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  1. @Podein25 You are right, I wont rub it in until the Golden Knights win the Cup in 5 games at home
  2. @ruxpin So you are upset because I burned all my old team stuff? Because I fired the team, wrote a big letter to Vancouver Management, told them I will not spend one more dollar supporting the team and completely absolved myself of the team after 30 years. that is why you are upset? People switch jobs all the time too, are you telling me you have worked at the same place all your life? I just switched teams because I wasn't happy with their results after 30 years and lack of commitment to winning, I think I can stick it out another 30 years with Vegas, especially when they win the cup, they will have me hook and anchor for life!!
  3. @Podein25 I didn't know that with my 49 posts on here. I'm just a newbie
  4. The William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, Riley Smith first line for the Golden Knights is the best first line in the NHL. This line is better than the Perry, Getzlaf line in Anaheim, better than the Stamkos line in Tampa, the Mathews line in Toronto, the Kane line in Chicago, the Wheeler line in Winnipeg, the Gauedreau, Monahan line in Calgary, the Sedin Twins line in Vancouver, better than any line in the NHL. Case closed [Hidden Content]
  5. @ruxpin here is a question for you, Would it make a difference if I never followed hockey and then decided to become a Golden Knights fan in their first year, as opposed to firing a team after 30 loser years and becoming a fan of the Golden Knights from day 1? Does that make a difference to you or you just hate all Golden Knights fans?
  6. @ruxpin I couldn't care less what you say, I'm going to be on the strip in Vegas in 2 weeks celebrating with the Golden Knights, first of many Stanley Cups, while you wallow in misery beside the Liberty Bell crying for Giroux to carry the Flyers MAYBE to the second round next year. Golden Knights, best team in the world and I'M LOVING IT!!!
  7. @ruxpin I'm sorry you cheer for a team that hasn't won anything in half a century. But there is no need to be jealous because I'm the #1 fan of a new team that is going to be winning the Stanley Cup this year. What excuse is Philly management going to give you to keep supporting them through their next 20 "REBUILD" years that you will eat right up?
  8. @ruxpin Best thing I ever did!! The Canucks have only sucked even more from year to year since 2014 and my new team is in the Stanley Cup finals!!! I say to any fan of loser teams, how long do you wait, 30 years, 40 years, for the rest of your life? cheering for a team that has not won a cup? Flyers it's been, what almost 50 years without a cup? I don't see them winning anytime soon, so how long do you cheer for them? Till you die? I like to see my teams win, I'm not going to be the Cubs fan who lived and died after a full life and never saw them win anything for 108 years. If you never win, what are you cheering for?? last time I checked the NHL, the point was to win the Stanley Cup.
  9. Excellent point and info, BUT how many fans have brand new 2017-2018 jerseys, as opposed to the 2003 Karyia jersey, or the 1993 Gilmour jersey or the 2000 Brodeur jersey? or any other favorite player jersey?
  10. @JR Ewing Excellent question, I'm glad you asked. Well since I stuck around with one loser team for 30 years through thick and thin, I figure another 30 years with Vegas will be my lifetime, so yeah Vegas is my team for the rest of my life. They have already accomplished more than the Canucks ever did so yeah I'm sticking with Vegas for life. Especially if they win the Cup, I will buy my Stanley Cup swag and after that I don't care if they suck for decades, I can finally say I saw my hockey team finally win the Cup!! I have seen my Yankees win 5 World Championships, yet I have never seen my hockey team win a Cup, that is why I switched to Vegas, because no Canadian team is winning the cup until 2050, I will be dead by then, and I just want to see a winner before I die, unlike any Canadian team fan who will go to their grave cheering for a team who can't win anything in the playoffs Oh and incidentally the Golden Knights jerseys are a lot lighter and let the air pass through, I have 3 of them, so you don't get as hot in them probably because of the desert weather, and they are flame retardant as opposed to the flammable Canadian team jerseys. Boy those 7 Canuck jerseys turned to ash pretty quick
  11. @Villette/Lavaux @Fanboy I don't understand Leaf fans as nobody has seen them win anything unless you are over 55 now, so what are you cheering for? To make the playoffs? To win one round of the playoffs? And I love how the Leafs management who is the richest in all of NHL just dangles the carrot and says "We are rebuilding for 5 years" Yeah come and watch cesspool hockey at ridicules prices for a team that hasn't won anything since we had the original 6 teams. Tthe Oilers they had their day in the 80's now they are useless, I mean how many times do they need to win the lottery and still finish dead last pathetic. Besides do you think any team really cares if you cheer for them or not, this is a business, they just need people to support them, so do you want to waste your time watching losers or an exciting team that wins cups. I wasted 30 years following one loser team, and no more now, Golden Knights are my team for life and they will win the Cup this year
  12. @Fanboy NO REGRETS WHAT'S SO EVER!!! First year in the league and they are going to win the Stanley Cup. Then I can finally buy my Stanley Cup champions hat, jersey, t-shirts, license plate cover and can die in peace!!! Thank God I stopped cheering for those loser Canucks, they have only gotten worse since I fired them in 2014. This has been the best NHL season for me ever, Golden Knights are my team for life. Now if I only put down $50 in Vegas before the season started when the odds were 500-1, I would be walking away with $25,000, instead I'm only going to be getting $100 from a friend when I bet him before the season that the Golden Knights would win the Stanley Cup this year.
  13. Be a Golden Knights fan, I was a Vancouver Canucks fan for 40 years, saw them lose in the Stanley Cup finals 3 times and finally just had enough of watching loser hockey, so in 2014 I fired the Vancouver Canucks, I burned all my 7 jerseys, 4 hats, a tire cover, mugs, towels, everything, wrote a big letter to Canucks management and told them I'm done going to their games, supporting a loser team and being their fan and that was it. Incidentally the Vancouver Canucks have only gotten worse since 2014 and I don't miss them at all!! But I still missed hockey, so I decided to cheer for the brand new Vegas Golden Knights from day 1 and what a journey it has been, we are in the Stanley Cup Finals!!! Become a Golden Knights fan, you won't be disappointed, plus next year the Knights already have 7 picks in the first 2 rounds of the draft too, so they won't suck, but don't pick a Canadian team, they haven't won anything in over 25 years and it will be another 25 years before a Canadian team wins anything.
  14. So now that the Golden Knights are on their way to winning the Stanley Cup in their first year in existence, I wonder how much longer does the story "We are rebuilding" going to fly for other NHL teams. How long are fans willing to wait for their teams and listening to the same BS from the management of these teams. I'm looking at you Toronto Maple Leafs with their 5 year plan. Really 5 years you expect fans to wait, how about 51 years of waiting already!!, so in 5 years when you fail to make the playoffs again what will be the next excuse "We are transitioning to a newer NHL"!? What excuse can you have Edmonton Oilers? Calgary Flames? Vancouver Canucks? I don't see how anyone can buy into this "We are rebuilding" mode, when a first year expansion team goes all the way to the Stanley Cup and will win it in their first year. No rebuild, no transitioning, no waiting around BS for their fans. How long are you willing to wait for your team and their excuses, 51 years? 108 years like the Cubs fans? The whole rebuilding is just an excuse to have fans keep paying and going to see pathetic teams play.
  15. Yankees are winning the World Series in 2018, now that they have Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, it's like Ruth and Gehrig, or Mantle and Maris. You are just jealous because your crappy Blue Jays haven't won anything in 25 years and in 2018 they will be in last place. Besides all Toronto teams suck Leafs - Losers for 50 years Jays - Losers for 25 year Raptors - We The Losers

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