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  1. Can't we sign them both Make it the Trotz and Torts show! They could have Tater Tots Tuesdays as a running special.
  2. maybe hire him as short-term coach with an eye toward the future as moving him to GM? hmmmm don't worry if that sounds like the dumbest idea ever, I don't know what I'm talking about haha
  3. Dec 69 here Now, selecting at 5, I really hope the Flyers get to select Savoie. I don't really know anything about these young kids but from what I've been reading, he sounds like a great pick for the Flyers. PLUS, we could make this the goal song for when he scores.
  4. Which coach would you like Sami to sit on? Torts? Tocchet? CoachX?
  5. https://phillysportsnetwork.com/2022/05/03/gronborg-checks-flyers-hc-needs/
  6. aren't bionics an option....****, for 6 million dollars, they can rebuild him, better, faster, AND stronger. like all of us, I REALLY wanted to see this kid play for the Flyers...shame how it worked out.
  7. I want a sniper...would be esp nice if he's BIG and can f some opponents Up
  8. heck, Tommy McDonald is better than Reagor too soon?
  9. lol...the Aint's still may be the greatest burn nickname of a bad team ever. and the paperbag the perfect uni
  10. Worse than those Peaky Blinders dudes? I can't understand a damn thing they say
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