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  1. and amazingly they were the third best team in shot differential during tht same period...baffling
  2. would've preferred title to read Players you want Fletch to fetch this off-season
  3. they NEVER do...always seem to turn it up a notch once out of the playoffs, shoot themselves in the foot, er, skate.
  4. it was nice to see Carter miss shots wide, brought back nostalgic feelings
  5. Ugh, I had to endure that damn team and fan base when I was in college at IUP(one hour east of Pittsburg) during the Jagr/Lemieux years...they lost to the Flyers in '89 but won cup in '91 & '92, insufferable!
  6. YES! God Bless whomever chose that tv angle putting her up front and side-angled like that and Hartnell at the far end, they knew what they were doing. She had on a long-sleeved tight white shirt and skirt a few games back....HUBBA HUBBA.
  7. WOW, I did not realize that...SO pathetic. He really is Jake Verysuk
  8. You'll fcken HATE it regardless
  9. was that dude in Inglorious Bastards? In the bar scene? congrats on upping your gif game you. look. mahvahless haha
  10. Isn't that Eugene? ...still haven't gotten around to watching that show though it's been cleaning up at the award shows.
  11. Dig the signing, confused about the timing.
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