. Why would it be blacked out for you in your market way up in Maine? No NHL network? I’m in the Washington DC market so it’s not on the NHL network for me, and blacked out, but then I can go to Sports Washington on Comcast but I choose to watch the baseball.
  5. Would watch the game tonight but………….baseball playoffs.
  6. Thought they looked pretty good last night, even if just preseason.
  7. Should be a good game and perhaps a preview of things to come. Perhaps…….
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