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  1. Highly doubtful. His contract is overpriced for what he brings to the team. He's at times lazy. He never hits anyone. And is an awful two way player.
  2. Trading Jake Voracek would be almost impossible at this point.
  3. If nothing else, it at least gives Simmer a shot at winning the Cup. It's a shame, but we just can't lose him without getting something decent back. If he would accept a contract for somewhere around 4.5AAV for 3 years they would keep him.
  4. He has now been cleared for contact & has been skating with the team during practice for many weeks. He looked great this morning being part of the PK during the PP practice.
  5. Has anyone asked the question WHY Simmonds came into the training camp with the pelvic injury? Has anyone asked when Simmonds injured himself during the summer? Has anyone asked HOW Simmonds injured himself during the summer?
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see Simmonds traded over the summer, as he only has one more year on his contract. Also, even though I'm a Couturier fan, I can see patrick being the 1C next season, not Couturier.
  7. Amac out with injury. Oduya makes his Flyers debut.
  8. Weal was one of the last players off the ice at the practice yesterday. Usually not a good sign that he's in the lineup. BTW, Simmonds skated with the team at practice yesterday after skating on the other ice rink with Lappy. Certainly a good sign.
  9. And there's the go ahead goal by Patrick from Gostisbehere & Giroux. 2-1 Flyers
  10. Bill Meltzer‏ @billmeltzer 3 Weal moved down to the Laughton line. Lindblom with Patrick and Voracek.
  11. Nice play by Couturier & great shot by Giroux to tie the game 1-1.
  12. Certainly are missing both Konecny & Simmonds. Especially Konecny. Yes, a terrible pass by Provorov. But that is expected with a 2nd year rookie. He'll learn from his mistakes.
  13. Well........I hope you're right. I doubt it. But hope you're correct.

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