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  1. Duchene would be the perfect fit for the Blue Jackets.
  2. I am not sure about the Cup. I really have a feeling the Blue Jackets are going to hoist the cup.
  3. This team in my opinion has what it takes to go really far if not all the way. They have one of the Top Defenses in Werenski and Jones and the offense is very strong. Bobrovsky is a very strong Goalie and can put forth a great game each time he goes out. Now the only downfall I see they have is some depth, but they are a top team for sure.
  4. 1 million in my opinion for a guy who's presence alone will help the younger talent like Gaudreau and Monahan and whatever else he can add is just an added plus for this team.
  5. Another West Coast late one that I probably won't be able to make it all the way through, but I am hoping for more of the same exciting hockey from the Flyers and I hope they can keep the energy up through these last two legs of the road trip before coming home. I really think most fans are pretty excited at what they have seen with this team so far in the 2 games even though they did lose game two. I look for more of the same tonight with really good defensive play and solid Goalie play and I suppose it will be Elliot in there and for the offensive to capitalize on there chances. I am looking at a 3-2 win tonight.
  6. Congratulations to the Vegas Golden Knights for winning there first game in franchise history. There were times they looked a little sluggish on offense especially during the many power plays they had, but the Defense and the Goalie Play of MAF kept them in the game and then James Neal got it going in the 3rd period. I think Neal is going to be the Golden Knights biggest offensive threat and he showed it. Dallas lost some of its swagger though when they lost Ben Bishop in the net to the cut over his eye. Lehtonen wasn't bad, but he was not Ben Bishop in the goal for them. All in all a very good performance especially on the road for the Golden Knights.
  7. Yep, just saw that. Maybe they really wanted him to back up Andersen. The guy is young and could be a project so I guess what they gave up wasn't too bad.
  8. Yeah, I really didn't understand why they gave up something unless they really thought some other team going to snag him off waivers before they could.
  9. Calvin Pickard was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Tobias Lindberg and a 2018 6th Round draft pick.
  10. There are some guys that will get there Hat Tricks throughout the season like the McDavid's, Malkin's, Crosby's, and such, but in the beginning of the season like Tropical Fruit Girl stated the defenses are settling in and will soon buckle down and the Hat Tricks will slow downs as the year moves on. I actually enjoy seeing Hat Tricks because I think it is a hard thing to accomplish so like when Wayne Simmonds did it the other night I was really pleased.
  11. You know what many are saying this team is the team to unseat the Penguins at the top of the Eastern Conference and I have to say they sure have the talent to do it. The offense is huge of course led by Stamkos, but I also love the defense they have with Hedman who I feel could easily be a top 5 D-Man in the league. It is now Andrei Vasileskiy's team in the net and I think he is going to shine. For the most part when he was behind Ben Bishop he shined and there is no reason why he can't in the lead role now. This team is set up to go deep into the playoffs if they can stay healthy.
  12. Exactly, and if Murray does have an injury they are really in trouble.
  13. I know it is way too early but this team could be in for a rough go at it this year. Now I am not saying they won't make the playoffs, but they just might not be one of the top teams.
  14. Certainly not all on Niemi last evening, but really what were the Penguins fans expecting out of him? Certainly not MAF. All they have had to do is watch some game film from a few seasons past and they could see the writing on the wall of what they are going to get in this veteran back up Goalie. It is going to be quite interesting to see how much the Penguins ride Murray especially if they see they cannot rely on Niemi much at all.
  15. Oh they must mean business. When it's time to eat it must be time to eat.

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