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  1. Offer him 1$ more than Ottawa does if they match their original offer sheet/contract
  2. Of those three MacKinnon gets my vote and not just because I live in Colorado, the AVS SUCK !!!!! The percentage of his goals that were gwg's and like G he carried the AVS into the playoffs....imo
  3. And it will continue until they win the cup , and even then they'll say we didn't deserve it or earn it....
  4. It's just the typical Philly snub.... That's all there is to it....
  5. Unbelievable they didn't have G in the Hart final three... He should have been number one in the nominees and should have been given the award.... He earned it. I would hate to think they waited to see how each did in the playoffs before making up their minds. But again Philly or it's players don't get the recognition they deserve !!!!! G gets it in my book .... the numbers don't lie .....
  6. I'll drink to that !!!! Cheers !!!!!
  7. I hope he has a VERY SHORT LEASH... Like laviollette short.....
  8. Let's go Caps !!!!!! Trounce the pens.... Use that big Chip on your shoulder... Ovie I hope you have an amazing series against these choads..... I don't know about any body else but I have had enough of the friggin penguins already.... The announcers are riding their jocks , the networks are riding their jocks.... enough already take them down !!!!!
  9. I think he is still pissed that hacktard took apart the most productive line right before the playoffs, and then didn't have the phuckin sense to put them back together when he should have but he can't blame the coach either so it's the cheapest safest option for him to blame the boo's when really he should have the whole team look in the phuckin mirror.....
  10. I was just going to mention the lack of support with the let's go Flyers chant , even when the organist tries to get the place going... The fans in Philly are very quick to boo... And their support is marginal,we have imo the quietest arena in the league... Except for when it comes to booing of course.... They are fair weather fans the weather is good their happy,the weather SUCKS we get pissed... But they shouldn't be so extreme imo you made some good points .... I think that they expect them to win every game and when they don't they turn on them instead of trying to rally them....

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