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  1. Breaking News.....stock in High Cotton is skyrocketing!
  2. Wow...and I thought Gritty was a lil scary lookin' haha that pic is like waking up the morning after an evening in which you had your Strong 'beer goggles' on LOL
  3. here's one to add to your collection cool mask, never saw that before
  4. Oh, Bunnyman, where you gonna skate to? Bunnyman, where you gonna skate to? Where you gonna skate to? All along dem day Well, I skate to the puck, please hide me I skate to the puck, please hide me I skate to the puck, please hide me, Lord All along dem day
  5. Frost injury was odd as there isn't anything obvious in the hit....wonder if it's internal laceration, hmmm
  6. well, they scored one goal so, not a goose egg but def crapped the bed haha
  7. local huh? Is your name Cotton and do you make it in your basement? haha
  8. can't stand Cindy but that was a SICK goal on his part
  9. Right! and I didn't hear any whistling whenever Cindy touched the puck
  10. I'm watching on streaming service FUBOtv but I am in the area so I don't know about blackout out of Philly area. I find these sites to come in handy when I travel https://www.stream2watch.org/ https://www.livetotal.net/cat hope that helps Go Flyers!
  11. sorry, post was actually in a bit UNDER 24 hours...didn't realize the early start. wut's up with that?
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