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  1. You raised some good points, but I think that Marleau still has a lot of skills and can contribute to Toronto. He can contribute on and off the field. I trust the management that they will find a way also to sign JVR and the rest of the four young players that Toronto have. I am sure that they are obligated to the rebuild and will do what Toronto needs. I hope that it will prove a smart move that we will benefit from this move and I put my trust in the manegement, and I can't wait for the start of the season.
  2. Edanl

    The Western Conference

    You are right that Calgary is more balanced than Edmonton. I think that Edmonton has better weapons on offense and one of the best duos in the league. I believe that also in the goaltender the have the edge over Calgary. In my opinion, Mcdavid and Draisaitil can carry the team, and they have a great supporting crew. I don't disparage Calgary, and it's abilities, but if I consider all the roster and the talent so, in my opinion, Edmonton is better. Mainly because Mcdavid, Draisaitil, Lucic and the rest of the supporting crew but it will be a close race, and hopefully both of them will be at the top of the league. If both of them will reach the higher stages of the playoffs, so I will be thrilled. Hopefully, they will meet in the second round or maybe in the conference finals.
  3. In this post, I want to talk about the Western Conference which is the Conference of Edmonton and Calgary. The Western Conference is a powerful conference that has a lot of great and powerful teams which are contenders for winning the Stanley Cup. I believe that the entertaining matches will be from this conference again next season. In my opinion, this Conference is stronger than the eastern Conference, and you could see it with the playoffs series last season which was, in my opinion, more entertaining. Even though that in the end Pittsburgh from the Eastern Conference won the Stanley Cup, it was after Nashville gave them an excellent fight. I think that some of the teams in that conference got weaken with the players that they lost to vegas and FA. In my opinion, despite this fact, there are still some elite teams in this conference that can win the Stanley Cup after Pittsburgh won it two consecutive times. I think that when we are looking at the potential of the teams, so Edmonton is at the top of the conference and in my opinion, Calgary is also one of the top teams in the conference. I think that Edmonton has a great and balanced roster, they had depth in the offense and defense and also great goaltending. I believe that they will learn from last season playoffs and they will come from the gate stronger and more determined to get back to the post season and to reach higher than last season. I believe that we will see great things from Edmonton this season and the experience that they got last season will only help them. In my opinion, they will have a great season and will be at the top of the conference and Hopefully will get to the western finals or the Stanley cup finals. Calgary also has a solid team but it"s not as good as Edmonton. They had a problem in the goaltending last season which caused them to lose the series against Anaheim last season. I think that the addition of Mike Smith will solve this issue and will make them a better team. In my opinion, Calgary become a mighty team, and they have the potential to get into the playoff and reach further them last year and Hopefully, we will see them getting further in the playoffs than last year. In Conclusion, I think that the Western Conference is a powerful conference and a better than the Eastern Conference. I believe that Edmonton and Calgary has an excellent team that has the potential to go far in the regular season and the playoffs. I think that Edmonton is better than Calgary, but both of them should reach the playoffs and hopefully we will see them in higher stages in the playoffs. In my opinion, they can infiltrate into the top of the Conference, and we can expect great season especially from Edmonton.
  4. I think that Edmonton did the right thing in securing Mcdavid and Driasitl for the next few year and in my opinion, they deserve the money that they got. I think that they were one of the best duos in the league and by securing them, Edmonton acquired the backbone of a great team. In my opinion, now Edmonton can go and sign the supporting crew that will make Edmonton a great team in the next years. Also, they got a great chance of winning the Stanley Cup in the next few years. I believe that we can expect great things from Edmonton in the next few years with Mcdavid and Draisaitl are the core of this team.
  5. In this post, I would like to talk about how I see the eastern conference which Toronto is part of it. As I was reading the writers and saw the trades that the teams did and also the players that they lost to Vegas team. I think that the conference is more open than it was last year. Don't get me wrong; I still believe that Pittsburgh, Washington, Rangers, and Columbus have amazing teams and I predict that they will be at the top of the conference and I won't be surprised if they will be in a separate group far from the rest of the conference. These teams have a caliber roster that is better than the other teams. I think that these teams are the best of the conference and will take the top spots in the conference and the standing. In my opinion, the rest of the conference is open. Montreal, Boston, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia has become weaker, but Ottawa stated the same and didn't lose key players. Toronto has a fantastic core of young talented players which it's their second year together, and the chemistry is outstanding, and they know learning each other style of game. I believe that the experience that these young core of talented players gained last season and the signing of the veteran players this summer will make Toronto a dangerous team and a force in the conference. I think that in the situation of the teams in the Conference will help Toronto get into higher position in the standings this year which will assist them in the playoffs to get further in the playoffs than last year. I believe that Babcock and the management of Toronto are obligated to the rebuild and as I see it, they are doing it. I think that the young talented players are ready to make the next stage and with the signing of Marleau and the other veteran will only help them. I believe that they can gain a lot from the experience that the veteran players bring. I liked all the signing that Toronto did, and they did it without trading our young and talented assets. I think that there is a lot of potential for this young team and we had only a glitch of what they can do last season. I believe that with the mentoring of Babcock and all the veteran players that Toronto signed during the off-season this could be another incredible season and hopefully, a better one. I think that we can expect great things from Toronto next season and the future is bright. In my opinion, Toronto this year is a more dangerous team from last season as a result of the experience that they got last year and the signings of Marleau and the other veteran players. I believe this year we will see more from the talent that this incredible core of young talent has, and hopefully the can grasp a higher position in the standings in the eastern conference and get further in the playoffs. For a conclusion, I believe that it will be a long and exciting season and hopefully, Toronto will get into the playoff at a higher spot than last season. I recognize that now the teams in the league know us and it will be harder and more challenging because they know how to prepare and to play against us. But I have faith in Babcock and the veteran players that Toronto signed to help these talented young players to take the next step and to help Toronto have another successful season and hopefully reach the playoff in a better position from last year and go further. I can't wait for the start of the season, and I am proud to be a Maple Leaf fan.
  6. I think that you have a good point regards Hunwick, but in my opinion, Polak is a good defensive player that did an excellent job in the defensive zone last year. Both of them are not a very good on offense, but we got plenty of firepower on the offensive aspect. I also want Toronto to score more and have more possession of the puck. In my opinion, the main problem is the possession and the defense that Toronto addressed this summer. I think that they still need to improve in these areas, but I like Lou and Babcock signing and the direction that the team is going. I trust and have faith in them that they will make Toronto great again and we could have seen it last season. I believe that this year the young player will take the next step and will become better also on the defensive part. I agree that if the forwards will get better on defense so that Toronto will get better. I think that we will see a better Toronto team on defense and a better offensive team. I have faith in Toronto management and Babcock that they will make the team better in this aspect and that will have great seasons to come.
  7. In this post, I would like to talk about the Sedin brothers who are amazing players that play in Vancouver. The Sedin brothers are from Sweden, and they are fantastic players who are one of the best players in the NHL. All the years they played in Vancouver and reached a lot of achievements with the team. Which the highlight was in 2010 when the reached to the Stanley Cup and lost to Boston in seven games. I think that they have great skills and also modesty which in my opinion, is a significant quality that all the great players have. Also, they have this great strive to be the best players on the ice and to improve their game. I believe that they have fantastic orientation in the offensive zone and also in the defensive zone, they are excellent. I think that they are complete players and the best players that came out from Sweden which is becoming one of the best teams along with Canada, Russia, and the USA. I admire in them the devotion and dedication to the game and the success of the team. Also, their entire career was in Vancouver which is admirable, and you can rarely see this in the NHL. Also, they are leading in the scoring on the team in almost all of their career besides a couple of seasons. They are the best players in the team, and they are franchise players and also they said in interviews that they love to play in Vancouver and to think of retiring in Vancouver. I was glad to hear that because I believe that they are fantastic players who will be in the Hall of Fame and they did a lot for Vancouver, and they are the face of Vancouver. In my opinion, they are the best duo that there is in the NHL and because they are brothers and played all the career together, they have amazing chemistry. They know how each other plays and they know how to find each other on the ice which translates to a lot of goals and scoring opportunities. I see a lot of times that in the offensive zone they generate scoring opportunities from nothing because they know where each other is on the ice at every second. In conclusion, I think that they are incredible players and one of best duos that played this game. I believe that they have an amazing career and when they retire, they will rightfully go into the Hall of Fame. They don't have a lot of seasons to play, and Vancouver should start the rebuilding process now. I believe that the Sedin would be great mentors for the young players and the team will only benefit from this.
  8. I think that this is not too bad acquisition even though that in my opinion, Fleury is a better goalie Niemi. I think that Pittsburgh should have protected him and shouldn't leave him to expose. They lost him to Vegas team because of this. In my opinion, Fleury and Murray were a great duo, and both of them were perfect for Pittsburgh and did a fantastic job on the net. I think that Niemi is a good goalie but not as good as Fleury. In my opinion, because of the loss of Fleury so it's a good acquisition, but it shouldn't have got to this if Pittsburgh has protected Fleury. I hope that Niemi will be useful as a backup to Murray. I guess that we will need to wait until the start of the season. Hopefully, Niemi will fill the hole on the net that Fleury left by his departure.
  9. In this post, I want to talk about the signings that Toronto has made during the summer and the addition of the three veteran players. I already spoke of the Patrick Marleau signings in Toronto so that I will focus on the other signings. Toronto has extended the contract of the core of the young talented players as the extended Zach Hyman and Tylor Bozak which in my opinion is very smart move, but in Bozak case, the extension is too long and too much. They had great success last year, and in my mind, this is an incredible core of young players that will lead Toronto to success in the next few years. The chemistry that they have with each other and their passion for the game are amazing qualities which are fun and exciting to see them play. I think that this core of young and talented players should stay in Toronto and the management should do everything to keep them. Also in another two years, they should sign Matthew, Nylander, and Marner to a long term deal because their contract will expire and they are part of this amazing core of talented players that will lead Toronto to great success. In addition to the extending of the core of the talented young players, Toronto added two more veterans players that I will talk about in the next two paragraphs. The first one is Dominic Moore that came from Boston who is an experienced player and plays center. I think that he will be a great addition to our fourth line and will add another scoring threat and experience to the team which will help the young players improve their game. Also, he will contribute to killing penalties and will assist the offensive and will provide guidance in a stressful situation and during the long season. I think that the Toronto offense was already high last season, but hopefully, he will help Toronto keep the pressure on the opponent which in my opinion they didn't do enough last season. The second one is Ron Hainsey who came this year from Pittsburgh and was a part of their back to back championship seasons. I think that he will be a great addition to the defense and will provide stability and leadership. He has a lot of experience, and the defense was Toronto Achilles heel last year. I think that with his experience the defense will be much more stable and he will provide leadership and share his experience with the young players because he knows what it takes to play in the league and the playoffs. Last year we lost too many points because of the defense, and in my opinion, with his experience, he could mentor and guide this young defense of the Leafs and make them better. I hope that it will make the defense of Toronto more stable and we will not blow leads and lose points like we did last year. If we do it, we will be able to get higher in the standing and further in the playoffs. In conclusion, I think that the move that Babcock and the management of Toronto made is an amazing one and will make Toronto a dangerous and a real threat in the league. These three veterans will be a great addition to the team, and with their experience, they could mentor the young and talented players and help them improve their game. In my opinion, with the training of these players, Toronto young and a talented team could take the next step and be better next year and reach higher in the standings and the playoffs. Hopefully, they will get to a more higher spot in the standings and reach the semi-finals or even the conference finals. I can't wait for next year to see the Maple Leafs, and I am proud of the team and the management that make Toronto a great franchise like they were in the 70s.
  10. In this blog, I want to talk about the Calgary Flames that has a core of young players and emerging as a great team in the western conference. Calgary like Edmonton and Toronto have a core of young players that lead the team. Like Edmonton they are a complete team, they have a solid goaltender and defense which is what Toronto is lacking. Also, they have a great offensive weapon that can score a lot and can come from behind in the game. They can also explode on the other team like they did a couple of times, when it happens it's like they are in a different zone. I think that Calgary has an amazing group of players that plays together and plays as a team and as one unit. They are playing great hockey, and they have incredible resilience, they don't panic if they fall behind and continue to play their game. Which in a lot of cases they manage to come back to the game and win it or force overtime. I like the style of their game that is taking the game to the opponent zone, they are always trying to put the pressure on the opponent by that they are always pushing the puck into the offensive zone. I don't often see that they are getting pushed to their own zone for an extended period of time. I like to see that they play with a lot of toughness in their games and in their defense. I think that the physical game that they play it helps the team to win games and this how you need to play and to succeed in this league, they don't let anyone push them around and to get easily into their own grease. They always play hard and tough, if someone tries to get into their grease and into their defensive zone they pay the price of getting hit, this is the way to play in my opinion. Calgary has one weakness that it"s in the goaltending which is good but not good enough, as it was in the playoff that they were swept by Anaheim. They had a problem in the defense, and the goaltending wasn't good enough, he let some soft shots to go by him that evidently cost the games and the series. Their defense didn’t play good also and most of the games they were chasing after Anaheim instead of dictating the game unlike the regular season that they had great success. Which is a problem against an elite team like Anaheim because if you let them feel comfortable, it is almost impossible to get back into the game. These are problems with the young team, and I hope that they can bounce back next year and get back to the success of the second half and do better in the playoffs next year. In my opinion, they need to bring a better goaltender that will help them in the playoffs and another good defenseman even that they have good players on defense and overall they got great defense. There were a few calls that I thought that shouldn't have gone to them, but the defense and goaltending are what cost them the series and the playoffs. I think that the experience that they got this playoff will help them next year and they will want to get back to the playoffs and be better. This will motivate them next year to be better, and I have faith that they will be better. I think that Calgary is building the team in the right way on a core of young and talented players, which in my opinion is the right way for the long run. They also have veteran players that can share their experience. They need to strengthen the roster with other good players and a better goaltender, but the roster that they have is great, and they have the foundation to be a great team in the league. If they do it, I think they will have success in years to come.
  11. I agree and think that Phaneuf is a great defenseman which, block shot and play hard every game. I believe that he is contrary to Karlsson but one of the top defenseman in the league. The fact that Phaneuf didn't succeed in Toronto is not his fault. He had a bad team around him as Kessel had. The system in Toronto was in different position and now with Lou and Babcock is a different story. I think that Ottawa should keep him and he completes Karlsson, and they are a great defenseman that helps Ottawa a lot in stabilizing the defense. In my opinion, both of them are franchise players and Ottawa need to do everything to secure their future.
  12. I agree about Pittsburgh should get to the Conference finals, and she will probably win it. I don't think that there is a team that in the eastern conference that can beat Pittsburgh in a series. I believe that that next year Toronto will have a strong team with the signings that they made which it add up to the great core of young talents which I think will make the next step. I believe that Toronto will give a fight for the second place in their division and will battle with Ottawa and Boston. I hope that they won't be out of the playoff or in a wild card spot and I will be right in this prediction. I know that there is the factor of coming from a rookie season and now the teams know about Toronto so that we won't surprise them. I have faith that Babcock and the veteran players will help the young talented players to shine. I have faith that it the future is bright and we can expect a lot of success in the coming season. Hopefully, they will reach the playoffs and to the second or third round.
  13. I don't think that Kessel would have been good for Toronto and I think that Marleau is a better fit for this young team. From what read in the media and interviews with players, I believe that Marleau is more the leader that Toronto needs. I think that Marleau can bring a lot of experience and leadership that the young players benefit from this. In my opinion, Kessel also would have wanted more money, and the cost would have been higher. I like the path that Toronto is going on with the rebuilding process and glad to see the progress. I believe that the management and Babcock will continue with the same mindset and I think that the future is bright. In my opinion, Marleau is a better fit for Toronto now then Kessel, and they made the right move. Hopefully, marleau will help the young players to continue with their incredible progress and Toronto will have great years.
  14. I was reading a couple of articles about in the last couple of months of the participation of NHL players in the Olympics. I was reading one article last week about that which I think it will be their decision. In the article, they commissioner of the league that said they wouldn't participate and also, that the teams are not preparing for an alternative schedule. In my opinion, it's a wrong decision for the league, and I don't like it. I believe that the Olympics will only do for the league. The exposure of this game to the rest of the world is important for the league, and this helps the league to grows. By not participating I think they are missing a great audience that could have been exposing to this game. I believe that taking part in the Olympics increase the explosion and you can reach an audience that won't have to know about it. If you send the best players, so there is a great chance that more people will see it and maybe get into this game and will bring more audience. I think that this decision is wrong for the league and I disappointed that I won't see the best players in the world play in the Olympics. Hopefully, it will change, but I don't give a chance.
  15. Edanl

    Vancouver Canucks

    In this post, I will talk about Vancouver that is a Canadian team that was at the top of the league until this year. They reached the Finals seven years ago but lost to Boston in seven games. Vancouver has been building itself on a roster that based on the Sundin brothers, they are great players and having an incredible career. They are from Sweden that emerges to be an excellent hockey team that is in the top of the world stage. They achieved a lot of milestones in their careers and had high numbers on their resume, they will go to the hall of fame and will have their numbers taking out after the will retire. Vancouver was also at the top of their division and conferences, with Montreal the most consistent Canadian teams that succeeded in the NHL and reached the playoffs every year, but it's not the case this year. This year they won't make the playoffs.They had great teams through the years. But the roster got older, and they didn't refresh the lines with young players. I think that if they want to have success in years to come, they need to update their lines. I love the Sundin brother, but in my opinion, they are over their peaks and Vancouver need to start thinking of promoting young and talented players that will play along with the Sundin brothers, it will give a chance for young players to learn from the experience of the veteran players. They need to take an example from Toronto and Edmonton and to start building on a core of talented young players. When I see Vancouver games, I don't see a young prospect that I can say that he will carry the team and will take the Sundin brother place and roles. The style of the game is base on speed, and most of the successful teams are relying on it. I think that it is another area that Vancouver lacks in and they need to address it. In my opinion, they need to start the rebuilding process from next year and to build on a young core of talented players that will play along with the veteran players. They need to find young prospects from the draft or the minor leagues, like Toronto is doing. They need to do as soon as possible, and it will be better now when the Sundin brothers are still playing on the team, they could be great mentors for the young players. The Sundin brothers can pass their experience and guide them how to play in the NHL, which will make their adjusting period shorter. I would love to see Vancouver get back to the shape that they were and back in the top of their division and conference. But in my opinion, if the won't start the rebuilding next year it will only hurt them in the long run. The sooner that they will initiate the process of reconstruction, it will be better for the team.

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